Olivia Taylor Dudley

Olivia Taylor Dudley is a 31 year old California born actress currently co-starring as Alice Quinn, in the Syfy Channel’s “The Magicians”. Until The Magicians, Dudley was most known for roles in Paranormal Activity, Transcendence, and The Vatican Tapes. She moved to the Los Angeles area at 17 years old and has pursued an acting career since then. She has a decent social media presence and stays engaged with her followers. She appears to have warm feelings for her fans and a desire to stay connected to them through live question answering events and sharing photos of her life.

Ms. Olivia Dudley can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and her most used account… Instagram.

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Instagram is Olivia’s most followed account, by far, with close to 63 thousand followers. She posts regularly with artistically crafted photos, interesting captions, photos of her cast mate, and cute selfies. I regularly see her posting on the Instagram Story, sharing video clips of her dog, adventures, and friends.

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Her next most popular social media platform is Twitter with 26 thousand followers!

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She uses this platform more lightly than Instagram. Mostly retweeting posts by others, sharing “witchcraft and magic” related gifs, reposting media from Instagram, and updates on the Magician’s show schedule.


Finally, Facebook. Olivia Dudley uses this platform the least and has less than 3 thousand followers on this particular platform.

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Much like her other accounts, Olivia reposts photos from Instagram, shares updates of The Magician’s related online events, and show dates. At times she is apart of Q & A events with her fellow cast members in an effort to reach out to fans of the SyFy show.


Overall, I believe her social media presence is moderate. She excels at using Instagram to interact with followers and they enjoy staying in tune to her life. She could improve her Twitter and Facebook accounts by incorporating more original content for each platform, rather than only reposting what she posts on Instagram. From my perspective I see Olivia as classic, quirky, warm, and interesting. I think she portrays that image well through Instagram.

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My First Football

I received my first football on my 10th birthday from my dad. I remember watching the NFL games every Sunday, eating nachos, and wearing my kids-sized Pats jersey. It was always my favorite day of the week, and not just because I got to watch football, but because it was the only day I really ever got to spend with my dad.

When I was younger, and before my father got a stable career as a computer programmer, he used to work long hours. I would be asleep by the time he got home, and the times he was home early, he would be sleeping from exhaustion. Sundays, though, was the one day he didn’t work, and it became a tradition, a source of bonding for us, even to this day.

From a young age, I dreamt of being a professional football player. That first ball was a sign of support from my father and motivated me to want to work hard to make him proud. On the sticker attached to the wrapping paper were words in his handwriting that said, “To my future star football player.” I remember beaming, and tearing open the wrapping paper in a fit of excitement. I remember running up and hugging him. I remember my first time catching the ball, hitting the ground with a thud as my brother tackled me.

I started playing football everyday with my friends at school, in my neighborhood, and with my family. Shortly after, I joined the Junior Football League, and played the position of wide receiver. My mom was not happy about it. She thought the sport was too dangerous and especially with me being the youngest, she was always afraid of me getting hurt. My dad would always say, “You need to stop babying him and let him pursue his dreams.”

Displaying IMG_0281.JPG

I played football all throughout middle and high school, but stopped playing when I started college. Even though I never made it pro, football remains my favorite sport, and I still play with my friends and family sometimes. We still watch football every Sunday, eating nachos, me wearing my adult-sized Pats jersey besides my father. I still own the football I received when I was 10, And I still dream of being a part of professional football. Now, though, I aim to coach professionally, and am starting to pursue that goal by coaching the junior teams. “Blue-82! Blue-82! Hut-hut, hike!”

Watch this great NFL video:

Jared Leto


Jared Leto is a 45 year old singer, songwriter, director, and actor. He is most commonly recognized from his band Thirty Seconds To Mars, or his roles in Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers Club. On social media, Jared primarily brands himself through his work. Most of his content is pertaining to his band or film related releases. Jared is especially impressive because he did not make success in just one market, he excelled at all three markets.

(Here is a clip of Jared in his role as The Joker in the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad.)

Jared has a impressive social media presence. Across all of his social media accounts he has over 19 million followers. He uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A great aspect to his social media is that he is not afraid to post personal and lifestyle photos. Most celebrities of that caliber use their social media pages solely for promotional purposes or entirely for lifestyle purposes. Jared has a good mix of both.

(Not only does Jared do the vocals for his band Thirty Seconds to Mars but he also directs their music videos.)

