Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson


Chad Johnson has had one hell of a career in the NFL but his funny antics make him loved by everyone. Chad Johnson went to a few small colleges until he transferred to Oregon State and killed it on the football team. He’s a wide receiver and led his team to an 11-1 season where he broke several school records. Chad was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001 and during his time in the NFL racked up 67 touchdowns and over 10,000 yards. Chad has had some publicity stunts but his biggest one occurred in 2008 when he Changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Ocho Cinco means eighty-five in Spanish, his football number. Chad has also played in the CFL for a season and was even on a Mexican football team for a game where he dominated the competition. In the NFL he was known as a diva and has came up with some of the best touchdown dances in history using props and has even hid items around the field. He will someday be in the NFL hall of fame. He was recently coaching receivers for the Cleveland Browns. Chad has even appeared on TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Blue Mountain State, The League, and even rode a full sized bull on television.

Chad Johnson Highlight Video


It seems to be that Chad’s Facebook page is no longer being updated regularly. The latest activity on his page was a shared video from the Facebook page “Shots Studios”. The last post created by Chad’s Facebook page was July of 2016. Before this it seemed that Chad’s page was posting every week with multiple posts on each day postings occurred. Most of his past postings are of random articles unrelated to his career or self, or posting of different memes. While surfing through his Facebook page I observed that many of his followers/fans were male. This may be connected to the postings on his page.  One of the videos on Chad’s Facebook page is of a Hip-Hop Dance Crew performing during an NBA Final’s halftime show.
It does not seem that when Chad was using Facebook he was communicating with his fans. For someone who only uses Facebook to repost memes he has a ton of followers. Almost 2 million people follow and have liked his page. An example of a meme from Chad’s Facebook is:




Chad Johnson on Instagram is known as “ochocinco”. He has 946,000 followers and follows 426. Chad has 5,268 Instagram posts. He posts a mixture of both pictures and videos on his account. You will notice that many of his postings are of himself or his children. Many of his videos are of himself working out as well as some proud father moments of his children. Chad is posting to his Instagram page usually everyday and even sometimes multiple times a day. From viewing his page, it does not seem like Chad interacts with his fans much. There are a few posts where he replied to a fans comment, but this seems to be very infrequent.


Twitter is definitely Chad Johnson’s forte. He has over 115K tweets and was listed as CNBC #1 on its list of “Most Influential Athletes in Social Media beating out LeBron James. CNBC List. Chad regularly communicates with fans and even plays FIFA with them on Xbox. He has over 3.5 million followers while only following 7200. Chad has been known to play FIFA online with fans and on some occasions he has drove to random peoples houses or fraternities just to play the video game with them.
Just last week, he went to Texas State and played FIFA with the guys all day.

I put FIFA in a category on its own because its so rare to see a celebrity socialize with fans this way. It started a few years ago when some kid tweeted he could beat @ochocinco in FIFA, Chad happened to be in the area, drove to the kids house and beat the kid badly. Since then he constantly puts out tweets asking people to either play online with him or meet up in person if you happen to be in the same area as him. Just last week he was at Texas State playing FIFA all day and even bought everyone pizza. Chad has claimed to be the best FIFA player in the world and holds a record of 86-2 or at least according to him that’s what is. He publicly gives away his Xbox name and encourages people to try and beat him. Chad has even come up with the hashtag #FIFA16KING #FIFA17KING where he finds people to play with

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.53.36 PMimages

In The News
Chad was recently in the news as his son Chad Johnson Jr. made the football team at Venice High School. Like his father, he will be playing wide receiver. Although he wont be wearing #85, He may earn the nickname Diez y Ocho or eighteen

All in all, Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson’s social media pages are doing quite well. He’s verified on everything, has topped the charts on each platform, and is great in the publics eye. One thing I would improve in his social media ring is definitely his Facebook. He’s not nearly as active with it as he is with twitter and Instagram and Facebook is where a lot of the fans go to discuss and argue everything. Instagram in my opinion is Chads more personal account where he posts pictures of his children. Twitter is the main account he uses to communicate with the general public, other celebrities and athletes.


  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook likes: 1,932134 likes 1,864,804 people follow his page
  • Twitter username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Twitter followers 3.64 Million
  • /# of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 7,272
  • # of Tweets: 115K
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: May 2009
  • Instagram username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Instagram followers: 964K
  • /# of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows: 435
  • # of Instagram posts: 5,265

Chad Johnson single handedly beats Texas State

Chad went to some random kids house and played FIFA with him


Final Project: Kevin Smith



For my final project I decided to look into writer/director, podcast king Kevin Smith. Hailing from New Jersey, Smith first came to prominence in the year 1994 with the release of his first film, Clerks. Clerks quickly became an indie film smash and a cult classic in its own right due to its pop culture obsessed dialogue and relatable characters. After Clerks, Smith would have a setback with his critical and commercial flop Mallrats. Though that film would go on to receive a cult status of its own and gain popularity through its VHS and DVD releases. Following that failure, Kevin would go onto write and direct one of his strongest features with Chasing Amy. Chasing Amy was one of the first movies to really deal with LGBT issues in a mainstream way, though it was still an independent film, and won critical acclaim and was a modest box office success. Dogma, Smith’s next film, would go on to be another critical hit and a minor box office hit, but was mired in controversy from the Catholic Church due to the movies subject matter of two angels finding who had been banished from Heaven finding a loophole that would allow them to return. The movie dealt with what it meant to have faith and practice religion in the modern world, but what drew the most controversy was its portrayal of God as a woman played by Alanis Morrissette. After Dogma, Kevin Smith made Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which made heavy use of the growing popularity of the internet and its message board communities as its title characters went on a road trip to stop the making of a film based on comic book characters created in their likeness after reading a slew of hateful message board posts directed at them. This was one of the first movies to really show the troll community of the internet in all of its hate filled glory. After this Smith’s film career would stall out a bit with the critical and commercial failure Jersey Girl, a modest hit with a sequel to Clerk’s, and his most recent films Red State, Tusk, and Yoga Hossers, which were all a mixed bag at best.

