Final Project: Robert Downey Jr.

For my final project, I will be taking a close look at the social media outlets of Robert Downey Jr. As he is known by many currently as Iron Man, he has been a famed actor since a fairly young age, following in the footsteps of his father. Born in New York City on April 4, 1965, he had done acting jobs as a child and into his adult years, began to struggle with drug abuse. Up until around the early 2000’s, his drug abuse would continue to take its toll on his career, getting him caught up in court case after court case, then finally, into a drug treatment facility.

But, this actor in particular is one who is unlike the people around him. Once in that treatment facility, life had given him an opportunity like none other. He would not only be known as Robert Downey Jr. to everyone, but as the infamous Iron Man to children, teenagers, and overall comic book fans all around the world.

Social Media Presence Overview

Robert Downey Jr. uses a variety of social media platforms:




Analysis and Evaluation

On social media, his personality comes out and brings out the nerd in everyone who follows him. He makes himself known, as he literally takes on the personality of his beloved character, posting memes from every Marvel based movie, especially anything Iron Man related. He does this, as well as keeping himself updated in what goes on around the world by making lots of posts on current issues and events he would like to draw attention to. The best part about the attention he gains from these, is that he uses them as an excuse to begin donation pools, and donate as much money as he can fundraise to said events and issues.


Currently, Robert Downey Jr. uses the following social media outlets: Facebook being his very best one, at an astounding 29,422,575 likes, under this name and link ( His cover photo is of a fundraiser and his profile photo is a nice portrait of himself. He posts mostly Avengers related memes, but also fanart of himself or whatever Marvel ranted fanart he finds on the internet, giving proper credit in the process. He posts about a few times a week, typically once a day on average. The interaction with his fans is sometimes, though rare, the snarky attitude he displays in his own comments section, which is filled with wit and humor for the most part unless someone gets on his bad side.


His Twitter is more about current events and issues than anything. At an incredible 10.9 million followers on twitter, he uses it as both an outlet for memes, just as he did for his Facebook, but also as a way to create donation pools and fundraise for current events and issues. His name on Twitter is @robertdowneyjr and his cover photo is him in his Iron Man costume, with his profile photo a very clean cut portrait of himself. He replies to his fans much of the time when he gets directly tweeted to on the social media website, and responds in some witty manner, depending on how he feels about the content of the tweet. His posts are mostly about fundraisers and videos of him trying to collect for these donation pools.


His Instagram is impressive but not too heavy in fans, due to the limitation of how one can post. Robert Downey Jr mostly posts memes and fundraising on here as well. His amount of followers comes up to 22.5 million followers, following 36 blogs himself, with 239 posts made by him. His profile photo consists of himself wearing a set of sick shades. He doesn’t interact with his followers very often on his Instagram, but when he does, it is typically in the comments section of his posts.

When one runs a simple google search of Robert Downey Jr., much of what you might find is him in Marvel screenshots or at Marvel based events. There are also lots of personal pictures of him, as well as a few articles of him speaking out about his previous drug issues and how his life had changed since he became directly involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, literally becoming Iron Man, as many of his fans see him as.

As a whole, all this celebrity in particular wants to do is to create awareness of the world around us. From creating donation pools for tragic events to brightening up the dreariness and terrible things that the world throws at every individual. Society can be a cruel gathering of humans, and depending on where someone is in the world, it may only want to take a person down and keep them under their own ideals and standards. Life in general is absolutely unpredictable. Even so, Robert Downey Jr. tries his best to be a beacon of hope, for not just nerds, but for everyone who finds themselves unable to get through tough times. For example, he occasionally talks about his past abuses in order to teach people who struggle with the same issues that there is indeed a way to recovery. If that isn’t Iron Man quality, I am not quite sure what is.

For images, portraits of him are everywhere, mostly in suits. Some of which are him at events of all kinds, but also out of films both old and new. Though you would have to scroll further down, a lot of those older photos are lower in the result

Commendations and Recommendations

In the uses of his social media outlets in a general concept, all he wants to do is create awareness of current events and issues, as well as find a way to convey his assistance to anyone who may need to reach out to him. He does work on things like raising money for Hawaii right now and the residents displaced by the fissures caused by a soon erupting volcano that was once dormant. But, he also uses his media outlets for other purposes, such as visiting children in the hospital in his Iron Man suit.

Facebook is used for memes most of the time he on the account. It spans from fanart to terrible photoshopping, there is a whole quarry of art that fills up his Facebook page. Art of all kinds, or anything that generally catches his humor is how he decides to post on his page.

Twitter is mainly used to interact with fans, but also to function just as his Facebook does. At the end of the day, his Twitter remains to be his least popular social media platform, with only 10 million followers. So it makes for a more meme base than anything else, besides advertising his fundraising campaigns on the side. He would save important posts like that for bigger following out,etc. such as Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram is used for simple things, too. Once again, memes and photos the celebrity has taken. As for the content of the photos, it can kind of be seen as a album of his life. While the social media account is barely used, he enjoys it regardless, simply for the ability to post photos of himself and the things he does, especially if it can get his fans into a frenzy. All in all, he loves his fans and shows it very much in the use of this Instagram blog.

