Case Study # 3


The blog I have chosen to analyze is Perfect Manifesto ( In this Blog the author James M. Lane discusses fatherhood, health, and self-improvement. He discusses things that occur in his life or try to give tips to people in specific areas to help them better themselves.

Better than Yesterday Don’t Take the Opportunity (Main page image)



The overall setting for this page is simple and easy to navigate. It has a generic white background for the whole entire page. The main image page features the title and words that break down the main categories that content will fall into. Below the main image there are three smaller images (listed below) that act as a link to take you to the most recent story in that category.


The header is simple it provides quick buttons laid out vertically above the main picture between two faint horizontal dividers with a search key right above it. The header allows the visitor to return home if they clicked a blog, join the mailing lists which allows the user to be notified of any blogs, supporting resources which will take you to products or services that Perfect Manifesto support and an about page.

The about page has its own layout that helps the author promote himself and his brand. When you first visit this page, you will find a brief overview of why the page was started, the type of material you will find on this site, an invitation to subscribe with a fillable block for you email, a hyperlink to the type of material you will receive if you subscribe followed by share pins, pingbacks to stories and a conversation the author had with an audience member in the comments.

On the right hand side of this page the author provides a link to follow his blog, his most recent stories, his most viewed stories , a follow prompt to be updated on new materials and a link to donate with each prompt being seperated by a gray box respectively aligned to the right side of the screen.

This page is literally flooded with widgets, everywhere you go there is a widget to navigate through, like, follow, subscribe or share the content that is posted on this page. This techniques is very useful when you are looking to expand your audience because it allows people to share his content and navigate through his content while never leaving his site.

The footer of this blog is basically blank except for the button that allows you to visit older post. This technique is clever because the page allows you to expand with the possibility of finding another post you may enjoy. This is another way for the author to make his content easily accesible to people who vist his page.

The author does not promote his own social media, but everyone of his posts has about nine different easy share buttons that will allow people to share his content on these platforms. These platforms inclue twitter, instagram, facebook, reddit, tumblr, wordpress, pintrest, pocket and telegram. Although he doesn’t promote his own account that is a good variety in choices for the reader.

It makes sense that the author does not include any personal social media accounts because there is not too much about his personal life on this blog. People may get a better understanding of him as they read his blogs because his intent seems to be getting his ideas out rather than talking about himself.


The author of this blog post content about three main sub-topics that were previously stated. The content that revolves around health which is not limited to, but include songs to work out to, ways to burn calories which seems to be the most popular content on his site. His other featured topics are fatherhood and self-improvement are not as popular overall, but some of the stories are quite intersting and received feedback from the audience (i.e likes comments).

Many of the blogs I viewed on Perfect Manifesto included a minimal amount of pictures or videos. The pictures and videos that were included were adequate, but I believe another route is being taken by this author to rail his audience in. One thing that I found quite interesting about the author’s technique was his usage of headers. His usage of headers allowed me to believe that I was reading mini articles, but in reality the whole article was broken down to be read in little bits and pieces.

The author uses images (such as the one above) for his titles. Although the title may not be compelling the image is pretty cool, it reminds me of a a magazine or pamplet.  If the photo pulls you in you will probably read through some of his posts because of their setup.

Some of  his post do better than others which I stated earlier with the health being the most popular. That does not matter to the author because he takes part in his comment section even if it is to talk to one person. From what I have witnessed his blog recieves anywhere from five to sixty likes with the average ranging from about eight to eighteen likes.

Conclusion :

James M. Lane has different techniques when it comes to writing his posts, but they are just as effective in my eyes. He even made a blog about how he approach the topics he discuss which gives the audience more insight on his processes. Furthermore, he also wrote a guide “The New Normal”: Managing young kids while working from home in a crazy time which is free when you subscribe to his mailing lists.

With so many good things to say about this blog people may believe it is perfect. I believe that there are some things that will help spruce up the page a bit, these things include adding more pictures, videos, maybe creating social media accounts for the blog if the author doesn’t want the blog audience to interfere with his real life and adding more about himslef in the  about section.

Overall, the site is simple and easy to navigate, the content that I read was interesting, he interacts with his audience and his blogs were well written and some of his audience members are consistent which means he is developing his blog gradually as he stated in one of his posts.

To read more from James M. Lane visit:

3 thoughts on “Case Study # 3

  1. Hi – I just wanted to drop a comment to thank you for the in depth feedback. As a writer/blogger it can be hard to understand what has gone down well (especially if you receive no or vague comments).
    My main motivation on Perfect Manifesto is to focus on the idea, then any personal stories are used to support it.
    Regarding social media – I have twitter/pinterest but it exposes that I need to get better at social media and promoting myself!
    I’ll keep coming back to this post so that I really digest the feedback.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit and analysis of my site. It’s an honour that you choose my little space to provide insight on.

    Thank you and have a great day.


    1. You’re welcome this was a class assignment and your blog caught my eye. I find your page different than most, but I like it. Keep up the good work!


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