Outside of his film career, Smith has had great success on the internet. Since the early days on the web, Kevin Smith has utilized the medium to interact with his fan base and promote his movies by setting up websites and message boards. He is also a pioneer in the field of podcasting through his company Smodcast, which was one of the earliest podcast networks in the game.


Social Media Presence Overview

Kevin Smith has a very large social media presence and overall digital footprint. He makes use of all of the social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also has a very active YouTube channel. As mentioned above, he is also a prominent podcaster through his SmodCast network and host shows such as Smodcast, which he hosts with his friend and ex producing partner Scott Mosier, Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman, Fatman on Batman, which began as an interview show with various people who worked on the Batman character in all mediums but has now turned into a pop culture chat show with the addition of cohost Marc Bernardin, as well as a few other podcasts.



Kevin’s Facebook page currently has 2,757,073 likes and is followed by 2,641,542 people. On his page, Kevin mainly posts live videos where he directly interacts with his audience. Some of these posts are motivational speeches while others are promotional for whatever project he is currently working on as well as various Q&A’s. He also posts a lot of pictures, many of which are exclusive to his Facebook and can’t be found on his other platforms. Outside of his videos, Smith rarely interacts with his followers in the comment sections, but he does on occasion. He seems to be very active on Facebook as a whole and it seems like he is in direct control of the page as opposed to it being handled by his management or an outside PR firm.



Smith’s Twitter page is also incredibly active. The page is followed by 3.23 million users and Kevin has tweeted 33.1 thousand times to date. Smith is incredibly active on this page, much like his Facebook, and is much more apt to reply to a tweet as opposed to the comments section on his Facebook page. There are not nearly as many videos posted on his Twitter, but he does post a lot of pictures, many of which again are exclusive to this page and are not found on his other platforms. He is also found of the retweet as he is constantly retweeting posts made by his various famous friends and also tweets that he finds relevant and/or funny. This platform is also obviously controlled by the man himself and not by some outside party.



The Instagram page that Smith uses seems to be his least used social media platform. It has the lowest follower count, coming in at only 1 million, and he has only made 1,399 posts to date. The pictures found on this page are again mainly exclusive to this page, but this platform has the most overlap with his other two pages. Smith does not seem to interact with anyone at all on his Instagram page and I would imagine he is in control of the page, but it does not have the personal touch that his other social media pages have.

For YouTube, Kevin Smith has both his own dedicated channel as well as his seesmod channel which is devoted to his various podcasts. Kevin’s personal channel currently has 280,760 subscribers. On this channel, Kev posts a lot of movie reviews and also posts the webshow version of his podcast Fatman on Batman. On the show Fatman on Batman, Kev interacts with his fanbase through having them ask questions via Twitter and a live comment stream while the show is going on, so this is also a place where it is easy to interact with the man personally. Other videos featured on this page are a show titled ScanBC which features Scott Mosier, Wake and Bake with Kevin Smith, and classic live videos of his Hollywood Babble-on podcast. This channel also seems to be handled by Smith himself along with Marc Bernardin as they are the most frequent posters of content. The seesmod channel currently has 151,730 subscribers and is mainly made up of podcast videos of the various podcasts on the SmodCast network, both the ones hosted by Kevin and the ones not hosted by Kevin. Unlike his personal YouTube channel, I do not think that Kevin is the one actively in control of the seesmod channel. He may contribute to some of it, but much of the content comes from other individuals, so it would seem that this channel is handled by someone in the Smodcast company.

Overall, as you can see, Smith has an incredibly large digital footprint. Through the personal use of his various social media accounts, his YouTube page, and also his various podcasts, you can tell that Smith cares very much about his use of the internet. Since the early days of the internet itself, Smith has been carefully creating his digital footprint and making sure that his voice and his brand reach as many people as humanly possible. The fact that the majority of it is personally run by the man himself also shows that he cares about the way his brand is seen and his voice is heard. He does not go through middlemen and PR agencies to promote himself or his various projects. Also, you can tell that he has a deep care for his fan base in the way that he interacts with them through is Facebook videos, countless tweets, and YouTube interactions. Kevin has mastered the internet, and considering he has been doing this for so long, it would make sense that he has it all figured out.


