Finding Your SOUL can begin with Social Media

Take your journey. Change your body. Find your SOUL. 


SoulCycle is an indoor cycling company with over 80 studios in the United States and Canada. SoulCycle is not just a workout, but rather a mind-body experience. SoulCycle combines intense cardio, muscle strength training, and playful choreography on the bike. All this makes for one soulful ride. Check out a quick video of what SoulCycle is all about!

Not exactly sure if you are sold on the experience yet? Check out SoulCycles digital presence. Their interactive and fun Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram account will get you hoping on a bike in no time.

At First Glance

Facebook SoulCycle (

  • 110,441 Follows


  • Following 5,209
  • 98.2K Tweets
  • Joined June 2009


  • Following 517
  • 1,719 Posts



Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.01.59 PM

Seen above is a snapshot of SoulCycle’s Facebook page. The profile picture is SoulCycle’s logo. This makes the page easy to recognize. The cover photo is a picture of people hurled in a circle at the studio. A commonly used quote within the studio is “pack. tribe. crew. posse. cult. gang. community. SOUL.”. The cover photo is a tribute to this company motto. The about tab contains the story behind SoulCycle, starting with it’s beginning in 2006. It also includes links to their website, products, press, and general information. Lastly, there is a list of the states that have SoulCycle locations. SoulCycle posts on their Facebook page at least once a week but often more than that. Almost every single one of the posts on the page contain a photo or video. The most popular of these posts are the ones that contain a video. Many of these videos are made by SoulCycle, just like the posts themselves. Their posts pay respect to their mission. As a mind-body experience, many of their posts aim to motivate their consumers. Right now they are running a campaign titled #screwresolutions. This is play on the typical New Years resolutions many make at the beginning of the year. As a health and wellness company, this campaign inspires you to be yourself instead of limiting what makes you happy. Here it is!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.21.39 PM.png

SoulCycle’s Facebook page likes many other pages as well. They like companies that have congruent brands to their own – often health and wellness or fitness products. A few of these companies include Sweetgreen, Spotify, Smart Water, and Lululemon. Users that like this Facebook do not comment a lot. The most recent posts only have a handful of comments each, however users are much more likely to share these posts. The comments that are made are overall positive and the number of shares translate to a positive reaction. One thing that SoulCycle could do better is interact with their users more. They typically do not respond or converse with users.


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.30.52 PM.png

Above is a snapshot of @SoulCycle on Twitter. Similar to their Facebook page, the profile picture is their company logo. Their cover photo contains pictures of some of their instructors. Their bio is short and sweet stating “Spreading Soul in 140 characters or less!” with a link to their website for more information. Their Twitter page includes a fun campaign called #dailySOUL. Each day they tweet a quick quote of inspiration for the day. These tweets are their most popular and they do not contain any additional media. The best part about #dailySOUL is that each quote is from a SoulCycle instructor. Here are some examples for your own #dailySOUL.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.39.19 PM.png

SoulCycle does not often retweet. The occasional retweet is from a company they have partnered with that is promoting SoulCycle in a tweet. This also shows support of these brands to SoulCycles following. In addition to this, they never interact with their followers. They do not retweet posts from consumers and they do not respond to direct tweets. This is something they can improve on to make their online presence more welcoming.


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.47.04 PM.png

Here is a snapshot of @soulcycle on Instagram (via webpage). Similar to both Facebook and Twitter, the profile picture is their company logo. Keeping their profile picture consistent among all three platforms helps with consumers recognizing the SoulCycle brand. The bio states “What are you looking for? FIND IT! #FindYourSoul”. This incorporates their motto Find Your Soul setting the tone for the page. The types of pictures and videos shared on their Instagram are mostly pictures of their studios, instructors and motivational quotes. The most popular posts are the motivational posts. By motivating consumers through Instagram, they may then be more likely to get up and go to SoulCycle.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.58.44 PM.png


They do a really good job at making sure their posts coincide with each other and stick to their brand and theme. The most popular posts have just over 100 comments and up to 10K likes. The comments are overall positive. Similar to their other social media sites, they do not interact with their followers. This is something to improve on with Instagram as well.


Audience interaction is something that SoulCycle can improve upon to create a more interactive digital footprint. However, their Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram account give a really informative and fun look into what their brand is all about and what their company has to offer. I think this is an important aspect of social media and they do this well. I began to ride at SoulCycle after following a SoulCycle instructor on Instagram and proceeding to follow @soulcycle as well. Their Instagram account is what convince me to give it a go and I could not be happier. I think Instagram is their most appealing platform because SoulCycle is such an experience that being able to visual the studio, the instructors, the class, and the brand is an opportunity to gain more followers. Check out SoulCycles social media and it will be no time until you take your journey, change your body, and find your SOUL.


