Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson


Chad Johnson has had one hell of a career in the NFL but his funny antics make him loved by everyone. Chad Johnson went to a few small colleges until he transferred to Oregon State and killed it on the football team. He’s a wide receiver and led his team to an 11-1 season where he broke several school records. Chad was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001 and during his time in the NFL racked up 67 touchdowns and over 10,000 yards. Chad has had some publicity stunts but his biggest one occurred in 2008 when he Changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Ocho Cinco means eighty-five in Spanish, his football number. Chad has also played in the CFL for a season and was even on a Mexican football team for a game where he dominated the competition. In the NFL he was known as a diva and has came up with some of the best touchdown dances in history using props and has even hid items around the field. He will someday be in the NFL hall of fame. He was recently coaching receivers for the Cleveland Browns. Chad has even appeared on TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Blue Mountain State, The League, and even rode a full sized bull on television.

Chad Johnson Highlight Video


It seems to be that Chad’s Facebook page is no longer being updated regularly. The latest activity on his page was a shared video from the Facebook page “Shots Studios”. The last post created by Chad’s Facebook page was July of 2016. Before this it seemed that Chad’s page was posting every week with multiple posts on each day postings occurred. Most of his past postings are of random articles unrelated to his career or self, or posting of different memes. While surfing through his Facebook page I observed that many of his followers/fans were male. This may be connected to the postings on his page.  One of the videos on Chad’s Facebook page is of a Hip-Hop Dance Crew performing during an NBA Final’s halftime show.
It does not seem that when Chad was using Facebook he was communicating with his fans. For someone who only uses Facebook to repost memes he has a ton of followers. Almost 2 million people follow and have liked his page. An example of a meme from Chad’s Facebook is:




Chad Johnson on Instagram is known as “ochocinco”. He has 946,000 followers and follows 426. Chad has 5,268 Instagram posts. He posts a mixture of both pictures and videos on his account. You will notice that many of his postings are of himself or his children. Many of his videos are of himself working out as well as some proud father moments of his children. Chad is posting to his Instagram page usually everyday and even sometimes multiple times a day. From viewing his page, it does not seem like Chad interacts with his fans much. There are a few posts where he replied to a fans comment, but this seems to be very infrequent.


Twitter is definitely Chad Johnson’s forte. He has over 115K tweets and was listed as CNBC #1 on its list of “Most Influential Athletes in Social Media beating out LeBron James. CNBC List. Chad regularly communicates with fans and even plays FIFA with them on Xbox. He has over 3.5 million followers while only following 7200. Chad has been known to play FIFA online with fans and on some occasions he has drove to random peoples houses or fraternities just to play the video game with them.
Just last week, he went to Texas State and played FIFA with the guys all day.

I put FIFA in a category on its own because its so rare to see a celebrity socialize with fans this way. It started a few years ago when some kid tweeted he could beat @ochocinco in FIFA, Chad happened to be in the area, drove to the kids house and beat the kid badly. Since then he constantly puts out tweets asking people to either play online with him or meet up in person if you happen to be in the same area as him. Just last week he was at Texas State playing FIFA all day and even bought everyone pizza. Chad has claimed to be the best FIFA player in the world and holds a record of 86-2 or at least according to him that’s what is. He publicly gives away his Xbox name and encourages people to try and beat him. Chad has even come up with the hashtag #FIFA16KING #FIFA17KING where he finds people to play with

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.53.36 PMimages

In The News
Chad was recently in the news as his son Chad Johnson Jr. made the football team at Venice High School. Like his father, he will be playing wide receiver. Although he wont be wearing #85, He may earn the nickname Diez y Ocho or eighteen

All in all, Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson’s social media pages are doing quite well. He’s verified on everything, has topped the charts on each platform, and is great in the publics eye. One thing I would improve in his social media ring is definitely his Facebook. He’s not nearly as active with it as he is with twitter and Instagram and Facebook is where a lot of the fans go to discuss and argue everything. Instagram in my opinion is Chads more personal account where he posts pictures of his children. Twitter is the main account he uses to communicate with the general public, other celebrities and athletes.


  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook likes: 1,932134 likes 1,864,804 people follow his page
  • Twitter username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Twitter followers 3.64 Million
  • /# of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 7,272
  • # of Tweets: 115K
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: May 2009
  • Instagram username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Instagram followers: 964K
  • /# of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows: 435
  • # of Instagram posts: 5,265

Chad Johnson single handedly beats Texas State

Chad went to some random kids house and played FIFA with him


Final Case Study – FableVision

An Introduction to FableVision

Fablevision Header.JPG

FableVision is a transmedia studio from Boston, Massachusetts. The studio was founded by children’s author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (Judy Moody, The Dot) in 1996. FableVision creates animation, games, apps, websites for organizations and companies, and their clients include PBS, The Jim Henson Company, Toca Boca, and The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America.

FableVision positions itself as a company that creates with “positive storytelling” at the forefront of everything it does. Their mission statement is “stories that matter, stories that move.” They use an “all ages approach,” and primarily create content for children. They brand themselves as a company that knows how children learn and interact with media.

