California 2018

   This past March, I had finally visited California for the first time. For most of my life I had wondered what it was like to experience one of the most talked about states. The pictures attached are of Laguna Beach. I could not believe how beautiful this site was in person and it was … Continue reading California 2018


Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel, whose real name is is Brian Firkus, is drag queen, country signer-songwriter, comedian, t.v. personality and youtube from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is currently living in Los Anglos, California. Trixie is most commonly known for appearing on season 7 and all stars 3 of Rupaul’s Drag Race and now tours her music and comedy … Continue reading Trixie Mattel

Case Study 4: Wendy’s

Overview Wendy's the American Fast Food chain, holds a very unique spot in social media. They have 8.5 Million people who like their Facebook, which they post mostly promotional pictures and occasionally ask for people to send them a message if they have a problem. Their Instagram is very similar, albeit quieter. With 725 thousand … Continue reading Case Study 4: Wendy’s