Redhead Runway

Case Study #3 Blog Analysis

Redhead Runway



A few of my friends and acquaintances have started their own blog. I have chosen the redhead runway blog by Caroline Forlenza for my case study. Caroline Forlenza is a junior at Notre Dame University pursuing a marketing degree. She has been and intern in Bottega Veneta Public Relations and ELLE Magazine Fashion News.  Based on her interest in fashion trends she devotes her blog redhead runway ( to fashion featuring outfits and accessories she finds appealing to young women. She has launched her blog in 2016.



The layout of the blog Redhead Runway is very well organized. The header is simple featuring the blog’s name. The title hints that the author is getting inspirations from the main stream designers often features on fashion runways.

The main part of the blog is very simple and appealing, mainly featuring pictures.

Caroline trying to make her social media footprint by posting pictures of herself wearing outfits that are fit for the season of the year, for the holidays we are observing, as well as she keeps her followers informed about her presence in the fashion world and about her travels to see fashion and the experiences she has in the fashion world. Caroline also links looks which she believes are worth trying out. She does not write lengthy descriptions about the styles. She sticks to easy rules of what she likes and what she does not like much.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.03.04 PM

The menu bar with four tabs is easily identifiable, featuring these links:

The Runway
The Redhead
In the Spotlight

The home tab contains her blogs with the looks she likes and models. She publishes photos from a few different angles to enable to viewers to see the details of the particular outfit part.  Below the pictures are listed the items she wears along with the links where the particular pieces of the outfit can be purchased. Similarly, the tab runway features Caroline in her favorite outfits mainly from her experience working as in intern in New York City. The tab In the spotlight is dedicated to Caroline’s picks and opinions on fashion styles features on social media. She gives her opinion on the outfits, what she likes about them and what she would do different. She chooses fashion designers she admires the most. The last tab is devoted to describe Caroline, her interests, where and how she can be reached, and her acknowledgement to people who help her with her career and her blog.

Forlenza’s blog is linked to a twitter account and to Instagram account. Her twitter account has 5 posts and 34 followers. Her Instagram account is more active as she links her looks to the blog as well as the Instagram. Her Instagram posts are averaging in about 200 likes and more. She also received a few positive comments.



Caroline relies heavily on visual content of her blog. She chooses to describe her outfits in details. Although her blog has been running for a couple of years, she seems to stick to the same theme – featuring high end fashion designers and links to her favorite looks and accessories. She does not have any particular posts written with the intend to sway her followers about her fashion sense. She does not write much about why she chose to wear certain pieces of a wardrobe. She is appealing to the audience of her age, mainly focusing on the visual presentation, while leaving the interpretation of the outfits to the viewers of her blog to make their own decision.  The titles of her post are compelling, clearly foreshadowing what to expect in the pictures that follow.  Although, the audience does not participate in the blog, her links to Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest makes us believe that Caroline is actively blogging for the fun and passion she has for a high-quality designer clothing and for fashion overall. We can also make this assumption based upon the fact that Caroline is not encouraging people to follow and promote her blog by subscription.


Keeping in mind that this blog was created by a 17 years old aspiring fashion marketing major student who loves to express herself by the way she presents herself in a sense of fashion and being put together, this blog accomplishes just that. Caroline Forlenza enjoys posting picture of her outfits and outfits she admires. The blog could be a bit more organized as far as the menu categories go.  It may seem that instead of four tabs she could use three tabs at most.  She could have a tab about herself, another tab about the runway outfits featured in magazine and other press and media. The third tab could be dedicated to featuring her outfits and recommendations based on holidays, seasons, or occasions.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.16.34 PM.png


Blog Analysis: Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song


After an endless amount of search, I came across this blog written by Shirley Halperin. If I had to be honest it was the title of the blog that caught my eye, As Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song. This blog describes and talks about the Iconic simple Selena is even after many years of her no longer being here with us. The blogger goes into detail on why Selena influence gained her a star on Hollywood walk of fame.



This blog is what some may call very black and white. The blog has about 13 paragraphs that talk about some of Selena’s most vital moments in life. There is not much when it comes to the details on the actual blog or things that makes it stand out. If you choose the option to go to the article on Variety you then see more of the article. Variety is a website that you can pretty much search anything related to movies, music, awards, tech, politics and almost any artist out there. Back in the actual blog by Shirley you see in the very beginning, there’s a picture of Selena, a campaign she had done when she was very young for the Coca cola company. While in the bottom there’s a video of the actual night of the event. Selena’s family was awarded with the Hollywood walk of fame star. After the YouTube video, there are more related blogs of the actual same event that are written by other bloggers.