Social Media Presence Overview

 FableVision uses a variety of social media platforms: 

Analysis and Evaluation


FableVision’s blog focuses on news about projects, and there are several interviews with staff and partners, such as an interview with Mia Doces from Committee for Children, an organization they’ve partnered with on a game that teaches anti-bullying skills. The interview demonstrates the great work the non-profit organization does and promotes the new game, but it also shows the quality of relationships FableVision has with its clients, which could help FableVision acquire new clients.

There are about 2-3 blog posts a month, and there is a like and comments feature on the blog, with a few likes for every post.



Fable Vision has 2,227 followers on Facebook. Their posts are a mix of text, photos, and videos, and the posts are frequently links to the blog and newsletters, as well as news about their projects. All their posts have a brief text component, but there is always an image attached as well (usually from the linked page). Recent posts include a post about the release of the new project by the intern team and an announcement that one of their films will be shown at a film festival.

Their pinned post is a cute animated video that explains their design and development process to clients.

There are about three Facebook posts a week. Some posts have around 5 likes, and some posts have 20-25 likes. Several posts have a few positive comments. There are not many replies back from FableVision in the comments.


FableVision has 6,950 follows on Twitter. The content on Twitter is a combination of text and pictures, and a lot of their posts are interacting with others. Sometimes it’s just tagging colleagues or partners in posts similar to what they might discuss on Facebook, and they often retweet people talking about FableVision or people discussing similar topics. There are lots of tweets from conferences and seminars they attended or are promoting their appearances at.




Their Twitter posts feel very friendly and casual, and include calls to action and hashtags to increase engagement. FableVision also heavily promotes International Dot Day, a social media day about creativity inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot. They use hashtags #DotDay and #MakeYourMark for these posts.

There are two or three Twitter posts a week, with a few retweets in between. It seems that they are more active during #DotDay activities to promote the event.



FableVision has 561 Instagram followers. They post photos and videos, often with a good description and hashtags. Some of the content is promoting their projects, and the videos even include trailers of their games. They also share fun photos and videos from around the office and during parties they’ve hosted at their office. When they post art from their team, they tag the Instagram account of their artist, which I think is a great touch. They post 2-3 times a month and have lots of likes and comments from their followers.


FableVision has 2,147 YouTube channel subscribers. Their videos include trailers of projects, overviews of projects, behind the scenes videos, intern projects, short films, and animation reels. There are not too many uploads recently, and FableVision last consistently uploaded videos three or four years ago.

Their latest video, a short called The Reflection in Me has almost 3,000 views and was posted last month. It is starting to make the rounds at film festivals, so it’s number of views is likely to increase. Comments are disabled for the video.

One short from 2015 has over 50,000 views, and another from 2011 has over 300,000 views. The age of these videos is certainly one factor for why there are more views, but it is possible the consistency of updates in that era led to a regularly returning audience. Perhaps YouTube was not the primary channel for many of the videos with fewer views, as these were made for commercials or other organization’s uses, and they are on YouTube as portfolio pieces.


FableVision’s Vimeo page has 90 followers. While similar to YouTube, this channel seems to be more of a place to show process videos of projects and final cuts. Many videos include the stage of the project in parentheses, as in (final cut) or (animatic). There are also several tutorials for FableVision Learning’s Fab@School series of products. There is also a Dev Diary series for their game Zoombinis, which is not on the YouTube page.

I suspect that Vimeo is used more as a place to host videos that will be used elsewhere, and is not necessarily a destination. I’m inferring this from the type of videos posted here, and my experience with using Vimeo this way at a job where I needed to host training videos for our company website.


There are 1,237 followers of FableVision’s LinkedIn profile. The posts here are similar to Facebook with links to their newsletters, blog posts, or other websites where they’ve been featured. But FableVision also posts more information about industry seminars and conferences than they do on Facebook or Instagram, which is appropriate since LinkedIn is more professional and business oriented.

There are about two LinkedIn posts a week, and each post receives a few likes.

Summation of My Analysis

Their social media brands share a common voice, but they modify their posts for the platform they are posting on. Posts are most often about their projects or spotlighting their staff. Their audience would appear to be potential and current clients who would be impressed with their portfolio, image, reputation, artists, and designers.

Digital Footprint

The first hit when searching “FableVision” on Google is The next hit is FableVision Studios’ Jobs & Internship page. The third hit is, which is a land page where you can choose to go to the Studio website or FableVision Learning, another of their brands that focus on software in schools.

The rest of the hits on the first page bring up their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, their Twitter account, and their LinkedIn profile. These are all very good results for someone seeking more information about FableVision.

After the first page, there are links to resellers of FableVision products. There also are a number of articles about the company and Peter H. Reynolds, such as a profile on New Boston Post.

A quote from Mr. Reynolds in the New Boston Post article states their philosophy.

“We create animation, mobile apps, interactive experiences for museums, publishers, and especially for organizations doing good in the world,” Reynolds said. “We are a decidedly biased company when it comes to whom we’ll work with. We seek collaborators who are trying to make the world a better place for every citizen no matter what age.”

FableVision’s reputation throughout the articles written about them leaves a digital footprint showing Mr. Reynolds’ ethos in effect.

Commendations and Recommendations

FableVision maintains a consistent tone and a steady flow of posts across most of their social media platforms. They are fun and cheerful, and they use lots of images, which they should as a company who prides itself on its art.

