The Law of Attraction

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In this blog it talks about what The Law of Attraction is and it shows examples on how it works. This blog is pretty well organized, it’s not distracting with advertisements, and it’s easy to read. The blogger was really good at explaining the readers on what The Law of Attraction is and how it works in life. “The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe – one of which being the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality”. The energy you put in into this world you will get back. All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off.

Your thoughts are either negative or positive, either way you get what you put out to the world. Now some people think that just because you want something in life doesn’t mean that’ll be handed to you. In this blog it talks about how our thoughts work and how to make to make The Law of Attraction work. I really like this topic because it’s something I truly believe in. There’s a documentary and a book about The Law of Attraction called “The Secret”. You can watch the documentary on Netflix but if you prefer reading than I’m sure you can go buy the book on Amazon.

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About the Author

Asad Meah is the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. He is a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. His mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.


Post Malone

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The celebrity I have chosen to follow is the one and only Post Malone. I have been listening and following him since he released his first studio album since 2016 but I have been listening to his mixtape’s on Soundcloud for a few years before that. Since Post has become famous his social media platforms have grown and continue to grow each and everyday. Post is one of my favorite music artists and will be for a while now. He is just so true and himself. He likes to be himself and does not care if someone judges him.

Post Malone has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page with all different numbers and posts. On Post Malone’s Facebook page  he has 1,933,621 likes and 1,970,814 followers. This tells you he is trending and getting more famous as he produces more music. His Facebook page is mainly run by his management team. Post’s Twitter username is @postmalone and currently has 3.3 million followers. He is following 2,480 other pages on Twitter. Post currently has 7,328 tweets and created his Twitter October 2012. The last part of his social media platform is his Instagram Page . Under this account Post currently has 8.1 million followers and he follows 626 other profiles. Post Malone created his Instagram on August 26, 2014 and he currently has 641 posts.



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Staring with Post Malone’s Facebook page we start off with his cover photo. This cover photo is actually a short video clip of his new song Psycho. This gives his followers a chance to see if they enjoy the video and song. It also sends out a message to make you want to watch it more. Under Post’s about tab is just things his likes and a link to his personal website. His recent post is a short video of his new song and it also has a link to the full video. He also gives credit to the director and who is in the video with him. The majority of his posts are either pictures or videos of either new songs or up coming concerts her will be performing at.

A lot of his posts are mainly his fans commenting good things and sharing his stuff so he becomes more famous. Also on the left side of the page there are a bunch of links you can click on. This is where you can find his posts, videos, tour dates, etc. Also right below his cover photo to the right hand side there is a button that says shop now. This button will directly send you to his personal website where you can shop and buy his merchandise. This form of social media is not the one he uses more. I feel more people use Instagram and Twitter more these days.


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Post Malone’s Twitter is active just not as much as other peoples are. His tweets are mainly things he has retweeted or things about upcoming shows or songs that are about to be released. Post’s profile picture is him from one of his videos and his banner picture is the new song he just released. His about me is his location where is random, a link to his shop, and when he joined twitter. On average he gets more favorites than retweets. He is still receiving fame. A lot of his tweets get viral and news gets spread very fast and easily so it makes it become more famous for something he tweeted.

The majority of his tweets are videos or pictures. Some of the tweets include links to certain things that could be videos to new songs, links to his merchandise and other peoples music that he wants his followers to hear. I notice that his fans tweet at him but he does not respond often. I notice when he does tweet a fan it is because they said something nice to him or he was being positive. Post Malone’s Twitter is way more active then his Facebook page.


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If I had to choose I would say Post Malone’s Instagram is used the most. He usually posts once a day and if not he posts at least three or four times a week. He also updates his Instagram story and also sometimes goes live. As I said before his profile picture is the same on all social media platforms. On his bio is a link to his website that will have merchandise, concert dates, tickets and even news that is going on in his life. Also in his bio is his nickname Posty.

All his posts are either pictures of what he is up to or videos. Most of his pictures do not have captions but his videos do. On average he gets over or close to 1 million likes and thousands of comments. His Instagram is varied one what he posts. They are not all the same post after post. He has some pictures that are just selfies of himself and there is nothing wrong with that. This page is very active with users commenting and wanting him to respond. This is the most used social media platform by him and his followers.