If Robert wanted to truly improve himself and his image on the internet using social media tactics, there’s quite a few ways he could do so. To start with, while his reposting of memes makes him out to be almost like one of the fans, it would be refreshing if he could create his own! It’s not hard to make them, wouldn’t take up that much time for him to do or for his representative to create.

Generally, the brand this celebrity is going for is one of a true hero. Between Marvel posts and all the fundraising he does, it is clear as day what he wants to be seen as in the world.

Their digital footprint is about the same. Oriented in the idea of being a real time hero, he is almost entitled to it, through his roles in movies in the last decade and the amount of helping humanity he attempts to do.

To conclude this, there is all sorts of use in the social media world for our celebrity. In fact, his work going through all these sites is so impressively collective, that it kind of makes him better in real life, just as much as it does improve his internet scene. All in all, he is found to be popular, with or without the help of social media. Yet still, he still had room to improve.




Beyoncé is a worldwide selling artist, and is known for her songs such as “Irreplaceable”, “Formation”, and “Single Ladies”. Beyoncé sold millions of records with her former group, Destiny’s Child, who are known for their songs “Say My Name”, and “Independent Woman”. Her full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, and she was born in Houston, Texas. She is married to rapper Jay-Z, Shawn Corey Carter, and together the two of them have three children. Beyoncé’s latest album titled “Lemonade” is based off of the process of her learning about Jay-Z’s cheating, and his own album titled 4:44 is his own response to the situation.

Beyoncé sells albums, perfume, and other merchandise that her fans can buy if they wish to. In order to maintain her celebrity status she attends award shows such as the Grammy’s and the MTV Music Awards. She also keeps fans updated on social media with what she is doing, and is going on tour this summer, 2018, with her husband titled the On The Run II Tour.   

                                      .add .jpg

On Twitter Beyoncé racks in 15.2 millions followers, while she only follows ten accounts. The accounts she follows include her former group members, her sister, and artist Mariah Carey. She also only has ten tweets on her account in which she promotes her music, and encourages people to donate to charities such as Chime for Change. She does not interact with anyone on Twitter, and the last time she posted was June 2017.

Beyoncé has 115 million Instagram followers, which makes her the fifth most followed account on the app. She follows no accounts, and has a little over 1,600 posts on her account. On average each of her posts get around 2.5 million likes, however when she posted her pregnancy announcement in February of 2017 she broke a record on Instagram for the most likes on the app. Beyoncé reached over 7 million in twelve hours, and now has 11 million likes. She does not interact with fans on the app, and she does not post on an everyday basis, however when she does post it receives support from millions of people.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.34.30 PM.png

Her Facebook account has 63 million likes, and almost 60 million followers. Beyoncé posts weekly, and included in these posts are promotions for her upcoming tour with her husband, and links to buy her merchandise. Similarly to her other social media accounts she does not interact much with her fans, but she also provides news to keep them updated. There are links on her Facebook page that lead fans to her website, and there are tabs that include information about her, and her upcoming tours.

On her YouTube account, Beyoncé has 16 million subscribers, and her music videos get hundreds of millions of views. For her song “Single Ladies” she has 644 million views, and 108,000 comments. She also posts videos that show behind the scene moments for her music videos, and promotion for her albums, specifically “Lemonade”. She does not interact with fans on YouTube because it can be hard to keep up with all of the comments, but the fans come to the YouTube page for the content and not interactions.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.26.59 PM.png

When you run a basic Google search on Beyoncé the first thing that pops up are news articles regarding her relationships with others. In specific the story that Tiffany Haddish leaked, in which Beyoncé was bit by a mystery celebrity at her own party. The reader is also able to see her full name, net worth, and some of her songs due to the information bar that pops up on the right. Her social media is also visibly linked so the reader is able to watch her videos, or see her posts online. Beyoncé’s song “Crazy in Love” is also linked in an article proclaiming it as the “best song of the millennium”.

Beyoncé’s Twitter activity is appropriate for her branding, however she does not tweet enough for there to be something inappropriate. Her tweets include promotion for her music, which is seen across all of the social media platforms, and tweets for charity. She tweets about Beygood where people can read and donate for specific causes. These include providing clean water, and scholarships for students. Her Instagram activity is different than Twitter because she posts more personal pictures. Recently she performed at Coachella, and her photos include the members of Destiny’s Child, her on tour, and many different outfitsthat she’s worn to different events. This is appropriate for her branding because she keeps fans updated, but she is also able to post more of her life for the fans.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.29.47 PM.png

Beyoncé’s Facebook is very similar to Twitter in the fact that she posts about Beygood, however she does more promotion for her music and clothing on Facebook. This is appropriate for her branding because she keeps everyone updated with her music, and allows fans to supporther by attaching links to her merchandise. Her YouTube activity is appropriate for her branding because she posts music videos in order to express herself, and keep the ideas around her values.

Her social media use as a whole is not as frequent as celebrities such as Selena Gomez, however she does post for important events such as album releases. One thing she could improve upon is using it more, because she has a huge platform and a big following that is not there only for music updates. It is hard to criticize because even though she does not use social media all of the time she is still able to gather millions of likes, or thousands of retweets. Beyoncé has loyal fans that are willing to wait for her updates because they are always worth it.

Beyoncé’s digital footprint does not contradict her branding because she stays away from being in drama, and is known as a good person. Her posting, though not as often, keeps her still in the social media presence, and she does not expose what is always going on behind the scenes.

