Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

Overview  The title of the blog is GirlOnKicks. The author is Sanne Poeze, and she is a serious sneaker head. Her love of sneakers began at the age of 16, which was fueled by a friend who was always on the lookout for new sneaker releases. Her first few pairs of sneakers were Nike Dunks, … Continue reading Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

Case Study #3: Blog Analysis

Overview: This Charming Life: Finding Time for Yourself in a Busy Schedule The blog that I had decided to analyze was written by Kaelah Beaergarde, who based off the rest of her website is a daily fashion and advice blogger. Her first posts were made in May of 2009, and since then she has … Continue reading Case Study #3: Blog Analysis

Case Study #3

Overview Topical Teaching ( is a blog by Michael Grossman, a teacher and author in Melbourne, Australia. Grossman covers a wide variety of topics ranging from comedy in the classroom to childhood obesity and tries to offer ways to support teachers and children through complicated times. I found myself drawn to this blog after I … Continue reading Case Study #3

Case Study #3

Overview is a blog that has anything and everything to do with the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries on the CW Network. From the background of each character to the information of the locations within the show the blog has much more to offer to entice and excite any TVD (The Vampire Diaries) … Continue reading Case Study #3

Case Study #3 – Greatist

Overview  Greatist( is a blog that puts out content that is backed by scientific evidence to support the claims being made in their blog. This specific post being discussed is based on ADHD and the connection it has to intelligence. The post Let’s Set the Record Straight About ADHD and Intelligence was written by Breanna Mona and medically reviewed by … Continue reading Case Study #3 – Greatist

Case Study 3- PatsPropaganda

Overview PatsPropaganda is a blog written by Mike Dussalt that follows the New England Patriots season from week to week. The first post was created in 2010. Dussalt writes about his opinions on how games went and decisions that the Patriots make regarding roster moves. As a result of this blog, the author was offered … Continue reading Case Study 3- PatsPropaganda