Their video presence needs to increase its frequency. They have some great new videos, but the audience might not be ready to see those videos if smaller videos have not been posted regularly to keep them engaged as a top channel to look to for new content. I think that for new videos they would need to decide if YouTube and Vimeo were used as portfolios or as a way to keep clients and associates updated with the everyday happenings at the studio. Whatever they decided, it should be in service of promoting their services as an animation and game development studio.

To improve their social media presence and digital footprint, they should continue to cross promote with their clients and partners. It is great that FableVision shares strong relationships with their partners, and it would be very effective for their future clients to see those relationships through social media.

FableVision’s digital footprint is consistent with their image and branding, and it shows they have an excellent reputation and a long history.





I decided to do my final project on Kylie Jenner. When I first started this class and read about the final project, I instantly knew I was going to choose her. Not only is she a celebrity but, she is only 20 years old with a very successful business named “Kylie Cosmetics”. Kylie Jenner has been on reality TV almost all of her life. Kylie and her family became well known from their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which first aired in 2007 and since then Kylie has wanted to make a name for herself and that she has done. Not only is her cosmetic line extremely successful but, she now has her own reality television show coming out this month called “Life of Kylie”. She also shares a clothing line with her sister Kendall and together they also have an online game in the app store called “Kendall and Kylie”. For my final project, I’m mainly going to focus on “Kylie Cosmetics” because as of now that is what Kylie is most successful for and promotes the most.


Kylie released her cosmetics line in June of 2016. She first started by selling “lip kits” which was a boxed package of one matte lip gloss and a lip liner for $29.00. She had a small selection of colors at first in which was always sold out within minutes of being released on her website. Fast forward a year and Kylie Cosmetics now offers a range of different colored lip glosses and different style finishes. You can get a matte lip gloss, a velvet lip gloss, or a glossy lip gloss. Along with the lip glosses, Kylie also sells eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and eye liners. Every time Kylie releases new colors – still sold out within minutes – along with the colors that are most popular that are re-released.

FullSizeRender 117

(This is a picture Kylie posted on her snap chat story today, August 1st, of all the people accessing her website to purchase the Birthday Collection)

Kylies branding of “Kylie Cosmetics” varies for each product but one thing that stays the same is “KYLIE” in all capitals on each of the boxes the products are packaged in. The lip glosses always have a pair of lips on the box and dripping off the lips is the color of the lip gloss you’ve purchased. The eye shadow packages have a set of eyes on the packaging usually in black and white with one eye winking but, I noticed that her most popular eye shadow “The Peach Palette” has a colored set of eyes with both of them wide open. The blushes and the “Kylighters” have the same dripping effect on them as the lip glosses do, in the color of the blush/highlighter you’d be getting. I think Kylie has always had the edgier personality in her family and I believe that’s the message she is trying to convey with her dripping effect.

Social Media Presence & Analysis:

Kylie Cosmetics has its own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All social media profiles are very active. Each one posts pictures, links, and launch dates of new products that are being released and old products that will be re-released.

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram is the most followed of all the social media accounts with 14 million followers. In the bio is a release date of her new Birthday Collection which says releases on August 1st (TONIGHT, if anyone is interested!) at 3pm PST. There is also a link to the website you can purchase all of Kylie’s products at which you can access HERE.The most recent postings of the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram all have to do with the Birthday Collection which I stated above. Almost every post is pink – ranging from lip gloss colors to the packaging Kylie decided to use for this collection. I noticed that for this specific collection, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram started advertising its products and release date only two weeks ago! They began with releasing just one picture on July 20th with a caption that says “SURPRISE 😛 4 days till the reveal… #KylieTurns20 #Countdown”. The picture is a little snippet of the box the collection will be packaged in with a 20 drawn out in pink glitter. Since then little by little, they advertise more of the collection each day.

Facebook is Kylie Cosmetics second most followed social media account with 3,625,060 followers and 3,624,636 likes. The Facebook page has the signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss as the profile picture. For the header of the page there is a picture of part of her Birthday Collection – a pink bag with white dripping lips on it with lip glosses, eye shadows, and make up brushes inside. In the “About” section of the Facebook, there is an e-mail address for customer service questions and there is also a link to the Kylie Cosmetics website. In my evaluation, I noticed that the most recent post on the account was a video posted today with a caption that reads “Kylie Questions”. I was intrigued to know what questions she would be answering so I decided to give the video a watch. It was a minute long video answering 2 fan questions about no other but the Kylie Birthday Collection. One of the questions in the video Kylie answered was what her inspiration for the collection was. She tells her fans that her inspiration was “a lot of pink!” Kylie states she wanted this collection to be “super girly and very fun”. The rest of the Kylie Cosmetics Facebook shares the same pictures as the Instagram account does, however, it gives the readers more visible information about what the collection will include and also some pricing.

