Battle Driven


Battle Driven – David Kim

A blog mainly focusing on the photography of race cars in California.

You can visit the blog here.

Another blog similar to my introductory post but more centered around Southern California rather than international coverage. David doesn’t cover car shows instead he is the media photographer of Vtec Club in California. I came across this blog when I asked my boyfriend what blogs he frequents the most this being the second one. This blog is about David’s ventures and coverage of  race events that Vtec Club hosts. He captures the cars and the people at each event.


The layout of the blog is very minimal, it just says “Blog” at the top followed by posts. His header is at the bottom followed by his drop-down menus where he sells his pictures in prints to those that would like to purchase. In his “About Me” there isn’t anything just “About Me coming soon”. He does have his social media and contact information available for anyone who is interested in. Pressing “Home” takes you to a front page where he showcases a slideshow of his work.

David’s blog isn’t very popular when it comes to interactions being that his fan base is comprised of people attending the events. An already small group of people in comparison to car enthusiasts as a whole. There are only a few likes and comments here and there but his content is nearly endless. Hundreds of pictures of each car racing up the track, in corners, and overall fascinating coverage of all the cars attending the event. All images are his own and are watermarked with his own logo. One of his more popular posts which had a good amount of comments from owners of the cars respectively, was “FIT to Race” oriented around the small economy car Honda made, the Honda FIT, when modified properly can be a fun nimble car on the track despite the lack in power. You can find that post here. David isn’t one to push people to subscribe, I think he posts his work up for those who attend events and want professional photos of their cars. He enjoys taking pictures and showcasing each car respectively. He even encourages people to download the pictures whichever their favorites are.

Audience participation although already addressed is quite minimal. The age of the blog is very young, about a year old. Within that time David has posted over hundreds of photos covering  multiple events. One of his more popular posts which was “FIT to Race”  received 2 likes and 3 comments. Although the response from readers aren’t high  I’m pretty sure the amount of visits the blog gets is high in number. The titles of the blog posts aren’t traditionally compelling, but from a car enthusiast standpoint “Super Lap Battle 2016” is compelling enough, seeing the coverage of that event is always great.

As always there is always something to improve. I think David could make navigation the site and going through previous blog posts easier. When visiting the blog page it only shows the 9 most recent posts and if you want to see older ones you have to click on the oldest post on the page and go back one by one at the bottom of the post. Personally, his content makes up for it. He provides download links to full resolution quality of each picture from the posts.


I think David’s blog is great with high quality content. He doesn’t really type much he really lets thee pictures do the talking, After all a picture is worth a thousand words. He can improve on the navigation I think someone visiting for thee first time would only think he has 9 posts. Albeit it took me a while to figure how to see the older posts they didn’t lack in quality. I think he could describe the day and talk about each car individually and how they performed for that event it would be nice. Giving more insight to how the cars perform rather than just seeing stills of each car. It is nice to look at, but it would be nicer to know if a specific car had a podium finish or if a car had some troubles during the day but still came out with a good lap time. His Instagram entails most of his words, he posts some of his favorite stills and talks about them on there. I think David’s blog is doing very well for being only a year old, and his content just keeps getting better and better. Although he can do something a little better they’re more technical than relating to the quality of his posts. David has done a great job in covering each Vtec Club event even some non Vtec Club events.

Here are some of his pictures.



“Enjoy life and live the Adventure”

Quote by Louis Cole

     Your twenties are the prime age for experiencing life. Whether that means traveling, finding yourself, meeting new people or trying something different, living your best life should begin now. With balancing a minimum wage job and going to school, my days off used to consist of never leaving my bedroom. You can say that my social life was pretty nonexistent. A 21 year old college student with no social life? Something wasn’t adding up. Thankfully, after limiting my online shopping addiction, the only thing that was able to add up was money! This meant that the days of watching other people live their lives (while trying to live vicariously through their Instagram posts) were over! Or at least toned down quite a bit.

