Eminem: Is His Social Media Game On Point?


About Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem, is an immensely popular, talented, and successful rap artist. In fact, he’s the best-selling recording artist in his genre, with it having said that he has sold over 47.4 million albums of his discography in the United States alone. He has also won many different awards for his music, including 15 Grammys and an Oscar for Best Original Song.

The main thing Eminem has to retain his celebrity status is his music, particularly in the form of full-length albums. There doesn’t appear to by any underlying or overarching message with his musical output, he simply tries to release the best product he can each time out, like most artists do. That mostly sums up his brand: he’s an artist, an “emcee”, and he always tries to come through with the best rhymes he can.

Social Media Presence Overview

To this day, Eminem has a handful of social media platforms that he uses, such as:

 Analysis & Evaluation



Currently, Eminem has over 89 million likes on Facebook. The bulk of his posts on there are photos and videos, often with enough text for detail. They’re usually posted as promotion for an upcoming project, like his upcoming studio album Revival, or when he’s about to make an appearance somewhere, like when he announced that he would be there for the 2017 Hip Hop Awards. Developments about Revival have made up the majority of the recent posts on Eminem’s Facebook page, most notably the album cover, the track listing, and a video for the Beyonce-assisted lead single, Walk On Water.

Eminem generally doesn’t update his page if he doesn’t have anything to promote or sell, so fans can as long as even a couple of weeks to a month before finding a new post. But when he does have something he finds worth sharing, he’ll usually make a post about it, maybe even more than once over the course of a couple of days. He also almost never responds to the many people who leave comments on his page, with the exception of the one time he held a Q&A to help promote his then-latest album, 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (that Q&A has apparently since been deleted, but you can find screenshots here.)



As of now, Eminem has just under 22 million followers on Twitter. The content is very similar to that of his Facebook page, a solid mixture of photos, videos, and text. Once again, the tweets are mostly self-promotional, and it never seems like Eminem uses Twitter for personal reasons, interactions with others, or even to get a feel of what’s going on in the world of that site.

Eminem does have a pinned tweet that is largely emblematic of what many of his tweets consist of: In it, he has a link to a couple of pre-order bundle options for his Revival album. Some come with an Eminem t-shirt or hoodie, while more expensive ones include limited edition dog tags or a steel print of the lyrics to his Walk On Water single, or both.

Again, Eminem almost responds to anyone on Twitter, especially when there doesn’t seem to be any means to an end. The only times has ever responded to anyone in recent years was part of a Q&A he did on Twitter to draw attention to the movie Southpaw, who soundtrack Eminem executive-produced as well as contributed a number of songs to. He has also never followed anybody in the eight years he’s had an account, as well as never liked anyone else tweets before.

The frequency of Eminem tweeting depends on whether or not he wants to sell or promote something he’s done or is affiliated with. If there is something, like a new song or album, he’ll tweet as often as every couple of days. But if not, you in all likelihood won’t be hearing from him for some time.



Eminem’s YouTube channel has over 24 million subscribers. His channel mostly comprises of music videos for songs he’s released as singles in the past, but also includes lyric videos, live performances of certain songs, and even behind-the-scenes looks at certain music videos. Since Eminem is expected to release a new album on December 17th of this year, it’s expected that more videos of these kinds will show up on his account in the near future.

One of his videos, a music video for his hit song Love The Way You Lie, is currently the 34th highest viewed video on YouTube at over 1.4 billion views. One factor could be how long the video has stayed up, but this can largely be attributed to how successful the song was at the time the video was released.



Eminem has gained over 16.3 million followers on Instagram since he signed up for an account four years ago. Most of the posts here are videos and photos, and the majority of them are self-promotional in some form, whether it be his own music, a song or album he appears on, or just an artist he has signed to his label, Shady Records. However, there are some photos where Eminem is seen hanging around other rappers he respects, like a photo he took with Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar, both of whom are tagged in the post (or at least, you can see tags for both of them when you click on the picture.)

Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones

A post shared by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on

Eminem currently doesn’t follow anybody on Instagram, and there is no evidence of him even responding to any of the thousands of comments left on his posts. The closest thing to him making any interactions is the couple of times he reposted someone else’s posts.



