Kim Kardashian West

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Kim Kardashian West is well known for being a TV Reality star on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is currently married to well known rapper Kanye West. They currently have three kids, North, Saint, and their new daughter Chicago. Kim could also be defined as  an entrepreneur with creating multiple companies like her makeup line KKW Beauty, her fragrance line KKW Fragrance, a children’s clothing line Kids Supple, and many more. Kim is vey popular on social media with millions of followers. Kim shines light in the fashion and beauty industry all over her social media.

Social Media Presence Overview

Analysis and Evaluation


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Kim Kardashian West has 106M followers with 4,099 posts. She follows 114 people. She is up there as one of the most followed people on Instagram. In her bio she includes her full name and her website to her cosmetic brand. Her profile picture is a picture of her from one of her KKW Beauty campaign shoots. Kim posts mostly photos on her Instagram but once in a while she will post a video on her page.

She does post ads on her page like a very popular one you will see Sugar Bear Hair. Kim also posts a lot about her products like her makeup line and her fragrance’s. What she mostly posts is pictures of her about fashion and what she is wearing, which is mostly Yeezy, a clothing brand created by Kanye. Kim is very well known to post controversial photo’s on her page like posting nude that gets a lot of talk in the press and on social media.

She does post on her Instagram story as well. Usually it is mostly from her snapchat but she does post stuff about her app and other stuff as well. Kim’s comment section is a mix of positive comments and hate. She is a very popular celebrity so it isn’t so surprising to see hate comments on her page. She gets over a million likes on each one of her posts.


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Kim has 58.4M  followers on Twitter and only following 131 people. She has 25.5k tweets in total. Her profile picture is a photo of her at what looks like either a red carpet event or just an event. In her bio it includes a link to her makeup brand and when she first joined which was in March of 2009. Kim tweets often about random stuff but also tweets a lot about her products like her game and her beauty lines. One thing that she does is live tweet with her fans while Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on. She does tweet at her fans often which goes to show that she likes to interact with her fans. What I noticed as well is that she retweets or tweets about charities or political issues going on in the world. Just like Instagram she does get a mix of love and hate but Kim mostly focus’s on the love. She tweets links to her app and photo’s but does not normally post videos, only retweets them. In addition, she tweets very often.


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Kim Kardashian West surprisingly has a YouTube channel as well! She has 1,000,859 subscribers and counting on her channel. She has posted around 185 videos in total. She has a few videos that have over a million views but on average she gets around 100k views on each video. What is mostly on her channel is little snippets of videos that her on her app that you have to pay for. When she came out with KKW Beauty is when she started actually posting videos that are around four minutes long. She has a bunch of makeup tutorials that you can watch like the one shown above of her doing her makeup using her products. It is very obvious that she does not film, edit, or post these videos which is understandable as a lot of youtubers nowadays have filters and editors for their videos too, she is a busy celebrity. Her comment section is disabled on all of her videos so you are unable to see what people think about her videos. She does not post often on YouTube as much as she does on her Twitter and Instagram.


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Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.12.47 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.13.24 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.14.09 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.14.38 PM

Facebook is probably the the least posted or kept up with platform Kim has. Kim has the same profile picture as her instagram profile picture. 30,115,150 people like her page and  29,212,889 follow the page as well. It stats that she is a public figure in Los Angeles, California. In her about section she has her birthday which she was born on October 21, 1980, a link to her app website, a quote saying, “where I’m meant to be…”, and her bio stating her official blog and the link which is her app website. You can only access the articles or posts unless you pay for the subscription. All of Kim’s posts are Instagram posts or tweets she has tweeted on her twitter. There really is not any original posts just for her Facebook. She gets around 30k likes on each of her post. Just like I have mentioned before that her comment sections are a blend of love and hate comments all around. She does not interact with her fans like she does on her Twitter page.


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This platform is probably the most used or popular platform Kim uses. With every snapchat she gets millions and millions of views. Unfortunately it is hard to find exactly how many followers she has currently but from an article from Daily Mail UK back in January 7, 2017 you can tell that she probably has…well… a lot. She snaps multiple times a day everyday. Since her new baby Chicago however, she isn’t on as frequent than usual. I am sure she just wants to spend time with the newborn baby rather than being on social media. Her snapchat profile video is what looks like she took on accident because you can only see the top of her forehead and moving around. The photo above is not what it looks like today. She does get some press for some of her snapchats she has posted in the past. You will always see on daily mail, a news site that can also be on snapchat where they post very often about the Kardashians. I myself follow kim and she posts a lot about her products and brands she has but as well as just her personal life like videos and pics with her family and kids.

Summarization of my Analysis

What I have found is that Kim runs social media. Kim has millions of followers on all of her platforms and its crazy. She keeps up to date and knows how to cater to her audience. Her creating and posting actual YouTube videos and collaborating with youtubers is such a smart tactic for her brand because YouTube is getting extremely popular. She also interacts with her fans, mostly on twitter which is very important if you want to keep your fan base growing. The one thing that she could work on is maybe her Facebook page. She does not post often and her posts are reposts from other social media accounts. Maybe her audience is mostly on other platforms and that is why she does not keep it updated but still it could help her grow. You can tell as well that she mostly post herself which is also important, it keeps her social media personal. All in all Kim Kardashian West knows social media like the back of her hand and knows how and what to do to get the publicity and audience she needs.

