Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is a famous celebrity who uses her social media to brand herself and her family. Through her social media accounts, she has left a positive digital footprint that has kicked off her personal business as well as helped many under-served people around the country. Photo From: The Kardashians have been a … Continue reading Kim Kardashian West

Lebron James on Social Media

The celebrity that I have chosen to write about is Lebron James. Lebron is my favorite player and in my opinion is the best player in the NBA. Lebron is very active on social media. He has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is pretty active on his social media as well. Lebron has … Continue reading Lebron James on Social Media

Case Study 3

Source: The blog that I chose to analyze was about the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, and what the location is like today, years after the disaster. The title of the blog is, “What’s It Like to Tour Chernobyl Today?” The author is someone named Kate McCulley, a woman who travels and writes blogs about … Continue reading Case Study 3