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I believe that Post Malone is the most successful on Instagram. He interacts with his fans and he posts way more on this social media platform. If I had the chance to ask him what his preferred social media platform would be I would think he would also say Instagram.  I also think that Instagram is way more easier to connect with fans and tell them what you are doing with your life. I feel people find it easier to connect with some through pictures and videos not just words.


Case Study #3: DIY


The name of the blog I choose is Me and My Captain Retirement:A New Journey……One Day at a Time. ( and this blog is written by Kari. The topic of the blog is flipping houses. The first post was written November 4, 2013. Kari is a blogger, a cook, a decorator and a gardner. Her posts are  all about the things she does and all sorts of ways to accomplish all her tasks she has set up for herself.



The layout of Flipping Houses, Not so quick and not so easy  is she has a picture of the final project at the top and as you read the post it has pictures of the work before and during. The colors of her blog are very neutral. They are white and blue. Those two colors stay throughout all of her blogs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.52.37 PM.png

The header she uses is very simple. At the top of the page she has links to her about me, the blogs, the shop she has and her contact info. Another feature she has is a search bar. If you were looking at blogs on her page in the past and can not remember when she posted it you can always search the name of the blog and it will pop up.  She also included a link to save her page to your Pinterest if you wanted to. Another thing she did was add links to all her social media accounts. If we were to click on one of those it would direct us to her accounts and be able to see what she posts and gather ideas for ourselves.

So after all the header stuff we get to a bar with a bunch of links that take you through the blog page it self. She has included pages to her recipes,and  all the houses she has decorated. She then has a picture on the right hand side of herself. This is important because we now have a sense of who is actually the blogger and while reading can now put a women’s voice to the writing.

Her blog is a little different than mosts. On the right hand side under her picture she has a little box where you can enter your name and email address. She has this so when she posts a new blog you will get notified and stay up to date on all her blogs she posts. You can choose to read them or not that is up to you. Another thing she has on the right hand side is a preview to her Instagram and her Pinterest. This is also a good tool because you can see if her social media profiles are worth following or not.

In the middle of her blog she has some pictures related to the month and the corresponding holiday. So the holiday that is coming up with St. Patrick’s Day. Everything is green and gold. Underneath those pictures is another spot to put your information in if you did not do it already. Under that is where you will see the most recent blogs. She has it set up so you can see four different blogs. After scrolling you will come upon her latest recipes. This will bring to her recipe blogs.


Picture from one of her blogs.

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In her blog she does not have a place to tell us what her most popular blogs are. She has 243 different blogs. In order to find out the most popular one I would have to go through every single one to figure out which one had the most views and comments. Her blog is just set up by most recent to the oldest.

One thing I noticed about her blogs was every blog she had there was a featured picture and a little blurb about what the blog was going to be about. Oh yeah the blogs also had the titles of each blog. Then while scrolling through some of her blogs I noticed she included some pictures that she had taken. Also each blog was written out as a conversation or very short so it would keep the reader interested.

At the bottom of her blogs she gives her readers the opportunity to visit her social media profiles, to subscribe or you have the chance to comment and say if you enjoyed or not.

Her about me page is very informative. This page includes who she is, why she created this page and why she became a blogger. Also I noticed she included what she enjoys to do with her family.



The Me and My Captain Retirement: A New Journey…..One Day at a Time is a very well written blog. I will sure be visiting her page again. I have learned new things just by reading two of her blogs. Her blogs are informative and very easy and pleasant to read. Her blogs are all about doing it yourself which is what I live for. I am always doing a bunch of new things and not buying things when I can create them myself.

Her layout is very easy to work and find what I was looking for. Her titles informs the reader what the blogs will be about which is great to know. This is so you do not waste time reading something that you did not want to read about.

Kari is very good at what she does and what she writes about. Every blog I read I did not want to stop reading. The pictures she had on her blog were all pictures that she took and they were very well photographed. Overall the one thing that I did not like was on the right hand side she had a picture of herself but nothing else to go with it. If she had a little blurb of who she was or even her name it would be better.