Digital Footprint

When you search Kim Kardashian West on google a lot pops up. The first thing I see are three videos from different news sites all about her new baby daughter Chicago because that is all the buzz right now. On the right you see her Wikipedia information with her biography, quotes, and links to her social media accounts. Furthermore, you see links to her twitter on the google search and also her Facebook Mostly what I see are all news sites reporting on Kim. One link was to her website When  looking at her google images it is mostly photos of her at events and paparazzi photographs. Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 1.09.20 PM

The photos are also pictures from news sites like US Magazine. Kim is always on the press and news for something that she does and like I have said she knows how to stir the controversy on herself and get out there. She is an A list celebrity and is extremely popular topic. She named her baby Chicago. Obviously this is going to be all over the news and gossip sites are going to take about this. Only celebrities name their kids weird, crazy names, I would never name my kid Chicago or North. Who knows if she names her daughter because she loved the name or just something the public can report about her. Either way Kim loves the attention and this is how she gets paid.


Ellen DeGeneres

An Introduction to Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian, actress, writer and producer. In addition, she is a staunch defender of animal rights, vegetarian, and takes interest in humanitarian aid. Ellen, getting recognition for coming out on her own show 1997, has been advocating for human rights, first in her sitcom show, and later in her talk show. It is the talk show that made her even more famous as she was able to recognize the importance of social media, YouTube the most, to further grow her brand.

Further, Ellen can be seen as a pioneer and a master in social media branding. She has been able to connect to a very wide audience not only through her TV show appearances linked to YouTube, but she utilized the internet overall. In addition to social media, Ellen has been careful about leaving the digital footprint to paint a picture that corresponds with her personal and professional brand. She is branding her shows as someone who is current with what is going in the world beyond celebrity and gossip. She promotes herself as a person next door who is there when you need her, a compassionate and empathetic entrepreneur caring about people and animals in need.    Her brand is being promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a website called, Tumblers, and she is also featured in a few smartphone applications.

Social Media Presence


Ellen uses wide spectrum of social media to make people aware of her brand and to further increase her audience:

Analysis & Evaluation


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.29.35 PM.png

Ellen joined Facebook in 2008.  She has more than 27 million likes on this particular social media site.  Her personal brand is promoting that she is a comedian, an animal lover and a talk show host. In her own words saying: “I tell jokes about cats to celebrities.” Being a public figure she has 28,375,356 people follow this account. Her Facebook account features video, photo and posts. He video posts usually have over hundreds of thousands of views. Her pictures and posts generate likes in the number of tens of thousands and more. She usually posts 5 times a day. People tend to comment on all of her posts and share them often, yet she is not participating directly in that conversation.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.30.23 PM.png

Ellen DeGeneres has a large group of followers on the Instagram account name “theellenshow”. Over 50 million people follow this account, where she has posted close to 6000 posts, and followed 314 other accounts. Her log features the new show Ellen’s Game of Games, while the banners still promote her The Ellen Show.  She is posting 5 pictures and videos daily, accumulating up to 6.7 million views and 11.3K comments on one particular post. She posts videos from her talk show as well as funny pictures or links posts that are invoke strong feelings of compassion, such as the animal videos, or reflecting on current events such as the bomb cyclone snow storm, or the mud slides in California.

Her Instagram is well organized to promote her personal and professional brand. In addition to that she has ads linked to her Instagram. One of them is True Value. He Instagram account is mostly for her professional branding, there are very few pictures or videos depicting her personal life, unless it is an event she decides to share with her audience. An example of that was her paying tribute to her just deceased father. She has a large audience which does not rely on her to interact with her. Promoting her new show Game of Games.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.30.41 PM

Although this is her Instagram with the most followers, her persona is linked to other Instagram accounts as well. She is promoting her lifestyle brand under the name EDbyellen account (, and she also has her private life Instagram account named ellen_degeneres ( and another account named ellendegeneresshowofficialpage ( These three Instagram have not become as recognized and have a limited amount of posts and pictures. They seem to be inactive.


Ellen is running two Twitter accounts. They each have a separate logo and banner.  Her “Ellen’sReactions” parody account is less known. It was created in 2013.  She has tweeted 3,730 times.  On daily bases, she posts between 3 and 5 posts of funny video and pictures. On this account, she follows 124 other accounts, while she has about 383,00 followers. She has posted 34 likes and l list. This Twitter account mostly contains memes found on the web. Despite the fact that most of them have been viewed more then million times, Ellen generate likes in the range between 500 to 1,700 per post. She also generates retweets in the range of 50 to 500 approximately.  Very few comments are being posted to this Twitter account.