On Facebook, Jared has about 6 million likes on his page. His posts are primarily movie trailers for upcoming films, movies he directed, new music releases for his band, and occasional personal pictures. He posts every two days or so but posts more than once on those days. He does not seem to engage with fans comments and he gets anywhere between 10-60 thousand likes per post and 200+ comments. The content he posts is almost always photos and videos, not text. Jared does a good job of promoting his upcoming films and music by sharing the videos on Facebook because I am sure he realizes that video sharing on Facebook is very beneficial. The one thing I think he could improve on is replying to some of his fans comments, especially the top liked comments.

On Twitter, Jared has about 3.8 million followers and is following 91 people. His content is primarily selfies and photos of himself as well as the usual band and film related clips. He posts every other day but usually posts multiple times in that same day. He does not reply to fans directly but he does retweet sometimes.  Each tweet gets anywhere between 3-7 thousand likes and 400-900 retweets. Jared continues doing a good job of mixing his promotional posts with his personal posts which I think engages the average fan well. His twitter could be improved by posting more organic thoughts via text instead of only pictures, videos and retweets. I think this would let fans see his actual personality though his social media.

On Instagram, Jared has about 9.7 million followers and is following 10 people. He posts mostly the same content as Twitter and Facebook but he definitely posts most of his personal photos here. It seems Jared is most comfortable on this social media platform because he doesn’t focus so much on the promotional advertisements for his music and film. He posts about every five days but posts more than one photo on those days most of the time. He gets anywhere between 200-500 thousand likes per post and between 2-6 thousand comments. Like the rest of his social media sources, Jared does not seem to reply to any comments on his Instagram page either. I really like how Jared does his Instagram most out of all of his social media pages because it doesn’t seem like he only wants to post promotional photos and videos. I would say the only things on his Instagram that need improvement are his lack of replies to comments and he could post more often. 


Jared’s digital footprint is definitely well thought out. When you search his name into Google it has very impressive search results. It is well organized with new articles including him on the top, showing recent news for whatever is going on in his life whether it is his music, movies, directing or even personal. To the right, is his quick Wikipedia bio which includes a description of him, his accomplishments and all of his social media links all in one place. Below the headlines, the first regular link that shows up is his website. After the website are direct links to his social media pages, IMDB page and Wikipedia full page. Overall he does a great job of prioritizing what he wants fans to see first.

Jared Leto does a great job of staying active on social media. He does his promotions in a subtle way which doesn’t make the user feel like they are following an advertisement page and also keeps a large part of his personal life posted so the fans can feel a connection to him. Being a big part in three different types of the entertainment industry must give him a pretty busy schedule but he still finds the time to make posts on his social media accounts to stay connected to his fans.

Sources: Getty Images, youtube.com, and the Daily Mirror

Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is 39 years old and was born on August 3rd, 1977 in San Mateo, California. Tom is the only boy in the family and he has 3 sisters. One of his sisters is married to former Red Sox third baseman and fan favorite, Kevin Youkilis. Tom is married to super model Gisele Bundchen and together they have one son Benjamin who is 8 and a daughter Vivian Lake who is 5. Tom has a 10-year-old son, John, with ex Bridget Moynahan. Tom is the star quarterback of the New England Patriots is considered by most people around the world as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Tom has 5 Super bowl rings and 2 MVP awards. He has the most Super bowl wins out of any quarterback all time. He was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft and skipped over multiple times by every team in the league including the Patriots. Six quarterback were picked ahead of him in that draft class. Not one of those other quarterbacks went on to do anything close to what Brady has done.

Image result for TB12 performance meals'

Tom sells a meal pack called, “TB12 Performance Meals.” He is known for what he eats, how he keeps his body and mind right, and also the training he does to keep his performance on the field at the highest standard. The TB12 Performance Meals can be delivered right to your house. The meal pack consists of 2 servings per meal, and 3 meals per week. To purchase this meal pack you would subscribe to it and pay $78/week. While eating these meals you will see how Tom eats to stay in shape and keep his body fat and everything else perfect. I have never tried this, but from what I heard people now see how he stays in this good of shape at 39 years old. He takes care of his body and does everything possible to keep his football performance at the highest standard as he gets older. Most people do not play into their 40’s, but not Tom. He has stated multiple times that he wants to play well into his 40’s and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to.  I think the message he is trying to convey is about health and how to keep your body and mind in shape. His training and eating is fantastic for his body, but also keeps his mind sane. He does just enough training to make him feel right, but not put his body or mind over the top. I think the Branding of Tom Brady connects with people of all ages. For kids growing up he shows us how to stay in shape, keep training, and that anything is possible when we set our mind to it. For adults, he shows that you can still do things you did 20 years ago at the highest level if you keep your body and mind right. He said that he feels better and more mobile now than he did 20 years ago. Everything he is doing is paying off, and as a fan of the Patriots I couldn’t be happier.