Eminem joined Tumblr around the last few months of 2013, presumably to help promote his The Marshall Mathers LP 2 album. There is currently no way to tell how many followers he has. Likewise, none of the Tumblr posts provide a concrete date or time for when they were posted, so there is unfortunately no way to tell how frequently Eminem updates his page. Like most of the other social media platforms he uses, his Tumblr page mostly consists of photos and videos, only there doesn’t seem to be any text written anywhere.

One way Eminem’s Tumblr differs from the other websites is that it doesn’t necessarily come off as solely self-promotional. He will “reblog” other videos and pictures that his followers send to him, assuming they have the slightest similarity to him, or he’ll just post it himself and give credit to whoever submitted it to him, such as this picture of him dressed like The Flash. This is also the bulk of his interactions with followers. Considering that there aren’t any posts on his account that relate to Revival, it could be assumed that his Tumblr page hasn’t been properly updated in a while.

Summation of My Analysis

Most of these social media pages appear to have the primary purpose of selling fans and followers on whatever is the most recent project, commercial or otherwise, that Eminem is working on. On top of that, a lot of the individual posts are similar – if not the same – to what he had already posted on a couple of the other sites, particularly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Meaning if he had already tweeted about something, there’s a good chance it’s already on Facebook or Instagram. Eminem’s main social media audience appears to be those who are already fans of his work, so all the posts about his upcoming projects and the like may be enough for them.

Eminem’s Digital Footprint

If you do a Google search of Eminem, the first hit you’d see would a link to his official website, Eminem.com. Then you will see his Twitter page and his Wikipedia page. In fact, most of the rest of the first half of the first page’s hits are some of his social media pages. You’ll find his Facebook page, his Instagram page, his YouTube channel, a YouTube link to his most recently-released song, Untouchable. This is followed by a link to his Genius profile, an interview he did with Rolling Stone seven years ago, a more recent interview that was conducted by his friend Elton John, and an article about the ostensibly tragic past of his ex-wife and his daughter.

Other than the very last one, these hits are all great results for someone who wants to know more about who Eminem is or what he is known for, especially the Wikipedia page. There’s also a link to “Top Stories” about Eminem, which are more recent articles regarding him. They probably won’t fully inform any newcomers about the first thing about Eminem, but it might give them more insight into what he may be up to, currently.

Ultimately, if Eminem wanted his digital footprint to remind other people searching for of his career and reputation as a successful rap artist, this initial Google search would get the job done. People would see how many followers and fans he has on the multiple social media pages that are shown, as well as the awards and platinum-certifcations his Wikipedia page states his music has earned.

Commendations and Suggestions

One thing that can be respected about Eminem’s approach to social media is how straightforward and and unambiguous everything is. The focus is primarily on informing anyone viewing any of his platforms on what he’s promoting, and for the most part that goal is accomplished. Those methods don’t seem to stop him from selling what he wants, so it would be understandable as to why he wouldn’t want to make any changes in how he goes about things.

But it’s still possible for Eminem to be doing more to utilize his social media presence. While he can’t be faulted for wanting to live a more private life, it couldn’t be too hard for him to take at least a few minutes out of his day to personally reply to some of his legions of fans. This would cast him in a more personable light, and his feed would appear less robotic and wouldn’t read like there’s somebody doing his social media work for him. Maybe he could set up Q&A’s on Facebook and Twitter more frequently for more visibility, and not just when he needs to promote something. Also, it wouldn’t hurt Eminem to consider trying his hand at a broader range of social media sites, like Pinterest. He may not think it would make a big difference to join those sites, but every little bit helps and there’s always the chance he can get more fans to invest in his work.

If I were Eminem, I’d simply do more of everything on social media. I’d set up #TBT (or “Throwback Thursday”) photos every week on Instagram, set up polls on Twitter for get a feel of what his followers like, and generally use social media to open up and what he’s like. That’s not to say he should be overtly personal. As for his digital footprint, there doesn’t seem to be many contradictions to what he stands for, but it can be improved making sure people with any relation to him doesn’t get any unnecessary exposure of their own, like his daughter and ex-wife in that aforementioned article. If he keeps the focus on himself, finds the right balance of opening up and not going overboard, and goes above and beyond on social media instead of doing just enough, both his social media presence and the digital footprint he leaves behind should be in good hands.












