O’neil Cinemas

O'neil Cinemas Logo Introduction to O’Neil Cinemas O'Neil Cinemas is a local family-owned movie theater in Littleton, Massachusetts. the movie theater started with one location in Epping New Hampshire and opened a second location in Littleton in  November 2018. The theater differentiates itself from its competitors by offering things like a full restaurant and bar … Continue reading O’neil Cinemas

Tesla’s Social Media Presence

For my case study, I will be focusing on the company Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors is a car company that specializes in electric vehicles and advanced driving features such as autopilot. Tesla is famous for not having a traditional advertising strategy or budget, but they rely heavily on their social media presence. While Tesla does … Continue reading Tesla’s Social Media Presence

Case Study #3 – Data Science

Blog Header Overview This blog datascience101 by Ryan Swanstorm is meant to offer insights and fundamentals about industry trends, statistics and data science. The author offers strategies and mediums for learning skills like programming in Python, statistics, data libraries, and algorithms. For reference the blog can be found here. Analysis The main page of the … Continue reading Case Study #3 – Data Science