Addicted 2 Success

"Positive Motivation vs. Negative Motivation: Which One Works Better?" by Alan Morris (no that's not a pseudo name for Alanis Morrisette) is at the top of the page for the 'Addicted 2 Success' "MOTIVATION" blog. (To view site, click the link:) While he is not the only blogger involved on this site, I will … Continue reading Addicted 2 Success


Case Study #3

For our third Case Study, I chose a blog about Pit Bulls. "Why People Love Pit Bulls" by Michele Riley is a blog posted to the "Breed of Dogs" section on the 'Doggie Lawn' website. Since so many people have such mixed feelings about the breed, I thought it would be a good idea to … Continue reading Case Study #3

Case Study #3- Blog Analysis

Overview The blog I have chosen to analyze is about lifestyle and fashion. Classy clean chic (  is a fashion and lifestyle blogger written by Emerson Hannon. Her first post was published in March 2018 about fashion and lifestyle which includes a brief intro of herself. I think it’s fascinating how she works as an … Continue reading Case Study #3- Blog Analysis

Blog Review |Jess Mathis|

Case Study #3  The blog I chose to write about is titled “A Cup of Jo” written by Joanna Goddard. It is a lifestyle blog for women that covers style, design, food, travel, relationships, and her life as a mother. The web address is  While looking through her blog I noticed that the header is … Continue reading Blog Review |Jess Mathis|

Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

Overview The Green Study - ( ) is a blog written by Michelle who gives us all insight on her life.The first post Michelle created was in 2012. Michelle is from the Midwest and is a wife and a parent and used to serve in the Army. She gives us brief information in her … Continue reading Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

I want my life to be a movie!

For the blog analysis project, I chose a travel blog by the name of "My Life's a Movie". Meet Alyssa Ramos, a self made, badass, solo female traveler. She travels full time and has been to over 85 countries. She has conquered all 7 continents, and all 7 wonders of the world. She's the kind … Continue reading I want my life to be a movie!