Final Project – Social Media Analysis & Evaluation

There will be no written final exam in this class. Instead, you will choose a specific company or celebrity, research their social media use and digital footprint, and create a multimedia blog post on the class blog.

This semester you have developed an understanding of the professional use of social media platforms and the importance of positive digital footprints. This assignment challenges you to use your critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate the social media presence and digital footprint of a company or celebrity of your choice. You will examine and evaluate all of their social media accounts, their social media presence a whole, and their digital footprint.

Assignment Objectives

  • Critically analyze the social media presence of a company/celebrity.
  • Apply reason and analysis to the content of the social media accounts of the company/celebrity.
  • Evaluate the company/celebrity’s use of social media and their digital footprint.

Assignment Guidelines

Step 1: Identify a company/celebrity

  • Make sure to pick a company/celebrity with a wide social media presence

Step 2: Research the company/celebrity’s social media presence

  • For each social media platform, note:
    • Name of social media platform
    • Number of Followers/Fans
    • Types of activity (do they post photos, text, video?)
    • Frequency of social media activity (how often do they post?)
    • Interaction with customers/fans (What kind of interactions? How often?)

Step 3: Research the company/celebrity’s digital footprint

  • What do you find when you run a basic Google search on the company/celebrity? (News articles, blog posts, images, videos, etc.)

Step 4: Analyze and evaluate your findings

  • Analyze and evaluate the use of each social media platform individually
    • Are the activities appropriate for the the company/celebrity’s branding?
    • Interaction with customers/fans (Is it appropriate for the company/celebrity’s branding?)
  • Analyze and evaluate the social media use as a whole
    • What image does the overall social media presence of the company/celebrity present to its audience?
    • Is the company/celebrity making the most of their social media presence?
    • What could they improve upon?
  • Expand your analysis and evaluation to include the company/celebrity’s digital footprint
    • What does their digital footprint say about the company/celebrity?
    • Does it contradict their branding?

Blog Post Requirements

  • The final project should be between 1500 and 2000 words long.
  • Make use of headers to separate out the different parts of your project.
  • Remember to include images and video in your post, including screenshots and media posted to the company/celebrity’s social media profiles.
  • Your post should end with links to all sources you used during your research. Additionally, make sure to give credit to the sources of any images or videos used in your post.

You must submit the link to your final project blog post via Blackboard by midnight on December 21st.

Blog Post Format

Title of Post: Presentation Title

Introduction to Your Company/Celebrity

  • A brief history/bio
  • What do they sell? In the case of a celebrity, what do they do to maintain a celebrity status?
  • What is the branding of the company/celebrity? Are they trying to convey a certain message or value set to their customers/fans?

Social Media Presence Overview

  • List the social media platforms used by the company/celebrity and # of followers/fans for each

Analysis and Evaluation

  • Explain the use of each social media platform individually
  • Explain the social media use as a whole
  • Explain the company/celebrity’s digital footprint

Commendations and Recommendations

  • What is the company/celebrity doing well?
  • What do you recommend they do differently? Why?
  • How would you improve the company/celebrity’s social media presence and digital footprint?


Grading Rubric

The Final Project Rubric will be used to grade your work. Please refer to it as you complete the assignment.