There are no quick links to see the most popular blogs for this blogger. If I click on the actual blogger it shows me another blogs Shirley has made. All of Shirley blogs are music related in some form or another. Shirley has about 112 followers as of right now. People commenting on her blogs range but not very popular which makes sense since she only has a certain number of followers. Her other blog post is pretty much similar as the one I have chosen. The Layouts look all the same and not much to click on or view. I personally did not choose her blog for the layout I choose it because the title interested me since I’m a fan myself.



As a true Selena Fan, I believe this blog not did do much justice. It was good don’t get me wrong but it could have absolutely been better. I’m a Latina who grew up in the 90’s and in love with Selena. So, my choices would have been different and perhaps over the top when it came to presentation on my blog to tell any story regarding Selena or why she did deserve that star on Hollywood’s walk of fame. But as many of us know Selena was and still is an incredible inspiration to many female woman and artist in today’s era. I would have added more images of her and her family, YouTube videos of Selena performing and even some of her most amazing moments. I would have made my writing purple since we all know it was Selena’s favorite color. Also, I would have even added a preview of Selena’s movie to have people a chance or choice to see it, to allow people to know this is how amazing Selena was that they even made a movie about her. Above it all a link to Selena’s fan based webpage so people can have the opportunity to read and learn more about this Iconic performer taken from us to early in life.


Case Study #3: Devin Physique, Fitness Model, Blogger


Devin Zimmerman who goes by Devin Physique became famous through Instagram. He goes by physique because of how his body looks. I’ve followed him in the past and his journey as a successful Instagram famous public figure. I been out of the loop between people if follow and famous Instagram people. What made him famous is becoming sponsored by a company named Shreddz who features their fitness models, sells supplements, clothing, and more. As time went on, he shared many of his different vigorous workouts. There were rumors that he may have been fired from being a Shreddz model and athlete. As a blogger, he needs to share his daily routine and life through social media. He started doing his own thing until he had enough money to start-up his own entrepreneurship business through social media. Now he offers his own custom diet and work out plans for people who need help online. Fitness models became a big trend in the past few years because a lot of people in the fitness industry wanted to become “famous.” Devin makes his own videos with the camera or video recorder he uses. One thing that I like about him is that he always shared a story often about how much hard work, dedication, and motivation he had. He tells his story of his journey and his past of how he only had a mother and struggled almost becoming homeless to becoming successful, and that anyone no matter what they do can achieve their goals whether it’s becoming rich, settled, or just making goals come true. As I got into fitness a lot more, I started to create my own theme of working out very similar to him. Although I never succeeded in the thought of becoming Instagram famous, I felt like I wanted to share my fitness lifestyle as well for friends, family, and whoever else was interested. As of now, he has his own personal website, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 28.5K followers on Twitter, 100K+ followers and likes on his Facebook, and 21K subscribers on YouTube.

Instagram & Twitter: devinphysique


On his supplemental regimen plan, it links to his IDLife which shares his story and regimen plan. I haven’t gone on his Instagram for more than a year and it has changed a lot. Things that are on the top of the web page include links to contact him, all products to individually click on IDNutrition, Experience, Shakes, Hydrate, Energy, Sleep Strips, Workout Line, Bars, Weight Management, Kids, and Skin Care. Other links on the top include shop, opportunity, and people who people share their stories about their positive health changes. There is also a free assessment test you can take on the blog as well. The header and title displays IDLife with Devin Zimmerman under the website name. I’m unsure of why his name would be under that when the company has nothing to do with him. This website was displayed under his Instagram bio. Social Media links include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram which sends it to the IDLife corporate.


The content of the blog is very misunderstood. I’m a fan of his journey and all of his social media accounts because they all have a nice theme to it. As for his regimen, website, and email, it is confusing. As for myself, I don’t trust any social media famous figures. What I do is just follow, read, and become inspired. For his social media accounts, he has plenty of pictures and videos. His pictures range between fitness, cars, pets, etc. I never followed his YouTube account, but after viewing his account for this case study, I noticed that he started doing his own episodes of his lifestyle which is pretty cool. All of his social media postings seem to be created all by him, but he does have someone recording him as well. On his biography, his main approach is to email him for custom diet and workout plans. He does make income from people who pay for his plans which makes him a successful media person. What he could do to improve overall is to make his own personal blog/website, rather than sending the blog to a website under a different company.