Kylie Jenner/ Kylie Cosmetics


Via Met Gala 2017

Introduction/ Bio

In Los Angeles, California on August 10, 1997, a game changer was born. Kylie Kristen Jenner is an American reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality to say the least. Kylie was basically handed fame because of her father formerly “Bruce Jenner”, Olympic medalist, now Caitlyn Jenner (that’s a whole different story to explain). Also, because of her mother, Kris Jenner, who was married to O.J Simpson and had several kids with.

Before the fame came to Kylie, she went to a school called Sierra Canyon where she was a cheerleader. She went to this school until her mother Kris Jenner, decided that with their lifestyle home schooling was more appropriate. In 2007, the reality show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” came about.


via E!

Fast forward to present day 2018, this show is currently on season 13. 13 seasons later and the show is stronger then ever. People can’t seem to get enough.At the age of 15, the income of the reality show cut her off for reasons that are unclear. When she turned 17, her income was given back to her and that is when she bought a 2.7 million dollar home. This is where she is said to have come up with her money making idea.

Kylie Cosmetics

In 2016, Kylie became an entrepreneur by coming out with her own cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics. This is a cosmetics line she worked very hard on all by herself. Her cosmetic empire is valued at 386 Million Dollars. She released her cosmetics with this statement,

“Welcome to Kylie CosmeticsSM by Kylie Jenner! Known for her love of cosmetic products and makeup, Kylie Jenner launched Kylie CosmeticsSM by Kylie Jenner in 2016 after the global launch of her wildly successful liquid lipstick + lip liner duo, the Kylie Lip Kit. After Kylie revealed the Kylie Lip Kit to the world, her fans wanted more. Kylie CosmeticsSM by Kylie Jenner is Kylie Jenner’s new launchpad for sharing her best kept beauty secrets to her fans. Kylie is currently working in the Kylie CosmeticsSM by Kylie Jenner Lab on a handful of new, top secret products she’s creating to help give you that perfect ‘Kylie look’. Stay tuned for more products coming soon! Kylie CosmeticsSM by Kylie Jenner products are not tested on animals, and all shades of The Kylie Lip Kit℠ are vegan.”

kylie cosmetics.png

via Kylie Cosmetics

Social Media Platforms

Twitter – 25.5 Million Followers

Facebook – 21 Million Followers

Instagram – 108 Million Followers

You tube – 2.6 Million Subscribers


Analysis & Evaluation


Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 11.57.20 AM.png

Kylie has 25.5 Followers on Twitter as of today. She stays very active to her Twitter. Kylie post vary from muliple times a day to at least once a day. Her last couple post are of her promoting her collaboration with her mother Kris and Kylie Cosmetics. This collaboration is said to be one for the books. Her posts are a mix of text, photos, and videos. The posts are frequently links to her website. She frequently retweets what some of her fans have to say about her company. She also retweets recreations or looks of fans wearing her cosmetics.


Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 12.10.15 PM.png

Kylie has 21 Million Followers on Facebook as of today. On Facebook, I noticed that she has more detailed post. Here she has much more behind the scenes and links to her YouTube channel. She post videos, short video clips, pictures, sales on her cosmetic line, and rants on other things. Aside from that they are pretty much the same as the other platforms. I would say that this platform does show her brand and reputation. Kylie always keeps it sweet and fun.

On this platform, there is little to no interaction with anyone on the Facebook account or just none that I could find. I did not see any interaction with celebrities or fans. I would agree with what my peers have said in the past that ” a lot of celebrities have it set up, with Instagram being their main social media page and even Twitter and then having a Facebook page, but it is only updated by people on their teams.” Overall, everything on Facebook is always the same, the same posts, the same advertisements, the same links to her website.


Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 12.25.41 PM.png

Kylie has 108 Million Followers as of today. This is the platform that the most following. Instagram and twitter are Kylie’s main platforms. On this platform, she post a lot of  personal things. If you scroll through her feed, you will see pictures of her and her boyfriend Travis Scott and their Daughter Stormi. She much more down to earth on here. You really get to know her on here. You see some of her vacation pictures, press photos and much more. On here, she post a variety of pictures and videos. She gets over 40 thousand comments on any photo and over 2 million likes easily. If you scroll through the comments, you will see that the comments are in every language imaginable.


Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 12.52.36 PM.png

On YouTube, Kylie has 2.6 Million channel subscribers. When you first go on to her channel, you will notice she has a video pinned titled “To Our Daughter”. It was no secret that Kylie hid her pregnancy from the world and she did one hell of a job doing it. This is the platform she used to announce she had given birth to a baby girl back in February. She posted a video and the world went crazy. As you can see, she has over 67 million views alone on the video. If you divide that by the time that has passed that’s over 749 thousand views in a day, mind blowing I know. Her YouTube channel consist of mini series such as “My week in Snaps”, “Cooking with Kylie”, “Clips from Kylie’s App”, “Kylie Cosmetics”, “Kylie up Close”, and “Kylie’s Clique”. There is no interaction on here.