Commendations and Recommendations 

I think Smith has totally mastered the use of the internet and social media as a whole. As I have stated so many times so far, the man has been doing this since the days of mid 90’s chat rooms and message boards. He seems very fond of being able to put his voice out there, and since the man is never at a loss for words, this is the perfect place for him to let it all out. There is not much I could say that he needs to do better. If anything, he should maybe say a little less as he can be known to put his foot in his mouth and stir up a little bit of controversy. Recently he ignited a twitter beef between Ben Affleck and Amber Heard over something that Affleck said while they were making Chasing Amy together. After this went down, he immediately took to Facebook to apologize to both Affleck, whose career he essentially started, and Heard in a very heartfelt and teary eyed video. Other than this, Smith has it all mastered. I hope he continues to create great online content in the coming years. To be honest, many aspect of the internet may not be what they are without the guy.



Final Case Study – FableVision

An Introduction to FableVision

Fablevision Header.JPG

FableVision is a transmedia studio from Boston, Massachusetts. The studio was founded by children’s author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (Judy Moody, The Dot) in 1996. FableVision creates animation, games, apps, websites for organizations and companies, and their clients include PBS, The Jim Henson Company, Toca Boca, and The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America.

FableVision positions itself as a company that creates with “positive storytelling” at the forefront of everything it does. Their mission statement is “stories that matter, stories that move.” They use an “all ages approach,” and primarily create content for children. They brand themselves as a company that knows how children learn and interact with media.

Social Media Presence Overview

 FableVision uses a variety of social media platforms: 

Analysis and Evaluation


FableVision’s blog focuses on news about projects, and there are several interviews with staff and partners, such as an interview with Mia Doces from Committee for Children, an organization they’ve partnered with on a game that teaches anti-bullying skills. The interview demonstrates the great work the non-profit organization does and promotes the new game, but it also shows the quality of relationships FableVision has with its clients, which could help FableVision acquire new clients.

There are about 2-3 blog posts a month, and there is a like and comments feature on the blog, with a few likes for every post.



Fable Vision has 2,227 followers on Facebook. Their posts are a mix of text, photos, and videos, and the posts are frequently links to the blog and newsletters, as well as news about their projects. All their posts have a brief text component, but there is always an image attached as well (usually from the linked page). Recent posts include a post about the release of the new project by the intern team and an announcement that one of their films will be shown at a film festival.

Their pinned post is a cute animated video that explains their design and development process to clients.

There are about three Facebook posts a week. Some posts have around 5 likes, and some posts have 20-25 likes. Several posts have a few positive comments. There are not many replies back from FableVision in the comments.


FableVision has 6,950 follows on Twitter. The content on Twitter is a combination of text and pictures, and a lot of their posts are interacting with others. Sometimes it’s just tagging colleagues or partners in posts similar to what they might discuss on Facebook, and they often retweet people talking about FableVision or people discussing similar topics. There are lots of tweets from conferences and seminars they attended or are promoting their appearances at.




Their Twitter posts feel very friendly and casual, and include calls to action and hashtags to increase engagement. FableVision also heavily promotes International Dot Day, a social media day about creativity inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot. They use hashtags #DotDay and #MakeYourMark for these posts.

There are two or three Twitter posts a week, with a few retweets in between. It seems that they are more active during #DotDay activities to promote the event.



FableVision has 561 Instagram followers. They post photos and videos, often with a good description and hashtags. Some of the content is promoting their projects, and the videos even include trailers of their games. They also share fun photos and videos from around the office and during parties they’ve hosted at their office. When they post art from their team, they tag the Instagram account of their artist, which I think is a great touch. They post 2-3 times a month and have lots of likes and comments from their followers.


FableVision has 2,147 YouTube channel subscribers. Their videos include trailers of projects, overviews of projects, behind the scenes videos, intern projects, short films, and animation reels. There are not too many uploads recently, and FableVision last consistently uploaded videos three or four years ago.

Their latest video, a short called The Reflection in Me has almost 3,000 views and was posted last month. It is starting to make the rounds at film festivals, so it’s number of views is likely to increase. Comments are disabled for the video.

One short from 2015 has over 50,000 views, and another from 2011 has over 300,000 views. The age of these videos is certainly one factor for why there are more views, but it is possible the consistency of updates in that era led to a regularly returning audience. Perhaps YouTube was not the primary channel for many of the videos with fewer views, as these were made for commercials or other organization’s uses, and they are on YouTube as portfolio pieces.


FableVision’s Vimeo page has 90 followers. While similar to YouTube, this channel seems to be more of a place to show process videos of projects and final cuts. Many videos include the stage of the project in parentheses, as in (final cut) or (animatic). There are also several tutorials for FableVision Learning’s Fab@School series of products. There is also a Dev Diary series for their game Zoombinis, which is not on the YouTube page.

I suspect that Vimeo is used more as a place to host videos that will be used elsewhere, and is not necessarily a destination. I’m inferring this from the type of videos posted here, and my experience with using Vimeo this way at a job where I needed to host training videos for our company website.


There are 1,237 followers of FableVision’s LinkedIn profile. The posts here are similar to Facebook with links to their newsletters, blog posts, or other websites where they’ve been featured. But FableVision also posts more information about industry seminars and conferences than they do on Facebook or Instagram, which is appropriate since LinkedIn is more professional and business oriented.

There are about two LinkedIn posts a week, and each post receives a few likes.

Summation of My Analysis

Their social media brands share a common voice, but they modify their posts for the platform they are posting on. Posts are most often about their projects or spotlighting their staff. Their audience would appear to be potential and current clients who would be impressed with their portfolio, image, reputation, artists, and designers.

