More with Less?

Lean and mean is the old time saying in reference to being in great shape. For the most part, most people would like to be lean and healthy with muscles. Guys want the big arms and chest while females want the tiny waists and defined shoulders. In the aspect of body building, these are what competitors strive for so when they are on stage, they look lean, dry and vascular. For the average person that just wants to look good on the beach, it is the same concept. The old body building styles of lifting would say to lift heavy with more weight and less repetitions. If you wanted to be big, the more stress on the muscles the more they will rip apart and grow. Over the years, like everything in this world, research has proven that theory to be true however, more harmful to the human body. Think about it, a 500 pound bench press a lot of tension on the muscles. Yes, the muscle fibers will break down and then rebuild but what about your elbows and shoulders? That is a lot of stress on those joints to be doing for an extended period of time. Today’s style of lifting has a lot of coaches pushing for more repetitions with less weight. The stigma with this is that you won’t gain any size, which is generally what guys want. A lot of females use this style of lifting, which makes males not want to utilize this style. However, the more repetitions with lighter weight, is doing the same thing as lifting heavy weights. It is putting stress on the muscles where they are breaking down still, but now there is more blood flow through the veins and muscles so it’s not as much stress on the joints and the vascularity aspect is there too. I have lifted both styles and I can honestly say, as cool as it is to say I can lift heavy weight, I feel better lifting lighter and I feel more muscle fatigue and stress (in a positive way) than lifting heavy. A lot of people do not believe that light weight, more reps can gain muscle. It does depend on the goals of the weight lifter. More repetitions will build endurance while heavy weight less repetitions grow strength. At the end of the day, a variation of both ways should be done to shock the muscular system for best possible looking results.


Dulce Candy’s Blog

Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 4.19.22 PM

Dulce Candy Tejada is the name of the woman who created This is the creater of a beauty blog revolution. This 30 year old first gained thousands of followers with her informative makeup and hair tutorials, but now chats on camera almost daily about everything from shopping hauls to many different trends. The problem with Dulce Candy’s YouTube channel  is that you won’t be able to stop watching after just one video. Dulce’s fame started from her do it yourself tutorial videos about fashion and beauty and her YouTube channel now has more than 2 million subscribers. I personally have been watching her videos for years since she started her videos when she was 24 years old. This woman has evoled in so many ways. She went from making videos for her YouTube channel to writing a book called ” The Sweet Life”, releasing a cosmetic bag collection at Ulta, and to say the least speaking for the DNC (Democratic National Convention) in 2016.Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 5.52.38 PM

The visual aspect of the blog is very organized if you ask me. Everything is sequencial in how a blog should be organized. She has two menus, which makes sense. They are both horizontal menus. One is near the title and the other above the start of the most recent blog. Her “about me” is very well organized and very detailed. Her blog is filled with information about her and her little family. She also has many Vlogs. You’ll find videos about her personal life that she wishes to share, several makeup videos, adoption updates, home improvement videos, and the list goes on. All of the pictures are pretty much all hers and that she has taken. Her husband is usually her photographer. There’s many OOTD’s. The title of each individual blog are all really interesting and makes you want to watch or read all of them. In her About Me, theres plently of information about her. She includes what she did prior to starting her social profession as well. She is open about her past in the army and adoption. I think those are both touchy subjects but she is very open about it. There are social media sharing button’s on the top left of the page. 


Overall the layout of the blog is very easy to navigate. The reader will find everything they are looking for as soon as they go onto the website. It also clearly informs the reader about the topic of every blog. I could say that the content and the quality of the blog is a big success for Dulce Candy. It clear it was will put together and they out a lot of thought to it. Eventhough, I believe it’s very nice I think that theres something going on with the website recently. I’ve been writing this assignment for a couple days and everytime I have access it, it has crashed everytime I have been on it. I thought it was my wifi but after changing computers and wifi’s, it is clear it’s the website. Interaction on the blog is not visible. There is no comment section that I can find. Thers is a comment section on her YouTube channel of course. Even though, there is great interaction on her YouTube channel and none on her blog just because there is no way to interact I still believe her Blog is a great success. 102843701.jpg

