Case Study #3 Chris Hardwick






Chris Hardwick is a stand-up comedian as well as the creator of the Nerdist Network. He is the host of the Nerdist podcast where he interviews actors, musicians, and various celebrities along with his part-time co-hosts Matt Mira and Jonah Ray. He is also the host of shows such as @Midnight on Comedy Central, NBC’s The Wall, Talking with Chris Hardwick on AMC along with many after show talk shows on AMC like Talking Dead. Chris is a self-described “nerd” and much of his material is devoted to talking about things like comic books, Star Wars, video games, etc. He has been in the business since the mid-nineties when he got his start hosting the MTV dating game show Singled Out.


  • # of Facebook likes= 345,222
  • Facebook URL=
  • # of Twitter followers= 2.99M
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity follows: 793
  • # of Tweets= 38.4K
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter= July 2008
  • Twitter username= @hardwick
  • Instagram Username=hardwick
  • # of Instagram followers= 1.4m
  • # of Instagram users the celebrity follows= 56
  • # of Instagram posts= 1,664


Facebook Analysis: 



When you go to Chris’ Facebook page, you can see instantly that he is into geek/nerd culture. The above picture is his Profile Picture and his cover image is a picture of him standing in the middle of a bunch of people wearing Batman ’66 masks.

In his About section, his lists his interests as being “salt and vinegar chips, lasers, and narcissism.” His contact information lists his email as, his web address as, and his twitter/Instagram account names (listed above). His affiliations are with Nerdist, Comedy Central, AMC, NBC, and the Rebel Alliance. Oddly, under the “about” tab it just says “It’s Official” whatever that means. Under “awards” it says “I have a f@#$%ing Emmy! Also my mom says I’m cool.” His gender is listed as Male and his occupation as Comedian.



His most popular recent timeline post is a post of a picture of a conversation between him and his wife, Lydia Hearst, with the caption “Just some sexting with the wife. Try not to get too turned on everyone! #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender” which is a reference to the costume he is wearing from the movie Galaxy Quest. The post has 5.1K likes, has been shared 64 times and has over 130 comments. This seems to be more than usual for him which is normally around 2k likes, around 10 – 20 shares, and 100 or so comments. When it comes to commenting, Chris does not seem to really interact with his fans outside of his initial post.

Most of Chris’ posts contain pictures, but there are a few that contain videos, such as a live Q&A and behind the scenes, self-filmed videos from his shows. There are not really any posts that link to outside articles as most of the posts are either pictures or videos of Hardwick or promotions for his various shows.

The page also likes Facebook pages such as Nerdist, @midnight, WIRED magazine, Comedy Central, and the Walking Dead among many others.

The page seems to be a great way to keep up with Chris as he seems to post a lot of content in a very fun way. I think it is mostly Chris himself who posts on this Facebook but some of the post could absolutely be done by his publicist/management team. That being said, it would be nice if he responded to some of his followers but I totally understand why he rarely, if ever, does.


Twitter Analysis: 


The above image is Chris’ Twitter profile picture. Yes, that is actually what it looks like, the file did not get corrupted or anything like that. His banner image is a still from the credits of the movie Young Frankenstein which says “Starring Gene Wilder.”

Chris’ bio states that he is a “Stand-upper, Zombie, Therapist, Ball Dropper, Ravenclaw, @Nerdist inventor, and POINTS giver.” His location is listed as Lawss Angleez. It also has a link to his Instagram, shows that he has 1.06M Vine Loops and that he joined in 2008.

Chris tweets seem to be the same exact things that he posts on Facebook. The difference is that on Twitter, Chris is much more active. On Twitter, Chris is very active in replying to things that he tweets as well as responding to things that are tweeted at him. I think a large part of this is that his job hosting @midnight on Comedy Central is very Twitter-centric so he seems to spend most of his time using this social media platform. It is not unusual to be retweeted by Hardwick whereas on his Facebook profile he will not respond. This shows that he is obviously the person in control of his own Twitter account. When it comes to his Twitter, Chris seems to have it down to a science. There is not much here that can be improved upon.