Credit for the picture of Eminem’s Facebook page goes to The Social Media Today

Credit for featured image of Eminem goes to facebook.com/Eminem

Credit for Eminem image for About Eminem goes to Chicago Now


Nikki Bella- Case Study #4

Heather DeMeo
November 6, 2017
Social Media
Case Study #4

Facebook likes: 7,775,642

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BellaTwins?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
Followers: 3.36 million
Following: 838
Number of Tweets: 23.1 thousand
Date Joined: November 2008

Followers: 6.5 million
Following: 343
Posts: 5,228

Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler for the WWE. I’ve been watching her since 2012, she debuted with her sister Brie Bella in 2008. On her Facebook page she talks about her journey through Dancing with the Stars, and what it’s done for her/taught her. She did extremely well on the show. I was actually really impressed with how well she danced, all I’ve ever watched is her wrestling which is what she’s really good at. Unfortunately, she got voted off the show last week, but one of the videos she posted most recently she announced she’s coming back for the finale for one last dance. She also talks about her YouTube channel and her two reality TV shows; Total Diva’s and Total Bella’s. In case you don’t know about what these shows are about; Total Divas is about all the girls in the locker room that have an agreement basically with the WWE to be on the reality series, they talk more in depth about their lives and it shows them with their families and such. They also talk about their careers and what the company has done for them with championship matches. This season of Total Divas goes into details about the first ever ladder match for TLC for the woman’s division. Total Bella’s on the other hand is a spin-off of Total Diva’s but based off The Bella Twins they call themselves in the WWE, so Nikki and Brie Bella. Her page has pictures and videos, not so much links to articles. I want to say it’s her page but it also could be the company’s Facebook page for her. I don’t see any posts that she’s liked. From looking at her page I don’t see anything I think needs improvement, I liked how well she engaged in her audience and did live Q&A’s with what she calls her Bella Army! She had all positive feedback from all the audience.

On her Twitter page, she talks about the same thing as her Facebook page. She talks about her launch of her sister and hers new clothing line called BirdieBee. An hour ago she posted something about taking a Salsa Dance class because she loves dancing so much. She shares her Twitter account with her sister Brie, if Nikki posts she signs the post with the letter “N” at the end. Their profile picture is of the both of them, and their cover photo a picture of their Youtube channel and them saying thanks for all the subscribers! The bio talks about what they do and gives there Instagram name. The most popular tweets are the ones she posts about Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). On their twitter page they do the same thing as facebook with the Q&As with their Bella Army and interact with them and answer questions, positive feedback.

Nikki’s Instagram profile is based off WWE, her clothing brand, her fiancé John Cena, and her family. Her profile picture is a picture of herself, her bio is the same as twitter. She includes that she is the longest reigning divas champion. Her most popular photos are with John Cena. I think even though she does interact with her audience maybe do it more, answer people’s comments rather than wait for a Q&A. Her Bella Army loves her and are huge fans, they always say how much they love her. The audience does participate, her top 5 pictures have a lot of likes ranging between 33,000-150,000.

Stephen King’s Social Media Accounts

For my celebrity, I am going with Stephen King, since I am a big fan of his work and know he is very active on social media.

Image result for stephen king

When visiting his Facebook page, the first thing that stands out is his cover photo. It is a promotional picture for his latest book, Sleeping Beauties. Whether it was his idea or not, it is a great marketing scheme. Not only is it an interesting photo, it is the first thing you see when you visit his page and informs you about his new book. His profile photo is a picture of himself, holding a guitar. I remember as a kid I always thought since King is a horror writer; he’d be some creepy looking, overweight man with black eyes and a wart on his face. But then when I saw him for the first time, my first thought was “He looks like a Who!” So now that is still one of the first things I think whenever I see him. He doesn’t look like the kind of person who would write scary stories. But he is always scowling, to make himself more intimidating. My guess is he is a holding a guitar in this photo to show he was other interests outside of writing.

King has an ongoing joke where he refers to his dog as “Molly, AKA the Thing of Evil” When in a reality she is a harmless little corgi. He’ll share statuses or pictures of her with some sort of comedic caption, such as stating her hero is his character Pennywise the Dancing Clown or that she is planning an evil rampage. It’s a fun way for him to share personal things about his dog while sticking to his horror trope but also having some fun with it.

Both of King’s sons, Owen King and Joe Hill, are writers too. On his Facebook page, he recently has been sharing articles, photos, and statuses about their work. Again, it is a clever tactic, because this way he gets to share how proud he is of his sons while also promoting them. King will also share articles about his work or interviews he’s done. His has a very engaging audience as well. Unlike other Facebook pages, he does not have people try to sell something or tagging their friends in the comments sections. They are a lot of fans responding to whatever the post he made. There are also people simply talking about how much they enjoy his work. Overall, King’s Facebook page is mostly for promotion with a hint of personal things, and lots of engagement with his fanbase.