     Once I turned 21 earlier this year, I knew that something had to change. I needed excitement in my life, I needed to be spontaneous and start living. I mean, life is too short to be trying to live someone else’s life. This meant that I needed to tone down on binge watching Youtube and Netflix. Although it was hard, I think what inspired me the most was seeing all these video influencers documenting their life and travels. In particular, videos of people around my age experiencing the world made me want to do the same. I stumbled upon this video and listened to her personal experience abroad. Not only did I attempt to journal because of it, I also realized there was a world out there waiting to be explored and experiences out there to help shape us as a person. Continue reading ““Enjoy life and live the Adventure””

Case Study #3: Blog Analysis


Travel with Nano B. (  is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog written by Nano. Travel with Nano B was launched in 2015, and averages more than 150,000 annual views, with the majority of her audience being in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom. Nano, a 32 year old woman living in Tokyo, is a freelance writer, photographer, and photo consultant, while also working full time. Nano also sometimes contribute to the travel column on the Huffington Post, as well as a few other Japanese blogs.


The layout of the blog is very simple, which makes navigating very easy. The homepage is black with gray lettering, which makes the picture heavy home page pop with the variety of colors.The photography used is outstanding, as the author takes her own pictures. Food, flowers, and tons of different travel pictures make up most of the home page. There is also a disclaimer on her website saying: “I strive to provide only truthful reviews. Unless specifically stated, none of the posts are sponsored or solicited. All opinions, texts and pictures are my own and are provided for informational purposes only. I will not be liable for any errors or damages by making use of this information. Should you want to use any content, please ask for permission first and give credit if permission is granted. © Travel With Nano B. 2017”, which shows she really cares, and enjoys what she writes, and what she does.

There are seven headings at the top, which break down into subheadings. The headings are: “Home”, “About Me”, “Destinations”, “Luxury Dining”, “Lifestyle”, “Contact/Work with Me”, and “My Travel & Photography Service”. You can either click on the heading itself, and it brings you to the main page for the heading, or you can highlight over the heading, and a drop down menu will come up with other subheadings. Each post itself is presented so well. A big title with a nice title picture, a long with multiple well written paragraphs and a ton of spectacular photography.

The author, Nano B, has three social media accounts connected on the bottom of the page; a twitter account, a facebook account, and an instagram account. Also, on the top of the home page, there are quick links for Nano’s twitter, instagram, facebook, pintrest, and tumblr, as well as a search bar which makes navigating that much faster, if you are searching for something specific.

The “about me” page is very in depth about her life. From the beginning, up until now, going over a lot of different details. It gives a good base on who Nano is as a person, and why she does, what she does. She was born in Georgia, no not the state, the country, which is located along the black sea. She talks about her interests, her husband, among with other things.


The content on this blog, is one of the best I’ve seen. All posts grab your attention on the home page, with a nice title, and a fantastic picture. The pictures used look professionally taken, and the best thing is they are taken by Nano herself. When you select a specific blog, they have multiple individuals images, along with the featured image used for the heading. Each page also gives you direct access to share the page/post on either twitter, facebook, or pintrest and also give you the opportunity to email or print out.

Under the heading “My Travel & Photography Service”, Nano offers her travel and photography services for a price. She offers a “Japan Travel Consultation Package” where she goes over and answers any question you have about your trip to Japan, for a $50 fee. She offers a “Bespoke Japan Itinerary Package” where she will plan your entire trip to Japan for you, for a price of $30 per day planned. The last package she offers is the “Tokyo & Kamakura Private Guided Tour” where she will take you around on a tour of up to six hours long, fully customized for your interests, and also ten copies of professional photos, taken by Nano herself, for a price of $350, with a $50 non refundable deposit.


This blog does everything well. There really isn’t anything I would improve, and it is clear as it is working for nano. With 150,000 annual page views, 1,400 likes on facebook, 18,300 followers on instagram, and 1,500 followers on twitter, this blog is clearly doing very well. The more Nano can travel to different places, the more content she would be able to post, making more people visit her page and expand her audience.

Ayesha Curry Blog

Cooking & Family Blog by Ayesha Curry

Overview Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 11.20.17 PM.png

Ayesha Curry: Where Pure + Premi-Yum Live. ( is a website/Blog written by Ayesha Curry herself. This blog is written to provide tips, videos and blogs about cooking, family & more. Ayesha Curry is a Mother of two, Wife of NBA player Steph Curry, author of her cook book “The Seasoned Life”, chef & all around loving person started this blog in 2017 after launching her cookbook. She wanted a way to be able to use this blog to interact with her fans and share all her secret recipes.

Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 11.20.38 PM


The layout to Ayesha Curry’s: Where Pure + Premi-Yum Live blog is pretty straight foreword. It’s not like the typical blog with a header and tons of works describing what is going on. instead it is very easy going. It’s got a picture of her and a link to all her social media accounts to help you “stay up to date”. It’s got tabs at the top that you can do things like watch videos of her cooking and videos of her family, recipes, all the way to bring about to purchase her cook book and cooking ware.

The blog has soft and creamy colors that makes it easy to read and stay focused while also in a way, making you a little hungry. Haha I know how crazy that sounds but I cant help it! When you slide down you can see a quotes from her.

With motherhood as my muse and faith by my side, those moments of family together time in the kitchen is where my balance begins, where we can all just be.

A video plays instantly in the background of her cutting up vegetables and gets you to want to watch the whole thing. The farther down you go you get more personal with her cook book, her up to date on her family life, her organization she is starting and even being able to subscribe and follow her. She keeps the website so simple with the top/Header of the blog matching exactly with the bottom/Footer.



The the Watch tab of Ayesha’s blog it is a link to her YouTube channel. Here is where you can find tons of videos that give you a little look into her life and what makes her happy. Here are 3 examples of different videos she has.

  1. Little Light of Mine Channel– This is where she posts or food recipes and cooking videos of foods from her cook book and also recipes from your everyday food that can be turned into a full course meal.
  2. Live Q&A: Ayesha likes to get personal with her fans. Every so often she likes to go live and answer any questions her fans may ask from her food recipes, her family and tips about everyday life.
  3. Fitness: Along with eating right comes being able to stay in shape to balance her busy life and schedule. She is just like every typical mother who has a lot on her plate and it is hard to stay in shape. but she teaches you little things that you can do to stay in shape even if you only like out 20 minutes each day.


Under the Taste section she has all these videos for just about everything you can thing of.

  • Videos of easy to make recipes.
  • Food Decorations for the Holidays
  • Food Giveaways
  • Special Recipes
  • Why She Gives back
  • Diy Face masks and more


The Read section to the blog is what I believe to be the biggest part of the blog. I think this because she uses this section to write her reviews of different ideas that she or others have come up with. She also tries new products and gives her reviews on them as well. In this part you are able to share your own thoughts and comments. She even allows you to share your recipes and she chooses one every so often to actually make and do a review on it. I think it is a cool way for people to interact with her and feel like its more than just a blog and shes just like the rest of us.

She does tend to like to promote her page and get people to like and subscribe and follow her on her other social media posts where she posts more often. Also things like subscribing to her youtube channel where her videos get put on first and she does live Q&A from questions that people ask her on Twitter and other sites.


I think as a beginner to the whole blogging world I Think Ayesha Curry is doing an amazing job. She is able to post tons of videos and recipes and give an inside to her life. She is very interactive with her fans and makes people feel apart of her life and that they can eat a good meal for a low budget.

What I think she lacks is that I feel everything is in  video form. When she does write on the blog it is very small and straight forward. She is more of a video blogger. I also wish for videos she would post videos of other people doing her recipes and their reviews on them. Overall I love to watch her videos because she has grown through time and you can tell in her videos.



Rihanna! Taking Over the Makeup industry?

When I first heard about Rihanna’s makeup line coming out I was ecstatic! Rihanna, the fashion icon, singer, and actor? I knew 100% that I would make sure I would get my hands on at least one of her products. I (guiltily) ended up spending around $130 on her products even after I said I’d only get one.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty caters to a large amount of people with different skin tones and undertones. As a women of color she understands the struggle of limited makeup selections and committed her brand to diversity and inclusiveness.

The foundation comes in a # of shades from pale paper white skin tones, to the deepest shade of chocolate.

It’s believed that companies don’t typically cater to different skin tones because they believe they’ll profit more off lighter skin tones, but with the release of Fenty Beauty, this belief was proved incorrect. Black women, and deeper skin tones are a great market and makeup companies cannot ignore this!