Case Study #3


Josh McDaniels to stay in New England

by Paul Perillo

Topic: Coach McDaniels to stay in New England after 2018 season



There are multiple pictures of Coach McDaniels on the top of the screen on a slide show. There is a big header outlining how McDaniels is staying in New England for another season. There is a small picture of the author and his title and role of this article in the top right hand corner of the page. There are also some pictures from twitter with hashtags talking about this topic.  There is a comment section and a like section along with other news stories related to the New England Patriots . There are ads for miscellaneous stuff, links leading to other sites that are also talking about this subject.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.44.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.45.12 PM.png The webpage is easy to follow. There are several pictures and tweets separating the written paragraphs. The slideshow of pictures throughout the website keeps the reader interested and gives the mind a break from reading a lot.  Like I mentioned, there are several other sources noted throughout this blog to emphasize the shocking story. Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. Leading up to the Super Bowl, he verbally committed to be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Shockingly, right after the Super Bowl he announced he was going to stay with the Patriots in his position of Offensive Coordinator. This sent ripples through the NFL about the back stabbing between the two organizations and pure hatred between the two. The other tweets and notable mentions on this blog go into talking about the rivalry and how this just adds to it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.45.00 PM.png


Overall this was a good blog. The visual was good, the use of other sources relating to the topic was good as well.  This was a very vague topic, so for this blogger to utilize different websites and social media to emphasize the shock of this, was pretty good. There was not much to write about because it was more of a informative news alert but  I thought considering what he was working with, the author did very well. I would like to have seen a little more back story written though rather than just links of videos.

More with Less?

Lean and mean is the old time saying in reference to being in great shape. For the most part, most people would like to be lean and healthy with muscles. Guys want the big arms and chest while females want the tiny waists and defined shoulders. In the aspect of body building, these are what competitors strive for so when they are on stage, they look lean, dry and vascular. For the average person that just wants to look good on the beach, it is the same concept. The old body building styles of lifting would say to lift heavy with more weight and less repetitions. If you wanted to be big, the more stress on the muscles the more they will rip apart and grow. Over the years, like everything in this world, research has proven that theory to be true however, more harmful to the human body. Think about it, a 500 pound bench press a lot of tension on the muscles. Yes, the muscle fibers will break down and then rebuild but what about your elbows and shoulders? That is a lot of stress on those joints to be doing for an extended period of time. Today’s style of lifting has a lot of coaches pushing for more repetitions with less weight. The stigma with this is that you won’t gain any size, which is generally what guys want. A lot of females use this style of lifting, which makes males not want to utilize this style. However, the more repetitions with lighter weight, is doing the same thing as lifting heavy weights. It is putting stress on the muscles where they are breaking down still, but now there is more blood flow through the veins and muscles so it’s not as much stress on the joints and the vascularity aspect is there too. I have lifted both styles and I can honestly say, as cool as it is to say I can lift heavy weight, I feel better lifting lighter and I feel more muscle fatigue and stress (in a positive way) than lifting heavy. A lot of people do not believe that light weight, more reps can gain muscle. It does depend on the goals of the weight lifter. More repetitions will build endurance while heavy weight less repetitions grow strength. At the end of the day, a variation of both ways should be done to shock the muscular system for best possible looking results.

The Deliciousness of Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen is a blog dedicated to recipes for cooking and baking. The author of Smitten Kitchen is Deb Perelman, and she consistently uploads recipes for others to use.

When first entering the blog, the reader immediately is shown a recipe to grab their attention and show them the main focus of the blog which is recipes to use. At the top of the page the two letters S and K are together to form the logo for the blog, and the colors blue and white are used to compliment each other while not drawing attention from the posts. Underneath the logo are five links titled Surprise Me!, Recipes, Books, Video, and More. When clicking on Surprise Me! you are brought to a random recipe that was published, and clicking on Recipes allows you to choose a specific recipe that is under a tag. Books leads the reader to see two of the books that Deb Perelman has published, and links to buy these books. The video button shows personal videos that she herself has put onto the internet, where she walks the viewer through her own recipes. More brings a drop down menu that stores information such as contact information, and events.

The search bar is very visible, as it is placed on the upper right hand corner. This allows easy access to readers, so they are not struggling to find information. Below this search bar are links to the Smitten Kitchen social media pages, and below this is a bar to sign up for weekly emails. On the authors information page there are facts about how the blog is put together, and what her family life is like.