On his Instagram which is his most popular social network tool, he has many audiences. His last five photos that were shared on his account each has over 37,000 likes and 300-700 comments. On his Facebook account, he doesn’t receive a lot of likes and shares on his posts. He allows the audience to follow and subscribe to all of his accounts.



Devin shares a lot about his life. Some of his stories are paragraphs long and they are touching. I feel like I can relate some of my life stories to his life. He found something that he loved as a hobby and turned it into a career. For his Instagram, the overall picture is that people may pursue something they like or feed from the struggles. If he actually had a personal blog website, it would help to pin point things.

Case Study #3: Stylefeen aka blogger, curl influencer, and photographer.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.47.59 PM

Hortencia Caires also known as @Stylefeen is a 26 year old blogger, photographer and curl influencer who was born in the beautiful country of Brazil, and now resides in New York. With more than 3 million subscribers on youtube, 1k followers on twitter and 62k followers on instagram, she aims to show us her viewers what she loves to do the most. Stylefeen’s blog is all about her love for natural hair, her love for traveling, and life itself. She has also shown interest in fashion as well.


Following her on almost all her social media handles made it quite easy to find her blog page. Compared to other blogs I have gone on, the simplicity and cleanliness of her page made it so much nicer and better to navigate through. The first thing that pops up on her page is in a calendar format. The top of the main page is her well known username, Style Feen, and below that are pictures and dates underneath them, like I had mentioned before in a calendar format. She also has all her social media handles on the main page as well. She also has a menu bar in which are links to the other sections of her page. Her pages are divided into six different sections, which are beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, featured in, about, and contact info. Nearing the bottom of the page or the footer, shows once more her social media handles which are links to direct her subscribers to.

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Her whole page is made up for her viewers to get a glimpse of her everyday life. I did notice that the most looked at part of her page is the beauty tab. She has her youtube account linked there. This tab has everything a beauty blogger would have, advice on how to do a ‘natural look’ to what products work best for curly hair viewers. From the looks of it everything in the site is by her, down to the pictures.

I did say before that her page was easy to navigate but I also feel like she could so a bit more. in comparison to other beauty bloggers, I feel like she is more of a youtuber/ vlogger rather than a blogger who puts up new content or daily blogs about something. Her dates do seem scatter. for example, her last post was in December 3, and before that November 26. So it obvious she doesn’t post on a daily. That may be one thing I would change. Being a little bit more consistent with posting up new content, so that there is more traffic on her page from all her subscribers and viewers. One thing I did notice, much like other bloggers, Once entering the website the first thing that pops up is a little tab with the option to enter ones name and email to be in her subscribes list. This gives you the opportunity to receive emails about updates or receive any type of news that she has posted. Next up, I search for her ‘About Me’ just to see what it says, and to be honest it was a very short couple of sentences stating her name, where she’s from and what she does and that’s it. To be honest, I have learned more about her on her youtube videos, and her instagram posts then on her ‘About Me’. Something I think I would change about that part of her page. I’ve noticed she is more comfortable or stronger on the video aspect of her blog/ vlog life. I would have linked or set up one of her first videos she posted on youtube explaining what she loves to do, or just a little bit about her. That would have pulled me right in.

Anyone who comes to this page will be interested because her post are really fun to see and read about. However, I believe that a big part of her audience is women of color, more specifically women who have curly natural hair. One of the reasons why I started to follow her was because of her hair tutorials. Each post has hashtags and ways to share which ever blog post you wanted. As I was searching for a way to comment on her post all I actually saw was a like button at the bottom of each post.


Stylefeen is someone who isn’t afraid to post about her life and what she does. That very aspect make me like the blog more. She made me, as a subscriber, want to do what she gave us advice on. Her tutorials are very informational and her lifestyle makes me want to drop everything I’m doing hop on a plane and join her. Something I know is hard to do as a student! #StudentLifeRules! A couple of things I would change a bit is how frequent she post, and to add a comment box at the end of each post. I love giving back feed back on post but not having a box to comment on makes that a bit hard. Other than that its a solid blog! So if you’re looking for a curly hair genius, who loves to travel and fashion @stylefeen is the place to go!