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Social Media Overview

Tom never was into Social Media other than Facebook until the beginning of this year. He had a very famous and active Facebook page and then he made an Instagram. He does not have Instagram, Snapchat, or any other kind of social media according to him. When deciding whether to choose Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Myspace he posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the 4 options as hats in front of him. Millions of people commented on it and then Tom made the choice to join Instagram. A choice that Instagram must have been thrilled with. I am sure when he chose Instagram many of his followers made an Instagram as well. On Facebook, 4,406,369 people like his page. On Instagram Tom follows 7 accounts, and he has 2.2 million followers. He has 76 posts, but recently he has started posting pictures and videos more often. Most of his pictures have to do with family, friends, teammates, and the Patriots. He also posts photos of the TB12 Performance meal to show and sell to fans. I would say Tom spends the most time on Facebook. It was his first social media account and he posts statuses and pictures to that often. Sometimes I have seen him interact with fans as well, which is pretty cool for someone that doesn’t have much free time. Toms accounts usually only show locations when he is at an event or it has something to do with football. When he posts pictures of himself at home or with his kids privately they do not show locations. He mostly posts public place photos so people know where he is anyways. I think Snapchat is the social media that gives away digital footprint the most and he doesn’t have a Snapchat.

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Commendations and Recommendations

The things Tom does well on social media is interact with fans of different generations. Like I said previously, he connects with kids growing up right now and middle aged adults. He does it on social media and in the football clubhouse playing with teammates half his age. I think he is also making fans all over the world, including other states within the U.S. Most fans out of New England do not like him because of the success he and the Patriots have had, but if you follow his social media he is impossible to dislike. He likes to have fun with the social media accounts and gets his fans to laugh while doing it. I don’t think I’d recommend him to do anything differently. His Instagram and Facebook accounts are funny and serious. He posts the “TB Times” after football games that the Patriots won and other photos of just him as a dad. We see both sides of Tom Brady through his social media accounts. I love the way he runs the accounts and I think every follower of his does as well. Also, I am one of the people that think he is the GOAT…and it is hard to argue against if you disagree.


Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West was born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. Kim is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswomen and model. Kim first gained media attention when she was a friend and stylist to Paris Hilton. Kim then received more media attention when she had made a tape with her former boyfriend Ray J and this video was then leaked in 2007. Kim is the second of four children born to the late Robert Kardashian and his first wife, Kris. The Kardashian name was known in Hollywood because of her father Robert was the founder of Movie Tunes Inc. a movie and marketing company and was also an attorney. The Kardashian name really took off when Kim’s father Robert Kardashian took the roll as one of the lawyers defending former football star, O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. Her father then sadly died in October 2003 from cancer of the esophagus. Kim’s mother Kris, manages Kim and her sibling’s careers. Kim has five siblings, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner. Kim now is married to Kanye West, and has two children, North West (3) and Saint West (1).

As for Kim’s Career, she first started out as a stylist to Paris Hilton. She then translated her brand into a number of things. She first stepped into the business world by forming Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC which was a release of three workout videos staring herself. In 2006, Kim and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe went into business together opening the boutique shop D-A-S-H in Calabasas, California. This boutique was a way to show their own styles and the store featured some of their favorite designers. This store has since expanded to openings of D-A-S-H in Miami, New York and also having pop up shops in Southampton in 2014.

Other than being a business woman with her sisters, her and her family are reality TV stars with their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The E! Network show produced by Ryan Seacrest, the show follows the lives of Kim, her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, brother Robert Jr; mother and manger Kris Jenner, stepfather Bruce Jenner, which has now been referred to as Caitlyn Jenner, and their youngest children Kendall and Kylie.