Each post on Smitten Kitchen contain pictures that clearly show what food is being created. On each of these posts before the recipe is given Deb Perelman gives a little life update, and background information onto how she decided to make a certain food. This makes every post personal, and allows the reader to connect with her through life experiences. The pictures on each post are her own, which further pushes the blog to be personal. On each of these posts there are many comments complimenting her recipes, asking questions about it, and posting about their own process making it. There are hundreds of comments on each post, however on the most recent posts the comments are still rising. The most popular posts on Smitten Kitchen currently are recipes on Luxe Butterscotch Pudding , and Coconut Bread . Both of these posts have good quality photos that show the reader what it will look like, and in some cases what the process looks like.

Coconut Bread

In conclusion this blog does a very good job on capturing the attention of the reader, and then informing them. The home page clearly allows the reader to direct themselves to the information that they need, such as contact info or a specific recipe. It also has a simple design that keeps the readers focus on the specific posts, instead of the background colors. The titles of each post get right to the point, and specifically states what is going to be created which is useful to the reader so they do not spend time looking a recipes they do not want to make. The end product of each of these recipes are worth it, and you feel a sense of accomplishment when you are done.

Case Study 3 – Nomadic Matt Travel Blog


Nomadic Matt is a travel blog that I found a few months ago. Matt is from the Boston area and his blogs give information about where to travel, and most importantly; how to travel cheap. Nomadic Matt is the name that he goes by, and that is all the information about his identity that he gives. His identity remains that of a nomad. His posts are so informative and interesting, and you can learn so much information within a few reads. Matt’s blog remains one of my favorite blogs because of his personality and intelligence. Sitting back with a cup of coffee and just reading about his adventures is indulging and informative. His website can be found at


Nomadic Matt’s blog is cleanly organized and his website is extremely navigable. I will start from the top, and work my way down the opening page to give you guys a quick glimpse of what to expect when navigating the blog. The top tool bar is a great guide for the reader to get a hang of the blog. You can search around where he has been, resources he used to travel, the start page, and most importantly his blog. One of the most important things I have discovered on the internet is the use of a home button. Websites that utilize a home button make for a great user experience if a person gets too lost flipping the pages of the website.

Readers of the blog are greeted with an entry from Matt that introduced himself to all. Within a few paragraphs you learn the inspiration of the blog, and who Matt is as a person. I appreciate that as a reader because it personalizes you with the writer. It takes away that barrier that some blogs have, Matt is a real person with real experiences to share. He is not some ghost writer making this stuff up. It really gives you the perspective of his life, which makes you appreciate what he has to say much more.

The “Start Here” page is so useful to get an understanding of Matt’s philosophy on travel. There is a grid system on the page which shows many great sources on how to travel cheap and efficiently. On the bottom of the page is a communication link between you and Matt, he is available for all of his readers. From the things I have read about his helpfulness, he is always willing to give people advice no matter how busy he is. From the look of it, he is extremely busy, as he has helped over 16 million people travel more efficiently!

Many blogs have social media links on the bottom or top of the page, but Matt has his social media links follow the scroll wheel. The links can always be seen on the left side of the page no matter what they are available. This is so useful as a marketing tool because it allows people to easily follow you on any platform that you are on.

The footer of Matt’s blog is one of the most detailed footers I have ever seen on any blog before. There is information scattered everywhere in an organized fashion. If you would like to connect to the community in a more in depth manner, you can do that. If you would like to experience some of the travel classes Matt offers, you can do that. And if you would like to go ahead and book a trip with Matt’s tools, you can do that. It is such an organized website and so helpful.

Overall, I believe this is one of the finest looking blogs. It is not overwhelming at all, and it is still informative as it can be.


Overall, I believe this is one of the finest looking blogs. It is not overwhelming at all, and it is still informative as it can be. As someone who is not completely into blogs but follows this blog on occasion, I am not sure I am in a position to say what about the blog should be fixed. I believe that in a way the blog from earlier years to the blog from now has turned more into a marketing tool for him, rather than a personal discussion about his life. However, if you choose to ignore some of the stuff that he sells and focus on the information that he has to give, then it is an almost perfect blog. I have learned a lot about different parts of the world from the information he has given his readers and I appreciate that a lot. The pictures he posts are amazing as well, which helps give the reader a better visual understanding about what he has experienced. If you have any interest in travel and would like to learn more about how to travel in a more efficient manner, I highly recommend Nomadic Matt.