The Twitter account may be the least followed of the social media accounts but that’s not saying too much as the account still has a high count of 569.4K followers. The header of the Twitter page has a pink background with the words “I WANT IT ALL” written in big white/sparkly writing and in smaller writing above and below the “I want it all” reads “THE BIRTHDAY COLLECTION” “LAUNCHING 8.1 AT 3PM PST”. The profile picture on the account is the same as Facebook – Kylie’s signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss. The Twitter account only follows one person – who better than Kylie Jenner’s herself. Along with Facebook and Instagram, the Kylie Cosmetics twitter account right now is all about the Birthday Collection. On the Twitter are the same posts the Facebook account has but with shorter descriptions as twitter only allows a small word count. There are many pictures and videos – each one with over 1,000 likes but as far as retweets, I noticed there are never typically more than 600. For my analysis, dug all the way back to the beginning of this year and found that her most re-tweeted post was a video from 6 days ago – which is just a little snippet of the packaging of her Birthday Collection. I also noticed that the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter has re-tweeted fans/customers and responded back to them also.

IMG_3354 3

As a whole, Kylie Cosmetics uses social media extremely well. As we all know, social media is a huge part of putting yourself and your business out there. All 3 of her social media profiles have the same branding and show case the products she is selling whether it be a new release of a product or a re-release. Kylie’s digital footprint is huge but, I believe that is because she already had a huge fan base to begin with and she also has a huge family which helps promote her products as well. Kylie uses her own social media accounts to give fans an insight of how product is used and release dates. She is always posting videos of herself on snap chat showing how she herself uses the products each day to do her own make up and she also posts re-lease dates on her own social media accounts as well. Along with her posting, as I said above her family helps her do that too. Her sisters periodically will post Instagram pictures or snap chat videos wearing Kylie’s products or showing off the products to their own fans which helps Kylie’s network grow.

Commendations and Recommendations:

I believe that over all, Kylie is doing GREAT at marketing her “Kylie Cosmetics” line. She targets her audience on each social media account by posting new pictures of products every day, sometimes even more than once or twice a day. She advertises her products on her own social media accounts by showing the viewer’s different ways of applying the make up or fun looks you can do with the make-up. She has her family marketing her product by posting pictures and videos of themselves wearing the make-up. But, the biggest one yet – after all of the posts and videos which brings the buyers in, the product line ends up being nothing short of amazing and has GREAT reviews with a B+ rating on the better business bureau website.

IMG_3372 3

One thing Kylie may want to do differently is spread more awareness to the company’s Twitter account as it has the lowest amount of followers. I think if she posted in the “About” section of Kylie Cosmetics Facebook account the links to her Twitter and Instagram it may help bring attention and more followers to those accounts. I think Kylie also mentioned her company’s Twitter account more on her own personal social media accounts It would also bring more awareness to it.

I really don’t think Kylie could do much of anything to improve her digital footprint. What works to Kylie’s advantage (besides her money and social status) is her age. She is a 20 year old girl who knows that social media is a big part of marketing in today’s world. She knows her audience, which is a huge part of her success. She has clean images of the products she advertises and she also has a personal brand that is well known in the make-up world. I personally give Kylie an A+ on not only her product but her marketing strategy, also.

For more information on Kylie herself you can visit her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Blog. You can also purchase her Kylie Cosmetics make-up line online only at

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.06.32 PM


Final Project: Rose McIver

By: Mitchell Vynorius

Rose McIver is a New Zealand actress, and she is best known for her main role in the T.V. show iZombie, and also known for her recurring role in Once Upon a Time. She has an average/above-average social media presence. She has a verified Twitter and Instagram account, and she has a Facebook account that appears to be run by fans. As you can see from her social media presence, she is a civil rights activist. She supports the rights and fair treatment of women, other races, the LGBTQ community, and any other group needing social justice. Rose McIver cares a lot about her fans as she has an increased social media presence during the airing of her showings by responding to what her fans have to say.


Her Facebook page has 6,491 likes. You can also find her verified twitter @imrosemciver where she has 153,000 followers and 4,643 tweets. She is following 309 people as well, and she joined Twitter in October of 2013. Her Instagram username is also imrosemciver. She has 349 posts and 361,000 followers, and she is following 328 people herself. As you can clearly see on her bios, she encourages all of her fans to “be kind” and you can tell she just wants everyone to get along, especially during this controversial time. She seems to focus her attention on shows in science fiction as well as regular fiction shows. You can understand this simply by looking at her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Her Facebook page appears to be completely fan based. There are lots of posts and pictures of Rose on this page, but it is not a verified account nor does it appear to be her posting. Her fanbase seems to be especially large in New Zealand as well considering she is a New Zealand actress. Her Facebook also has a lot of links to YouTube videos as well as news articles mentioning Rose McIver, and one of the links even takes you to voting site to vote for Rose as your favorite actress. The Facebook page seems to be most focused on her main show, iZombie. Her fan base seems to primarily be teenagers and young adults.


Her Twitter page contains a lot of different photos, tweets, and retweets. Rose McIver appears to use her social media presence to show people her personal life, as well as to promote the fair treatment of people. Although, she rose to fame through her acting career, we can see she cares about all of her fans, and she wants freedom and social justice for everyone. She also retweets a lot of different tweets regarding iZombie as well as her own personal achievements. As we can also see from her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts, she cares a lot about the people she acts with and seems to hang out with them on a regular basis.


