Case Study 3


Blogs come in many different shapes and sizes. A blog which caught my eye was one based on Formula 1 (F1) racing. I’ll be taking a deep dive into this blog to analyze many of its aspects. This blog is called “Kunal’s F1 Blog” and is completely based on F1 racing. This blog was founded by Kunal Shah who is a young man, born in Mumbai, India. His love for motorsports has taken him around the world as he himself was a professional racecar driver for BMW. This allows Kunal to have a much deeper understanding of the sport that he is writing about. You can find his blog at the following web address:


The homepage of this blog has many different stories featured at the top and it is quite hard on the eyes. The featured stories are in a grid under the navigation tabs for this site. The navigation links include the Featured F1 stories, Kunals podcast, Formula E, MotoGP, All stories, About, and Contact tabs. These are all listed directly below the title of the blog. Above the title, there is header that displays a few of the featured F1 stories. Within this header are also buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This blog also contains Kunals own podcast on the right-hand side of the homepage. Located towards the bottom of the homepage are links to subscribe to his podcast on multiple different streaming services. There are links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. At the bottom of the screen are a few widgets. These widgets include a robot chat box which will answer questions on data privacy. This is also where readers are asked to subscribe to the blog and receive email updates on new posts. On the left side of the screen is another chat widget that allows the audience to contact Kunal about certain stories or just general motorsport information.

The layout of the footer within this blog is simple and provides content. There is a live feed of Kunals Twitter page and his recent tweets. Next to the Twitter feed is an area where you can follow him on different social media sites. These include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On the right side of the footer is a link to the Facebook page which is for his podcast. The link to his Facebook page also includes the recent posts from the Facebook page directly under it. Furthermore, the layout of the “About me” page is pretty standard. There are pictures (which do not load properly) along with a lengthy couple pages about Kunals life and experience.

The content that is being displayed in this blog is right in line with what I would expect to be located in this blog. The blog posts are related to the recent races which are happening within each of the divisions of motorsport that he covers. The most popular blog posts are those about F1 and the recent races of this season. The posts include both pictures and videos that were taken from the race in question. There are also tweets from drivers, news outlets, and the official Formula 1 page. The pictures and videos are mostly from social media sites, or come from the official F1 social media pages. I do not think that any of the photos of videos taken were taken by Kunal.

Many of the titles in this blog are quite lengthy and are not very compelling. The titles are more descriptive and tell the potential reader what they will be reading about. I think the titles should include better adjectives to entice readers. The titles should also be shorter and not give too much information away to the potential reader. The other sections of this blog such as Formula E and MotoGP contain the same layout as the Formula 1 side. They have similar titles and pictures from the official pages of those sports. I think that there should be more focus on important information as well unique images and videos which were taken at the races.

The “About me” page on this blog is full analysis on Kunal. He includes pictures of himself which actually do not load properly. However, the writing there is very in depth. It goes through Kunals entire experience with motorsports, his racing career, and career as a columnist. The “About me” page has lots of audience interaction though! There are probably close to 100 comments on the page where Kunal has also replied to many. This is the most amount of audience interaction I’ve seen on this blog. Most of the blog posts have little audience interaction other than “likes” which are usually under 10. There aren’t many comments either, sometimes one or two. Each blog post has buttons to share the post on social media as well as a share counter. As far as I’ve seen there are barely any social media shares on the blog posts.


There are many aspects of this blog which need work and I think could be improved. The “About me” page has pictures that do not load and makes it feel unprofessional. The blog posts themselves should be focused on more important information and kept a bit shorter in my opinion. Within these posts, the pictures and videos being displayed should also be a bit more unique. Many people who will be reading this blog probably already follow the official racing pages on social media and have already seen the images that are being reposted within the blog posts. This would bring more value to readers since they are getting new information and images. The titles of the blog posts should also be shorter. As they are now, they provide too much information and are lengthy. They do not draw the reader in and basically give a full synopsis on the blog post. I also think that this blog should be designed in a cleaner manner. The homepage is quite busy and hard on the eyes. There are also too many widgets which pop out and take up much of the screen.

Apart from the aforementioned improvements that could be implemented, there are many things this blog does well. I think the information is valuable to people who may not be able to keep up with the races themselves. The angle which Kunal has on these topics is also that of a previous professional driver. This brings great insights to certain situations and proves valuable to readers. The blog also dives into the business side of racing which people do not get to see much of. I think the layout of the blog is decent and promotes his other work well. The podcast seems to be Kunals next big venture and is posted all over the site. The social media links are also important to reach more people and have readers engage more on social media outlets. Overall, I think this blog could use some work but it also does its job well. I believe readers will come back, as I will.

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