Digital Footprint

The first hit when searching “FableVision” on Google is The next hit is FableVision Studios’ Jobs & Internship page. The third hit is, which is a land page where you can choose to go to the Studio website or FableVision Learning, another of their brands that focus on software in schools.

The rest of the hits on the first page bring up their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, their Twitter account, and their LinkedIn profile. These are all very good results for someone seeking more information about FableVision.

After the first page, there are links to resellers of FableVision products. There also are a number of articles about the company and Peter H. Reynolds, such as a profile on New Boston Post.

A quote from Mr. Reynolds in the New Boston Post article states their philosophy.

“We create animation, mobile apps, interactive experiences for museums, publishers, and especially for organizations doing good in the world,” Reynolds said. “We are a decidedly biased company when it comes to whom we’ll work with. We seek collaborators who are trying to make the world a better place for every citizen no matter what age.”

FableVision’s reputation throughout the articles written about them leaves a digital footprint showing Mr. Reynolds’ ethos in effect.

Commendations and Recommendations

FableVision maintains a consistent tone and a steady flow of posts across most of their social media platforms. They are fun and cheerful, and they use lots of images, which they should as a company who prides itself on its art.

Their video presence needs to increase its frequency. They have some great new videos, but the audience might not be ready to see those videos if smaller videos have not been posted regularly to keep them engaged as a top channel to look to for new content. I think that for new videos they would need to decide if YouTube and Vimeo were used as portfolios or as a way to keep clients and associates updated with the everyday happenings at the studio. Whatever they decided, it should be in service of promoting their services as an animation and game development studio.

To improve their social media presence and digital footprint, they should continue to cross promote with their clients and partners. It is great that FableVision shares strong relationships with their partners, and it would be very effective for their future clients to see those relationships through social media.

FableVision’s digital footprint is consistent with their image and branding, and it shows they have an excellent reputation and a long history.


Too Faced

Introduction to Your Company/Celebrity

Too Faced Cosmetics was founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who wanted to bring back glamour and femininity in a brand that would stand out among the other, what they thought, cosmetic brands that were too serious and dark * With inspiration drawn from all things girly, Paris, and the “transformative power of cosmetics,” Blandino and Johnson created the brand “Too Faced Cosmetics,” formulating ground-breaking, cruelty-free makeup products for people to wear. The branding of Too Faced Cosmetics is the image of fun, girliness, and shining bright as a person wearing Too Faced products. Too Faced Cosmetics’ mission is to be “pink, pretty and feminine with a playful wink” (, as well as to show people how to create looks, how to be confident to try new things, and encourage them to “own their pretty” ( The values that Too Faced tries to convey to their customers/fans is the makeup is the power that give people the ability to express themselves and have the confidence “to take over the world,” and that makeup is a mood booster and major ally, not just “a little color on your face” (

Social Media Presence Overview

The social media platforms used by Too Faced Cosmetics are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Analysis and Evaluation

Too Faced Cosmetics’ Instagram account has 9.1 million followers. The brand posts photos and videos. Too Faced Cosmetics is frequent in posting on Instagram – the brand posts everyday, sometimes even posting more than one photo or video on a given day. However, Too Faced Cosmetics does not interact with their customers/fans often on Instagram, as the brand does not write back to users’ comments often. Once in a while if Too Faced Cosmetics is tagged in a question written by a user, the brand will reply with an answer, but that seems to be the height of Too Faced Cosmetics’ interaction with users on Instagram.

Too Faced Cosmetics’ Twitter account has 559k followers. The brand posts mostly photos, with an occasional video once in a while. Too Faced Cosmetics is not as frequent in posting on Twitter – the brand posts on Twitter either a few days in a row, or every other couple of days.

Too Faced Twitter.JPGToo Faced Instagram.JPGToo Faced Facebook.JPG


Too Faced Cosmetics’ Facebook page is liked by 2,482,866 people, and the page has 2,470,607 followers. The brand posts photos and videos. The frequency of Too Faced Cosmetics’ posting on Facebook is that the brand will post a few days in a row, or every couple of days. Sometimes, Too Faced Cosmetics posts more than once on a given day.

As a whole, Too Faced Cosmetics’ social media usage is meant to promote and expand the brand to fans and followers everyone online. Too Faced Cosmetics uses social media to display their products, show people through photos and videos how amazing the makeup is, and get fans and followers to be excited about current and upcoming items.

Too Faced Cosmetics’ digital footprint is quite expansive. A basic Google search reveals Too Faced’s Twitter account, Too Faced Cosmetics’ founders’ Twitter account, Too Faced Cosmetics’ Facebook page, Too Faced’s Instagram page, articles about Too Faced Cosmetics controversies, Too Faced’s website and blog, Too Faced Cosmetics’ eye lift hack YouTube tutorial, and top Too Faced hashtags. Though Too Faced Cosmetics is highly acclaimed as a brand, it has run into controversy. For example, Too Faced Cosmetics got into a feud with a makeup artist, Jeffree Star. When Too Faced Cosmetics started promoting their “Unicorn Tears” lipsticks, Jeffree Star posted on social media that Too Faced Cosmetics had essentially stolen the idea from another makeup brand, Tarte, which had already launched their own unicorn-inspired products before Too Faced Cosmetics introduced their unicorn products ( Jeffree Star also brought light to yet another issue that would cause controversy for Too Faced Cosmetics. A YouTube beauty guru, Nikkie of the channel NikkieTutorials, created a makeup palette, “Power of Makeup,” in collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics ( On Twitter, Jeffree Star voiced that Too Faced underpaid Nikkie, as Nikkie was paid just $50,000 while Too Faced Cosmetics had made over $9 million from the palette. As far as I could tell in my research, Too Faced Cosmetics did not release a public response to either of these controversies called out by Jeffree Star. I think that while it is a good thing that Too Faced Cosmetics did not worsen the situation by “airing out” comebacks, I do think that the brand should have released some form of a neutral public statement. I think by keeping too quiet, Too Faced Cosmetics could have made the situation worse for itself, because when nothing at all is said, it can look bad or questionable in the public eye.