Her Instagram seems to be a little more personal than her Twitter account. She seems to post more photos of herself and about her life rather than of the shows she is working on. Her Twitter was more focused on iZombie and the people she worked with on the show. However, both accounts seem to have similar themes as she is being herself on both accounts.


Rose McIver does have an IMDB page dedicated for her as an actress. It is the first thing you see when you google her name “Rose McIver.” She also has a Wikipedia page for herself as an actress and also pops up under the Once Upon a Time and iZombie Wikipedia pages. Rose McIver is moderately active on Twitter. She appears to tweet at least once a day, and sometimes more often. She appears to be moderately active on Instagram as well. She has 349 posts and posts at least a couple times a week.


News networks such as the E! Network and TV Line have written about Rose McIver and her appearances in Once Upon a Time as her recurring role of Tinker Bell. When you google Rose McIver, you also get many images of her from photo shoots as well as pictures found on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Videos found on Google of her include her guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show as well as her own interviews and clips and segments of the movies and TV shows that she has starred in thus far. Continuing to guest star on shows such as the Jimmy Kimmel show and other shows where television stars are interviewed will also get people to start watching iZombie and other works she is involved in.


Rose McIver has done a great job getting herself out there as an actress. Although her social media presence is not nearly as large as someone like Kylie Jenner, she has a fairly large fan base that is still growing. As Rose McIver continues to make herself and known and stars in more TV shows and movies, her social media presence will be more prevalent. It is also important to keep in mind that Rose McIver is a New Zealand actress so the fact that she is thriving in the United States as well is impressive.


There is not much I could recommend to Rose McIver because I think she is doing the best she can with the situation given. The only thing that will get her more followers on Instagram and Twitter would be if she continues to get more roles in shows and movies. Since she is an actress, she is less likely to have someone follow her just because they “stumbled across” her on Twitter on Instagram. Most of her followers have watched Once Upon a Time or iZombie. She could also continue to support her fanbase and fandoms, because they will be more likely to tell their friends and families about the shows that she starred in.


From a social media perspective, she could use more hashtags in her tweets or even try promoting her tweets somehow so people who do not even follow her will see her tweets. She definitely keeps her social media presence neutral so you do not necessarily have to watch iZombie to understand what she is tweeting or posting about. She seems to be a little bit quirkier than most people, which I think will attract a unique fanbase as well. As she seems to be in the more fictional side of acting, I think her social media presence does not contradict her branding as her posts and tweets sometimes do include the shows and movies she is currently acting in.


Rose McIver uses social media moderately, but she does not use it necessarily as a tool to attract fans. She uses social media to convey her messages and beliefs, as well as to post pictures of herself, her castmates, and her friends. If she decides at some point to get into something other than acting, such as singing or songwriting, her fanbase would most definitely expand. Rose McIver has actually gained nearly 20,000 followers on her Instagram account since I last took a look at her account. As an actress, I believe she will continue to thrive and grow as her career continues. iZombie is now going into their fourth season, and ratings are great for the show. The show can also be found on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. All of her other shows and movies are available for people to see on Netflix as well as other TV and movie streaming services. As more people start to get into the shows she is in currently, her fan base will grow as well as her followers. Her fan base will definitely grow given the time needed, and her current fanbase seems to be extremely loyal to her and will definitely support her with what she is trying to do for herself.


I know I definitely find Rose McIver refreshing as an actress. She is true to herself and not pretending to be something she is not. I think a lot of people, especially her fans, find this true as well. I hope she does not try to do something or try to be something that she is not because I think that is what a lot of her fans love her for. A lot of her cast on iZombie including Aly Michalka, Robert Buckley, and David Anders also have similar mindsets which a lot of the fanbase likes as well.


Overall, Rose McIver should keep doing what she is doing, because everybody that knows about her likes her. She has an overall active social media presence, and she should continue to interact with her fans as much as she can. She should continue to collaborate and work with people that have similar mindsets with what they believe in and how they can work together to create something that people will like. Although she is not the most popular actress ever, Rose McIver will always be one of my favorite actresses because she is true to herself and her fans.

Final Project: Britney Spears


Britney Jean Spears is an American pop singer legend that took the music industry by storm at the turn of the millennium. Born on December 2, 1981, Spears is originally from Kentwood, Louisiana and none of her family members were in the music industry before her. When she was a child she performed in theater, television shows and various acting roles before she got her big break and signed with a very popular 90’s record label. One television show that Spears was well known for as a child was, “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club”. She was chosen for the cast at eleven years old after having already been denied once. This ended up being a blessing is disguise because the cast this time around included other stars before their start such as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and actress Keri Russell. Britney Spears’ first album, “Baby One More Time” put her on the music industry’s map in 1999 and she gained international attention in 2000 with her second album, “Ooops!…I Did It Again”. Shortly after, she went on to date the very popular Justin Timberlake of international boy band, NSYNC, and the couple gained tons of attention from all different sources of media.