The Office

The office

It all started on March 24, 2005.  This is when Greg Daniels started a new revolution of funny. The Office is a hilarious documentary style look into the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the world of the standard 9 to 5. It’s 2018 and this show is still captivating Americans. Greg Daniels, the writer of The Office, is known for his work on SNL, The Simpsons, Parks and Rec, and King of Hill. The Office aired on NBC from 2005-2013. Many don’t know that The Office first aired in the UK but the success rate was not high. I just discovered this show last year and at first I did not like it and flipped to another show. After giving it another try, I have re watched it three times already and highly recommend it to everyone. This show is absolutly hilarious. It makes me laugh out loud so hard. After some research, season one had many mixed reviews when it released but the following four seasons were a buzz on the media. After finding myself researching this show more and more it lead me to find some interesting facts of the auditioning for the show. When the cast went to audition for the show they were NOT given a script. It was very unusual but it worked because the cast is awesome! They simply sat down in a conference room and they were told to act like the charater they were auditioning for. That is how they made their decision. In December of 2017, their were several rumor that their would be a revival of the show in 2018-2019. Recently one the cast members, John Krasinski appeared on “The Ellen Show” and when Ellen called him out on it, he said that was “the only one that wasn’t called for it”. Quite a cliff hanger! We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Logan Paul






Logan Paul has had a tremendous impact across all social media platforms. He started his career in Vine, by making short clips which they became viral. After vine shut down he went to create Youtube videos. At the moment he’s one of the most famous Youtuber along with his brother Jake Paul. He has 15 million subscriber and it keeps growing by the minute. I chose Logan Paul because he recently had a huge controversy by posting a video of a dead body that he found in suicide forest in Japan.


  • Youtube


  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Paul has had tremendous impact on Youtube which is where he makes a good amount of his money. His Youtube career has reached new peek, something that a regular Youtuber creator would not have the same opportunity. He currently has two series with Youtube Red, but they have been impacted due to the controversy that he’s in. Just like in Youtube Paul has a tremendous amount of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Logan Paul uses these social media platform to promote his merchandise. This seems to be effective because his items are often sold out, which means that the way that he’s advertising his items is working for him.

Logan Paul has been in controversial social media influencer. He has had good moments, such doing two shows and movies with Youtube Red, but social media is a dangerous tool that people should learn how to use it properly. It’s important that the content that you’re sharing is not harmful and that is something that has affected Logan Paul. If you google his name the first thing that will pop is the suicide forest controversy. As of now Logan Paul is a controversy name and I thought it would be fitting to focus this assignment around him.

Analysis and Evaluation



Logan Paul moved from Ohio to Los Angeles California after the success that he had with Vine. He started of by doing daily vlogs and his content focuses around him having fun and pranking others. This has shown to be extremely popular among younger kids. As of right now Logan has 15 million subscribers and daily video pull in eight million views daily. His life is condensed in a ten minute video. Paul’s videos have different content everyday which is why kids are so drawn to his videos. His channel contains daily vlogs where he shares his life with his viewers. In 2016, Paul starred in a Youtube Red film called the thinning. On November 2017 Paul announced that there would be a sequel but that was shutdown due to the controversy that he was in.


Since his Youtube presence is extremely big he uses this platform to promote his merchandise. In all of his videos he wear his merch items as a way to promote his product. He also includes links with each video. This seems to work for him because his items are always sold out. In the summer of 2017, Paul released multiple videos that has been viewed more than 100 million times. This is something rare because youtube creators don’t typically make this much money. During the time when these music videos were released, Logan had a few with younger brother Jake, which now I think was all for views. There’s lot of youtube creators that clickbait for views. Click-baiting has proven to be a huge hit among the creators because they are able to trick their viewers into clicking their video by putting a catchy title that might have nothing to do with the content of the video.

