Christian Guzman and Alphalete/3D Energy

Christian Guzman is a young entrepreneur from Sugarland, Texas who runs two companies simultaneously. One of these companies is called Alphalete which is a clothing brand. The second is a company called 3D Energy which sells different flavored energy drinks. He is sponsored by many different brands including Ghost Lifestyle that is a supplement brand … Continue reading Christian Guzman and Alphalete/3D Energy

Case Study #4- Ever Forward Apparel

John Conlon Overview Ever Forward Apparel is a clothing company that is owned by a social media influencer by the name of Maxx Chewning. This company offers casual wear and gym apparel to their customers. The company Facebook page ( currently has 7,485 followers and 7,349 people that like their page. On the Ever Forward … Continue reading Case Study #4- Ever Forward Apparel