Instagram Analysis:


To be honest, this is the most bare bones of all of Chris Hardwick’s social media accounts. His bio is simplyWatch Danger & Eggs cartoon goodness right now!” Everything that he posts on Instagram are the exact same things he posts on his other platforms, but there are actually less posts on this page than the others. A lot of posts that are on Twitter and Facebook do not show up on Instagram at all. He also does not seem to interact with anyone on this platform, much like his Facebook page. It is a very minimal Instagram profile and could use a bit more T.L.C. I have a feeling he does not really post on this platform and that of all of his social media sites, this is the one most likely run by his management/publicist.


Chris is obviously best at using his Twitter account. It seems that he uses this to promote his brand the most as well as interact with his fan-base the most. He does rarely interact on Facebook and he never seems to interact much on Instagram. Due to this, his Twitter is absolutely the most appealing site for him. This is where you actually have a chance to interact with the man and get the most information about his projects/stand-up tours. It seems the most relaxed out of the bunch and the most welcoming compared to his standard Facebook page and cold/bare Instagram page. So, I would say if you really want to engage with all that is Chris Hardwick, go to his Twitter page!

Final Project – Chris Pratt

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.32.23 PM.png

Chris Pratt is an American born actor known for his humor, even in his more serious roles. He has starred in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, The Magnificent Seven, and the TV show Parks and Recreation. He is more of new comer to acting, considering his first leading role in a movie wasn’t till 2014. However, he has become influential very quickly, and even was put on Time’s list for 100 most influential people in 2015. Chris is married to fellow comedic actress, Anna Farris, and together they have one kid. He uses social media as a big way to connect and reach out to his fans, promote his own and his wife’s new work coming out, and talk about and share his fitness.

Social Media Presence Overview:


  • Facebook name – Chris Pratt
  • Number of likes – 3,683,583


  • Username – prattprattpratt
  • Number of followers – 13.2 million
  • Number of people he follows – 137
  • Numbers of posts – 298


  • Username – @prattprattpratt
  • Number of followers – 4.4 million
  • Number of people he follows – 373
  • Number of tweets – 3.3 thousand

Analysis and Evaluation:

Twitter – Twitter is Chris Pratt’s most used social media as you can see with an incredible 3.3 thousand tweets. It is not his most popular social media, however he still has a very large following consisting of 4.4 million fans. Chris uses his Twitter for many different things, but I think the biggest differences between his Twitter and his other social media accounts is how much more he connects with his fans. He has a lot more tweets which gives him more opportunities to talk with his fans, and connect with them. He also recently has been participating in an event to raise money for charity where the winners will get to meet him on the set of where they are filming the new Jurassic World. Chris also uses Twitter to promote any of his new movies, or his wife and any of her work. He retweets a ton of what his wife posts and makes sure to try to hype up any of her new work just as much as his own, maybe even more. Chris uses twitter to also talk about his favorite sports teams. Since he grew up in Washington he is an avid Seahawks fan. He many time during the football year will tweet about the Seahawks and any big games they have going on. The biggest difference about Chris’ twitter and the rest of his social media, is he uses social media for more spur of the moment thoughts. A lot of time his tweets are not as planned out as his Facebook, or Instagram posts. This allows him to use twitter to keep in contact and joke more with his friends, fans, and family.