Ways the celebrity maintains her celebrity status, is by her hit TV show, which has now been going on for 10 years. Kim also has her clothing boutique with her sisters. She now has been known as a “mobile mogul” since she has launched her two apps and website. In June 2014, Kim launched her app; Kim Kardashian: Hollywood which has been a huge success with making $160 million since the launch, with Kim taking home $45 million from the game alone. Kim states that the game is a way for fans to experience things that go on in her life. She has also recently come out with her own emoji’s for iPhone called Kimoji in December. Kim also is an author, she published a 352-page book called Selfish which are all pictures of herself, she first came up with the idea of a book during a vacation to Thailand, when she told her family on their E! show, that a selfie book would be a perfect gift for her husband Kanye West, and then became a book for the rest of the world to buy. The branding of Kim Kardashian is she sticks with what she knows. She is extremely consistent with her brand and always finds ways to improve it. Kim is extremely active on all social medias which have expanded her brand tremendously. Their brand may be trying to convey of being consistent with their content. They love to please their fans and make them happy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.27.40 AM.png     Types of Social Media’s used by Kim Kardashian are Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Kim is very active on all these types of social media. Recently, Kim took 3 months off from all social media when she was robbed, about $10 million dollars at gun point in Paris in October, 2016. She revamped her life and how she acts on social media. Despite the recent time off, Kim is now back on all social media platforms. She lives tweets with fans on Sundays on her Twitter during Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She will Instagram mostly daily depending on what is going on in her life. Snapchat is the most time Kim spends on social media, she has limited what she shows on Snapchat due to her robbery, but she still pleases her fans with showing them what she has been doing during her day. Kim’s digital footprint is very big, if you were to search her on google you could find anything about her and what her and her family are doing. When researching myself you could find stuff from several years ago before she was as popular as she is now. I think Kim’s digital footprint can sometimes be a dangerous thing for her. Recently an article stated that Kim’s robbers may have found her due to her Snapchats. So now that this has happened to Kim she is more aware of what to post and what not to post.

I think Kim is doing a great job with being a reality TV star and a business woman. She has made it so her fans have so much insight in her life. I do not think I would recommend her to do differently, I think at one point she did show to much of her life on social media. Since her robbery in October 2016, she has certainly scaled back on social media use, and has scaled back on showing her jewelry, cars, and expensive clothing. If I could choose to improve the social media presence and digital footprint, it would be not to show as much, but Kim has already done that herself.

Mike James on the Web


Mike James is a local Boston, MA hip-hop artist that has, in the last year, expanded his reach quite a bit through online interaction. Mike James’ Facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/notmikejames/   he can also be found on Twitter, his most profound source of social media with 17K followers at @notMicJames and Instagram @notMikeJames with 4,951 Followers

Now on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/1l7MwPGVY8DKe1MNjNbPyg?play=true) and  Apple Music and several other (less mainstream) music sharing platforms, distribution has been a major focal point of the growing artist.

Mike James built a foundation off of the idea of “working from the ground up” and achieving the impossible despite the odds. It is often apparent of this in his music as we hear rhymes about overcoming obstacles in life, or mounting aspirations to come. It is with this message he pushes forward and attracts new fans, whether it be through the uplift of his music, or the style of his merchandise; such as the “hear no evil, see no evil” T-shirt he recently came out with last season for.



Analysis and Evaluation

Mike James uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as his main modes of crowd communication online. In the bio of all social media platforms rests links to his website NotMikeJames.com and his booking email for shows as well as fan-mail and often links to his latest released content.

Facebook is geared more towards fan communication and information, this is where tour/show dates are posted, responses are commented on fan posts and so on. This is where Mike “connects” to his fan on a more personal basis, as well as updating statuses of personal thoughts and opinions to gain feedback from fans as well.

Twitter is Mike’s main platform for marketing of new content and also a side tool for fan interaction. Having just over 6k tweets, he doesn’t tweet all that often as much as he likes and retweets fan posts sharing all of his music links. Others often tweet his links multiple times a day, especially upon their release, whether it be retweets or original posts from fans. This is a major key in the virility of his music releases. It is often seen that the spike in views on new content is within the first few days of release before it seems to die down, along with the promotion. It is for this reason that it is important for Mike to use this time to his advantage.




Instagram is where Mike shows appreciation for his fans more so than anything else. Whether it be posting pictures from shows or screenshots of fan comments on his new releases, this is where the indirect interaction and recognition truly shows through for Mike James.

Spotify and Apple Music are a different type of social media, where interaction is limited but distribution of content is optimal. Fans pay a monthly fee to use the website itself, and in turn are allowed to add songs to playlists and so on at their disposal, artists get cut in on the proceeds. This is a double edged sword, but in a good way, being that Mike not only gets broader grounds for network expansion, but also compensation for it as well!

For those unable, or unwilling to pay for these services, Mike also uses conventional Youtube and Soundcloud for some releases, though some are exclusive to the paid platforms, most likely due to contractual obligation, though most content makes its way to free access eventually, whether it be all at once, or a few weeks after the paid platform release, providing incentive for fans to pay, but also not fully excluding those unable, further reinforcing the message Mike spreads of doing it “for the love” and “for the fans”.