Social Media Usage/Digital Footprint

Many people think that Kylie is famous due to her makeup line, however, she was a very popular social media figure before that. Her popularity on social media is what caused her business to boom so rapidly and outrageously. From the hints and hype she created on Instagram leading up to the release date caused the products to sell out in 1 minute! Her makeup brand isn’t one of the most popular products for no reason. Kylie has been growing her fan base in such a unique way that she, the little girl living in her sister’s shadow, was able to become the only teenager in Forbes 30 under 30 according to “”. In a day she’ll add about 10 Instagram photos. Some posts promoting her brand, some promoting other brands, and some just because. It is important to note that her endorsements have decreased lately as she mainly focuses on promoting her own brand. But, her endorsements before were very rare and didn’t take away from the majority of the content she put out, which is important as she creates her platforms to focus on her.


I believe Kylie and her team are doing a great job keeping her digital footprint clean and straight to the chase. All of her social media platforms are very clean and PG 13 appropriate which is quite difficult because of the lifestyle she has. Even though Kylie tries everything she can to stay out of trouble, drama still tries to make it her way. When you google Kylie this is what you see:Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 1.28.28 PM.png

Aside from the rumors of her body guard being the “alleged” baby daddy of her daughter Stormi, everything is about her brand or her family. Being in the limelight makes Kylie suspectable to the drama an rumors without a doubt. When I clicked on the news tab, all there is news on the Kardashians and some rumors. Some things I recommend that she does differently is that she post more photos of her fans. I would improve her social medias by posting more about the behind the scenes. I feel like her pages are very centered on her(which is how it should be but to an extent) but I feel like she should have more pictures of her employees,  her store, factory, or even her “Kylie’ Pop up truck”.

Kylie Jenner’s digital footprint has grown tremendously and sky rocketed in 2016 when she started Kylie Cosmetics. Her life took a change for the better. From becoming an entrepreneur at 17 years old to a new mommy to Stormi, Kylie is definitely a role model in my eyes. Aside from the reality show she was apart of, she was able to make it on her own without her mommy’s help. “Kylie is one of the exclusive people who could make 10 second videos and make people fall in love. People adore Kylie and want more of her content because she lives such a luxurious life. She has all the nicest cars, the most expensive jewelry, and a famous boyfriend. She lives the teenage dream we all want, and instead of putting it into a movie she provides that content to us every day.”(Medium)



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Post Malone’s Digital Footprint

Via Billboard 


Born Austin Richard Post in Syracuse, New York, at the age of only 22, “Post Malone” has been making waves and smashing records in the music industry for the past two years. Post got his start with his 5x platinum smash, “White Iverson”. Since then it has been hit after hit, with songs like, “Go flex”, “Congratulations”, “Too Young”, “Psycho” and “Rockstar”. This rapper/pop star seems to have a tight grasp on the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down, especially with his highly anticipated sophomore album recently releasing, “Beerbongs and Bentleys” and debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 list.

As said before, Post Malone has kept his celebrity status by having a somewhat constant flow of music in rotation, especially on the radio. I would go as far to say he is just getting bigger and bigger. I know this because last October, I saw him live at the House of Blues in Boston, the show was sold out to a maximum capacity of about 3,000 people. This month I will also be seeing him perform at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. This show is also sold out, the only difference is that the Xfinity Center holds 20,000 people. It is such an astronomical upgrade in just the course of seven months.

I would say that the branding of Post Malone is just kind of to be yourself and (excuse my language) to not take shit from anyone. In the past few years, Post has shown all of this , he does not get into any “beef’ with other rappers, he stays very positive through it all. With that being said though, his branding is still very suggestive, he is a rapper with explicit content. The content in his music usually revolves around women, alcohol, partying and sometimes drug use. I like to think that the positive message he spreads can outweigh the suggestive themes.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter– 3.6 Million Followers

Instagram– 9.1 Million Followers

Facebook–  2.1 Million Likes

Youtube– 6.1 Million Subscribers

Twitch– 350,000 Followers


Analysis and Evaluation


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.05.42 PM.png

Post stays pretty active on Twitter, I would say his most frequent social media page is Instagram. Post’s last tweet at the time of writing this was on May 7th (two days ago), the tweet was not promoting anything, instead it was in response to an MMA fighter who said he wanted to be in his next music video. I would say Post does not necessarily care about some aspects of his social media presence. His sophomore album just came out on April 27th and besides two or three tweets, simply one announcing the release date and another with the cover art and the tracklist, that was about it. I have a feeling that his record label takes care of more of the promotion than him.

Going through a lot of his tweets, it is actually pretty cool to see that it is very much just him, there’s no one else writing and posting his tweets. A lot of the tweets are towards other artists or celebrities and are really just a conversation between the two. That’s what is funny about it and actually quite interesting, with a lot of celebrities, you don’t really get to see or read how they feel and what their private life is like. Tweets like Post Malone’s really give me a sigh of relief to think that not all celebrities are too cool to post their own tweets.