Instagram – Instagram is Chris Pratt’s most popular social media source. He has a massive following with 13.2 million people, which allows him to connect with 3 times the amount of people he can through Twitter. On Instagram Chriss gives his followers more of a look into his social life. He posts pictures of what he is doing right now, so his followers can see what hes doing, unlike in Twitter when they only read about his day to day life. For example, some of his most recent post’s include pictures of him on the beautiful set of the new Jurassic World. He also posts pictures from his recent adventures when he traveled to China. Even though Chris doesn’t have as many jokes on his Instagram as he does on his Twitter, he is still able to showcase his humor through his use of funny captions and hash tags. However, unlike Twitter he is able to post many funny videos to Instagram that many of his fans enjoy. Like his snack time with Chris Pratt videos where he shows himself eating a healthy snack and having to give up a snack he loves because of his diet for his fitness and movie roles. He also shows many videos of behind the scenes looks at the filming for his new movies. This provides fans with the sneak peaks they are looking for about these upcoming films. Chris also gets anywhere from about 500,000 to 2 million likes on his videos or pictures on average. This is a very large number, especially when compared to his other social media accounts, but then again he has 3 times the followers on Instagram so it makes sense.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.36.22 PM.png

Facebook – His Facebook is basically filled with all the same content his Instagram has. He posts about the same time for both, while using Twitter the most. The only real difference with his Instagram and Facebook account is that they are on different social media sights. He posts the same things on both sights to try to stay connected with all his fans, for he knows not everyone who has Facebook has Instagram, and vice versa, even though there is a lot of overlap. Like his other accounts, his Facebook posts videos and pictures along with captions and messages that allow him to connect and reach out to his fans in variety of ways. It also allows him to be able to promote his new work coming out and letting fans of his know when his new films will be releasing. He has many posts where he tries to raise awareness for things that matter to him, showing that he not only uses his fame and popularity for his own promotion, but to try to shed light on movements that he thinks are important as well.

Social Media Usage as a Whole – I would say that Chris Pratt uses all of his social media accounts very effectively. He stays engaged with his fans, and keeps them informed about when his new works are coming out. He does a good job at building uo the hype and excitement for his new movies by showing pictures of the characters in costumes or behind the scenes looks. He is also a very big advocate for raising awareness for worthy causes. He believes in using his popularity to help others. His social media accounts are also full of his fitness for any of his fans that want to become more active and change the way they look, like he has. He is very successful at uses social media and this shows with his large following on each site.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.27.24 PM.png

Digital Footprint – After researching and looking up Chris Pratt’s on Google, I realized that he is a very down to earth guy who is very popular on these sights. He has a great sense of humor, and brings a lot of laughs to his followers, while also being a respecting and caring indivual. He promotes and tries to gain attention for many movements considering to push for closed captioning on social media videos for the hearing impaired. This came after Chris called for his followers to turn up the volume for his video’s instead of relying on subtitles. However, he recently later realized that this was insensitive to his hearing impaired fans. He then went above and beyond and learned sign language to create an apology video to his followers. Chris also has done the 22 push up challenge to raise awareness for veteran suicide, he honored fallen soldiers by doing the MURPH challenge on memorial day, and many other movements to raise awareness. Another big thing about Chris Pratt’s digital footprint is his commitment to fitness. He has many videos he has posted about his workouts and his diet plans that he undertakes in order to stay in top physical condition. This is because earlier in his career he fluctuated a lot with his weight. Finally, when searching Chris Pratt you not only find out about his movies, but his humor as well. You see funny tweets he has posted, or skits he has done on late night TV showing why fans are so quick to fall in love with the guy.

Commendations and Recommendations:

Chris Pratt is doing a lot of things well on social media. The first and biggest thing for an actor is that he keeps in touch with his fans. Chris does an excellent job with that, and with his humor he keeps his fans constantly following his posts, and liking his content. He also does a great job at using his popularity to promote his work, or other that he is excited about. Chris also does a phenomenal job at being a stand up guy. As I talked about before, he uses his social media presence to encourage and make many movements popular that raise awareness for good causes. One impressive thing that he does is continuing to appear humble on social media. He has a good balance of down to earth posts along with his fitness posts. If someone posts too much about their fitness or in the wrong way, it can come off as bragging. However, he does a good job at balancing to give him a positive image. Other than that I have no recommendations for Chris. He is doing a great job at managing his social media, and he should keep on doing what he’s doing.



