Case Study #2

images   Steven Kubitza is a blogger for the Cleveland Browns and posts on DPD or I Clicked on one of his blog links and as soon as I clicked on it a few video adds popped up on the side and I turned my volume completely off. As I was reading the article, the title and header stood out in big bold letters and his twitter handle appears next to his name. Also next to his name there’s signs that say tweet and share article. Scrolling down I noticed a few picture and video links about his articles. His about me section is really short and doesn’t give much information other than his name. a few of his posts have comments but no real conversation’s going on in them. One positive thing I have to say is how well the website is set up. It is really easy for me to navigate throughout the site and search certain stories. They even have the team store on there search bar. There menus are super simple to navigate and can see everything from the team schedule to there most recent draft articles. On the main page there isn’t nearly as many ads than in the articles but there’s one right in the middle of the screen. They even have a mobile app that looks really good and like the website easy to navigate. I was never big into blogging but this one seems pretty good besides for the add placement. What’s cool is they have there own podcast and update it regularly. The Footer of each article includes other new stories from them and if you keep scrolling down will automatically skip to the next story. There’s definitely some improvement this blog could improve on but its also doing some things right. I love that’s its super easy to navigate and I can search for articles easy. What’s also neat is how there’s a link for the team store and this years upcoming schedule. What’s not so neat is all the room used for add space and the adds that start playing at full volume. I don’t think the blog is too popular because the writers all only have a few hundred followers and they don’t get too many comments even on the most popular posts unless a more popular blog re posted it and gave them the website traffic. I do like the detail the articles get into and I may even subscribe to them closer to when football season officially starts.

terribleminds: Analysis


For this case study, I am analyzing the blog “terribleminds” by author Chuck Wendig. This blog typically covers writing advice and promotion of the author’s books. The blog’s URL is



The header of the blog is the terribleminds logo with a short bio of who Chuck Wendig is and what he will write about on his blog (he is a writer who will talk about writing, pop culture, and family). He also notes that the site may be not safe for work because of language. The top left of the page has a button that pulls down Wendig’s detailed About Me page. This lists notable books he wrote, as well as some of his upcoming books. His bio also tells his work history in screenwriting and game writing. It then closes to show where he lives with his family, and some flavor about his character.

Above the logo and this bio is a menu section where you can select the pages for the blog, free stories he has written, merchandise, a bibliography of his work, a list of his upcoming appearances, and his comment policy. The right-hand side of the blog features a search box, a field to subscribe by email, and covers of his last three book releases where readers can click through to find more information about the books. The bottom of the page includes small links to his Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr accounts. Wendig is very active on Twitter, and always links to his blog with tweets.

Many of Wendig’s articles are about writing advice, and this certainly includes his most popular posts. His site doesn’t list the most read posts, but googling “Chuck Wendig blog” shows two likely popular posts: “So, You Wanna be a Professional Writer? Some Considerations!” and “A Very Good List of Vital Writing Advice – Do Not Ignore.” His posts sometimes include a photo of himself or a close-up photo of an object like pens or toothbrushes. But usually the images used are of books he mentioned in the article.

His blog titles are generally compelling in the sense that he often seems like he is shouting at the reader, such as one post titled “A HOT STEAMING SACK OF BUSINESS ADVICE FOR WRITERS.”  He also posts flash fiction prompts, and those posts will always be structured by “Flash Fiction” and the prompt, such as one post titled “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE: THE SUBGENRE SMASH-AND-GRAB.” Wendig also makes space for other writers to write advice articles and promote their books. These post titles will always be structured as “Author: Their Title” so you know it is a guest post. By including guest posts and this community content, Wendig has a new post almost every day.

Wendig’s writing style is conversational and peppered with swears and colorful euphemisms. Reading Wendig’s blog posts often feels like being a bartender asking the drunk customer for advice. Wendig is intelligent and funny, but I think sometimes his style goes over the top. I like Wendig’s Twitter presence, but I don’t read his blog regularly unless a post is trending and seems like a must-read. Reading his blog sometimes feels exhausting, and I often feel like his point is lost in the jokes.

