The adventure that changed my life

May 2016 a month before I was set to graduate from high school I had a good paying job in the IT field and was set up to attend community college that fall. Being in school for most of my life so far I really did not want to go to more so I never … Continue reading The adventure that changed my life

Young Adventuress

Overview Branded as a relatable resource and personal journal, Young Adventuress, is a blog written by Liz Carlson. The blog consists primarily of her experiences with solo travel, as well as advice and recommendations on both travelling and blogging. There is also a strong focus on photography with her travel photos generally being the most … Continue reading Young Adventuress

Chainmaille. No, Not Spam or Medieval Armour

Pictured above is the most ridiculous necklace I've ever made. Almost half a pound of pure copper woven by interconnecting roughly 1200 individual rings one by one. That's what chainmaille jewelry is, tiny metal circles that can only connect to each other one way interlinked thousands of times with thousands of different combinations. You can … Continue reading Chainmaille. No, Not Spam or Medieval Armour

Bleeding Green

The Boston Celtics has been my favorite basketball team since I was young.  I have been watching the Celtics play and I have been going to Celtics games for years and it never gets old.  Three years ago, I was lucky enough be able to purchase season tickets for the Celtics and I really enjoyed … Continue reading Bleeding Green