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Case Study #3 – Social Media Usage

I have chosen to look at the social media pages of the celebrity Miley Cyrus, who is a 24 year oldsinger and actress. Cyrus’ Facebook page, which has 46,163,516 likes, can be found at Cyrus’ Twitter username is @MileyCyrus, and she has 34million Twitter followers. Additionally, Cyrus follows 372 people on Twitter. Cyrus joined Twitter inMarch 2011, and has made 8,642 tweets. On Instagram, Cyrus’ username is “mileycyrus,” and she has69.5 million followers. Cyrus also follows 510 people, and she has made 6,356 posts.
For her Facebook page, Cyrus’s profile picture is a headshot of her from a photoshoot for Bazaar magazine. Her cover photo is a photo of her lying in the grass, and the cover photo has text saying thather new song, “Inspired” is out now. Information included under the “about” tab are Cyrus’s birth date,her website, her music genre, her hometown, her biography, her gender, and her current location.Cyrus’s posts always contains pictures, and sometimes videos. Usually if Cyrus is interviewed for anarticle, she will provide a link to it in her posts. The audience interaction on Cyrus’ Facebook wall is a considerably active one. With Cyrus’s five most recent Facebook posts, there are thousands ofcomments, both negative and positive.
Cyrus’ Twitter profile picture and banner image are the same images as her profile picture andcover photo on Facebook, respectively. Cyrus’s bio reads, “#Inspired – out now! iTunes – Spotify –” Cyrus’s tweets always contains pictures, andsometimes videos. Cyrus’s tweets are mostly written by herself, although occasionally she has retweeted somebody else’s tweet. Usually Cyrus retweets something neutral, or positive-toned, such as a link to an article she was interviewed for. The audience interaction is somewhat strong – hundreds to thousands of people retweet Cyrus’s tweets, and Cyrus’s tweets always gets lots of comments.

Connor Mcgregor

Connor McGregor is one of my all time favorite fighters and from his first fight in the UFC I knew he was going to be big. He is really one of the most cocky people In the world and has talked his way into fighting Money Mayweather from living in the basement of his girlfriends parents house less than 10 years ago. He has 5,908,502 followers likes on Facebook and most of his posts are shared off of Instagram. While he only follows 450, he has over 15 MILLION followers and 1153 posts. His most recent picture has over 1million likes. Connors twitter is all about him which is funny because he has a bigger ego than Kanye West. Like Instagram, he follows 500 people and has over 4.5 million followers. Connor started from the bottom and worked hard to achieve a career in the UFC. At one point in his life he was collecting welfare from the government. A buddy introduced him to MMA and fell in love with the sport. Today Connors net worth is over 35 million and is only going up. He is set to make atleast $50 Million in his upcoming fight against Mayweather and will be set for life. Could you imagine making that much money to dance around a boxing ring for a few rounds. No matter how the fight goes, even if he loses, he’s still winning big time. All of his social media names are @TheNotoriousMMA

His Facebook profile picture is him holding one of his UFC title belts and his headliner is a picture of him with his nickname “The Notorious”. All of his recent posts are of him promoting the upcoming fight between him and Mayweather. This fight is going to be the biggest fighting event in boxing history. He has a ton of comments on every post mostly positive but a few negative ones slip in once in a while. He does not respond to a lot of things just posts a lot. In his about me section, he has a short biography about his fighting career and all of his achievements. Today is actually his birthday. He is also the first Irish fighter to hold two consecutive belts in different divisions. his five recent posts he has anywhere from 50k to 200k likes and thousands of comments. Connor is 100% irish and hails from Dublin.