On the other hand, a list of 25 tips for writers where tips number 12 and 13 are “Eat Bees” and “Don’t Eat Bees” helps to keep the post fresh and different from other advice blogs, and it helps to poke fun at the idea of there being a one-size-fits all list of instructions for writing success.

wendig 2

Wendig’s blog reminds me of a film critic who blogs for Birth.Movies.Death who goes by Film Crit Hulk. His gimmick is that he’s the Incredible Hulk and writes very insightful film critique in ALL CAPS. It certainly makes his writing stand out, but it also makes it nearly impossible to read. Wendig’s style is similar – the constant barrage of swears and bizarre metaphors clutter the writing.

Wendig has a loyal audience and comment section. The community is active on every post, and he encourages community activity with his Flash Fiction Challenges. The fun atmosphere of his comments section is maintained through heavy moderation by Wendig. He has a comment policy page where he explains that he has a strict “no jerks” policy, and he has no hesitance to mark annoying or mean posts as a spam.


I think Chuck Wendig engages his audience well with his blog, and has clearly developed a following. His conversational and loose style allows him to speak directly to the reader and makes his advice more interesting than an old grammar textbook. However, this can also make his blog off-putting at times, and it may not be for everyone. His blog is also a successful platform for selling his books since readers satisfied with his writing advice would be interested in his work and fans of his work would be interested in his writing advice. His blog and social media presence has built up his brand well to make him a very popular writer.


Adventure 69 Degrees North: Analysis


Adventure 69⁰ North is an outdoor adventure blog maintained by Inger and Tor, a couple who is passionate about photography and the outdoors. The blog,, combines their three primary interests of travel, photography, and the outdoors. The blog describes different trips across North America – the United States and Canada – and Norway. The name of the blog implies the adventures along the 69th parallel in the northern hemisphere, for which many of their posts indicate.



The layout of Adventure 69⁰ North is simplistic. It is spread across two dominant pages, adventure and photography. Its header is simple black-and-white emphasizing the title “Adventure 69⁰ North” and its subtitle “Adventure and Photography – Passion for the Outdoors.”


In the right-hand corner appears simple links directing visitors to their page to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages respectively. While its design is simplistic, the blog feels like a magazine as you, the visitor, scroll through each adventure story categorized by date published on the main page. Below the header appears six individual blue and white tabs highlighting the purpose of the blog that include Adventure, Photography, Contact, USA, Canada, and Norway.  The right column features a brief section about the bloggers, it allows viewers to follow the blog via email, indicates which posts are most popular, and invites readers to join the adventure on either Instagram or Facebook. At the bottom of the screen appears in the same color scheme “© 2017 Adventure 69°North.”


The blog merges two dominant passions: travel writing and outdoor/landscape photography. Many, if not all, of the posts are written by Inger, while the photographs for each post may have been taken by either blogger. With few exceptions, this blog provides completely original content. One more recent exception was “Berlevåg and hiking to Tanahorn,” a post where they utilized an old 1942 photograph and a YouTube video for   The top five blog posts are:

  • Hiking to Norway’s iconic Pulpit Rock
  • What you need to see when you visit the North Cape
  • Talkeetna – at the base of Mt.McKinley
  • Morning glory at the Fishing Cone in Yellowstone
  • Homer – A drinking village with a fishing problem


The titles of the posts vary in length from as little as two words, “Old Faithful,” to as much as 11 words: “What you need to see when you visit the North Cape.” While each post contains compelling and relevant information about their most recent outdoor adventure trips, in Norway or in North America, the titles seem less interesting. For example, if you read “Route 888 to Gamvik,” you learn about Inger and Tor’s most recent trip in Finnmark, the sparsely populated county in Northern Norway where the North Cape, Gamvik, Trollholmsund, and Kjøllefjord are located. Inger writes of the fascinating local histories of the tiny fishing villages on the way to Garvik, of the thousands of reindeer that call Finnmark home, and the mythical stories of trolls prominent throughout Norway when discussing Trollholmsund. For comparison, she states that Finnmark is “twice the size of Massachusetts.”