Commendations and Recommendations

Too Faced is indeed making the most of their social media presence, as the brand overall posts quite often on their platforms. The image that Too Faced’s overall social media presence presents to its’ audience is an eye-popping colorful, sassy, fun, and bubbly image, and the brand is doing a good job at maintaining that image, always adding new and cool visuals. I think that Too Faced Cosmetics is doing an excellent job overall at keeping their sites updated, always providing new and fresh content to engage and excite online fans everywhere. Regarding their social media use, Too Faced could improve on interacting with followers more, such as replying or just conversing with users more often. Also, while Too Faced Cosmetics does a good job in posting frequently, I do think that the brand could improve on posting every single day. I think when a couple of days go by without a new post, there is a risk of losing followers’ interests, so even just one post a day would ensure that followers stay engaged. Too Faced’s digital footprint also shows room for improvement. Their digital footprint reveals that while Too Faced is incredibly popular and very well-known and recognized, Too Faced is also a company that has run into conflict, and therefore possibly gives the company a not-so-good reputation to some people.




All images of Too Faced Cosmetics’ social media accounts are computer screenshots I took of Too Faced Cosmetics’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts on my laptop

Harry Styles Social Media Analysis 

Social Media Final: Harry StylesIntroduction: The celebrity I chose to analyze and research for this project is Harry Styles. He’s 1/4th of the band One Direction and has been in the spotlight since the age of 16 when he auditioned for the seventh season of the X- Factor in 2010. Since auditioning with “Isn’t She Lovely,” Harry had been put into a 5 person band, traveling all over the world for 6 years, selling out some of the worlds largest stadiums and arenas. Since One Direction’s hiatus at the start of 2016, Styles had been working on his first independent album self titled “Harry Styles” which was released May 12th 2017. Styles has three official and verified social media networks that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Over these three social media networks, Styles has over 66 million followers across his social media platforms. His exposure and influence continues to be impressive, understated, and lowkey however his millions of followers jump to see his social media engagements and interact with his posts. Styles has amassed such a large number of followers and likes due to the recent release of his album, partnered with 7 years in the international spotlight and 6 with One Direction. Social Media Overview: Starting off with his Facebook profile, Styles has 14,328,537 followers and 14,940,956 likes. His current profile picture is his album cover and his cover photo is a pink flower photo a part of his album artwork. On his Facebook page, Styles takes advantage of his pin feature to showcase his current released album. His Facebook page has mostly been a medium for his album promotion since March 28th. The verified page, run mostly by his team has posted updates on Styles appearances, release dates and touring dates. 16 pictures appear on his Facebook. Posts from March 28th include, notice of his appearance on Saturday Night Live, picture giving details about the release of his first single, links to his songs, a Saturday Night Live promo video, album artwork, Pre order link, videos of his performances, magazine cover picture, and notices of award nominations. His Facebook page is utilized for promotional purposes only and is new in its inception in comparison to his Instagram and Twitter pages. His Facebook page was updated twice in the month of July, 6 in the month of June and 19 times in the month of May. Note that no direct just plain text statuses were posted, all included pictures, links and video.
In the community tab on Styles’ Facebook page, many news articles tag his profile in their stories but the page itself has no direct interactions with followers, however his posts garner anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 like, love and surprised reactions.