Connors twitter picture and headline is of him holding both of his UFC title belts and celebrating with the crowd. His bio reads, “Two division UFC World Champion. Two division Cage Warriors World Champion. Making history EVERYDAY!!”. He dosent retweet often, but when he does its usually an article or picture including him in the headline. He has just over 6,000 tweets and joined in 2011. Just like with Facebook, he does not communicate much at all on social media unless is is talking to a really big celebrity. All of his social media accounts seem to be linked because all of the same photos are on there but there is a few different ones on each platform.

Connor seems to like Instagram the most, having over 1,100 posts mostly all about himself per usual. He’s posted over 30 times in the last 5 days and isn’t slowing down with the posts. His bio contains his website and bio reads “The face of the fight game”. His most liked photos and videos are of him either knocking someone out, having one of his belts, or recently him and Floyd Mayweather.

I think Instagram is his best social media account simply because all he does is post photos and what better of a site to do it on than Instagram. I assume because he’s always busy and so famous he docent really communicate with fans but interacts with all of us by posting multiple times a day. Connor is a legend working his way from the streets to making millions in one fight and showed us all how fast life can turn around for someone. This fight with Mayweather is on pace to be the biggest fight in history and the price to see it is $90 which is a lot for a fight. most people are going to have parties and split the cost of the event. Like I said before, no matter who loses this fight both of them still win because they’re pocketing over 50 million. Both of them are most likely going to retire and never fight again.

Facebook. Instagram twitter




highlight video

Case study #3 Amory Willcox- Ariana Grande

I chose to analyze Ariana Grande’s social media presence because, as you might already know, I am obsessed with her. She is one of the most followed celebrities on the internet, her  instagram having 110 million followers while she follows a mere 1371 accounts. She has posted 3224 times on instagram, keeping her followers happy with content. Her Facebook page with 33.5 million likes and twitter account with 48.5 million followers are also popular. She joined twitter in april of 2009 and follows 65.7 million accounts.

Ariana Grande’s social media presence is dominated by instagram, by far. Her facebook is mostly an advertising platform. Most of her facebook posts are actually just links to her instagram posts. She also shares her music there. She posts previews of songs and music videos. She also has videos displaying her tour dates. Because Facebook pages can be geared toward businesses and now are individualized for the businesses needs, there is a tab called “tour dates” and another called “events.” Her Facebook is mostly advertisement, and not much artistic expression. I would say that her facebook is not very “good” because most of the content on it exists elsewhere as well. Mostly everything is reposted from instagram or youtube. There is no interaction from the page with her fans. All of the comments are amazingly positive, which is not surprising because she has the best fans. Many things could be improved on her page, one being making it a little more personal. It would be fun to see posts that followers knew were posted personally by her.

Ariana’s twitter presence is decent. I would say it is better than her facebook, but not as good as her instagram. Just like her Facebook page, it is mostly a display of her instagram posts. I’m sure her instagram is connected to both her instagram and facebook, and are set up in a way so that when she posts on instagram, they instantly get linked on her twitter and facebook. Ariana has a bit more of a personal presence on twitter, compared to facebook. She posts small messages like “i love you.” They are rare, but they get so many retweets and responses. Obviously twitter is a platform where audience interaction is quite easy. She doesn’t really respond to her fans, but I think everyone understands that, because she is so popular.

I assume Ariana’s instagram page is managed by both her and various managers. I guess this because she posts alot. It doesn’t surprise me that instagram is her most popular platform because she is so beautiful. Because instagram is so focused on pictures and things that are pleasing to the eye, Ariana Grande thrives here. In my opinion, (and the opinion of 110 million others), Ariana has a great instagram feed. Most of the posts are pictures or videos of her shows. She is currently on tour, singing her Dangerous Woman album. She also, on occasion, posts about human rights, and things like the Black Lives Matter campaign. Almost two months ago, there was a massive bombing at one of her concerts. The show was in Manchester, England, and less than two weeks later she was back in the city for a concert celebrating love and unity. Since the bombing, her social media posts have been a bit different. Before, they were all completely carefree, and if anything, a bit sassy. Since then, almost every picture has a caption that includes something about love. She has also posted in response to a recent judge ruling concerning the unfair taking of a black mans life. Immediately following the bombing, she posted a long, impressive response about her feelings and it was quite intimate. Another big draw to her in general, and something that she doesn’t hide on instagram is her support of same sex love and marriage. Her brother is gay, so this topic is quite close to her heart.