Audience Interaction

While their posts are sporadic, they do have a dedicated audience who actively engage in the content. The majority of their posts receive at least thirty to fifty comments on average. At the bottom of each post, social media links are provided to share their travel stories via various platforms. It does not appear that any of their posts are shared from their viewers, despite maintaining a steady following and posting on Facebook and Instagram as they update their blog. I found out about their blog via Instagram, since I interact with several Norwegians on that platform.

The stories are also generally short and sweet. While many visitors do not re-share their content, they have built a following on Instagram with 12,100 and a smaller following on Facebook with just over 200. Just as many follower’s comment on their Instagram post as the average amount of comments on their blog posts. It is also good to note that they encourage readers to join them on Facebook and Instagram or to subscribe to the blog via email, as it appears on all pages on the right-hand column throughout the blog.

About the Authors

Adventure 69⁰ North is maintained by Inger and Tor, a Norwegian couple whose passion for the outdoors and photography are apparent throughout the blog. On their Contact page, Inger and Tor appreciate the support from comments. Additionally, they encourage readers to follow on Twitter or Instagram with direct links to the respective pages before providing a brief description of who they are (ie, “not full-time travelers and have regular day jobs”), so they request patience with any inquiry you, the reader, may have.


Adventure 69⁰ North, an outdoor adventure blog, that is maintained by a Norwegian couple, Inger and Tor. The blog features stories from their adventures in Norway and North America. The blog, while visually pleasing, needs some improvements including updating their About Us section, changing headlines to be more compelling, and at some point, taking a more active role in maintaining it.

  • About Us: Their About Us snippet is extremely short. Because of their personal storytelling, I think it is important to know a little bit more about the outdoor adventure traveling couple.
  • Compelling Headlines: Another aspect that may need some TLC are their headlines. Because they are writing travel stories, I think it is important to find something compelling about it within the headline. There might have been some improvement throughout the years, but it would still be necessary to improve site traffic and engagement.

The layout is both clean and simplistic, something that works well to support their overall theme: outdoor adventure and a simple life. Something I would surely advocate for.

Case Study – A Gift Horse

There are no shortage of horse blogs floating around the internet, and all of them are well done. It was honestly tough to pick one to write about because they are all about my favorite topic. I decided on “A Gift Horse.” It is written by a girl named Genny, who is in her 20s and lives in the mid-west. Her blog is basically all about her adventures with horses and how they affect her life. She shows some videos of her riding and she also has plenty of photos on there. I really liked the way that she worded her tabs on the blog. She called her ‘about me’ section ‘in the irons’ and she called the section where she talks about the horses she rides ‘under the saddle.’

The layout of the blog looks super professional to me. The header is a basic purple color, but she added in a photo of what I can only assume is her riding right behind the lettering. It is muted so that the purple really pops, which works well. The title of the blog is “A Gift Horse” with the subtitle “An Equestrian’s Blog.” I like that she clarified what exactly they blog was about, because “A Gift Horse” can mean a few things.

The ‘about the author’ section was also very engaging. She used some humor to grab the audience, which is something I really respect. She talks about her one special horse in a very endearing way, and she also has some photos up of her with her horse. The menu of the blog, however, is very simple. Under the home tab, you can see all of her posts in chronological order. Right next to this is a tab called ‘goals.’ Under this tab, the author lists all of her riding and blogging goals for readers. I love that she did this because it helps the reader follow along with her progress and it also keeps her accountable. The only widgets that she has on the page are some archive links, a certification that it is among the top 50 horse blogs, and tags for her posts. I like this because it keeps the page un-cluttered and easy to read.

There are not that many social media links on this blog. There is a link for a Facebook page for her blog (not personal), as well as an email link. She may want to consider linking up some more forms of social media, as this will help spread her blog around more. There is no footer either, just a WordPress link to start blogging.