Upon google searching “Mike James” the name itself is home to many diverse individuals that come up firstly, but upon adding the keyword “music” or something of that nature he immediately pops up for us. This is an initial conflict for the young musician seeing that he is still on the rise and the ease of searching his name and finding accurate results is critical for gaining new fans that have little insight on who they’re searching, hence the search. To combat this issue i suggest Mike does some online search engine optimization work, either hiring a company to boost his content to come up earlier in searches. This can be done by targeting blog sites to post about his brand, or to simply release more content in order to bog down the undesired hits when searching his name and, in turn, bring forth the desires links and web addresses, such as his new website; NotMikeJames.com





Photos from Mike James’ IG : @notMikeJames  &   NotMikeJames.com

Mike James:

Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/notmikejames/

Twitter @notMicJames

Instagram @notMikeJames



Keeping Up With The Trends

Keeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The Trendskim k

You may keep up with the Kardashians but today we are going to keep up with one sister in particular-Kylie Jenner.


Kylie is, as her wikipedia page describes her, an American reality television show personality, socialite, fashion designer, and model. Oh, and she’s only 19 years old. But why is she famous?  She isn’t an actress, musician, or anything else to really get you to her high top status. To be fair, being the youngest sibling of the iconic Kardashian family must have perks and privileges, right? Kylie is able to ‘keep up’ with her mega fan base through her social media accounts. Her fans await her every post due to her suggestive, adult, and immediate on trend content.

Kylie’s earliest touch with social media was with her Facebook page which she joined in 2011. Currently, he page has 19, 195, 079 likes. Immediately when discovering this page you will be drawn to her profile picture. A (classy?) black and white photo of Kylie lying down, looking away from the camera, smoking a joint. Like I said, classy. Her cover photo is a bit less adult. Here, it is another black and white picture, she is lying down (homegirl clearly hates standing) this time looking at the camera while listening to music. When you go to check out her “about” section, you won’t find much but you will find her birthday, her contact information (a link to her cosmetic website…because money), her nickname, and a link to her biography. With further investigating you will learn that all she ever does is post about herself. Seriously, thats all she posts. She will post pictures of only herself (whether it be in her multiple cars, her mansion, or “candids”), her cosmetic line (…money), or her family (again her family = Keeping Up With the Kardashians = viewers = money…just saying). Although, her fans don’t seem to notice or really care as they seem to only comment on the positive side (“goals” “omg!!!” and my favorite “I can’t”). So it can be assumed this page is her shrine to herself and her everyday basic (and by basic I mean she’s millionaire so no, it is not basic) life.

Kylie also has a Twitter page. She currently has 20.1 million followers, is following, 1,175 users,  has 12K tweets, and 199 likes. Homegirl is popular. In her “about” it is links to her cosmetic website and her fashion website (…you know what I’m going to say here). She joined in 2011 so she has a pretty well following for her 6 years on the site. Her profile picture and cover photo are clearly from the same photoshoot (or it could literally be her assistant taking a picture from her iPhone…who knows). In both pictures she’s wearing a tan tied up shirt with a matching short skirt. Oh, and she clearly hates the camera as she again avoids it’s eye contact. But hey, it’s a sexy photo so that’ll get her more followers, not that she needs to worry about that. She doesn’t tweet much but when she does it is either to promote herself (her cosmetic line, fashion, or latest cover on a magazine) or to retweet a fan/costumer of her products. Are you picking up what I’m putting down??

And finally, our concluding chapter of The Kylie Saga-Instagram. Her Instagram name is simply kyliejenner. She currently has 90.3 million followers, is following 185 users, and has 5,054 posts. Her profile picture is currently that classy gem I mentioned early, the infamous b&w + joint beauty. Her about is yet another promotion of her Snapchat (Kylizzlemynizzl) and her cosmetic line (if you’re sensing a pattern you are not the only one). Again, here she only posts pictures about herself, her cosmetic line, her fashion line, or mirror selfies in her luxurious mansion. She will occasionally not allow comments on her posts but almost always whatever Kylie posts causes her fans to get it to trend.

Kylie may just be a spawn of a reality television era but the girl sure does know how to make money. Gotta give that girl some credit. She has managed to be successful through her social media accounts. Although, she posts manly in Instagram and her content on Twitter and Facebook is probably more for Instagram (personally I find Facebook is for posting and connecting with others, Twitter is for quick posts or low quality pictures, while Instagram is for high quality pictures).  Also, she seems to post more of her daily activities so for her fanbase her Instagram is the best Kylie social media to follow.  So if you’re into a vapid, rich, 19 year old who is more into herself than what is happening with the outside world then go on and give Kylie Kristen Jenner a follow!