Moving on to Styles’ Instagram account, this social media platform has a more storied history with 404 posts, 21.5 millions followers as well as the account following 193 accounts. His biography includes the link his single, and the link to his website. On March 31st Styles began posting pictures that advertised his album including 4 posts of album artwork, 2 with his touring dates and 1 with the name of the movie “Dunkirk” that he recently starred in. Harry’s Instagram account has a history of being creative as well as mysterious which keeps his followers excited for his posts. Harry’s first post to Instagram dates back to May 19th 2012 (a picture of deer) and chronicles his favorite pictures from his life on tour, his food, his friends and family, his favorite artists, aesthetically pleasing ones, ones he finds personally amusing, as well as promotional ones. In October 2014 Styles posted 47 black and white pictures in a row to February 2015. Since then, he’s posted more black and white artwork as well as his One Direction album cover and 6 blank white pictures. On average Styles posts 3-4 times a month on Instagram with some exceptions. To date his most liked Instagram post is a picture of his cut off pony tail detailing the haircut of his iconic long hair. The small amount of accounts he follows includes family and friends in his inner circle as well as brands and other celebrities he’s worked with. Moving on to Styles’ most popular and oldest social media account, Twitter. Joining in August 2010, this account has followed him through his new found fame to international stardom with fans, tweets, followers and likes along for the journey. He has 31 million followers in Twitter with 5,377 tweets with 62 likes and follows 2,044 accounts. His bio includes his website and his account is verified as well. There are 335 pictures and video on his twitter account and all his own personal tweets like always are signed H. at the end. His tweets are usually simple and short in nature and in language. Like his other social media platforms, his twitter is also used for promotional use however Styles personally runs more of his twitter account than any other network. Styles is famous on Twitter for wishing his fans happy holidays, Happy New Years, thanking them for voting and for supporting him and One Direction during every award show and remembering anniversaries in regards to his career. His tweets are quirky, and random which shows his personality despite him tweeting quite rarely in 2017. His replies and interactions on twitter have been to comment on his band mates new song and to reply to a famous writer and podcaster. in 2017, Styles has tweeted on average between 5 times and once a month and in 2016 4-5 times per month with no tweets in August, or November. If you look up Harry Styles on google, a myriad of pictures, video, social media accounts, news articles and magazines articles appear with website links to his album reviews and movie reviews. The top stories include any promising love interests on the horizon because many magazines and news articles tend to write and take an interest in his personal dating life as well. When it comes to the analysis of Styles Facebook account alone, the activities and posts are very appropriate and in accordance to his branding. They are clean, simple and not overwhelming due to how often updates and statuses are posted. His Facebook account is highly lacking in fan interactions, other than fan generated comments and reactions on posts, however the posts provide a place for fans to react. On Styles Instagram account, the activities and posts are also very appropriate and in accordance to his branding, posting and updating fans on album and appearance information in order to see the artist live and in person. Styles Instagram account showcases his personality and captures his audience and followers with his quirky posts such as his blank photos as well as his black and white colored theme. Instagram keeps fans updated on magazine cover news and displays album artwork. Commendations and Recommendations: In the past two years, Styles has cut down on posting however he still keeps his presence on the app exciting. Styles twitter account is also appropriate and in accordance to his branding once again, posting tour and album updates as well as appearance updates. Styles twitter account has served as a medium to also show case his personality to fans and interact with his millions of followers. Social media usage as a whole creates a fun, aesthetically pleasing and informative image to his audience. While I think Styles utilizes his social media accounts and all their features, I believe he and his team could definitely improve upon fan interactions and Styles could improve on that personally through the use of his twitter account. Like all over high profile celebrities, Styles’ digital footprint is scattered with many untrue articles and rumors, however companies use him to make money by telling false stories and anecdotes. All the while, Styles keeps a clean image and has learned that keeping a low profile on social media makes it more difficult for the press to pick apart any of his social media postings. Styles digital footprint paints him as a high profile celebrity that has worked on a lot of projects in their professional career and has awards and accolades to show for it. Harry Styles does well by keeping a low and drama free profile on his social media platforms as well as making meaningful tweets and posts. I recommend that him and his team allow for more fan interaction on his social media pages such as responding to fan comments. My biggest recommendation for Styles is to post a little more often on his Instagram and especially his twitter account. Fans look forward these profile updates and I feel that he should be allowed to express his personality through tweets and pictures as well as show his fans what’s on his mind more and interact with his fans and followers. Overall Harry Styles and his team appropriately update his social media platforms and keep fans in the loop. Styles has also proven himself to be fun and unproblematic on social media as well while providing funny and artistic posts for all his fans and followers across social media. 


ESPN: The World Wide Leader In Sports 

Company Name: 

ESPN, short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a very successful sports and entertainment media outlet and is considered the world wide leader in sports. For decades they have been successful in covering many sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, track and field, etc. What makes them so great is their longevity in the business and their ability to market every sport to where fans are tuning in everyday to see the latest in the sports world through many kinds of different outlets. ESPN is a billion dollar company thanks to their ratings over the years, their ability to sign TV contracts with the sports leagues bring in millions of viewers on tv every single day. They also do a great job of interacting with their fans through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. When it comes to round the clock sports coverage, ESPN is the alpha male of all sports outlets and it doesn’t look like they will dethroned anytime soon. ESPN also has many shows they air and own the rights to. Their successful TV shows include Sportscenter, Pardon The Interruption, Sports Nation, NFL live, MLB Countdown and many more. ESPN can appeal to any sports fanatic at any time nowadays thanks to social media. 

ESPN Introduction
ESPN has a great social media following on all of their platforms, they have millions of people following them and interacting with them every single day. ESPN is a company that is never closed, they are always working 24 hours a day 7 days a week reporting on all sports related news through their social media accounts. ESPN posts every single day which is one reason why they have such a great following and why they rake in millions of dollars. I’ll break down each social media platform to show exactly how they are so successful in their business. 


ESPN has a very successful twitter account they have approximately 33.3 million followers on this platform. When you pull up their profile you can see they are legit by the blue verification check mark, that’s how you know a company is really legit. Their profile picture is of their ESPN logo and cover photo is a picture of some of the athletes they cover on a daily basis. I believe what makes this platform so popular is their ability to give their followers good content to read, your not going to get many pictures on here because that is what Instagram is for. When you pull up their account you can scroll down their timeline, the posts are mainly dominated by many different articles on all the sports they cover. ESPN also likes to take polls on Twitter which is more engaging with their followers because they are asking for their inputs on what they think. They also like to post short highlight videos on the best plays in sports. ESPN also does a lot of promoting for their many types of services including live games, fantasy league, tv shows, and many other things. Their twitter following is far better than their competition for all these reasons. 