Post Malone has embraced the new meme culture and it shows when you go through his tweets. Sometimes he will retweet viral posts about either himself or really just anything in general and sometimes he will directly post them himself. The one below is one of my personal favorites. I honestly think that is one of the big reasons I am such a big fan of Post Malone, sure he makes great music, but overall he seems like a real good dude. His interaction with fans does happen on occasion on Twitter but it is very minimal, it is just as much as the next rapper. Every once and a while he will retweet a fan or give a casual response.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.33.07 PM.png
Via @h3h3productions on Twitter


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.37.11 PM.png

Like I said before, his Instagram is his social media account that is used the most and has amassed the largest following, with nearly 10 million followers. On Instagram, Post…posts usually once a day, sometimes more and well sometimes less. A lot of the posts are either promoting a tour or merch from his website, in the past few weeks, his Instagram was also used to promote his album. Other than for promotions, he usually just posts photos from past concerts that have been professionally taken. Most post do not have captions either. Actually just scrolling through all of the photos, all of them seem to have been taken professionally, there are some videos that are snippets of music videos that are clearly professional and then even just for photos that are of him at an interview, they look too good to be taken on a phone camera. I guess when you have as much money as he probably does, you can hire a guy to follow you around with a camera.

As for interaction on Instagram with fans, there really is none. I don’t see as much as a comment replying back to a fan on any of his photos. I feel like it has to be looked at in a way that there are 9 million people following him and usually there are around 10,000 comments per post, I’m sure he looks through a small subsection of them, but he really is only one man. That is what is so great about Instagram, it gives such a different perspective into someones life, by seeing photos or videos. it might not give the very private aspects of his life, but the visual aspect is so awesome, especially when it comes to a celebrity. When it comes to the brand of Post Malone, I would say it really does accurately represent him, a lot of the photos show a glimpse into his life, recording in the studio, performing at festivals, hanging out with friends and well drinking Bud Light and smoking cigarettes. I’m not saying that all of those aspects are appropriate since I’m sure some of his following is underage, but it goes to the side of the brand that is do whatever you want, he really doesn’t care what people think about him.


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.59.21 PM.png

Post’s Facebook is most definitely his least utilized. By scrolling through the posts on the account, it seems to be pretty clear that he does not run the page himself, it is most likely his management team. Essentially everything that gets posted to his Instagram page, gets posted to his Facebook page. Picture for picture, they are the exact same, and most of them do not have captions just like on Instagram. There are posts that are there to promote his album, tour, songs he is featured on, etc. One major thing that I noticed is that the posts on Facebook only accumulate a few thousand likes. This is very different from his Instagram and Twitter. Most of his posts on Instagram get close to a million likes and on Twitter they amass usually around 50,000 likes.

Unlike his Twitter account, there is absolutely no interaction with anyone on the Facebook account. No interaction with other celebrities and definitely none with fans. I feel like this is how a lot of celebrities have it set up, with Instagram being their main social media page and maybe even Twitter and then having a Facebook page, but it is only updated by people on their teams. Overall, everything on Facebook is essentially the same, the same posts, the same advertisements, the same links to his website and music. I would say that it equally shows off his brand and reputation like on Twitter and Instagram, just with a smaller reach.


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.58.14 PM

Post Malone’s Youtube page is there for one reason, it is an extra cash cow and a way to sell more records. With 6.1 million subscribers, it is his second highest following online, below Instagram. The page showcases his music, there are songs that go all the way back to 2016. All of his songs on the page have accumulated no less than 11 million views with the most recent ones have around 300 million views. Youtube is a great way for a lot of artists to get recognized. A lot of rappers nowadays use Soundcloud since it is an easy way to post free music, but Youtube is just as great, especially to post music videos.

Unlike any other page that has been covered before, there is no actual postings besides the videos. I have seen with other artists that they have a channel where the actually post videos that are like a behind the scenes look at tour and their life in general, Post does not do that. I believe his Youtube page represents his brand well because it gets to show off his music and the visuals behind it. Overall the Youtube page is a fantastic idea since it also serves as a streaming service that can generate revenue and sales.

Twitch & Snapchat

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.15.34 PM

I figured I could group both of these accounts, mainly for the reason that they are pretty much dead accounts that do not get really any activity at all. I have followed Post on Snapchat for at least a year now and he rarely used it as it, but now he does not use it at all, it has probably been close to a yea since he has posted on it, this is probably due to the fact that really everyone uses Instagram stories now, which come to think of it, he doesn’t use that too much either. Overall, not much can be said about his Snapchat because it sees no activity, so it really does not show any interaction or a representation of himself either.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.15.21 PM

A few months back, Post said on Twitter that he was going to start a Twitch channel and play video games so he could interact with his fans and show everyone a different side of himself. But, once again, this channel is essentially dead, it has been months since he has used it and there is no updating to content. When he did play video games on there for his fans to watch, it was actually pretty funny, and like I said it was a much different side to him. Also in recent months, video games have become a very popular subject, especially in hip hop and rap. Twitch is a great way for anyone to earn extra money, if you have the following. One of the biggest internet video gamer right now is Ninja, who plays Fortnite on Twitch and has the biggest following on the service. Ninja has played with many rappers on Twitch, like Drake, Travis Scott and Lil Yachty. There have also been reports that Ninja makes over 400,000 dollars a month just off of paying subscribers alone on Twitch. That does not include ad revenue, sponsorships and donations. Post Malone seemingly has enough money to not need to play video games, but I believe that he should keep up with the Twitch account, this will give him an opportunity to interact with his fans and show another side to himself.