Britney Spears’ career was not only very successful, but full of controversy since she had many personal issues. Her relationships with Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline having been dirty break ups and also her infamous mental breakdown in 2007, gained her so much attention from tabloids and from the public. Over the years, Britney began to act out due to her intense work schedule and lack of privacy causing her to marry one of her childhood friends in Vegas, it having lasted for only two days, among other odd behavior. Britney Spear’s life story and career has definitely been entertaining to say the least, which is why she is one of the most well-known music icons of today. 1000509261001_1086612957001_Bio-Biography-Britney-Spears-LF1

Social Media Overview of Britney Spears:

Instagram: Britney Spears Instagram

Facebook: Britney Spears Facebook

Twitter: Britney Spears Twitter

When you look at Britney Spears’ Instagram page, you immediately notice that she has 17.2 million followers and that she is only following 86 accounts back. The account is also a public profile. There is a simple plug in the description of the page for one of her shows coming up and it advertises that the tickets are now on sale with a link to her website where you can buy them. I guess Britney Spears doesn’t need that much explaining when basically everyone in the world knows who she is! The Instagram account has 1,823 posts and is blue check mark verified. There being so many posts, I only scrolled through the recent ones which included photos of her performing, videos of her interacting with fans, photos of her kids and even a few videos of her working out. I think her Instagram account is a great way to get to know her because other social media pages mostly just include text and not that many videos.

Britney Spears’ Facebook page is a like page that is also blue check mark verified with 39,430,880 likes. The cover photo is of herself with some text promoting her newest tour locations and dates. Her profile picture is a fashion shot of her getting out of a black car wearing a red dress. On the page there is a description with multiple links to her other social media sites and her websites. There are photos and posts that talk about her tour dates and her overall lifestyle. Britney’s Facebook page is not as personalized as her Instagram account and is mainly business focused. It is very straight to the point and overall is a very informative page.

Spears’ Twitter account is public, is blue check mark verified and has 55.2 million followers with the account only following back 391 thousand. For celebrities, Twitter is the mainly used social media page which is why it makes sense that of all her social media pages, this account is following back the most people. There are 5,213 Tweets and a bio that states where she lives, how long she has been active on Twitter for and has a promo for her new album Glory. The page also lists a link to one of her websites. There are 1,011 photos and videos, mostly of her family and herself. Her posts are personalized and of all her social media accounts, I believe it is actually her posting on her Twitter and not just her publicity team.

2017 britney spears

It is no secret that Britney Spears’ peak was over ten years ago and that she is aging. My only critique of her social media platforms is I wish they would post more natural, unedited photos and videos of her. I also wish they would participate in some sort of “throwback Thursday” and post more of her earlier work. I think it would be good for her image and career to remind people why she is one of the best of the best in her industry. I also think her Instagram page should be following way more than just 86 accounts considering she has millions of followers. The fact that her Instagram page is following so few accounts while she has so many followers, makes her seem stuck up, which is never a good image for anyone.

Britney Spears’ Best Song and Music Video of All Time

Overall, Britney Spears’ digital footprint has a lot of influence on all social media platforms. Her being one of the biggest superstars in the world, her pages are one of the most followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Whether it be herself or her publicity team, I personally believe that they have done a good job at making her accounts reflect who she really is and what she is all about. Her music is iconic and most of my generation grew up listening to it. Spears has inspired new up and coming artists, dancers and actors all around the world and continues to entertain to this day.


Mod Sun


Mod Sun is a slightly less known hip hop artist that I have grown to really like over the past few years. His music speaks of positivity and happiness and that is right up my alley. Through this project, I hope to show more people how awesome he is.

He has been on the music scene since the late 2000s, but he did not start out as Mod Sun the solo artist. He started out performing with a band, but then, I learned that he experienced some type of “enlightenment” and made a promise to himself and those he loved that he would always emit positive vibes. From then on, he started creating music with very uplifting lyrics and positive messages (for example, one my favorite lyrics is “every flaw is really beauty owned by nobody else”). This speaks to me because I have had trouble with body image throughout my life, and his music makes me feel validated.

His brand is self-described as “hippy hop.” He calls it this because his genre could most accurately be considered hip hop, but the messages are so different than many hip hop artists nowadays that it deserves the clarification. He loves weed, and sings about it in many of his songs so that automatically points him in the direction of a specific type of audience.

Social Media Presence

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.18.55 PM


The platform that I view most of his is definitely his Instagram page. He currently has 259,000 followers. I have noticed that he mostly posts photos, but there are also a good amount of videos on there as well. He likes to post clips of his new music and videos as a little sneak peak to his viewers. Mod Sun posts to Instagram usually about once a day, sometimes more, in order to keep his followers active. He interacts with his fans on his posts, but not as much on Instagram as on some other platforms.



Mod Sun also has a good following on his Facebook page. He currently has 217,673 followers on this platform and posts a larger variety of media. He posts a good mix of videos, albums, single photos, text posts, and article links. I like that he has so much mixed media on his page, as it keeps the audience interested. He usually posts at least once a day, sometimes more often than that even, but usually does not interact with his fans as much as on some other platforms.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.22.38 PM



I believe that one of his most active social media accounts is his Twitter page. He has 354,500 followers as of right now and posts a lot. He posts lots of photos and videos, but this is the one platform where he sends a lot of text posts. I admire this, because text posts have been slowly dying out but Twitter is one platform that still has them going strong. I believe he uses his Twitter page more often than any other platform, not because he posts all day every day, but because he posts frequently and interacts with his fans a lot. He usually posts at least once a day on his own, but I have found that he replies and likes a lot of posts from fans that have tagged him. I have actually experienced this firsthand, because there have been times when I have tagged him in a Tweet and he has liked it. It made my day each and every time. He does this all the time, which is amazing.