Her other more recognized account EllenDegeneres@TheEllenShow is linked to her public persona and to her show. This account has over 77 million followers, follows 36 thousand other accounts. This account was created in August 2008 in California. On average, she is active on her account at least 10 times a day, but sometimes even up to 15 times a day. Her posts are hashtaged to her new show Game of Games.  This social media is less appreciated by her audience in comparison to another social media. She generates minimal amount of replies, her tweets are retweeted in hundreds, and she received likes in thousands.  Despite the response rate she is very active on her twitter account and links her posts posted in other social media accounts to this account to stay current.



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.34.46 PM

Ellen joined the YouTube on November 20, 2006. To this day this account called the Ellen Show had 10,990,754,659 views. More the 22 million subscribers regularly watch her YouTube channel.  She uploads between 5 and 7 new videos a day to this account.  They are being viewed somewhere in the range of 10,000 and millions of times. He followers tend to engage, post comments and interact. However, Ellen does not participate in the conversation.

Despite that, YouTube is her most influential social media promoting her brand. The videos posted are carefully selected to further paint Ellen as a down to earth and funny person. In addition to her headlines featured on her daily show, she manages her YouTube account into categories to make it easier for people to browse through. On the sidebar are link recommendations related to her YouTube channel.

Example Video:


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.37.02 PM.png

Again, Ellen has a couple of accounts registered with her name. She uses the goodthingitsellen account to microblog mostly about animals and nature. In this particular account she received between 1000 and 2000 notes. this account is linked to her show. Although, this features blogs from her show it is still not generating much notes. Similarly, it gets about 1000 notes, with some exceptions, when she gets 10,000 notes per blog.


Ellen uses the Pinterest to further promote her professional brand.  She has almost 500,000 followers and over 4,000 pins.  The pins pertain mostly to her brand expansion in home design and decorating. The links to her boards are more varied, yet they still manage to stay with the message of who Ellen wants to be seen like. They are funny, animal loving, inspirational, DIY ideas, décor and style, and personal. She has linked her Pinterest account to her website


Ellen DeGeneres is not on LinkedIn personally, but how show The Ellen DeGeneres’ Show has profile describing the brand entertainment and as a partnership company type formed in 2003 employing between 51 and 200 people. There are 186 employees of this partnership on LinkedIn, and with 35,847 followers. Further the LinkedIn account refers the viewer to Ellen’s website (

Summation of my Analysis of Social Media

Ellen’s social media brands have a common message, yet some posts are tweaked to the type of the media the posts are being made to.  Since Ellen has been among the few to embrace the social media since the early start of when they become released, she has a large international group of followers, who seek her posts out. This is a great advantage, because she does not need to put extra effort to connect with her fan base in promote her brand.

Digital Footprint

When googling Ellen DeGeneres for her digital footprint, first her website “Ellen Home Page” comes up. The website is followed her Twitter account, a Wikipedia page, and social media websites Facebook and YouTube. The next link is leading to her show and tickets for the show. Then there are links to her interviews with Vanity Fair, Good Housekeeping NYT and other magazines. These are very good hits for people interested about Ellen beyond her show. The interviews are very interesting and inspiring. In the one from the Good Housekeeping magazine she made a good point that could be helpful for all of us to go by:

“I think it’s good to not be too comfortable. It’s good to keep growing.”

She most certainly seems to living by this wisdom, as she connects with her audience and parlays a consistent message about being funny, but kind to everyone. She is the embodiment of honesty and positivity with a great sense of humor.


Commendation and Recommendations

            Ellen DeGeneres, being a public figure and comedian does not have trouble connecting with audience not only on the TV screens or stages, but is very natural at embracing and furthering her personal and professional brand in social and digital media. She fully utilizes the advantages of social media to post pictures and video of her guests, about current affairs, while also interacting with her audience to some degree.

Although she is very active on the show and often directly works with her show audience, she is not having a dialog on social media websites. Her social media interaction would boost her fan base and eventually help even more the causes she stands for.  This way should would put a more personal touch to her posts, being able to raise awareness about her humanitarian volunteering as well as caring for animals.  People would become more interested and hopefully more included. She does not have to take on a role of a politician to stay a comedian, but still be involved in a more active way.  From the great number of followers there are still people who would like to get involved in helping along with Ellen. She could post contests, or ask questions to entice her social media followers as well.

The digital footprint of Ellen is well managed. Along with her own website, and her social media account, pertinent interviews appear on the first page of Google. The headlines sum up of what to expect of reading about Ellen, the comedian, a happy human being, and groundbreaking person all in one.



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Amber Fillerup Clark: Barefoot, Blonde, and Dominating the Social Media World


Amber Fillerup Clark has taken the Internet by storm. From the beginnings of a blog, to a ever-present digital footprint, Amber Fillerup Clark has built an incredible brand. Amber is 26 years old, with a loving family consisting of a husband, David, and two kids, Atticus (2 years old) and Rosie (1 year old). Here’s the family below (Photo credit). Aside form her family being super adorable, her social media platforms provide so much more.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.10.05 PM.png

Passionate about hair, beauty, fashion, and fitness, she decided to start her blog, Barefoot Blonde, in 2010 about all of these things. From there Amber has gone on to have a successful blog, Twitter profile, Instagram account, Pinterest account, and YouTube channel. In addition to her personal brand, in 2016, Amber launched her own hair extension company titled Barefoot Blonde Hair. Her overall brand aims to place value on a fun and healthy lifestyle through fashion, beauty and fitness for young women and moms!