The about me page, ‘In the Irons,’ was very amusing and interesting. She begins by talking about her interests aside from horses so that the audience can get to know her as a complete person. She then goes into some detail about her first horse and when she got started with ownership and training. She concludes with telling the audience that even though she doesn’t own the horse anymore, she is still chasing her dream.

One of her most popular posts is titled “A Chapter Closed.” It describes her sadness due to the fact that her lease with a specific horse was coming to an end. Most of the comments were sympathetic and everyone was trying to make her feel better. That is one thing I love about some parts of the horse industry. Everyone is so caring and sweet because they all know what it is like to love these thousand pound animals.

Her regular blog posts are only photos and words. She has a completely separate section for videos of her riding so that you can see them all at once without scrolling though a ton of posts, which makes the blog very user friendly. They are mostly her original photos, because they blog is mainly about herself and her adventures with horses. It wouldn’t make much sense, in my opinion, to use other photos because the blog is very personal. I found the titles of the posts to be pretty compelling. They pulled me in because they made it clear what the topic was, but did not give everything away. However, I think that the author relies too much on photos in her entries. It seems to me that she tells most of the story with the pictures, but it would be nice for her to try to paint a picture with words.

Out of all of the posts that I looked at, the most comments I saw on one was 33. This shows me that her blog, although known, is not super popular. It has been recognized as one of the top horse blogs, but she still has not reached 300 followers. The audience seems pretty active on this blog, however. I think that the lack of more comments is mostly because she doesn’t have a ton of followers. Her latest post has only been shared on Facebook, and only three times. Like I said before, this is pretty good because her blog is not hugely popular. She does have social media sharing links on each post, where you can share to Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress. I know that she absolutely does encourage readers to subscribe, because in the goals section she lists that getting to 300 followers is a goal of hers.

Overall, I think that this is a quality blog. The author does very well with grabbing attention with nice post titles and interesting photos. I really like that she included a separate page with all of her riding videos. I love to watch other people ride and it helps to know how good of a rider she is. Like I said before, I think she could improve the blog by making her posts less full of pictures and more wordy. It takes a really good blogger to paint a picture with words rather than actual pictures. I would also add some more social media links and a footer to the blog, but other than that I think the author did a very good job with the blog.



A Blog About Love.


Danny + Mara | About Love ( is a love and relationship blog written by Danny and Mara Kofoed. Their first post was published in 2011. Mara and Danny are long term New Yorkers who throughout each of their lives encountered their share of hardships, divorce, and infertility, which led them directly to each other. They blog about love, relationships, self-worth, divorce, happiness, and anything in between.



The general layout of Danny + Mara | About Love is a one-column blog with a header and footer. The tone of the blog uses neutral colors but the vibe is aimed more towards women. The background is white on every page and doesn’t change even when a blog post is written.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.13.11 PM

The header is very simple. There is no picture involved, just written words of positioned to the left that read “DANNY + MARA | about love”.

To the right of the header is the main menu that direct the audience to pages such as about, services, and events. Also, there is a link in the main menu that allows you to access different blog postings written by both Danny and Mara. Finally, there is a drop-down menu included which gives you access to social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and E-mail.

The body of the blog is one columned. At the beginning of the blog is a huge picture of Mara and Danny with very large words written to the left of them saying “align with LOVE & thrive in an imperfect life.” Just under that is a section that allows viewers to enter their first name and e-mail to sign up for love experience. It is a free program that includes 10 e-mails, a video class, and a meditation.  Below that is what Mara and Danny’s vision is. They believe that you can experience inner peace and love regardless of a bad day.

In the middle of the main column is Danny and Mara’s featured blogs which include events like one day boot camps about love or even seven-day boot camps that help you reset your mind, body, and soul.  Just below their featured events is a section for their most recent blog, which showcases a large picture to the left of Mara with a little sample of the blog that was written and a link to read more. Under the most recent blog post, you then have their most popular blog postings. It showcases a variety of 3 different pictures with blog titles underneath them. Lastly, at the end of the page you are also able to view Danny and Mara’s love story and read about how they met.