King’s Twitter page is a whole other story. He has 4.1 million followers on there, despite his profile being somewhat bland. He has no cover photo, a simple headshot for his profile picture, and his bio simply says “Author”.  Like on Facebook, he shares tweets and photos of Molly AKA the Thing of Evil, but other than that, the content is completely different. Here, King shares his personal thoughts, many of which are about politics or the Red Sox. There are two things one can very clearly learn about him just by reading his tweets; he loves the Red Sox and hates Donald Trump. King constantly tweets insult or complaints about Trump that for a brief amount of time, Trump actually blocked him! King also retweets others who share his views on politics and addresses current events.

There are still some promotional tweets thrown in there. They must be copy and pasted from his Facebook page though because many of them are reiterated word for word. King does, however, retweet some more original posts for promotion as well, such as tweets about his sons’ work or his books that were recently made into a movie or show.

Checking his “Replies” section, he also does respond to some of his fans’ tweets to him or other celebrities like JK Rowling. It is refreshing to see him interact one on one with some of his fans. With the number of followers he has, he obviously can’t reply to every single person who tweets him. But it is still nice to see him take some time to try and respond with a few of them. In conclusion, King’s Twitter is a lot more personal than his Facebook page. And he certainly has a lot to say about Trump.

Image result for stephen king


King’s Instagram seems to be his least used social media page. He has the same profile picture as he does for Facebook, and only follows one account; the page for the most recent adaption of his novel It. Here, he only has 739k followers as compared to the millions on Twitter. His bio reads “The international best-selling author’s official Instagram” and has a link to his website. King only has 46 photos on his profile. And there are big gaps between when he posts. His first handfuls of pictures are from 2013 when he was on tour for his book, Doctor Sleep. Then there’s more from 2014 to promote Revival. King didn’t post anything for nearly three years until August 25, when he shared a Molly AKA the Thing of Evil photo. Other than that, many of his pictures are promoting something. Whether it is his sons’ work, the show based on his trilogy Mr. Mercedes, or his latest book, he does not seem to use this account as often.


King uses his social media pages for marketing very well. On Facebook, his has a good mix of promotional and personal, Twitter is mostly personal, and Instagram mostly promotional. My guess is he has the most control of his Twitter, while his other pages are helped run by publicists and managers. Overall, he is using social media very well and also lets fans know more about him on a personal level.

Friends – Greatest Show Ever Made

Friends is one of my all time favorite shows. I watch this show every night. It is a classic the jokes never get old. Everyday that I watch it I laugh like it is my first time watching the show. It is hard to say which character is my favorite because Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Racheal and Phoebe are all amazing and funny characters. Chandler by far is my favorite character he has the best lines. His character is so sarcastic and so funny. Although his sarcasm most of the time he manages to get his foot in his mouth. As he says so many times he uses his humor as a dense mechanism. There are SO many good and funny Chandler moments that it makes it so hard to pick just one favorite. I can’t even pick a favorite episode they are all classics. Monica is my favorite girl character of the show because she is so crazy and I love it. You could only imagine how happy I am that my two favorite characters end up getting married. They are perfect for each other and are definitely relationship goals. There are so many sweet moments between them from even before they started their romanic relationship. Although I do have to say that one of my favorite moments between Monica and Chandler is in season 7 episode 6, The One with the Napping Partners, I’ll link a clip to the scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVkaOm6MSbk). This scene is so cute it really shows how much Chandler loves Monica for who she is and not just for how she looks. Even though their love started as a secret it grow into something so beautiful.



Case Study #1


The former “Glee” star, and Big Sean’s ex-fiancé, Naya Rivera was arrested on Saturday after an altercation with her husband of three years, Ryan Dorsey. A police deputy responded to a call for a domestic violence complaint at a residence in Chesapeake, West Virginia on Saturday. Dorsey told police Rivera struck him in the head and face, and his bottom lip while they were on a walk with their 2-year-old son. Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office told PEOPLE that they won’t be releasing details of the incident besides what is in the charging document, but did say the couple were arguing over their child. Dorsey managed to capture video of the attack, and he showed deputies a video made during the incident. The officers saw small injuries that support Dorsey’s claim which reportedly led to Rivera’s arrest around 9:30 p.m. Rivera was arraigned and released on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond.