I’d say that Ariana’s “political” posts are a big attraction to her in general. I’m not even sure “political” is the correct word for what she stands for, because it is truly more just “basic human rights” she is fighting for. Those posts also make her page more personal. As a fan I can tell 100% that she personally posts those specific images and words, which is quite attractive. As a fan, I want to get as close as possible to knowing her personally. In this way, her instagram is quite successful.

I still have somehow not mentioned Ariana’s unbelievably good looks, which absolutely contributes to what makes her instagram so successful. Instagram is “superficial” simply because of how visual it is. She posts pictures not only of her on stage on her dangerous woman tour, but also simple selfies of her in bed. She also posts pictures of her doing “normal people things” like going out to dinner and hanging with her boyfriend. All of these posts make her that much more relatable and awesome.

Ariana’s instagram is awesome, and I believe it is a big part of her fame. Her beauty, political involvement, and chill, relatable posts all contribute to this fact. Also, knowing that the posts come directly from her is a very attractive to her fans. Her Facebook and twitter could be improved on, but I have a feeling she doesn’t need my advice, (lol). For now, I’ll continue to enjoy her instagram. She is my most “searched” account on instagram and I hope she keeps posting!


Case Study #3 – The Young Bucks


The Young Bucks are the professional wrestling tag team of real life brothers Matt and Nick Jackson, and they have tremendous social media presence. The success they’ve had in professional wrestling is owed as much to their social media prowess as it is to their superkicks.

Their Facebook page is at, and they have 54,741 likes. On Instagram, Matt is @mattjacksonyb. He has 1,625 posts, 125K followers, and follows 216 users. Nick is @nickjacksonyb, and he has 1,426 posts, 109K followers, and follows 284 users.

Matt and Nick have separate Twitter accounts. Matt is @MattJackson13, and Nick is @NickJacksonYB, and both their display names are “The Young Bucks.” Matt has 178,000 Twitter followers, follows 754 users, and has 19.4K tweets. Nick has 167,000 followers, follows 593 users, and has 16.5 tweets. Matt joined Twitter first in April 2009, and Nick followed soon after in July 2009.



The Young Bucks profile picture on Facebook is a photo of Nick and Matt flexing in their matching entrance gear: custom printed tights and jackets covered in a pattern of their own faces and with tassels on the arms and boots. It’s intentionally garish. The cover photo is their finishing move – the “Meltzer Driver.” The finishing move was named tongue-in-cheek after influential wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

The About Page includes their email, their Instagram and Twitter accounts, and a link to their website They list their affiliated promotions and factions, including that they are the Elite members of popular faction The Bullet Club. Their bio is simply “we’re a real life brother tag team that travels the world to wrestle.”

Most of the content are photos, and they post videos from their YouTube series “Being the Elite.” Being the Elite is a hybrid show that is part road diary/part comedy series where they tell ongoing stories with the other Bullet Club members. It’s an example of how pro wrestling blends fantasy and reality, and it also is a way for them to tell a story across all the different wrestling promotions they work with. Without YouTube, all of the catchphrases and memes the Young Bucks have popularized may have never taken off.

Many of these episodes are centered around their social media celebrity, such as a recent episode where they promised to release Kenny Omega’s private Twitter DMs if they hit 100,000 YouTube subscriptions while Kenny is uncomfortable with the exposure (parodying some recent WWE controversies).

Popular posts are photos with fellow Bullet Club/Elite member Kenny Omega (an incredibly popular wrestler with New Japan) or posts about their recent deal to sell Bullet Club shirts at Hot Topic stores. A photo of the Young Bucks reclaiming the ROH Tag Team titles received 3.3K likes and is one of their most popular posts.