The blog footer has more going on than the header does. It includes the “About Us” with 5 links to pages such as love story and their media. It also includes a “Services” section which includes links to events, coaching, and resources. To the right of the About Us and Services pages are widgets to their social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Email. To the bottom of the main footer is again written “DANNY + MARA | about love” with just under that being the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.20.42 PM


When I click the first link in the main menu which is “About”, it brings me to a two-columned page. On the right column, it showcases fun facts about Mara first such as her favorite things to do and favorite foods and what she aspires to do. Below Maras fun facts are then Danny’s. His fun facts include where he went to school, his favorite food, and what he aspires to do, also.

The left column, it gives us a short sample as to why Mara and Danny do want to help mentor people on love and how their blog and retreats have helped many of people. Below their introduction, it gives the reader and idea of the 7 different ways Mara and Danny can help. Lastly, is the reason Mara and Danny do what they do. It’s the area of the blog that tells about Maras life and Danny’s life as separate people and then as a whole. When that wraps up, they showcase a picture of the two of them holding hands and has pictures of their three dogs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.26.10 PM

When going to the “Blog” link, it is also a two-columned page. The right side showcases a picture of Mara and Danny, with another area to input your first name and e-mail address to “get the love experience” for free. Underneath that is another section of the social media widgets. Just below the social media widgets is a list of links you can click of different categories of blog postings. The categories range from:

  • Marriage & Dating
  • Love
  • Choosing Happiness
  • Travel
  • Must Reads
  • Updates

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.23.31 PM

The left column gives a snippet of the blog postings in order starting with most recent. At the top of the blog post is a picture relating to the blog and underneath the picture is the title of the blog, who it was written by and which category the blog post belongs to. The reader can see about half of the first paragraph before asked to click a link that say’s “read more”. Under the “read more link” is access to widgets to click on that will allow you to share the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-mail.

I clicked on the “Must Read” link to see what types of blogs people seem to like from Mara and Danny. The first blog post that came up was titled “Tapping Into Your TRUEST Identity” written by Mara with 73 comments. The blog post had 3 pictures included in it, which all 3 were of Mara. The blog post was about finding your true identity and the rest will fall into place. Everyone that commented on the blog post received a response from Mara which is great because sometimes people don’t get the answers or responses their looking for on blogs. Mara really shares her life and put’s it all out there with her readers, which helps a lot of people going through the same struggles in life.

Other blog names that were in the “Must Read” were:

  • A Heart At Peace – with 22 comments
  • One Key To Developing Compassion for the Offender – with 23 comments
  • Is Social Media Infringing Upon Your Worth? – with 27 comments
  • Walking Meditations and Practicing Gratitute – with 30 comments
  • What It’s Like Traveling With Danny – with 44 comments



In this blog, I like the way that Mara and Danny give us insight into their lives and what brought them to the point of blogging and wanting to mentor people in finding self-worth, happiness, and love. They give the reader very helpful tips and tools on how to reach those successes in their lives. However, I think their blog is set up a little sloppy. There is too much going on and the pictures and words are too big.

  • Their main page has too many important features on it but their all smooshed together. It’s hard to find where one ends and the other begins.
  • Danny and Mara’s “About” page was great and loaded with information, however, I do think they should have had their story about each of them and how they met at the top and under that why they do what they do.
  • The “Blog” page is a little bit easier to figure out, which is great for the readers who just want to dig right in. However, I still think their font and pictures are too big and could be toned down.

Otherwise, how Mara and Danny aspire to help people is a great cause and a great reason for a blog. Many people these days do look for help in many of these areas and their blogs are great and include real life stories from both a Man and Woman’s perspective. I believe that their blog and their postings are great and if they made their blog layout a little easier on the eyes they would see great results.