Just like their twitter account, FaceBook is verified by the blue check mark on Facebook which gives their followers that sense of legitimacy and credibility. Their profile picture and cover photo is the same as the Twitter setup (ESPN logo and a picture of the athletes they cover). ESPN also has many “likes” on FaceBook as they are over 18 million+ likes. Not quite as many followers on this platform because I believe they put more time and energy into other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Their Facebook content consists of things like articles that their followers can read, pictures of sports related things their fans can like and comment on, and short videos of highlights and tv shows they run during the day. The interaction between the company and fans isn’t all there on Facebook but the content they post makes up for the lack of direct communication which I think more people would like to see. They have the best content of any other sports media outlet. On their Facebook page you also get links to other ESPN related websites which also get a lot of traffic every single day. You can also download their app straight from the ESPN homepage which is very convenient. 


ESPN has a very well run Instagram page, they have a decent 8.3 million followers which isn’t as much as their Facebook and Twitter accounts but still has very good content that garner thousands of comments on their posts everyday. ESPN likes to hand out links to their very popular fantasy league on their Instagram home page. They have almost 11 thousand posts to date and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Their profile picture is consist with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the ESPN red logo that they are so famous for. Their content on Instagram is all visuals which is why it’s my personal favorite and they can get very creative in the things they do as far as what kind of content they can put on any particular post. These creative posts consist of content such as stats for a particular sport, shorts clips of highlights from any sport, pictures, quotes, finals scores to a variety of games, and promotion for all their services, add it all up and it makes for very good content that their followers eat up all day every day. Their posts receive hundreds of thousands of likes everyday. This account is also verfified by the blue check mark which is consistent with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their is no real direct communication from the company and its followers here either as they just constantly post good content instead. 

ESPN Digital Footprint: 

ESPN’s digital footprint says it all about them as a company. All the links that pop up are directly related to their company in a good light which is very crucial to a company’s success. They offer unlimited services that pop up on their digital footprint. Their website is the number one thing that pops up and for good reason, it’s their homepage, it’s like their twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all in one website which is why they get millions of clicks every single day. Also on their digital footprint you can find unlimited amounts of articles written by their writers which appear very frequently. YouTube is also a big part of their digital footprint because they can post videos of their tv shows and highlights from games on their YouTube channel which also has many followers and subscribers. Their Wikipedia page also pops up and gives us information about how they started up decades ago, which may or may not be true because Wikipedia can be manipulated by anyone at anytime. ESPNs digital footprint also brings us to familiar places like to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, we also get contact information in case you wanted to inquire to ESPN about anything. Their digital footprint consists of an unlimited amount of content for their fans and followers which is why they are worth so much. I believe the only things ESPN needs to do better is have better direct communication between the fans and the company, this can be simple interactions with fans over their social media profiles, the content is all their and is good but they are lacking direct communication in my opinion. 

ESPN aka the world wide leader in sports is a very good example of a successful company with a tremendous social media following thanks to their consistency and credibility. They have very good numbers across the board and seem to be getting bigger and stronger as a whole. 


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @espn

ESPN owns the rights to all pictures in this post. 




I decided to do my final project on Kylie Jenner. When I first started this class and read about the final project, I instantly knew I was going to choose her. Not only is she a celebrity but, she is only 20 years old with a very successful business named “Kylie Cosmetics”. Kylie Jenner has been on reality TV almost all of her life. Kylie and her family became well known from their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which first aired in 2007 and since then Kylie has wanted to make a name for herself and that she has done. Not only is her cosmetic line extremely successful but, she now has her own reality television show coming out this month called “Life of Kylie”. She also shares a clothing line with her sister Kendall and together they also have an online game in the app store called “Kendall and Kylie”. For my final project, I’m mainly going to focus on “Kylie Cosmetics” because as of now that is what Kylie is most successful for and promotes the most.


Kylie released her cosmetics line in June of 2016. She first started by selling “lip kits” which was a boxed package of one matte lip gloss and a lip liner for $29.00. She had a small selection of colors at first in which was always sold out within minutes of being released on her website. Fast forward a year and Kylie Cosmetics now offers a range of different colored lip glosses and different style finishes. You can get a matte lip gloss, a velvet lip gloss, or a glossy lip gloss. Along with the lip glosses, Kylie also sells eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and eye liners. Every time Kylie releases new colors – still sold out within minutes – along with the colors that are most popular that are re-released.

FullSizeRender 117

(This is a picture Kylie posted on her snap chat story today, August 1st, of all the people accessing her website to purchase the Birthday Collection)

Kylies branding of “Kylie Cosmetics” varies for each product but one thing that stays the same is “KYLIE” in all capitals on each of the boxes the products are packaged in. The lip glosses always have a pair of lips on the box and dripping off the lips is the color of the lip gloss you’ve purchased. The eye shadow packages have a set of eyes on the packaging usually in black and white with one eye winking but, I noticed that her most popular eye shadow “The Peach Palette” has a colored set of eyes with both of them wide open. The blushes and the “Kylighters” have the same dripping effect on them as the lip glosses do, in the color of the blush/highlighter you’d be getting. I think Kylie has always had the edgier personality in her family and I believe that’s the message she is trying to convey with her dripping effect.

