Case Study #3

The title of the blog that I chose to write about is Game of Thrones season 6, TV series. The author of The Blog is raistlin0903, who has 1629 followers. The blog topic is about Game of Thrones the TV show. The layout of the blog is extremely well placed together with pictures separating each … Continue reading Case Study #3


Skint Dad

Overview I found the blog SkintDad to be interesting. It is a blog made by two individuals, Ricky and Noimi Willis that outlines ways to save money in our everyday lives as well as tips to managing and making money. Ricky and Noimi are married and have a couple kids. They both write within the … Continue reading Skint Dad

Case Study #3

Overview Jessica Hagy created “Indexed” in August of 2006, and she publishes weekly.  The site was originally created as a “little project that allows [Jessica] to make fun of some things and sense of others without resorting to doing actual math.”   Analysis Indexed is a very straightforward blog that has a white background with … Continue reading Case Study #3

Case Study 3

Overview Tom McParland is a blogger for Jalopnik who also runs his own site that gives advice on purchasing and selling cars. Tom is considered to be the “car buying expert” at Jalopnik, and as a result his opinions are almost seen as pure facts by both his fellow contributors and readers alike. McParland has … Continue reading Case Study 3

Case Study #3: Zack Kanter

There are millions of blogs out there and as someone who is considering doing one myself, I’ve been looking at this pretty in depth recently. One that I enjoyed is “The Personal Blog of Zack Kanter”, by Zack Kanter in which he gives his thoughts on personal development, relationships, and business. His web address is … Continue reading Case Study #3: Zack Kanter

Scott’s Tea

Overview The blog post I decided to analyze more is called LoveBscott. It’s a blog post created by Brandon Scott. I found it while scrooling down my news feed on social media for this assignment. The content of the blog mainly focuses on celebrity news and entertainment. Sort of like tmz. The juicy stuff I like to read sometimes about other peoples lives. It's one of the … Continue reading Scott’s Tea