The foundation shades managed to sell out in online Sephora stores. This is important because it sends out a message to other brand that they need to step up their game. After the release of Fenty Beauty and the positive reaction the line received for the large selection of foundation shades (40 shades) with more to come, companies attempted to compensate and remind people that their companies also have a large range of foundation shades.

Makeup Forever is an example of one of these brands and Rihanna went so far as to comment saying their shades are “still ashy.” I’ve purchased a Makeup Forever foundation before, and I’ll say this quietly, but I have to agree with Rihanna on the ashiness!

Before buying my foundation I made sure to watch plenty of Youtube videos and reviews on the foundation. My favorite beauty influencer, Jackie Aina, did a full review on all the Fenty Beauty products. She gives a very honest review with some entertainment so if you were interested on learning about the products she is a great person to watch! You can watch the video here: 

Here is the link of Rihanna commenting on Makeup Forever’s Instagram post:

The Best TV Show – The Office (U.S.)

The Office (U.S.) is the American version of the far worse, The Office (U.K), which was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The Office (U.S.) ran on NBC for 9 seasons from 2005 to 2013. The Office is set at Dunder-Mifflin, a paper company in Scranton, PA. The show style is certainly unique. It is filmed as a parody documentary where there is a crew filming all the drama, laughs, and everything that happens in your average office space. Every so many scenes, they would cut to an employee in the conference room, in an interview type recording, and they say a quirky, or hilarious comment about what is happening. Surprisingly, a show about a documentary being filmed in an average office, makes for great television.

The Office is one of the most quotable television shows ever. From the crude humor, to the stupid comments and the snarky remarks, The Office was built to entertain. The everlasting feud between Jim Halpert, and Dwight Schrute, two salesman at Dunder-Mifflin, might just be the funniest part of the entire show. The constant bickering, and pranking between the two never gets stale. Although there were hundreds of pranks pulled, below are the top 10 pranks on The Office, according to

The best thing about The Office, aside from the pranks, is how easy it is to connect and relate to the characters, not only the main characters, but the minor characters too. You have Michael, the boss who tries way too hard to be your friend, is not very intellegent and doesn’t do his job. Dwight, the coworker who takes his job way too seriously and is constantly brown nosing the boss. Jim, who doesn’t take his job seriously enough, and is constantly messing around. Stanley, the grumpy coworker who only comes in, does their job, and leaves. Creed, the coworker that no one has any idea of what they do. Toby, the awkward human resources rep who everyone hates and sucks the life out of everything. The constant messing around, the friendships, the hatred, the office romances and the drama of the workplace makes the show that much more enjoyable to watch. The Office is, by far, the best TV show ever made. If you disagree or have never seen the show, I seriously recommend watching it on Netflix, and rethink your opinion.

The official website of The Office:

Concerts & Vacation!

Hello Everyone – Welcome to my FIRST ever blog post!

A lot of people ask what I do for fun when I am not working or going to school 24/7 and the truth is I LOVE to go to concerts and travel anywhere I can.

In 2016 alone, I went to over 8 concerts. Concerts in small venues like House of Blues all the way to concerts at the TD Garden. I saw people like Kanye West, Jay Z, J Cole, Drake, Young Thug, Travis Scott, A Boogie Wit the Hoodie and so many more.  I like to travel but between work, school and concerts I realized I didn’t have enough time. So i came up with this insane idea of combing the two and WOW it was brilliant.

You got that right, I was that insane person who paid $475 to go to Coachella. In fact I already bought my tickets for next year that is how amazing it was. It was my first time flying and my first time going to California. Coachella is only 3 days long but i went 4 days earlier to get the full Cali experience. We did everything from going to the Santa Monica Pierre, to In & Out and the typical Celebrity House Tour.

Here is a clip of Coachella and what its all about. Click Here.

I not only go to listen to the amazing artists but to see and meet new people and just live life. I already have planned for next year that for Coachella 2018 I want to go to Vegas but its the BIG 2 1 for me! I also just last month when to New York/Philly for a festival and was able to even meet one The Migos! Here are some pictures of my Cali trip. Its one place I cant wait to go back too!

IF you don’t believe my story of how amazing the experience was with the food, atmosphere, and weather, then check out this amazing site that explains why YOU should go to Coachella next year and not just because Queen Bey will be there. What are you waiting for? I’ll see you there!