Social Media Usage as a Whole

I believe that Post Malone utilizes his social media accounts fairly well. The main accounts for him are Instagram, Youtube and Twitter in that order. Instagram shows off a visual side as to what is going on in his life, whether it be an album that is releasing, a tour that is going to be starting, pictures of him performing or even just him hanging out and having a good time. Youtube is a fantastic way for people to listen to his big singles as well as watch his music videos and overall is a great way for him to earn extra sales. Twitter is where he can talk about what’s going on in his life, much like Instagram, just with less pictures. He can discuss how happy he is with life or his love for other types of music. When it comes to Facebook, I believe that it is utilized about as much as it can be. Seemingly, he does not personally run the account, but all of the same updates about new music, touring, features or merchandise are all put on there. Then there is the bad side to his social media usage, with Snapchat and twitch. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, most people have switched over to Instagram stories and do not use Snapchat as well. But, when it comes to Twitch, he really should be using that more often, to show off his video game skills and to interact with fans in a way that you could not otherwise. So, I believe there is some work he could do, but overall he is doing a decent job.

Digital Footprint

Doing a quick Google search on Post shows a lot of positive things on him. Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.46.10 PM.png

The first thing that shows up are the news stories involving him. That is one thing he does great, he stays out of controversies and hot topics. The top stories are about him crushing streaming services and breaking records that have been previously held by The Beatles. All of the pictures that show up are appropriate and are really just of him. The links that show up are to his social media accounts, the Wikipedia page on him, Ticketmaster to buy concert tickets for his tour and then other articles on him. lastly, the videos that show up are mostly just Youtube videos with his songs on music videos.

Post Malone has a very large digital footprint and has amassed it in a very short amount of time. He is a very positive guy and it shows with whatever he posts, whether it be a picture of him in a recording studio or a quick update video on his life. His digital footprint represents him and his brand very well, it shows that his music is very important to him as well as his fans. It also adds onto the aspect of doing whatever you want and to not take shit from anyone. Not to sound corny, but Post Malone really is living the life of a “Rockstar” and has a great digital footprint, especially for today’s society.

Below are some of my favorite Post Malone songs. WARNING: The songs contain EXPLICIT CONTENT


Case Study #4: George Takei

For my social media celebrity, I have chosen George Takei. The man is an icon is so many ways, from being a huge impact in the LGBTQA+ community to his work in beginning other social media movements, such as the way he blatantly speaks out against the tyrannical acts of Donald Trump. Personally speaking, I find that throughout his lifetime, he has been quite the impressive celebrity. His most famous work before becoming an outspoken social justice icon was done in acting. While he was on Star Trek, George Takei has also directed plays and random as it may sound, is a master fencer.

He is most well known on social media for both his serious social and political issues but also for sharing viral videos of cats and generally wholesome content. His Facebook url is right here with an astounding 10,377,872 likes. His twitter url is here with a following of 2.87 million people. He himself follows 670 people and posted about 32,000 tweets full of the most emotionally grabbing content. George Takei joined twitter back in January 2011. On instagram, his username is georgehtakei with 1.1 million followers, 1,089 posts, and following 276 people himself.

George Takei most definitely has the largest following on his Facebook page. The profile picture is a cartoonized version of his face which is definitely welcoming, as much as it is amusing. His cover photo is almost like an advertisement banner as it typically shows something about to come out in theaters or an event coming up. This time, it is advertising his upcoming play called ‘Allegiance’ which is about the concentration camps located in the western United States after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is a personal play to George, as he and his family were relocated to a camp during his childhood. Japanese internment camps played such a large role in his views on the world. Growing up Japanese-American in the United States during that time would prove to be him and his family’s biggest struggle.

The ‘about’ tab consists of a fairly concise biography, links to his official website, and how to email him directly. His most popular timeline posts consist of political arguments. A few others are simply wholesome viral videos, while the rest are just links to articles. Many of these posts are originally posted by George Takei, but the meme related content is sometimes reshared instead. The page itself occasionally likes other pages, but rarely.

Overall, George Takei’s Facebook is fairly well done and run. It includes its fair share of bringing up serious topics in a professional manner, as well as posts that aren’t so serious. With his incredible amount of followers, much more responsibility falls into his hands. The audience is well aware of this, as they interact very directly. Looking towards his five most recent posts, the comments section is honestly quite wild. Slurs make their way through the comments most of the posts or just generally hateful posts and replies. Other times, though rare, funny and intriguing comments can also be found. A lot of the time however, comment sections are simply full of people tagging friend and family to read an article or watch a video.

Looking into George Takei’s twitter, it is systematically run almost identical to his Facebook page. His profile picture is the same cartoon style design of himself, but this time, he is holding up a sign that says “Dump Trump”. His banner is also the same exact as his Facebook, which advertises his new play ‘Allegiance’, which features his face and two other actors with a blue sky as the backdrop. The biography is identical to his ‘about’ tab on Facebook. His most popular tweets contain links to politically related articles. While he has a few retweets scattered about, most of the time it is his original writing. Overall, it is certain to say that George Takei is a very political man with strong beliefs. The twitter is run well and all, but could use a bit less of the serious nature.

His audience on twitter is essentially the same as well. With the fair share of love and sometimes a bit of hate, the interactions are typically direct with this famed actor. Most of the time however, it is clear as day that a lot of his followers support what he fights for, being positive as can be. He responds to both the culture and the sweet with the same strength and dexterity, to which he does not let either get too much into his head.