Case Study #3: Devin Physique, Fitness Model, Blogger


Devin Zimmerman who goes by Devin Physique became famous through Instagram. He goes by physique because of how his body looks. I’ve followed him in the past and his journey as a successful Instagram famous public figure. I been out of the loop between people if follow and famous Instagram people. What made him famous is becoming sponsored by a company named Shreddz who features their fitness models, sells supplements, clothing, and more. As time went on, he shared many of his different vigorous workouts. There were rumors that he may have been fired from being a Shreddz model and athlete. As a blogger, he needs to share his daily routine and life through social media. He started doing his own thing until he had enough money to start-up his own entrepreneurship business through social media. Now he offers his own custom diet and work out plans for people who need help online. Fitness models became a big trend in the past few years because a lot of people in the fitness industry wanted to become “famous.” Devin makes his own videos with the camera or video recorder he uses. One thing that I like about him is that he always shared a story often about how much hard work, dedication, and motivation he had. He tells his story of his journey and his past of how he only had a mother and struggled almost becoming homeless to becoming successful, and that anyone no matter what they do can achieve their goals whether it’s becoming rich, settled, or just making goals come true. As I got into fitness a lot more, I started to create my own theme of working out very similar to him. Although I never succeeded in the thought of becoming Instagram famous, I felt like I wanted to share my fitness lifestyle as well for friends, family, and whoever else was interested. As of now, he has his own personal website, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 28.5K followers on Twitter, 100K+ followers and likes on his Facebook, and 21K subscribers on YouTube.

Instagram & Twitter: devinphysique


On his supplemental regimen plan, it links to his IDLife which shares his story and regimen plan. I haven’t gone on his Instagram for more than a year and it has changed a lot. Things that are on the top of the web page include links to contact him, all products to individually click on IDNutrition, Experience, Shakes, Hydrate, Energy, Sleep Strips, Workout Line, Bars, Weight Management, Kids, and Skin Care. Other links on the top include shop, opportunity, and people who people share their stories about their positive health changes. There is also a free assessment test you can take on the blog as well. The header and title displays IDLife with Devin Zimmerman under the website name. I’m unsure of why his name would be under that when the company has nothing to do with him. This website was displayed under his Instagram bio. Social Media links include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram which sends it to the IDLife corporate.


The content of the blog is very misunderstood. I’m a fan of his journey and all of his social media accounts because they all have a nice theme to it. As for his regimen, website, and email, it is confusing. As for myself, I don’t trust any social media famous figures. What I do is just follow, read, and become inspired. For his social media accounts, he has plenty of pictures and videos. His pictures range between fitness, cars, pets, etc. I never followed his YouTube account, but after viewing his account for this case study, I noticed that he started doing his own episodes of his lifestyle which is pretty cool. All of his social media postings seem to be created all by him, but he does have someone recording him as well. On his biography, his main approach is to email him for custom diet and workout plans. He does make income from people who pay for his plans which makes him a successful media person. What he could do to improve overall is to make his own personal blog/website, rather than sending the blog to a website under a different company.

On his Instagram which is his most popular social network tool, he has many audiences. His last five photos that were shared on his account each has over 37,000 likes and 300-700 comments. On his Facebook account, he doesn’t receive a lot of likes and shares on his posts. He allows the audience to follow and subscribe to all of his accounts.



Devin shares a lot about his life. Some of his stories are paragraphs long and they are touching. I feel like I can relate some of my life stories to his life. He found something that he loved as a hobby and turned it into a career. For his Instagram, the overall picture is that people may pursue something they like or feed from the struggles. If he actually had a personal blog website, it would help to pin point things.

Fitness & Working Out

Fitness and working out is an important aspect in life. Fitness can be anything that you do or a sport you do that relates to physical exercise. I believe that fitness can help you become healthier and live longer. However, there are a lot more to choosing fitness as a lifestyle. Fitness includes working out on a daily basis or to a minimum couple times a week. It may be very tough to fit in fitness as a lifestyle. There are 24 hours in a day and 1 hour of fitness per day is more than ideal. If someone decides to use less time, the workout could be more vigorous. There are many benefits of fitness such as decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, building cardiovascular, building strength, endurance, and prevent any other common health issues. Fitness and working out could help stress and depression.


Being able to keep up with a fitness lifestyle includes keeping up with a healthy lifestyle as well. Being able to eat and diet correctly will promote a healthier body. Taking the right vitamins and supplements can also enhance healthy being, but too much can also be bad. Choosing the right food in everyday life can lower many different risks of diseases and illnesses. Results are better when you choose to tie both of these concepts into your lifestyle. Another important aspect to help this process is sleep. Getting adequate amount of sleep can help recovery and the brain. The brain needs a good amount of sleep to help you cognitively function properly.