Mod Sun’s last social media page is his YouTube channel. He currently has 82,450 followers, the least amount of all of his social media sites. I think this is because YouTube is becoming less and less popular as the years go on. All of his posts here are obviously video posts, but they range from music videos to emotionally uplifting speech stories. YouTube is the platform that he uses the least amount for sure. There are long breaks, usually a month or so, between each video. However, this makes sense because he obviously needs more time to come up with finished material to publish. He does not really interact with fans on YouTube, but I think this is mostly because (I believe) his crew runs his channel rather than him himself. He runs all of his other accounts.

As a whole, I think that Mod Sun’s social media presence is very thorough. He has accounts on all the popular sites, and uses them all regularly with an audience of thousands of followers. He interacts with his fans as much as possible, and regularly posts new content of all different varieties (videos, photos, articles, text posts, etc.).

Digital Footprint

The first item that comes up when I search Mod Sun on Google is his main web page where he has tour dates, music, and merchandise. He says, “I have no fans, just friends” which is a great way to entice people to view the site because it is completely true. He treats each fan as if they were part of his family, which is super admirable. There is a list of all of his social media pages on the right side of the page where Google usually has a small biography of the famous person. After his main site, the first platform listed is his Twitter page. This does not surprise me at all, because it is the page he uses the most frequently. After Twitter, Google lists his Wikipedia page, his Facebook page, and his Instagram page. He obviously has a very deep digital footprint because all of results were for him specifically. Then again, he has a very uncommon name. If you scroll down a little bit more, you will see a search result for his Sound Cloud page. This is where he posts all of his work regardless of whether it is a known track or an obscure mixtape of his. I have found music on there to listen to that I had never heard anywhere else, which was pretty cool. Finally, his YouTube page comes up, along with one of his better known videos. I think the order of the search results really does match up well with how he uses his social media accounts- the more he uses an account, the higher up it is on the list.

Analysis and Evaluation

For his Instagram, I would say that his activities are definitely appropriate for his branding. He posts about his tours, his new songs, and collaborations. Although he does not interact with fans that much on this platform, when he does, it matches his brand very well. He always exudes happiness and positivity.

For his Facebook, his activities are also appropriate but are a little bit less personal than on other accounts. He posts the same sorts of things as on his Instagram, but also links some articles in there. Like I said before, he does not interact with fans on this site.

On Twitter, he is the most personable. His posts are very on-brand, mostly about his work and his life views. He interacts with his fans the most with this platform, which also goes along with his happy hippy brand.

Finally, we have his YouTube page. The videos match his brand, but his fan interaction is not very strong on this site. I would say that it is not the best representation of his brand.

Mod Sun’s image is of positivity. He has a lyric that goes, “health, wealth, success, and happiness will always be my mantra” which goes to show his upbeat outlook on life. He absolutely makes the most of his social media presence as well. I think he looks at social media as a way to uplift his fans. All of his text post tweets are about how grateful he is or are positive affirmations, which can help anyone who is feeling less than great. However, I think he could improve his presence on YouTube. It would be really cool if he could use YouTube more himself (not his team) because it would be so much more personable for him to respond to and interact with fans on this site as well. I get that this platform is less personal to begin with, but it would just show that he could go the extra mile. Again, I am not saying that what he is currently doing is not working. I think he is doing an amazing job with his fans and I am so grateful for that.

As far as the digital footprint goes, I think his shows that he is a well established artist. He knows his audience and has put out enough content to generate lots of web results. This does not contradict with his branding. He has a mission to uplift the lives of his fans, and with all of the content he puts out, I think he is successful in that mission.

Commendations and Recommendations

Mod Sun has an amazing “friend base.” One of the things I really commend him on is the fact that he considers his fans his friends on all of his platform and in person. He posts pretty frequently and interacts with his fans a decent amount. Like I said before, I think he may consider using his other platforms (Facebook and YouTube) more personally than he currently is. He may want to start replying to comments and posts on these pages as well because it would make his fans very happy. He may also want to start posting with his fans, because I know for a fact that he loves to take photos with and talk to them. As far as his digital footprint, I think it looks very adequate. I have no recommendations for changing it.

I think Mod Sun has a solid social media presence that will continue to garner him attention and new fans throughout his long career.




Tarte Cosmetics Analysis, Final Project


Maureen Kelly founded this company in 1999. The main goal that Kelly set out for her company was to create natural makeup that is actually beneficial for skin. The majority of Tarte products include minerals, plant extracts, and vitamins. Along with maintaining natural ingredients throughout Tarte Cosmetics, the company also maintains an eco friendly status and all of the products are animal testing/cruelty free. The main message Tarte gives to customers is to use products that are healthy and beneficial and to buy from a company that cares about what goes into the products.

Social Media Presence Overview

Snapchat: tartecosmetics

Twitter: @tartecosmetics

Facebook: tartecosmetics

Instagram: tartecosmetics

Youtube: tartecosmetics

Analysis and Evaluation

Tarte Cosmetics has four social media accounts. Each of these accounts have the same username which makes it easy for customers to find Tarte on any social media platform. Every account excluding the company’s snapchat account has the same profile picture and cover/banner photo, which gives Tarte a strong appearance regarding branding.