Social Media Overview

Blog: Barefoot Blonde (

Instagram: (@amberfillerup3,173 posts, 1.3 million followers, following 343 users

Twitter: (@amberlfillerup) Joined Feb. 2011, 13.8K tweets, 37.8K followers, following 77 users 

YouTube: (Amber Fillerup) Joined Jan. 2008, 15,908,613 total views, 233,313 subscribers, 116 uploads

Pinterest: (Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup) 100,973 followers, following 106 users, 74 boards

Analysis and Evaluation 

BlogScreen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.01.59 PM.png

Amber Fillerup began her digital footprint with her blog. This is the heart and soul of her brand. Each posts relates to her passions. Amber documents her life through her blog, updating almost daily. The blog contains menu tabs for posts related to lifestyle, hair, beauty, and fashion.  Her husband David, is a photographer and is responsible for the high quality photos that are posted. Because of his involvement on Amber’s social media platforms, he has built his own set of followers on his accounts that mirrors Amber’s brand. This connection helps build a greater following for the entire family and their brand. (Photo Credit)

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.36.28 PM.png

Amber and her family are known for their travels across the world and they document these travels in her blog. In addition, Amber recently started a series of her favorite things, with each posts having a theme – favorite fitness products, favorite travel items, etc. Each posts contain links to buy all the products or clothes featured in the blog posts, and a separate menu item titled “shop my looks” for easy user interaction. Another great aspect for user interaction is that each blog post contains links to not only comment, but also buttons to share on social media sites and subscribe. Each post gets an average of 20 comments. One thing Amber could do better is reply to her audience’s comments.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.39.01 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s Twitter profile picture is a solo shot of herself, and this stays consistant among the other sites as well. This is important for recognition across social media platforms. The bio of the profile is a reference to Mean Girls, the movie, which attracts people who are into pop culture as well. Also in her bio are links to her Instagram and blog. Connecting her online presence is something she does well. She tweets a few times a week. Often times, Amber shares photos of her fashion or her kids. These are important aspects of her blog and overall brand. Other times she posts are likely trending pop culture events. One thing she does well on Twitter more than other platforms is audience interaction. Many of her tweets are direct questions or Twitter polls that require interaction from her followers. This is a way users can feel connected to her. This is a positive interaction for her brand. Her Twitter profile is the most relaxed of the bunch, with casual tweets and updates on life rather than posts aimed to build her brand directly.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.53.05 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s Instagram account is the most popular and strong social media account of hers. This account has the greatest number of followers and posts, with a post about every day. This is where she shares many pictures of her family, fashion, travels, life events, hairstyles, promotes her new blog posts, and promotes her company Barefoot Blonde Hair. Her bio links to her company and her blog – another great connection. A number of her Instagram posts also act as paid advertisements for products and brands she supports. While they are advertising a product, the picture and overall posts remains congruent with her brand and values. Examples of advertisements and blog post announcements are below! (Photo credit)

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.08.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.08.55 PM.png

Another aspect of her Instagram account is her insta-stories. Throughout every single day, she documents her family, her workouts, and her getting ready routine. She often films tutorials on how to do her hair or makeup. In addition, she will do a question and answer session, where she will answer questions that her audience has asked on recent posts. This is something she does really well. Audience interaction is really important and it makes it feel as if she is talking to you through her stories. Her Instagram posts are typically all photos, where she saves videos for her stories. Both her posts and stories remain consistent with her overall brand, posting about the same topics across the platform.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.23.01 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s YouTube account goes hand in hand with her blog and Instagram. Many of the topics discussed on her blog or seen in her pictures in Instagram are expanded upon in videos posted on her YouTube channel. Here is a welcome video on her page that tells you a little more about what she posts!

Many of her videos are filmed by her husband David and showcase their worldwide travels or everyday lifestyle. These are often in the form of vlogs. In addition to those videos, Amber often posts hair tutorials and beauty hacks. Another type of post is ‘question and answer’ videos. These videos remain consistent with her overall brand as well. This is a more expansive and professional version of her insta-stories. Her videos get thousands of views and many comment making it an interactive channel to subscribe to. After analyzing her many social media platforms, I realized she doesn’t often advertise her YouTube videos other than the most recent three on the sidebar of her blog. I think using her Instagram would be another good way to promote her YouTube uploads.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.42.59 PM.png

Pinterest is a great way share pictures and ideas that add to your brand as a whole. Amber Fillerup’s Pinterest account is called Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup. This is a really smart name because users can find it by her name or her brand/company. She has a great number of Pinterest Boards. As you can see above, the first three are Hair, Beauty-Make Up, and Beauty-Skin Care. It is clear that these boards are exactly what her brand is all about.