Soon after Big Sean’s ex-fiancé was arrested and charged, he logged onto Twitter and tweeted a video which seemingly held the purpose of commenting on the situation without really saying anything. Big Sean and Naya Rivera dated back in 2013 and became engaged six months after them getting together and soon after released a statement calling off their wedding. Big Sean didn’t tag or mention Naya Rivera, but people were quick to put two and two together and realize the meme was directed towards Rivera. In the video, a girl is saying “I told ya’ll nigg*s. I told ya’ll nigg*s. Ya’ll thought I was playing but I told ya’ll nigg*s.”

A lot of users were quick to react, replying and sharing their own memes.Some people came to Big Sean’s defense and laughed about the tweet while others criticized him for being shady and commenting.

 Ethical Concerns

The problem Big Sean posting this video and throwing shade towards his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera is that he isn’t keeping his emotions in check and is publicly shaming. His reaction makes him look petty and less than courteous. Then again it is not like this isn’t expected because of the song he released after their breakup called “I.D.F.W.U.” It’s believed that he took shots at Rivera in the song and was basically saying he wasn’t afraid to say how he felt about someone. The video goes hand in hand with a line from his song “I.D.F.W.U.” which said, “dodged a bullet from a crazy b*tch.” Some people did not take too well to his reaction, and it comes off as insecure and petty.


There was no response from Big Sean regarding his reaction to his ex-fiancés arrest. He did not own his mistake or make any comment about the situation and so I can’t say whether not he had a professional and/or acceptable response. To make things better, Big Sean could have definitely avoided saying or posting anything about Naya Rivera’s arrest to avoid the mixed reactions that he got from fans. His reaction seemed petty and immature, and even though Naya Rivera is in the wrong it is not his place to have this petty reaction. It is always a good idea to watch what you post online and keep your emotions in check.


In conclusion, I think it would be best to avoid commenting at all, even if Big Sean didn’t directly mention Naya Rivera because people could infer that he is directing it at her. It makes him seem insecure in his relationship with Jhene Aiko because it seems as though he is still worried about Naya Rivera, and it also seems insecure. At the same time, saying that Big Sean should be silent about domestic abuse is unfair. Women can be dangerous and abusive like men, and Naya Rivera’s actions should not be downplayed. Abuse is abuse no matter the gender and regardless of how anyone feels about the situation and Big Sean’s reaction, assault is a serious matter. Big Sean could have reacted differently and replied in a more professional way than the petty “I told you so” video. I would advise others in this situation, to have a more professional response and comment to the situation in support of male victims of assault.

“College Football Kingdom” Analysis


I chose to analyze the blog that a friend of mine runs. As an aspiring sportswriter, he writes about college football on his blog, collegefootballkingdom.com. His name is Evan Rose and the title of the blog is “College Football Kingdom”. This blog is where he offers his predictions about the upcoming college football games, as well as analyzes the games from the previous week and gives his opinion on what happened.



The blog is laid out nicely. It is simple, being only one page that you scroll down. The newest posts from the most recent weeks are at the top, and the older posts from earlier in the season can be read as you scroll further down the blog. Every week, he posts a chart of the upcoming games for the week. In the charts, he includes who is playing in each game and his prediction on who will win each game, along with what he thinks the final score of the game will be.


The header of the blog is located right at the top in bold, clearly stating what the title of the blog is. Right underneath it says, “predictions and analysis for the 2017-2018 season”, leaving no confusion to what the blog is about and what you will be reading. There are titles to each blog post that are also big and in bold so you can clearly tell what week you are looking at. The fact that all the posts are in order from most recent to the original posts make it fairly easy to not get lost. As soon as you get on to the page there is a large picture of a football field with a tiger eye in the middle. The picture is bright, colorful, and very appealing to look at. It looks professionally taken, giving the view the impression that the blog will be credible and interesting.


When you get to the top of the blog there is an “About Evan” section on the right-hand part of the screen. This tells you about the author and gives background information about his life. This section includes the fact that he is studying to become a sportswriter and hopes this blog will attract a following. This is good to see right away because you know right away this is not a professional looking to make money, so not to believe exactly everything he says but also to know he is passionate about what he is talking about.