The POSITIVITYBLOG:  Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life ( is a personal development blog written by Henrick Edberg. Henrick is a 37 year old journalism major that immersed himself into the topic of personal development over the course of the past 10 years. He shares how he has personally grown from his own life experiences and experiments with a goal of continuously building a better life. His blog is designed to help individuals live happier, increase their self-esteem and confidence, reduce procrastination and become more productive, reduce stress, simplify their lives and improve relationships and social skills.



The layout of The POSITIVITYBLOG:  Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life is a two-column blog with a header and a footer. It’s visually appealing with color combinations of black, light grey, and blue with a solid white background across the majority of the page and light grey behind key menus.

pb-header-2017-cThe header is straightforward with simple two-tone text with the main portion of the title capitalized. It also includes a tagline and four menu items directing you to “start here”, “premium courses”, “free email updates” and “resources” tabs.

Directly below the header are links to a few premium courses and includes a link to join over 80,000 people and get free email updates.

The body of the blog is split into a smaller right-hand column, and the main column, which features the latest blogs. The right-hand column provides a list of his 21 popular articles including “how i got 1 million monthly readers”.

The main column of the blog highlights the most recent posts with an image that relates to the topic. Each post notes the title, authors name, and a few sentences or bullet points leading you to the “click to continue” link if the reader wanted to. Just below that link,  readers can note the number of comments the post received.

The blog footer is very small and only includes a link to preview previous posts, contact information, search and archives, free email updates and copyright information.


The blog content is very interesting and appeals to anyone that has an interest in personal development. Edberg draws the reader in with inspiring quotes, meaningful images, and titles that capture the readers attention because they strike a nerve and are real life issues like this one:

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser


Edberg is open and raw with his readers and shares his own personal experiences and life challenges and how he overcame them. Based on the number of comments, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of reader engagement on his blog. However, Edberg claims that over 80,000 people are receiving email articles and he has quite the Twitter following with over 9,017 followers and over 33,506 likes on Facebook.

Following are a selection of Edbergs most popular articles that are accessible via his free email:

The 7 Common Habits of Unhappy People
– Do You Make These 10 Mistakes in a Conversation?
– Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World
– 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School
– Bruce Lee’s Top 7 Fundamentals for Getting Your Life in Shape
– Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life
– How to Build Self Confidence: 6 Essential and Timeless Tips

Most, if not all of Edbergs blog posts and articles capture my attention. I suppose that’s because I’m a huge fan of personal development and consider myself a work in progress just like Edberg. Here’s one that caught my eye:

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School

I’m still trying to master #’s 6 & 7, but I’ll get there!

Following each blog post or article, Edberg asks you join his email newsletter if you found the article helpful, shares comments and provides space for your comments, and he includes a link to the previous article.

About the Author

Henrik Edberg is a 37 year old journalism major who lives on the west coast of Sweeden, with his wife. Edberg stands by his rule to “implement what he has learned and to learn from his own experiments and experiences with the goal of figuring out how to build a better life.”

Following are a couple of examples of what Edberg has personally accomplished so far:

  • Switched from a generally pretty negative attitude to a much more positive one.
  • I have become a less shy and much more confident person socially and in other situations.
  • Improved my self-esteem greatly.
  • Become a lot more mindful. I used to live a lot of my life in my head, in the past and in the future. Today I spend a lot more time living it in the present moment. It’s a wonderful thing.
  • I have tripled my productivity and effectiveness. I used to be a procrastinating slacker that never got much done. But over the past years that have changed quite a bit.
  • I have simplified my thinking and many of my other daily and weekly routines and habits.
  • Lost 26 pounds during 4 months in the winter/spring of 2009.
  • I have created a highly successful blog and newsletter.
  • I have created five courses.

That’s quite an impressive list!


The POSITIVITYBLOG: Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life drew me in from the moment I stumbled upon it. It’s clean, easy to read, has a good use of space and is well organized. It’s not congested with excessive pictures or graphs and in my opinion, lures you in to want to read more.