Starting off with Tarte’s live Snapchat account, tartecosmetics. This account typically includes different Tarte associates featured in Tarte’s snapchat story. The videos posted on this company’s story include Tarte’s makeup, special events, giveaways, new makeup releases, and etc.. This account stays up to date daily and gives customers an inside look on the company and the cosmetics sold.

Tarte’s twitter account, @tartecosmetics has 581K followers. Tarte follows back only 403 accounts and has 36.1K tweets. The profile photo and cover/banner photo for each account including Tarte’s twitter account can be seen below.

Twitter Cover Photo and Profile Photo
Tarte’s profile picture and cover picture

Tarte posts very frequently and the posts consist of a lot of photos featuring Tarte products, customer’s photos, gifs, and videos. The majority of Tarte’s twitter profile consists of free give away alerts, special Tarte hosted events, and news about newly released makeup. Besides the tweets about Tarte Cosmetics there are a lot of tweets involving customers or shout outs to Youtubers. Tarte is highly interactive with customers, the Twitter page has a large percentage of retweets from customer accounts and of customer posts involving photos of their Tarte makeup. These retweets typically show up every other post on Tarte’s Twitter account. This Twitter account also throws in a few comical tweets involving funny pictures, which can attract more viewers.

Tarte's Twitter Account
A tweet from Tarte Cosmetics Twitter Account


“Tarte Cosmetics” on Facebook is similar to the Twitter profile. This Facebook account has 1,090,570 followers and 1,099,578 people like the page. Tarte’s Facebook posts are very frequent, at least one every day. This profile consists of photos, videos, or customer photos/videos. The posts are mostly pictures of Tarte’s cosmetics and new products, videos of customer’s makeup tutorials using Tarte, events hosted by Tarte, or information about free giveaways. There are also some posts that show how Tarte is a very ethical company and shows that the company feels strongly about eliminating animal cruelty and helping animals in general.

Tarte Cosmetics is highly interactive with customers on the Facebook page. Not only does Tarte post videos and photos of customers, but the company also replies to customer’s comments whether they are negative or positive.

Tarte Cosmetics Facebook Responses
Tarte Cosmetics responding to a customer

Tarte’s Instagram known as @tartecosmetics has 6.8M followers. The company follows 104 people and the profile has 5,550 posts. Tarte posts very frequently, there are multiple posts per day, typically 3 or more. Every post by the company receives a lot of likes and comments. Posts receive 30K up to over 100K likes. Regarding comments the posts range from 30 comments up to a few hundred. Tarte’s Instagram page mainly consists of colorful, creative photos and some short videos. These photos include advertisements of the cosmetics, photos of customers featuring Tarte Cosmetics, and the occasional comical pictures.

Tarte’s customer interaction on Instagram is a little less than the other accounts, but the company still posts a lot of customer’s photos/videos.

Tarte Cosmetic’s Youtube account is fairly popular with 109.979 subscribers. The posts on Tarte’s Youtube account aren’t as frequent as other social media accounts, but the company posts at least once or twice per week. This account’s posts consist of videos. These videos give customers an inside view of Tarte Cosmetics as a company. The videos include Tarte associates setting up for events, giveaway videos, tutorials for customers, and customer given tutorials. Tarte Cosmetics is fairly interactive with customers on the Youtube page. Tarte replies to customers within the comment section, features customers on the Youtube page, and Tarte does a lot of giveaways to customers.

Tarte has an effective, ethical, and interactive social media usage as a whole. Tarte posts are appealing and include customers which creates an interactive experience with all Tarte users. Tarte’s overall main message is highly ethical, it states that the company cares about the ingredients in their cosmetics and the company focuses on creating natural and beneficial makeup for customers. Tarte also features ethical posts about foundations they are involved in or some of the causes Tarte cares for and helps take action with, for example Tartle the sea turtle shown previously. The majority of Tarte’s social media accounts are very interactive and customer friendly. Tarte is always answering customers or reaching out to customers that have had a bad experience. The company also posts a lot of customers with photos or customer videos/tutorials.

When searching “Tarte Cosmetics” the first website that shows is Tarte’s official website and then the following websites include websites of companies that Tarte is sold at such as Sephora or Ulta. The rest of the websites that come up are all of Tarte’s social media accounts. Overall Tarte has a good digital footprint and the most helpful and important information comes up when Tarte is searched.

Commendations and Recommendations

Overall Tarte Cosmetics is doing great with the company’s social media usage and digital footprint. The company is very interactive with customers which is key to having a great customer service. Tarte is also a very generous company and throw a lot of events and hold a lot of free giveaways. Tarte Cosmetics is very involved with the company’s customers and the company features a large amount of their customers within Tarte’s social media accounts. Tarte also has a very ethical mission statement and is involved in a lot of foundations/charities. This company is definitely still developing and will eventually reach more and more cosmetic users. Currently this company is doing great with social media usage. I recommend that they don’t do anything differently. To improve this company’s social media presence and digital footprint I would say the company should remain highly interactive with customers and continue to hosts events in order to get the company known to more people.