Tag Titles

Their posts gets dozens of comments with fans leaving praise, posting fan art, and sharing selfies they got with the Young Bucks at local shows. Matt and Nick will answer questions about merch availability or when they will return to a town. The comments are overwhelmingly positive. Surprising, because wrestling fans can be real jerks sometimes.


MattYB Twitter

Matt and Nick’s Twitter profile and cover photos are similar – the profile is a shot of them individually, and the cover photos are of them together, although Nick’s cover photo includes Bullet Club Elite leader Kenny Omega. Both their bios mention they are wrestlers and Bullet Club Elite members. They include links to Facebook and their website.

The Young Bucks shine on Twitter. They frequently engage in Twitter chats with other wrestlers that build and continue storylines. This is vital for independent wrestlers who are not on cable TV every week.

One of Matt’s most popular tweets says “I’m a YouTube character 1st, Wrestler 2nd. Get it right. Wait. T-shirt Salesmen 2nd, Wrestler 3rd. Wait.” This may be a popular tweet because it recognizes how important social media is to their success. They aren’t necessarily the best wrestlers (subjective art form), but they draw a crowd, get clicks, and make money.

Another of their most recently popular tweets is a GIF of an extreme Meltzer Driver they performed in honor of Dave Meltzer’s father who had passed. GIFs perform well for them because they show off bite sized clips of their matches in an easily digestible and shareable format.

Most tweets are original. They retweet each other and the other Bullet Club members, but they favor quote retweeting over replies to display comments to their audience. They tweet 3-5 times a day, usually to comment on something in the wrestling industry, promote merch, or discuss the latest “Being the Elite” episode. Their dominant tone is humor.

They answer practically any question posed to them (especially if it is “where can I buy your shirts?”), and join many conversations that tag them.

Comments on Twitter are a little more negative than Facebook. More traditional pro wrestling fans think the Young Bucks are “killing the business” by not taking the art of wrestling seriously enough and doing too much comedy and acrobatics

Recently, they have extra heat from fans of the WWE tag team The Revival after the Young Bucks and former-WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes started an “F the Revival” meme (#FTR). The Revival’s slogan is “No Flips, Just Fists,” which is surely a reference to the type of wrestling traditional fans would prefer. This makes them a perfect feud for an indie team like the Bucks. Twitter gives the opportunity for these two tag teams to interact with each other in a way that WWE would never allow otherwise.



Matt and Nick’s Instagram profile pics are shots of them in ring. Matt’s profile links to their website, while Nick’s links to his Twitter account. Both bios state that they are husbands, fathers, and pro wrestlers.

They post the usual photos from their matches, merchandise photos, and “Being the Elite” screencaps. However, they also post a lot of pictures of their wives and children, which are barely mentioned on Twitter or Facebook. I suspect they see Twitter as a way to be in character and Instagram as a way to be themselves.

Many of the photos with their kids are taken while they are shopping. It’s interesting that these photos are in mundane moments, and I wonder if they document these times because they learned to appreciate the small moments since they are on the road so often. The image they present on Instagram is that they caring fathers who love spending time with their family, which fits their image as a team of brothers.

One adorable Instagram post is Nick’s daughter performing a superkick, It’s too sweet!

All their posts have very high like and comment activity from their audience. Their Instagram posts also tend to have between 5,000 to 10,000 likes. Twitter likes were not often more than 1,000, so it’s interesting to see how Instagram’s engagement operates in such a markedly different way, especially since there are fewer followers on Instagram.


While Instagram leads in raw “likes per post,” The Young Bucks connect with the fans best through Twitter. They chat with their fans, it’s the best place to see when they will be performing next or catch highlights. It’s also a way to follow their “fiction” when you can watch their real time interactions with other wrestlers.