The instagram scene for this celebrity in particular is the weakest social media following thus far. Even myself, aware of his twitter and his Facebook, I had no idea he had something along the lines of an official Instagram. It was intriguing to scroll through it though. George Takei’s profile picture is the same as his profile photo on Facebook. His posts consist of many quotes of the inspiring kind or ones with a motivational purpose. There are a few videos scattered about with funny content, like dogs doing comical routines or memes of cats and other animals. The biography is a link to find out which local elections are in every state for this upcoming November. What his most popular posts contain is informative material. His audience is much more relaxing on instagram than anywhere else on the internet, perhaps due to is smaller number. Considering how relaxing his instagram remains and the chill content, in return the audience members are, too!

In conclusion, the most popular form of social media platform is definitely Facebook. At a whopping ten million likes (and counting!), he surpasses his other forms of media by five times his amount of followers on twitter. Facebook is more appealing after all. Unlike the limitations that follow using instagram and twitter, Facebook is free from these self imposed rules. You can post anything from links to videos to unlimited characters on text posts, whereas twitter has text post word count limits, with Instagram not allowing text posts at all. Besides Facebook’s longer history on the internet, it also serves the most amount of users than most websites. I find that the greater population of people involved in a platform are what make or break a celebrity’s ability to pursue a larger following. This is partly why George Takei is so intensely liked on Facebook.

Logic’s Social Media Presence



I have followed the music and the career of the Maryland native rapper, Logic, for the past four years and his social media presence has grown dramatically in that period of time. He is easily my favorite music artist right now and has been for some time. He has been in the rap industry for well over ten years, but just recently found mainstream success with his multi-platinum suicide prevention hit “1-800-273-8255”. I have witnessed Logic grow from small venues that only fit 1000 people to selling out arenas that fit over 20,000 people. He has found his own lane in hip-hop based off of peace, love, and positivity.

Like most artists, Logic has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and even a personal Youtube page. It seems like his Facebook page is run by his management team. At the time this case study is being written, he has 1,546,011 likes on his Facebook page. Logic’s Twitter account under the username @Logic301 has 2.33 million followers. He is following 742 other pages. He currently has over 79 thousand tweets. His Twitter was created on May 9, 2010. Logic’s most used social media page is his Instagram.  Under the username Logic, he currently has 4.6 million followers and follows 317 people. Logic created his Instagram in October of 2011 and has 1,837 posts.



Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.30.30 AM.png

Starting with logic’s Facebook page, his profile image is the cover art to his latest mixtape Bobby Tarantino II, his cover image is also a promotion for the mixtape that says it is available now. Under the “about” tab, it is mainly just links. Link to his twitter page, link to his website, contact information for his management team and information on his record label. His most popular timeline posts are mainly talking about him being featured on a song or a link to buy tickets to his upcoming tour. Most posts contain either a photo or a video or links. As far as i can see, there are no posts with just text.

All of the posts are created by either him or his team, there are no reposts at all. Aside from all of the posts, there is a photo section with pictures from over the years. There is a sub section for tour dates. His page does not like any other pages. Logic has always had a very dedicated fan base, so there is a lot of audience interaction. Most posts have a few hundred comments (with no response from Logic) and thousands of shares. From looking at some of the posts, the comments are mainly positive. I believe Facebook is almost a forgotten art. Nearly every celebrity and company have one, but they typically don’t have as many likes as they do followers on Twitter and Instagram, so it is not as important. So, overall, the Facebook page is minimal and does not include much interaction with fans at all.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.51.13 AM.png

Logic’s Twitter page is very active, he usually tweets a few times a day, it might be a picture from a concert he recently performed at or it could be him promoting something, like the new Netflix documentary series Rapture, where he is featured in an episode. Or it could be something completely different, like him talking about his life or preaching about mental health awareness. His profile picture is of him on his latest mixtape cover. The header is the same one from Facebook, just formatted for Twitter. He is mainly using the photos to promote the new music. His bio has his Instagram handle, it also includes his booking contact. There is a direct link to his Facebook page and it shows where he currently lives for his location. Logic’s most popular posts are when he announces something. It might be announcing a single or a feature on a song or announcing a whole album. In his most recent announcement, for his latest mixtape, the post has over 200,000 likes and 100,000 retweets. Relating back to him preaching about something, those tweets tend to be pretty popular and tend to go viral.

A lot of the posts contain either videos or photos and usually a link to Apple Music or Spotify or a ticket selling website, with the occasional all text tweets, where it is just him talking about anything really. The tweets are all written by him or his management company and there are also retweets, sometimes he retweets fans or other artists. People and fans tweet at Logic all of the time, so there is really no time for him to directly respond to every interaction. Occasionally, he will respond to certain fans and maybe other artists. A few weeks ago I actually saw that a fan tweeted at him saying her brother was sick with Pneumonia and asked if he could tweet him or send a video and Logic actually recorded a video of him on his phone, wishing him well and to get better soon. So, there are times he will reply, it just all varies. Much like Facebook, the comments tend to be positive. He only retweets and tweets back at positive tweets. Overall, Logic’s Twitter presence is much greater than Facebook, he uses it daily and likes a lot of fans tweets and also tends to tweet daily. His presence on Instagram is even greater.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.14.41 PM.png

By far I would say Logic’s Instagram profile is the most active. Logic usually posts multiple times per day and updates his Instagram Story very often. Just like his Twitter and Facebook profile, his profile picture is of him on his latest mixtape that was just released. For the most part this is usually what his profile pictures will be, so the picture will most likely stay as that until he releases something else. His bio only contains his Twitter handle and and a link to a website where you can buy tickets to his upcoming tour.