On December 31, Logan uploaded a Youtube Video in suicide forest. This video had so much attention that it appear on major news such as CNN, but not for the right reason. Paul was in suicide forest in Japan and in the video he showed a dead body. People were upset about this because he showed a dead body. The audience was offended in this video because Paul kept laughing throughout the video. After the video was trending, a lot of people were angry by it because when a video trends someone from the Youtube people hand pick these video. After seeing the backlash that he was receiving Paul removed the video and not Youtube.

Logan Paul has a strong presence in Youtube, he has fifteen million subscribers, and get’s a good amount of views per video. Youtube has been an important platform for his development as a creator. This is the platform that has helped him to exceed. His daily vlogs are loved by a lot of kids due to the entertainment factor. Youtube is a great platform, but you should know the things that you’re posting because you don’t know who you might be offending and how those people will take it.

Since Logan Paul is going through a controversial issue, when you google his name the first thing that comes up is the suicide forest in Japan incident. A lot of respectable news source have talked about this issue. Other things that comes up when his name is google are some of the most popular videos that he has. Other things that come up when his name is google is his Facebook, youtube, Twitter and Instagram pages. I also found the site for his merchandice store. The pictures that I found based on the google search were from public appearances and others from photoshoot. Again what had the most headline was the event that occur in suicide forest in Japan.

Logan Paul is active on twitter, he has 4.14 million followers and he is following 4,716 people. His total number of tweet is 7,641. The content on his twitter includes pictures, and announcement of when he uploads in his Youtube channel. I went over a good amount of his tweets and none of them feel personal to me, they are mostly work related. His bio contains various links, it contain his Youtube, Instagram and merchandise link. Before the suicide forest incident Paul would tweet everyday, but since then has taken a break from social media. I have also noticed that he engages with his audience by retweeting and answering some of his fans twitter.  In some of his tweets he seems to be appreciative of his accomplishments. There were a few tweets in which he thanked his followers for all of the things that they helped him accomplish in 2017. Over all his twitter account is mainly for promotions, and few tweets where he thanks his followers.



Logan Paul has 16.2 million followers on Instagram followers on Instagram. He is following 164 people and he has posted 806 pictures. His bio in instagram has a short message which is join the Logang which is what he named his fans. The other thing that he has in his bio is the link to his online merchandise. In each of the pictures that he has posted he gets an average of 2 million likes per picture. Based on the pictures that I went through I can say that he post pictures of his daily adventure. There’s a good amount of picture where logan wear his merchandise, this is self promo because people can see what he’s wearing and then he has the link to the shop on top. Logan seems to post regularly based on the quantity of pictures that are available.



In Facebook Logan Paul has 16 million likes in Facebook. Just like his other social media platform, Logan is active in Facebook. The content of his page includes videos promoting his merchandise. The first thing I noticed was his banner which was a picture of himself wearing his merchandise. There’s also a  shop section where you can see some of the items that he sells. He share a good amount of videos on his page. The photos that he shares are the ones that you can find on Instagram because people tend to connect the two social media platforms. Overall his Facebook page doesn’t have a lot of personal pictures or information about him, it’s mostly for promotional purposes.

Summation of my analysis

Based on the research that I made on the different social media platform that Logan Paul has, he has somewhat similar materials. His youtube contains daily vlogs. His twitter contains inspirational messages that connects to his videos. His Instagram and Facebook include pictures of his merchandise. Based on the material that he shares I can say that people are interested in the things that he’s posting. His material is not inspirational but it seems to make people happy about what they are watching. I would not say that the things that he does is something amazing but it is entertaining people.