Digital Footprint

Aside from social media platforms, it is also important to look at an overall digital footprint. This can start with a simple Google search. Below is the top page of Google searches.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.01.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.01.40 PM.png

The first three results of the search are her blog, her Instagram, and her YouTube account. These are her strongest platforms for her brand so this makes sense. The following results are articles from The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, AOL, and Forbes about the success of Amber Fillerup, a mom blogger and social media influencer. It is really great that not only do her social media platforms return as results on Google but also positive articles written about her as well. This creates a really good overall digital footprint for Amber Fillerup and her brand. This is fitting with her overall positive and uplifting brand, rather than the results being contradicting. It is important to note that when searching “Amber Fillerup” other people by that name do not appear. This means Amber has created a strong and positive presence online.

Commendation and Recommendation

One thing that Amber Fillerup Clark does really well is keep a contestant brand and theme throughout all of her social media accounts. I think this is a really important aspect of building up your social media accounts and creating a brand. If they do not contain a similar theme, then the audience will not be able to follow what your objectives and overall goals are. On her blog, one things she does really well is allowing the ability to share each blog post on your own social media. This allows for more people to become aware of Amber Fillerup. In order to improve her social media presence, I would recommend that she intertwine her YouTube channel with her other accounts, specifically Instagram. She often posts about similar topics on her Insta-stories and her YouTube channel, intertwining the two would be beneficial. She also has not been active on her Facebook page in years and therefore, is insignificant to her social media presence. I would recommend becoming an active Facebook user. This is a place to share YouTube videos and photos from travels as well. Another site will only improve the digital footprint that is already well established. Overall, Amber Fillerup has a really positive online presence and digital footprint. She continues to gain more followers every day and hopefully after reading this blog post, you go ahead and follow her too!

Here are links to each of Amber’s accounts:


Case Study #4: Liza Koshy #Littlebrowngirl

Liza Koshy


  Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Koshy is a 21 year old, youtube sensation. First starting off in vine she grew to become a hit star, starting in many different T.V. shows such as Freakish and Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween. Born in Huston Texas, daughter to and Indian father named Jose Koshy and ‘white’ mother named Jean Carol née Hertzler. She is very known for being ‘the Little Brown Girl’ as she is confused for a Hispanic girl. Liza is also very fluent in Spanish, and uses her life as ‘content’ for her youtube channel. Liza later into her career began her relationship with youtube famous David Dobrik, who is known for his crazy youtube videos challenging his friends to do crazy, dumb stunts. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.01.55 PM

Facebook: overview



  • Twitter Followers: 1.75M
  • Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 1,075
  • Tweets: 33.2K
  • Joined Twitter: May, 2011
  • Twitter Username: @Lizakoshy

Instagram:Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.03.56 PM.png

  • Instagram Username: Lizakoshy
  • Instagram Followers: 15M
  • Instagram user the follows: 1,090
  • Instagram Posts: 1,689



Facebook: fb

Her facebook is not like other famous people facebook. It is quite business like, promoting all her different social media platforms, and her website in which she sells her ‘merch’ or merchandise. From the first glance on her homepage, I can see all her youtube videos that she has posted. I also see products that she has been featured on as well, like the Giving key, and Beat by Dre. As for her facebook pictures and background, I feel like she’s presenting what we see on her youtube channel. Just herself. Clicking through the rest of the page, she has everything set up so simple, that it makes me actually want to find out more about her. Her ‘about me’ tab just say, “Just a little brown girl with some big dreams”, and her website URL. That is literally all she has on this tab. Another tab that she has on her page is the ‘shop’ section. This has all the merch that she has created throughout the year. Other than that Liza’s facebook page is quiet in the sense that she doesn’t post many things on facebook. To me I think her top social media platform is youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 


On Twitter, Liza is more free and creative just like her youtube channel. Like her facebook page, she has a very simple page. a tiny bio, and lots of promotional tweets. of her youtube page, and pictures of her other youtube friends, and her other characters she does on her own like Jet. However, unlike her facebook she has a very interesting twitter picture. She has a drawn portrait as her profile picture and as her banner she has a banner that says, “Nice twitter background…. thanks”. Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.33.24 PMother thank that her twitter is very funny. Her tweets, tend to be sarcastic, but in a fun way. Her retweets tend to be from her other youtube friends, I haven’t yet seen one from her fans. However, I do know she does polls and checks her dms for content on her videos. As for me I dont think I would change anything, mainly because her outlet is youtube. Which makes her focus more on making videos and short clip movies. 