The most popular photos all kind of vary. On most photos he averages around 300,000 likes. On the videos he posts, he gets well over a million views on them. Just like with his tweets, when he is announcing something major, that is definitely when he gets the most likes. I believe that overall his Instagram is maintained very well. He posts so often and the posts might be funny or quite the opposite and be very inspirational. He posts pictures from concerts, pictures of his cars, his dogs, his friends, clips of unreleased songs and really everything in between. And just like with every other account the fans are always commenting, amassing thousands of responses and they tend to be very positive, but with such a big following on Instagram, that is where the most negative comments come from too.



Instagram is the social media platform where Logic is the most successful in interacting with fans. Based off of just how much he posts and how often he is on it, I would say his preferred platform is Instagram. He used to post all of the time on his Snapchat Story but ever since Instagram introduced their own version of stories, he has been on there. I also believe that Instagram is the more appealing form of social media for his fans. Instagram is such a different way of interacting with people, since it all stems from the person posting a picture or video with the caption being a smaller part of it. it really gives the audience a different view into their world and I think that’s why Logic uses it so much. It is something you would not usually see and is a great way for interacting with millions of people from all areas of the world.

Case Study #3: DIY


The name of the blog I choose is Me and My Captain Retirement:A New Journey……One Day at a Time. ( and this blog is written by Kari. The topic of the blog is flipping houses. The first post was written November 4, 2013. Kari is a blogger, a cook, a decorator and a gardner. Her posts are  all about the things she does and all sorts of ways to accomplish all her tasks she has set up for herself.



The layout of Flipping Houses, Not so quick and not so easy  is she has a picture of the final project at the top and as you read the post it has pictures of the work before and during. The colors of her blog are very neutral. They are white and blue. Those two colors stay throughout all of her blogs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.52.37 PM.png

The header she uses is very simple. At the top of the page she has links to her about me, the blogs, the shop she has and her contact info. Another feature she has is a search bar. If you were looking at blogs on her page in the past and can not remember when she posted it you can always search the name of the blog and it will pop up.  She also included a link to save her page to your Pinterest if you wanted to. Another thing she did was add links to all her social media accounts. If we were to click on one of those it would direct us to her accounts and be able to see what she posts and gather ideas for ourselves.

So after all the header stuff we get to a bar with a bunch of links that take you through the blog page it self. She has included pages to her recipes,and  all the houses she has decorated. She then has a picture on the right hand side of herself. This is important because we now have a sense of who is actually the blogger and while reading can now put a women’s voice to the writing.

Her blog is a little different than mosts. On the right hand side under her picture she has a little box where you can enter your name and email address. She has this so when she posts a new blog you will get notified and stay up to date on all her blogs she posts. You can choose to read them or not that is up to you. Another thing she has on the right hand side is a preview to her Instagram and her Pinterest. This is also a good tool because you can see if her social media profiles are worth following or not.

In the middle of her blog she has some pictures related to the month and the corresponding holiday. So the holiday that is coming up with St. Patrick’s Day. Everything is green and gold. Underneath those pictures is another spot to put your information in if you did not do it already. Under that is where you will see the most recent blogs. She has it set up so you can see four different blogs. After scrolling you will come upon her latest recipes. This will bring to her recipe blogs.


Picture from one of her blogs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.17.38 PM.png

In her blog she does not have a place to tell us what her most popular blogs are. She has 243 different blogs. In order to find out the most popular one I would have to go through every single one to figure out which one had the most views and comments. Her blog is just set up by most recent to the oldest.

One thing I noticed about her blogs was every blog she had there was a featured picture and a little blurb about what the blog was going to be about. Oh yeah the blogs also had the titles of each blog. Then while scrolling through some of her blogs I noticed she included some pictures that she had taken. Also each blog was written out as a conversation or very short so it would keep the reader interested.

At the bottom of her blogs she gives her readers the opportunity to visit her social media profiles, to subscribe or you have the chance to comment and say if you enjoyed or not.

Her about me page is very informative. This page includes who she is, why she created this page and why she became a blogger. Also I noticed she included what she enjoys to do with her family.



The Me and My Captain Retirement: A New Journey…..One Day at a Time is a very well written blog. I will sure be visiting her page again. I have learned new things just by reading two of her blogs. Her blogs are informative and very easy and pleasant to read. Her blogs are all about doing it yourself which is what I live for. I am always doing a bunch of new things and not buying things when I can create them myself.

Her layout is very easy to work and find what I was looking for. Her titles informs the reader what the blogs will be about which is great to know. This is so you do not waste time reading something that you did not want to read about.

Kari is very good at what she does and what she writes about. Every blog I read I did not want to stop reading. The pictures she had on her blog were all pictures that she took and they were very well photographed. Overall the one thing that I did not like was on the right hand side she had a picture of herself but nothing else to go with it. If she had a little blurb of who she was or even her name it would be better.