No More Gym?

Are you tired of being stress? Is the heaviness of a bad day taking a toll on you ? Everyday, life can be horrible sometimes, it can chew you up and spit you out. Stress can be a burden on any one, from college students to middle age moms. Lots of people say that going … Continue reading No More Gym?


Hip-Hop/RnB is the new pop!

If you don't believe me just watch the video below, and count how many songs that are listed as hip-hop/rnb. If my math skills are correct. There are at least 5 pure hip-hop/rnb songs on the billboard hot 100 chart. As for the rest if its not considered hip-hop/rnb, then it either is influenced by … Continue reading Hip-Hop/RnB is the new pop!

Biking the Rail Trails

My first experience with biking on a rail trail was with the cub scouts.   This caused my entire family to purchase bikes and I have been biking ever since.  The closest trail for me is the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and here is a link below if you want to see.   It’s close, quick and … Continue reading Biking the Rail Trails

Lucky Dog

The lifestyle TV series “Lucky Dog” hosted and narrated by Brandon McMillian, The series which is in its 6th season features Brandon helping and training an un-adoptable dog and then finding the dog a forever home.  Each episode features one dog that Brandon trains at his Lucky Dog Ranch in California. The show also has a … Continue reading Lucky Dog

Wake up, Eat, Read, Sleep, and Repeat

Have you ever started to read a book (or watch a TV series) and tell yourself that you're only going to read for an hour, but it turns into all night?  That happens to me all the time.  There is nothing like finding such a well written book that it transcends you; like Stephen King … Continue reading Wake up, Eat, Read, Sleep, and Repeat

Atlanta (TV Series)

Most anyone you ask has that TV show that they love. One that brings them great happiness, whether it's due to its humor, drama or mystery. We all have that show that we can't get enough of and sit to watch whenever we want to feel a certain way. FX's comedy-drama Atlanta is that show … Continue reading Atlanta (TV Series)

Scary Movies and Oscar Buzz!

Summer is gone and with it the Summer blockbusters. Time to bring on the horror!   Hi, I'm David and I love movies! I have been watching movies since I was very young. My mother tells me she used to take me to movie forums with her when she was a college student. She would … Continue reading Scary Movies and Oscar Buzz!