Instagram: instagram_PNG9.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.54.29 PM.pngWhile looking at her Instagram, I did notice that she had more than one. She has @lizakoshy and @lizzzak. Her second account seems more fun, interactive, and her. She has pictures of her friends and herself having fun. While the first account is very simple black and white pictures quite modern, and her filters are very monochromatic.Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.56.21 PM.png

We as followers also get to see the character that she plays, Jet. Like her other social media outlets, she keeps it very straight forward with her bio, and she always starts it off with, “just a little brown girl..”. She has a huge following on both her pages. on the second one she has about 2.5M and the first one 15M. Can you guess how large her youtube channel is?  Taking a good look at her second page her most like picture is of her character Jet, coming in hot with 455K likes and 1,754 comments. As for her first page her most liked picture is of her boyfriend David Dobrik and herself, coming in with 2.8M likes and 20.9K comments. That says alot about her page. She does spend a big amount of time filming with David, which makes sense since they are both in the youtube world. However, I still don’t think Instagram is the social media platform that her fans are constantly checking. But all in all her huge following does love her, its all over her comments and it clearly shows from all the likes she gets on her posts. 


Liza Koshy is a role model to many people out in the social media world. She is after all famous for just being her funny self. And because of that she has won the heart or in this case the ‘likes’ of all her fans. While comparing all her social medias I think her use of Instagram is more than her other social medias. Mainly because her post are more up to date than the other platforms. One thing I think Liza could improve is probably being more equal, I suppose, in all her social medias. I know that her top 2 are Youtube and Snapchat. However, I find that she is doing her best in balancing all her different projects and trying to stay on the loop for her fans. So if anyone wants a laugh go ahead and watch Wednesdays with Liza!



Case Study #4 Chance The Rapper





  • @chancetherapper
  • 6.99M followers/ following 2,817
  • 42.6K tweets
  • joined August 2010


  • chancetherapper
  • 7.3M followers/ following 739
  • 1,304 posts



Chance’s Facebook profile picture is the same picture as his header, which is his recent album he came out with Coloring Book which was released in 2016. In his about section the information included is his hometown (Chicago, Illinois), genre (hip-hop), a list of band members, a link to his website, his manager’s contact information, and his Instagram and twitter. The page posts a variety of different posts whether it be pictures, videos, links to articles about Chance, and regular posts. However it seems that Chance posts some of the posts and that someone else posts for him as well. Some Posts you can tell are posted by him because the writing seems personal while others that are advertising a mixtape or show he will be on must be posted by someone in his advertising team.

It is hard to tell what were the most popular post and to figure that out I would have to scroll for days but some posts that seemed to be popular was pictures with his daughter, a picture of Chance holding 3 grammy’s that had 94K likes, and a video of Chance surprising his mom with her favorite artist at one of his concerts for mothers day with over 2 million views. A couple of pages that Chance’s Facebook liked are Ricchezza which looks like a clothing line and a musician Knox Fortune. What the page does well is include a lot of different posts, I think variety rather than posting the same thing constantly makes the page more interesting. In addition, that not every post is made by someone in advertising, it seems that some posts are made by him which fans will love and appreciate. One thing that needs to be improved is probably to be updated. His last post was on December 19th.

From the looks of his audience Chance The Rapper gets a lot of positive feedback and a lot of loving fans. On his posts he does get a lot of shares and likes, especially on videos he posts. His most recent post has 12K likes for promoting a Christmas mixtape he came out with. on average of his first five posts they get around 13K likes on them which isn’t bad. What I have noticed in his comments section is fans posting art or pictures they made of him which is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 4.53.35 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.30.25 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.49.19 PM.png

Twitter seems to be where Chance The Rapper posts the most on. His profile picture and header is just the same as the one of Facebook. In his bio. it includes his group the Social Experiment and his album Coloring Book, when he joined, a location I have never heard of (Dusable’s dystopian bohemia), and a link to his website. His pinned tweet is also his recent Christmas mixtape he came out with. Chance personally tweets on his twitter and I feel like his fans really love that the most. He is always on Twitter’s trending when he tweets about something controversal or does something funny. Something that Chance does right on Twitter is personally tweeting on his page and tweeting to his fans. He also posts stuff that he likes and videos and articles that he is also in which I mentioned before in Facebook that it is good to have variety. Below are pictures of some popular tweets chance has tweeted.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.11.53 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.15.56 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.54.48 PM.png

This video goes with the tweet above.

Like I mentioned earlier Chance interacts with his fans on twitter a lot. He will retweet fans and tweet at them which is really nice. He also likes a lot of his fans posts as well. Chance also tweets at other celebrities and interacts with them. For example, he tweeted if anyone else watch the Netflix show Peaky Blinders and rapper KYLE responded back. Chance responded to KYLE after too.


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.05.40 PM.png

Chance the Rapper’s profile picture is the same as the other two accounts. He includes, like twitter The Social Experiment which is a group he is in. What is different from his other accounts is that he includes hashtags like #10Day #AcidRap which are his first two mixtapes. Chance includes a variety of pictures and videos. He posts lots of videos of his daughter. Chance also posts instagram stories as well. In addition, he will often go live on Instagram to interact with his fans which is pretty neat.