Social Media Presence & Analysis:

Kylie Cosmetics has its own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All social media profiles are very active. Each one posts pictures, links, and launch dates of new products that are being released and old products that will be re-released.

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram is the most followed of all the social media accounts with 14 million followers. In the bio is a release date of her new Birthday Collection which says releases on August 1st (TONIGHT, if anyone is interested!) at 3pm PST. There is also a link to the website you can purchase all of Kylie’s products at which you can access HERE.The most recent postings of the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram all have to do with the Birthday Collection which I stated above. Almost every post is pink – ranging from lip gloss colors to the packaging Kylie decided to use for this collection. I noticed that for this specific collection, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram started advertising its products and release date only two weeks ago! They began with releasing just one picture on July 20th with a caption that says “SURPRISE 😛 4 days till the reveal… #KylieTurns20 #Countdown”. The picture is a little snippet of the box the collection will be packaged in with a 20 drawn out in pink glitter. Since then little by little, they advertise more of the collection each day.

Facebook is Kylie Cosmetics second most followed social media account with 3,625,060 followers and 3,624,636 likes. The Facebook page has the signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss as the profile picture. For the header of the page there is a picture of part of her Birthday Collection – a pink bag with white dripping lips on it with lip glosses, eye shadows, and make up brushes inside. In the “About” section of the Facebook, there is an e-mail address for customer service questions and there is also a link to the Kylie Cosmetics website. In my evaluation, I noticed that the most recent post on the account was a video posted today with a caption that reads “Kylie Questions”. I was intrigued to know what questions she would be answering so I decided to give the video a watch. It was a minute long video answering 2 fan questions about no other but the Kylie Birthday Collection. One of the questions in the video Kylie answered was what her inspiration for the collection was. She tells her fans that her inspiration was “a lot of pink!” Kylie states she wanted this collection to be “super girly and very fun”. The rest of the Kylie Cosmetics Facebook shares the same pictures as the Instagram account does, however, it gives the readers more visible information about what the collection will include and also some pricing.

The Twitter account may be the least followed of the social media accounts but that’s not saying too much as the account still has a high count of 569.4K followers. The header of the Twitter page has a pink background with the words “I WANT IT ALL” written in big white/sparkly writing and in smaller writing above and below the “I want it all” reads “THE BIRTHDAY COLLECTION” “LAUNCHING 8.1 AT 3PM PST”. The profile picture on the account is the same as Facebook – Kylie’s signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss. The Twitter account only follows one person – who better than Kylie Jenner’s herself. Along with Facebook and Instagram, the Kylie Cosmetics twitter account right now is all about the Birthday Collection. On the Twitter are the same posts the Facebook account has but with shorter descriptions as twitter only allows a small word count. There are many pictures and videos – each one with over 1,000 likes but as far as retweets, I noticed there are never typically more than 600. For my analysis, dug all the way back to the beginning of this year and found that her most re-tweeted post was a video from 6 days ago – which is just a little snippet of the packaging of her Birthday Collection. I also noticed that the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter has re-tweeted fans/customers and responded back to them also.

IMG_3354 3

As a whole, Kylie Cosmetics uses social media extremely well. As we all know, social media is a huge part of putting yourself and your business out there. All 3 of her social media profiles have the same branding and show case the products she is selling whether it be a new release of a product or a re-release. Kylie’s digital footprint is huge but, I believe that is because she already had a huge fan base to begin with and she also has a huge family which helps promote her products as well. Kylie uses her own social media accounts to give fans an insight of how product is used and release dates. She is always posting videos of herself on snap chat showing how she herself uses the products each day to do her own make up and she also posts re-lease dates on her own social media accounts as well. Along with her posting, as I said above her family helps her do that too. Her sisters periodically will post Instagram pictures or snap chat videos wearing Kylie’s products or showing off the products to their own fans which helps Kylie’s network grow.

Commendations and Recommendations:

I believe that over all, Kylie is doing GREAT at marketing her “Kylie Cosmetics” line. She targets her audience on each social media account by posting new pictures of products every day, sometimes even more than once or twice a day. She advertises her products on her own social media accounts by showing the viewer’s different ways of applying the make up or fun looks you can do with the make-up. She has her family marketing her product by posting pictures and videos of themselves wearing the make-up. But, the biggest one yet – after all of the posts and videos which brings the buyers in, the product line ends up being nothing short of amazing and has GREAT reviews with a B+ rating on the better business bureau website.

IMG_3372 3

One thing Kylie may want to do differently is spread more awareness to the company’s Twitter account as it has the lowest amount of followers. I think if she posted in the “About” section of Kylie Cosmetics Facebook account the links to her Twitter and Instagram it may help bring attention and more followers to those accounts. I think Kylie also mentioned her company’s Twitter account more on her own personal social media accounts It would also bring more awareness to it.

I really don’t think Kylie could do much of anything to improve her digital footprint. What works to Kylie’s advantage (besides her money and social status) is her age. She is a 20 year old girl who knows that social media is a big part of marketing in today’s world. She knows her audience, which is a huge part of her success. She has clean images of the products she advertises and she also has a personal brand that is well known in the make-up world. I personally give Kylie an A+ on not only her product but her marketing strategy, also.

For more information on Kylie herself you can visit her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Blog. You can also purchase her Kylie Cosmetics make-up line online only at

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