Instagram & twitter: @stylefeen




Blog: Nirvanaaa


Nirvanaaa is a personal blog for both travel and fashion


The creator of this blog is Nirvana, this is where she shares her fashion ideas and the different places she travels to. According to her description, she enjoys going to exotic places and experiencing the different culture. She enjoys traveling because she’s able to find exotic fashion pieces.




The header of this website is very simple, it just has the blog’s title and underneath that it has the topic of the blog which is travel and fashion. The title of the blog is also in a simple font, I think the creator of the page wanted a nice simple look to it. Her color scheme is toned as well, she uses her pictures as the pop of color in the blog because everything else is black and white. The subheader / tagline has the same simplistic appeal as the title and header. Nirvana follows a pattern with her pictures, one picture is about fashion and the other one is about the place. Her pictures are vibrant in color which makes it more appealing to the eyes. I like the pattern because everything is organized. The menu bar at the top includes a tab for fashion, travel, personal info, contact and a gallery section. This helps to navigate the blog in a better way. There’s not a lot of information about the author, even when you click on the personal tab, it just takes me to her her about me about page but even that doesn’t have much information about nirvana the creator. The menu is fairly simple as the rest of the page. The links that I could find were here instagram and Pinterest, she gives the reader an option of sharing her work through, twitter, facebook, instagram and Pinterest. At the end of each fashion blog she includes links of where people can buy the items that she’s wearing. 

IMG_3621IMG_3623 IMG_3622




Like I previously stated this blog is about fashion and travel. The fashion part of the blog is about how to wear a specific item and the travel part is the author describing the place that she went to, the food, clothes and general experiences. The titles that she uses to name each entry are straightforward, she tells you what you will be reading. Her most popular post seems to be the one about fashion. All of her post contains a good amount of picture. For example one her her is titled, How to wear button up shirt. She starts off by describing the many ways that this article can worn and at the end she includes several ways to wear a button up shirt. For her traveling section there’s multiple locations of where the pictures have been taken. For the fashion portion most of the pictures are taken inside an apartment. I think that the reason for this is because she might not her surroundings to take away the focus of the pictures which is to show the readers how to wear the clothing items. As I previously mentioned her titles tell the readers exactly what they are about to read and see. I like this because you often find blogs with misleading titles.

As I have been exploring this page I wished that the creator would make the page more personal. As I read some of the post I thought that I was being sold an item especially because at the end of each post she would include a link to shop the outfit. I liked how simple the blog and how easy it is to navigate the page. Her about me section is very brief, I would like for her to add more information about herself there, such as her age, country where she’s from, goals and such. I think this would help me to connect better with her work.

Her blog post have a few comment each, but this blog doesn’t show the number of people  that are reading or the number of people that are subscribing. Judging by how the blog looks and the content that’s being share I would say that the blog probably has a decent amount of readers. The top five post have been mostly shared on facebook, and other social media platform that it could be shared to is twitter and pinterest. On the side of each post the creator includes the icon for those three social media site and also the subscription box.  

IMG_3625                    IMG_3624



I enjoyed both reading and seeing the content of this blog because it’s something that I’m passionate about. I like how everything was sectioned off which made it easier for me to find the information that I needed. I also liked how simple the whole site looked both in the style of the font and the color. I liked how she decided to not use much color and let the pictures give the page the pop of color that it needed. As a whole the page was aesthetically pleasing. Also, there are some areas where I think the creator can improve, I think that the page should be more personal. At times I felt like I in a shopping site. A blog should be inspirational it should make people connect with the creator that way they can come subscribe to the page and share the work. I would of liked for the creator to have more information about herself.    

My Favorite Human Being

Where do I begin explaining why she is my favorite human being? Well here goes nothing, her name is Jessica Ramos and she is my sister, my dearest friend and even mom at times. Yes, I know this sounds super cheesy, but it’s the truth. My sister and I are 4 yrs. apart and we are inseparable. She has guided me, inspired me and above it all Jessica believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.

Jessica is so talented in so many ways. She paints, plays all different kinds of instruments and sings. When we were younger are lives was very complicated we lived in a very dysfunctional home. She used her creative mind to keep me distracted from all the negativity, physical and verbal abuse around us. I have yet meet someone that can tell a story like she can. She used her story telling ability and instrument talent to sooth my broken worried heart. Jessica made me have the powerful imagination I have today and continues to do so whenever I need it to most. Let’s just say I’m still scared to look underneath my bed.