Not everyone decides to consider fitness a part of their life. Trying it out and attempting to learn more as you go can change you. Being able to take action and start earlier is better than later. Doing it more often can lead to yourself challenging yourself and willing to learn more throughout your fitness journey. Now are you willing to change for the better?


Tony Gentilcore

Overview: Is a fitness and lifestyle blog written by Tony Gentilcore. Tony is a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance. When he’s not training people at his studio he’s also contributing to the top fitness magazines and websites around the world.


The layout of the blog is pretty simple. There is a header with a  very catchy phrase “Because heavy things don’t lift themselves”. A footer explaining all about the author Tony Gentilcore. The top of the blog starts off in a dark sepia like filter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.40.25 PM.png

At the top of the blog we can see multiple different links. Here you can navigate your way to blog, products, articles, miscellany, resources, contact, or core online. Moving down the webpage we can see a spot to enter your email to stay connected to the blog. Just below this there’s a black bar mentioning all the places that this blog as been featured in. Esteemed places such as Men’s and Women’s Health, and

Moving towards the bottom of the blog there is a “latest from Tony’s blog” section. This features his 5 most recent blog posts. Just below this at the very bottom of the home page there is a small section explaining a little bit about the author Tony.


There’s no quick link to see the most popular blogs on this site. But by clicking the “blog” button at the top menu we can see the most recent blog posts. The top 5 most recent blogs as of 01/08/18 are,

The last of these posts “Business advice for trainers from trainers” I found the most interesting. Tony talks about how he had very little competence and didn’t know what a company “overhead was”. He goes into detail talking about how he traded a lot of time for a little bit of money. Obviously, this worked out in the end for him though. He’s now a prominent blogger and business owner.

Alot of his posts contain pictures that keep the readers interested. Here we can see one from the article I was just speaking about,

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.07.38 PM

This image wasn’t created by the blogger himself. But it’s a quote from a movie that I can relate to. Honestly, I’m not sure what advice I could offer Tony as a blogger. His whole website seems to mesh very well. His posts are relevant and keep me wanting to read. The only part of his blog I didn’t like was the big portion dedicated to entering your email address. This felt more like it was a scam than anything. But obviously, he just wants subscribers to his blog. He’s not really looking for money. Tony often also links other bloggers in his posts. He likes to provide a link to trainers; to provide further content for the visitors of his blog. Tony also has a very active blogging community that follows him. I couldn’t find a single post that didn’t have atleast 2 comments on it. Also, almost all of them were positive.


In conclusion, Tony has a very polished blog on his hand. He provides a very diverse amount of blog information ranging from lifestyle advice to how you can get a killer workout. As a 20 something college student I found this blog very relatable. It’s easy to navigate and even easier to read the blog posts. He provides plenty of links and references as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this blog to anyone that wants to learn fitness and life advice from someone with plenty of experience.


Benefits of Weight and Strength Training!


Hello Everyone! I am some what of a gym freak! Bored? go to the gym. Grumpy? go to the gym. Sad? go to the gym. The gym is a sanctuary for a lot of people, put your  headphones in and just get in a good training session and you leave feeling like a whole new person. Weight and Strength training is a physical training involves using heavy weights or different type of HIIT workouts to push your bodies limits. HIIT workout stands for high intensity interval training. The list of benefits that come with strength training aren’t just physical benefits they are also emotional, health related or mental benefits.

Strength Training has recently become more common and continues to get more noticed everyday. I believe many people would feel and live a lot better if they had added exercise into their schedules. I always like to say ” A healthy body is a body in motion” we can’t just sit around and hope the best for our bodies, give yourself a little push and help your body stay healthy! Ever since I starting Strength training about 3 years ago I couldn’t stop. I realized what a positive impact it has made,  I feel healthier when I workout and eat right, I’m happier, less stressed and have a lot more confidence in myself. Safe to say I’m glad I gave myself the push to try something new.


You can read articles, stories and even research on how Strength training can better your health. I suggest getting out there and trying it you will see the difference and feel the difference for yourself! The main benefits of Strength Training is to better your physical and mental health. Training can reduce your stress, improve your self esteem. It can boost your mood, when working out the body releases endorphin’s which creates your happiness. This may even help someone who may be suffering from depression or anxiety. Working out can help cognitive decline, as we are getting older our brains are also getting older, working out releases chemicals in the brain that prevent degeneration of the brain that controls memory and learning.


The list goes on and on with benefits including, helping with anxiety, improve brain performance, sharpen memory, help increase relaxation and sleeping better. Working out can also help someone that may be struggling with addiction instead they will use training as their outlet!

Overall Strength and Weight Training is full of many health and mental benefits! I do it because I enjoy it and I also love the outcome of being happy healthy!

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