One thing the blog does seem to struggle with is there is not much of a menu, the top right hand corner of the page has only two options. One says “home” and that just reloads the page to the home page where you just were. The other says “contact” and opens up an email to the author so you can write to him. I think it would be more effective if there were options to view some of his older pieces or view more material other than just this season’s work.


The blog also contains some social media links to the authors accounts. Both to his Twitter account and his Instagram account. That is a good thing because if you like his content, there are more ways to interact with him and keep up with his work. However, the location of these links are less than ideal. They are all the way at the bottom of the page below every single one of his posts. It takes a lot of scrolling to get to the links, and not everyone who visits the blog will scroll all the way down to the bottom.


Some of the more popular posts on the site are the charts that he produces every week with the predictions about the games coming up that weekend. However, there does not seem to be much interaction with the author by the readers although there is a comment button right next to the post. More viewer interaction would help the readers get in touch and build a stronger bond with the author. The author does not encourage people to subscribe to the blog or follow it in any way, he simply asks they come back each week. This could be part of that problem as people may forget and not be able to receive any reminder.



This blog seems to be well laid out for the most part. It is easy to navigate, and contains a lot of information that someone who is into sports would really enjoy to read. The blog is visually attractive and easy to interact on if someone were to want to. There are several recommendations that I would make to the author such as adding more of a menu, relocate the social media links, and look for a way to encourage more viewer interactions. I think this blog is a great read for people who are interested in college football, and a good place for them to see who won each game. If the blog had more interaction, I think the author and readers could form a great bond over their love for college football.


The Disney Chef is a blogger about all things Disney but mostly about the food found at Disney Resorts. The Blog is written by a woman named Jerusha and she loves Disney so much that she wants to share it with others. Her blog address is http://www.thedisneychef.com/. If your a huge Disney fan like me that has withdrawls from the moment you leave the resort then she is a must read. Her blog will give you a little piece of what you are longing for.
When you log onto The Disney Chef you will instantly see fan favorites from Disney. If you are truly a fan you will instantly notice the brightly colored Tie Die Cheesecake from the Pop Century Resort or the fabulous, can’t live without, Dole Whip from the Magic Kingdom. The pictures alone draw you into the blog so if you are note familiar with the images I described don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean. They will make you want to take a vacation immediately.
As you continue on you have a chance to read about the author, Jerusha. You will learn that she loves Disney World and has visited there at least 13 times. No where near the 40+ times I have visited in my short life span but impressive none the less. She explains that so far she has over 200 Disney recipes and millions of views. It is clearly her passion and it shows throughout her blog.
Jerusha is married with small children and she is excited to share her love of all things Disney with them. She shares that her favorite rides include The Haunted Mansion and Soarin (two of my favorites as well) and that her love of running has spurred her into running Disney marathons. Her favorite Disney move is The Little Mermaid and Ariel is her favorite princess.
Next on her blog is a recipe index and a tab with vacation tips. Her recipes include Mickey Waffles and Chocolate Peanut butter Sandwiches. Two items that you would love to make over and over once you have returned home from your vacation. Travel tips include the Ten Best Ways to Spend Snack Credits (included with the Disney Dining Plan) to a review of Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The resort features many large icons from the second half of the 20th century that spark the imagination of the child inside each one of us.
Although the blog has many followers there doesn’t seem to be a lot of responses to the posts themselves. They are however Pinned and re-Tweeted hundreds of times. This leads me to believe that others, like me, just go to the blog to grab recipes or see what new items Jerusha has published and not so much to interact. The blog is a great source of information.
As previously mentioned, the photos on the blog are amazing, especially if your a Disney Foodie like me. The colors are rich and the depth of the photos make the food look amazing. And although the pictures may make the food look difficult to prepare the recipes are certainly easy and explained. They make you want to run to the kitchen to start cooking (or take a trip to Disney World if you’re like me!).
In analyzing  The Disney Chef blog I didn’t find too much that I would change. I think that the depth of her blogs and her supporting pictures are excellent. I think that she hits a home run when it comes to reaching those that love Disney World Food and the experiences that come with it. The only thing that I think that she could do a better job at is reaching out to people that may not know that Disney is great place for a foodie. Maybe she could explain a little more about the food so that she would make these readers appreciate the food as much as us Disney fans. Over all I think that she does a fantastic job.
Now, if after reading my last blog and this, you don’t realize that I am a Disney FANATIC, then you probably never will. Happy Eating!!

Image result for mickey mouse waffle images

Image result for dole whip image