 His pictures are mostly pics of him performing, with other celebrities or artists, and with his family. His fans give him lots of likes and even celebrities like Drake will like and comment on his posts. You can tell that Chance The Rapper posts on his Instagram. Although he does not post everyday he posts an instagram story I would say about everyday. One thing I have noticed is that he does not get many or never any negative comments. Chance comes off as a very nice, sweet, generous person. He posts about charity work he does and donating to his community in Chicago. One thing that would be beneficial to his Instagram is if he had a theme to it. Instead of scatter posts he could post pictures with the same aesthetic which would make his account more appealing.  Below are some popular posts on his Insta. feed.


The social media platform that I personally feel is more successful is Twitter. Yes Chance does have more like on Instagram but you can’t beat the interaction he has with his fans. Chance tweets everyday and even multiple times a day. He does not just tweet about promoting himself he tweets about personal stuff too which gives a bigger connection to the fans. Fans love when celebrities take about what they personally like and what their interests are because you get to know them more and can compare how they are like you. He talks to fans on twitter and really appeals to his fans. his least would have to be Facebook. He is not personally posting on Facebook much and it does not stay updated as much as his Instagram and Twitter. More of his fans are mostly on Instagram and Twitter anyways.

The Digital Footprint of the Most Followed User on Instagram


Beginning her career at the age of 9, Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, producer, and philanthropist. While she is well known for her acting and musical pursuits, she has been a longtime supporter of UNICEF, becoming their youngest ambassador. Recently, she has also been an outspoken voice to raise awareness about the chronic auto-immune disease, Lupus, which she was diagnosed with in 2012.

To connect with fans, Ms. Gomez has numerous social media profiles. On Facebook, she has acquired over 61.8 million likes on her page. Her Twitter profile (@selenagomez) is not far behind with 56.2 million followers. Selena follows only 1,261 people and has around 4,339 Tweets. Most impressively, since she is the most followed user on Instagram (@selenagomez), Selena has amassed over 132 million followers. She has posted 1,406 pictures and follows just a mere 37 people, having recently gone through a sort of cleanse of her profile.


FacebookScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.47.40 AM

Although she is known for more than just her songs, her Facebook page is more business oriented, dedicated to her musical artistry. Her profile picture and cover photo are both from her latest music video, Wolves with Marshmello. Many of her other images and posts are pictures and videos from promotions for singles, as well as albums, and different campaigns she is a part of.

Though the posts are from Selena’s account rather than reposts, they seem impersonal, most likely generated by the PR people on her team. She does include some behind the scenes clips for her fans, but many of her posts don’t have a real personal feel, providing a look into who she really is or what she does outside of making music or acting. Even under the Personal Information section in the About Me tab, the information written is in an interview like format rather than something written by Ms. Gomez herself.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.23.21 AM

To reinforce that her Facebook is more just used as a professional musical profile, the other main tabs on the page are Tour Dates, Official Store, Events, and Music. Moreover, she does not appear to interact with her fans in the comment section of her posts or notes. The comments are countless, but for the most part they do appear to be positive.

Her Facebook generally, is effective at promoting her musical pursuits and the business of her brand. On the other hand, it has a pretty impersonal feel, to improve she may want to update some aspects of her profile as well as post more personal updates about her life rather than just campaigns. Additionally, finding more ways to engage her audience as she doesn’t appear to converse with them much at all on Facebook.

TwitterScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.48.19 AM.png

Similar to her Facebook, her Twitter profile and banner image are pictures from her Wolves music video. Moreover, her bio is short, just detailing where you can find and buy her latest singles, and that she is based out of LA. Likewise, many of her posts are by Selena herself, video clips and pictures from her latest campaigns and music. She does have a few retweets, but they’re also all regarding projects or events she’s a part of, like the AMAs or Billboard honoring her as their woman of the year. Her Tweets do still have a professional tone to them, however they seem to be more authentically written by Selena herself. She does interact with her fans through replies, quoting their Tweets, typically going through spontaneous sprees of responding, and she also has some posts encouraging fans to send in pictures or enter contests to win some of her products.

Much of her page has a positive feel, I’m certain she also receives a lot of negative comments but she chooses to not support that on her page. She gets tens to hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets on every single one of her posts, her most popular one recently being her cover on Billboard magazine for her Woman of the Year honor.

Overall, her Twitter is successful as another platform to share her projects with her fans. Obviously it would be hard to respond to all of her fans all the time, but Selena does a great job of continually sending out new information and checking in and interacting with her fans every now and then. She could further improve the success of her Twitter by varying the content that she shares on Facebook versus Twitter more. Additionally, increasing interaction with her fans, getting them involved more and having a more casual personal communication with them, which is very easy to do based on the very nature of how Twitter is set up.

InstagramScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.26.42 PM

As I mentioned above, Selena Gomez is the most followed user on Instagram, beating out the next closest person, Cristiano Ronaldo, by more than 13 million. Selena recently went through a revamping of her profile, changing her profile picture to an image of her mom and unfollowing around 200 people. Her bio includes a link to her latest single and the words, “By grace through faith. Also Will and Grace is life”. Her most popular post, with 10.4 million likes, was the one where she told her fans why she had been out of the lime light recently, about her battle with Lupus, and her life saving kidney transplant.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 12.48.51 PM

Her most popular video, with 26 million views, is her post wishing Taylor Swift a happy birthday. Most of the tens of thousands of comments are positive, fans sharing their love, while others are begging for Selena to notice or follow them. There are a few negative comments interspersed, but they are few and far between. Her Instagram appears to be where she garners the most likes and comments, as correlated with this platform being her most followed.