The Young Bucks are an example of how social media can be used to circumvent the barriers of an old industry to make a name and a career. Many wrestlers have followed their lead, and a rich social media reputation can lead to bigger opportunities when fans demand their local promotion give them the chance to see the latest trending wrestler with their own eyes.


Case Study 3: Social Media Analysis of Selena Gomez


Recently, Selena Gomez has garnered a lot of attention from her role as a producer in the TV series, 13 Reasons Why. As someone who follows her music and career, I decided to look at her social media use and interactions. Her Twitter and Instagram handles are both @selenagomez, while her Facebook is url is /selena. She has over 61 million likes and nearly 60 million followers on her Facebook account.

She joined Twitter in March of 2009 and has gained nearly 49 million followers while only following 1,200 people. Over the course of the last 8 years, she has tweeted 4,237 times and has liked 163 tweets. Her presence on Instagram has earned her 123 million followers. She follows 271 individuals and has posted 1,340 times!  Her social media use is extremely impressive!



Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.34.31 PM

Her Facebook profile picture and cover picture are very similar. Both are part of the advertising and media campaign for her single “Fetish” featuring Gucci Mane. This image use immediately informs the viewer about the projects that she is working on. Her about tab further provides information about her music accomplishments and links to her website. Everything on this section helps promote the music, collaborations and other work that she has done. She also highlights members of her band in the section of her bio.

All her posts include some media aspect. Some of them have videos and some of them have pictures. By using media in all her posts, she draws us in visually and verbally to her content. Her last few posts had engagement over 100K and a mixed number of comments. Due to the nature of fame, she has both negative and positive comments. In my initial search, I found that most of them were positive. I couldn’t find any pages that she liked on Facebook.


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.34.09 PMHer Twitter account uses the same profile and background picture as her Facebook profile. This shows uniformity across her social media platforms. Her following on Twitter is slightly lower than her Facebook likes and just a fraction of her Instagram followers. Her use of Twitter varies a little from her use of Facebook just due to the nature of the platform. Most of her tweets and retweets are ones that have some type of media content. Just browsing through the feed, most of them are retweets of other companies and other accounts that promote her. She also tweets out content about her upcoming projects and music.

She has some audience interaction, most of the interaction occurs in fans liking her posts or retweeting her. She has retweeted and liked tweets where people and fans that are promoting her products or content. Overall, her bio on Twitter is a lot shorter than her bio on Facebook. The bio here gives links to her newest song and shows where she is from, Los Angeles. Much like the mix of comments on her Facebook, she receives both positive and negative comments and tweets from individuals.


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.34.40 PM

Selena’s Instagram is the most popular account that she uses. Much like her other accounts, her profile picture is the same as Facebook and Twitter. Her bio here is the link to her latest music release. Most recently, she has been posting videos that are part of her newest music release. They have all gotten more than 3 million videos each. The most popular of her last 5 posts received 9.9 million likes. Almost all of her posts recently have been related to music releases, as this has been her most recent project. The use of videos helps capture the attention of individuals on Instagram since they pause to watch the video, thus better digesting the information that they are looking at. In my use of Instagram, I find that I spend more time looking at videos than I do at still photos. She doesn’t really interact with fans on Instagram as much as Twitter. I find that it is hard to pinpoint a celebrities interactions as there is no way to track the history of a specific account that you are following. Overall, I think her use of Instagram is extremely successful due to her commitment to utilizing eye-catching material and media.


Selena’s use of social media is uniform across the board. She utilizes the same picture and background in all her accounts, allowing her to better control the way individuals view her across all the platforms. There is no confusion about who the focus is in all the accounts. However, her Instagram account has captured the most attention of the 3 platforms. She has the most interaction with fans on Twitter, however, I believe that her Instagram account is most appealing. She posts media in almost every tweet and Facebook post, therefore, Instagram curates it all into one easy place. This platform allows for the best utilization of pictures and video – something that Selena Gomez shares a lot of.