Blog Analysis Overview Stephen Curry Could Return On March 1 By Austin Kent is a basketball blog on the discussion of how individuals are saying the Stephen Curry could possibly return on March 1st. Although the Golden State Warriors have not finalized any decisions Marcus Thompson, who is in charge of the athletic reports discusses … Continue reading Blog Analysis

Final Project: Kobe Bean Bryant

The Los angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant exhalts after a three point shot in a game that he finished with 49 points and a 2 games to none lead over the Denver Nuggets in a NBA Western conference play-off game. For the final project the celebrity I chose to research is Kobe Bean Bryant. Is Kobe … Continue reading Final Project: Kobe Bean Bryant


Basketball one of the best sports invented in the world today. Basketball was invented Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Growing up I loved playing basketball, either being with friends or just going out to compete in different tournaments. Growing up basketball helped keep me out of trouble because all I was worried … Continue reading Basketball