Her Instagram is where she posts the most frequently and the most personal insights into her life. I think her Instagram is so successful as she posts a good balance of images from her various projects with images that show who she truly is as a person. She includes pictures with family, friends, and fans. Selena’s Instagram is definitely the social media platform she is the most personal with her fans, as highlighted by her most recent post of her childhood home.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.12.32 PM

While I understand the need for privacy, I think she could further improve her profile by posting more pictures with little insights to her life behind the scenes and more fan interactions. Moreover, she went through a down spell with her health recently, so as she gets healthier, hopefully it gets easier and she becomes more open with her fans.


Across all platforms, Selena does a great job of promoting who she is, the work she does, and what she stands for. While she garners the most comments and likes and posts more personal things on Instagram making it more appealing, Twitter is where she has the most causal interaction with fans. Her Facebook seems to be the least used; the posts are about recent projects, but the rest of her page is in desperate need of an update. Overall, her social media presence demonstrates Selena is a caring person who is trying to use her voice and platform to make change. She could improve her fan interaction over every platform, however it is a hard balance between making connections with your fans and keeping your privacy.

Redhead Runway

Case Study #3 Blog Analysis

Redhead Runway



A few of my friends and acquaintances have started their own blog. I have chosen the redhead runway blog by Caroline Forlenza for my case study. Caroline Forlenza is a junior at Notre Dame University pursuing a marketing degree. She has been and intern in Bottega Veneta Public Relations and ELLE Magazine Fashion News.  Based on her interest in fashion trends she devotes her blog redhead runway ( to fashion featuring outfits and accessories she finds appealing to young women. She has launched her blog in 2016.



The layout of the blog Redhead Runway is very well organized. The header is simple featuring the blog’s name. The title hints that the author is getting inspirations from the main stream designers often features on fashion runways.

The main part of the blog is very simple and appealing, mainly featuring pictures.

Caroline trying to make her social media footprint by posting pictures of herself wearing outfits that are fit for the season of the year, for the holidays we are observing, as well as she keeps her followers informed about her presence in the fashion world and about her travels to see fashion and the experiences she has in the fashion world. Caroline also links looks which she believes are worth trying out. She does not write lengthy descriptions about the styles. She sticks to easy rules of what she likes and what she does not like much.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.03.04 PM

The menu bar with four tabs is easily identifiable, featuring these links:

The Runway
The Redhead
In the Spotlight

The home tab contains her blogs with the looks she likes and models. She publishes photos from a few different angles to enable to viewers to see the details of the particular outfit part.  Below the pictures are listed the items she wears along with the links where the particular pieces of the outfit can be purchased. Similarly, the tab runway features Caroline in her favorite outfits mainly from her experience working as in intern in New York City. The tab In the spotlight is dedicated to Caroline’s picks and opinions on fashion styles features on social media. She gives her opinion on the outfits, what she likes about them and what she would do different. She chooses fashion designers she admires the most. The last tab is devoted to describe Caroline, her interests, where and how she can be reached, and her acknowledgement to people who help her with her career and her blog.

Forlenza’s blog is linked to a twitter account and to Instagram account. Her twitter account has 5 posts and 34 followers. Her Instagram account is more active as she links her looks to the blog as well as the Instagram. Her Instagram posts are averaging in about 200 likes and more. She also received a few positive comments.



Caroline relies heavily on visual content of her blog. She chooses to describe her outfits in details. Although her blog has been running for a couple of years, she seems to stick to the same theme – featuring high end fashion designers and links to her favorite looks and accessories. She does not have any particular posts written with the intend to sway her followers about her fashion sense. She does not write much about why she chose to wear certain pieces of a wardrobe. She is appealing to the audience of her age, mainly focusing on the visual presentation, while leaving the interpretation of the outfits to the viewers of her blog to make their own decision.  The titles of her post are compelling, clearly foreshadowing what to expect in the pictures that follow.  Although, the audience does not participate in the blog, her links to Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest makes us believe that Caroline is actively blogging for the fun and passion she has for a high-quality designer clothing and for fashion overall. We can also make this assumption based upon the fact that Caroline is not encouraging people to follow and promote her blog by subscription.


Keeping in mind that this blog was created by a 17 years old aspiring fashion marketing major student who loves to express herself by the way she presents herself in a sense of fashion and being put together, this blog accomplishes just that. Caroline Forlenza enjoys posting picture of her outfits and outfits she admires. The blog could be a bit more organized as far as the menu categories go.  It may seem that instead of four tabs she could use three tabs at most.  She could have a tab about herself, another tab about the runway outfits featured in magazine and other press and media. The third tab could be dedicated to featuring her outfits and recommendations based on holidays, seasons, or occasions.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.16.34 PM.png