She is my strength, my anchor, and my light at the end of my own dark and scary tunnel. She believes in all my goals and dreams, even when they seem foolish she is there to support me. The best part of it all she is the most amazing aunt to my daughter. Giving my daughter everything that I had as a child and even more. The bond between us has never been so amazin. I love reading different sisters quotes.

Sometimes a site and reminisce of all our crazy adventures while growing up. Even when we got in trouble together. I mean we have shared it all, smiles, tears, meals, a room and now best of all we share a life full of wonderful memories that don’t stop. Without her I would not be the woman I stand tall to be. She is my greatest supporter, she is my sister and my favorite human being.

Nomadic Matt: A Review


An interesting blog I came across was one created by Matthew Kepnes, a 36-year-old travel connoisseur, best-selling author and blogger originally from Boston. His website, titled Nomadic Matt, is home to numerous blog posts, travel tips, and resources. Coinciding with the rest of the site, the blog posts focus on personal experiences with a nomadic lifestyle, different adventures and tips from himself and others, and all things concerning travel. As an aspiring world traveler, his blog provides a great starting point to travel smart and encourages you to set your sights high.

Analysis: Content and Audience Interaction

As a whole, the blog is very aesthetically pleasing to read. His layout is clear and easy for users to navigate. The menu is well organized and though it provides numerous links to other areas of the site, is not overwhelming. The design is fun but clean, keeping it interesting enough to attract viewers and readers, but not so much as to distract them from obtaining the desired information.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.53.58 PM

The title of the page and subsequent posts are simple but captivating to grab the attention of visitors to the site. There are search bars in the header and footer of the page, making it easy to find your way back to what you are looking for if you get stuck. Moreover, in the footer there are links to all of his social media profiles, as well as links to his about me, community, media, and travel pages. His about me page is straightforward, separated into subheaders about who he is, what he does, and how he got there. As he highlights in his about page, everything posted is authentic, with no sponsored content or paid for trips, therefore, all pictures and recommendations of places have been personally taken or visited by Matt himself, or a guest columnist. The high quality personal pictures create a more human connection between Matt and the readers of his blog, explaining the large loyal following he has amassed over the years.

At no surprise, the majority of the blog content regards travel. Matt’s personal travels, helping others fulfill their travel dreams by traveling cheaply, travel tips and wisdom, and experiences he and others have had along the way. His three most popular posts highlight his mission first explained in his about page. The posts explain why he lives the lifestyle he does, how others can travel in a cost efficient way, and why he does what he does and encourages other to try it too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.00.09 PM.png

As mentioned earlier, what makes Matt’s site so unique is that none of the content is sponsored. All of the awe-inspiring pictures and videos are taking by Matt himself, or guest contributors. I found this to be an area Matt does extremely well. Although he holds contests and other things to promote fan interaction, it is impossible to hear from each person individually. Having such personal pictures really demonstrate Matt’s desire to have a real connection with readers. Rather than becoming a mass business, he continues to provide raw real content that many people appreciate.

In addition to his blog page, Matt also includes a page about getting started, travel guides, and resources. This is another area where Matt is extremely successful. He not only inspires readers with is posts and images, but he helps to empower them to begin adventures for themselves. He provides all the necessary information for those who don’t know where to begin and tips on how to “travel. better. cheaper. longer”.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.20.12 PM

He encourages audience interaction, being the support they need to go out on their own adventures. Moreover, he holds contests to highlight and take time to appreciate members of his audience and the amazing things they themselves have been able to achieve. Readers are also pretty active in the comments section of his posts. The number of comments typically range from as few as 10 to as many as 60, with Matt himself responding personally to some. To further encourage interaction, there are links to his social media pages on a floating side bar and at the bottom of every page.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.11.42 PM.png


Overall, I found the blog to be very successful. It is not only easy to view content, but it is extremely user friendly as the site is clear and easy to navigate. There are links to other areas of the site with related interesting information and everything is simply categorized. He has significant interaction with his audience, encouraging them to go out and live their best lives. An area the blog could improve is providing readers with more personal content about Matt himself. While he did so in the early stages, he now focuses more on other people’s adventures. Although this is compelling content, Matt needs to maintain the close personal connection that garnered him such a large following in the first place. He needs to make sure he doesn’t forget where he came from, even after 8 years.