Final – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey, one Americas most known mustaches, is not only one of the best comedians of all time but has been the staple of reality television for the past decade. Born in January of 1957, Steve grew up in a small town in West Virginia. His first entrance in to the entertainment business was in … Continue reading Final – Steve Harvey

Case Study #4: Selena Gomez

Overview For case study #4 I chose to write about Selena Gomez. I specifically chose her because she has a popular social media presence but also because I do not consider myself a huge fan which removes any bias. I also thought Selena Gomez would be a good candidate for case study before because in … Continue reading Case Study #4: Selena Gomez

Case Study #4: Social Media Usage Comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo

Overview Social media is not just a great tool for everyday users, it is such a great help for copmanies and celebrities to expand their brand on a large scale. By monitoring and tailoring their social media platforms to what their followers like to see they are able to curate the perfect business plan suited … Continue reading Case Study #4: Social Media Usage Comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo

Case Study #4 – Social Media Comparison of Adam Sandler

Overview Social media is a valuable tool because users can get updates from and potentially interact with their favorite celebrities. However, we can notice some significant differences between the accounts of the famous and non-famous. For this Case Study, I have chosen to analyze the social medias of Adam Sandler. To find Sandler on Facebook, … Continue reading Case Study #4 – Social Media Comparison of Adam Sandler

Case Study #3: Analysis of Margot Lee

Overview As I regularly watch YouTube videos, I have noticed a trend- many creators also use other platforms, such as blogs, to express their opinions, creativity and life experiences. The title of the blog I chose to analyze is Margot Lee; the author of the blog goes by the name Margot Lee. Margot typically writes … Continue reading Case Study #3: Analysis of Margot Lee

Four Year Strong & Social Media

My social media analysis (round two!) is on a band that is near and dear to my heart, Four Year Strong. This band has been making music together for almost 20 years and has its roots in Massachusetts’ own city of Worcester. The band formed in 2001 when the members were still in high school. … Continue reading Four Year Strong & Social Media

Katy Perry- Final Project Katy Perry, one of my favorite music artists around. Katy Perry is an American Music Artist who is a current American Idol judge and a soon to be first time momma. Imagine Katy Perry as your mom! Katy Perry started her singing career by singing at her local church and become famous from some … Continue reading Katy Perry- Final Project

Case Study 4: Drake

Overview Facebook URL of Facebook likes 35,051,438Twitter username @drake# of Twitter followers 39.1M# of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows 622# of Tweets 1754Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter March 2009Instagram username @champagnepapi# of Instagram followers 66M# of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows 2214# of Instagram posts 4963 Facebook In Drake’s contact info there is a … Continue reading Case Study 4: Drake