The layout is easy to navigate and offers topics with complimentary images. The right column lays out his top articles nicely so the reader an easily select from the list without having to navigate down the page. The option for receiving articles via email is active throughout the blog and that provides a convenience to the reader. However, most people like to utilize social media platforms but I had a challenge locating the links on his blog. After digging for a bit, I eventually found them at the bottom of his contact page. It would be easier if those were placed at the top of the page or below his picture.

Overall, the blog is informative, inspiring and pleasing to the eye. While Edberg offers a lot of advice and shares his personal experiences, he in no way claims to be a professional therapist and strongly encourages his readers to seek professional help should they have a serious personal crisis, thoughts of depression, severe anxiety or suicidal thoughts.


For the American Man by the American Man


The Clem Report ( is an entertainment blog written by Justin Clemenza. This blog was first started in January of 2013 and unfortunately has had its last post on November of 2015. It has not seen any new articles recently not because Justin has chosen to stop blogging, but because he has become a full time blogger for Barstool Sports and I assume does not have time for both. The purpose of this blog is to talk about sports, pop culture, and random internet news. Justin writes this blog for the American man because he says “That’s what I am, and that’s who I care about”.




The main layout of The Clem Report is a two column blog with a gray and black background. The background colors are very subtle and definitely make the pictures and the color of the title of each blog stand out much more. The left column is the smaller of the two, and its main purpose is to give the reader an easy way to navigate around the blog. It consists of a link to follow him on twitter as well as a categories drop down bar which lets you sort the content by categories that it is tagged in. The left column also contains a recent articles part, which lists about 6 links that give a brief description and will take you right to recent articles. Finally the left column has links that break down each month’s worth of blog posts.

The right column (the bigger of the two) is the feed of all the blogs. It is in chronological order with the newest blogs on top. The header for each new blog post is in red. This makes each title stand out, and makes it very easy for the reader to see where each new blog starts. The blog is in WordPress so it is very similar to our class blog. After each title there is usually some sort of visual that goes with the topic along with his actual writing. This blog also talks about music very often, so there are many times links and videos to provide the viewer access to the music he is talking about. Finally the footer of these blogs are very simple. They all say to follow @TheClemReport which is the Twitter handle for this blog. Also there is a share this section with buttons that easily allow viewers to share this blog on Facebook, Twitter, email, WordPress, Reddit, or to print this blog out.



The content of the blog as I stated before is very orientated to be aimed at male readers. He writes a lot about sports, food, music, and funny videos he finds on the internet. All of his posts contain some kind of picture or visual that adds to the blog. They are usually funny and play off of the topic; however they are rarely ever taken by the blogger but from the internet. Videos are also used a lot, mainly for the music blogs so one can hear what song he is describing. His titles are usually witty and catchy, trying to catch the reader’s attention with a joke.


There is no about the author section, but at the top of the page there are also tabs that allow the viewer to access different types of content on this blog. The first tab is home which takes you to the page I just described with all his written blogs. The second tab is called “15 Second Food Reviews” and this will bring you to another part of the site where he has short videos of him reviewing different snack and foods. The third tab is called podcast where he viewers can listen to him talk about topics that matter to him. Sort of like a blog that is spoken not written. Finally, the last blog takes viewers to a site where they can contact him and leave suggestions that they have for the blog.

For audience interaction this blog asks the fans to vote a lot. For example one blog asks his audience if they like the song “Ignition Remix” better than the song “YEAH!”. He had his fans vote and he then tallied the results to see what his viewer’s opinions were. As I said before this blog has a lot of social media sharing buttons, and he doesn’t ask people to subscribe to the blog but he asks to follow the blog on Twitter.


The blog does a good job at using catchy titles to portray interesting topics to its target audience. Of course this blog is no longer around, but at the time it did a great job at using current events and news. This blog related to the typical man very well and for that reason Justin Clemenza is now working for Barstool Sports (Probably the most looked at and influential blog right now). However, I would change the colors. Even though the content of the blog is very good, the appearance is very drab and could be a lot more appealing.