Digital Footprint


Since Logan Paul is going through a controversial issue, when you google his name the first thing that comes up is the suicide forest in Japan incident. A lot of respectable news source have talked about this issue. Other things that comes up when his name is google are some of the most popular videos that he has. Other things that come up when his name is google is his Facebook, youtube, Twitter and Instagram pages. I also found the site for his merchandise store. The pictures that I found based on the google search were from public appearances and others from photoshoot. Again what had the most headline was the event that occur in suicide forest in Japan.
Commendations and recommendations

Logan Paul has a well established presence across all of his social media platforms. He has a lot of video that does well at entertaining kids. He has visual across all of his social media platforms. He seems to be doing an excellent job at coming up with content that people like because his engagement is high. Just because when it comes to his videos and pictures on his social media platform is doing well it doesn’t mean that there are some things that he can improve. The first recommendation is that he should post content that is appropriate for his audience. For example, Logan viewers are mostly kids he should not be posting content that will affect these kids negatively. An example of this is when he posted the suicide forest video, there were kids that saw that and they were probably shocked by the content that they saw in the video. Another recommendation I can make is to engage more with his audience because as I was looking through his page I was not able to find any type of engagement with his audience.


kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian

Facebook IRL:

Kim Kardashian has total of 30 million like in facebook.


Her twitter username is Kim Kardashian West and has 58.2 million followers and follows 129 people. Kim has 25.5k tweets and she joined twitter on March, 2009.


On Instagram Kim has 106 million followers and she’s following 112 people. Her total number of post is 4,080 pictures




For starters Kim’s profile picture is from one of her campaign for the KKW beautyline that she launched. The header photo is just plain nude background, I think it’s because she went with a nude color scheme for her beauty line. This makes me think that this is more of a business page rather than a personal one where you document your life. Under the about me tab she has her date of birth, and the link to her website and also the link to her blog. Based on her most recent pictures, the most like one has 109k likes and based on the other pic it seems that when she post a picture of herself without a lot of clothes it generates more likes. Her page is full of pictures of herself from photoshoots, and a few family pictures. The videos that she posted are promotional one for her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She like 7 people’s facebook and they are her sisters, mom and E! News. Whatever kim does seems to be working for her because she has a large number of people that like and follow her page. She knows how promote both her show and beauty line on this platform. The one thing where she could improve is posting less pictures of herself without any clothes, because for a lot of people she has a perfect body and those type of statement can make others believe that she has the ideal body.





Kim’s profile picture on her twitter looks like it’s from a red carpet event. In this picture she has blonde hair while in her Facebook profile picture she has black hair. The banner image is the same one from facebook, nude color a representation of her beauty line. As we move on to her Bio, she doesn’t include much information there. The only information that’s there is the date that she joined twitter and a link to her website. Her most popular tweets are those that she post along with a picture of herself. She has some promotional pictures that doesn’t that many retweets in comparison to one of her recent pics which had 48k retweet. In her tweets she also includes videos of herself getting her makeup done and other videos are about her beauty line. Kim has a combination of tweets and retweets. All of the tweets seems to be by her, but it’s hard to know for sure because a lot of celebrity hire people to manage their social media accounts. Kim seems to be an active user in both twitter and facebook as well. Based on what I have seen people tweet her a lot and she has a good amount of retweet, but I don’t think that she actually replies to a lot of them. She mainly replied to her family tweets. The tweets that Kim retweets are the one about her beauty line. Some people shared the products that they bought from her line and others praised her. Those seems to be the type of things that she would retweet.





Out of her two other social media account, Instagram seems to be a little bit more personal because she has a good amount of pictures with her family. Some of the pictures that she has are the same from Facebook because the two accounts are linked. For her profile picture she has the same from Facebook and the Bio in her page is a link to her website. She has a good amount of promotional pictures, some are from photoshoot, others are taken by paparazzi and there’s a good amount of family pictures.  Her most like pictures have about 3 million likes and most of her videos have about 7 million views. What I like about her page is that fact that she has the same theme for the pictures, meaning that they all have the same picture which makes the whole page look like one unit. The one thing she could improve is how she portrays herself. I don’t think that she should be taking pictures of herself half naked all the time because that might teach younger girls that Kim Kardashian has the ideal body.




Based on all the observations that I made, it seems like Kim Kardashian is more active with her followers on twitter. My reasoning behind this is because she retweets a good amount of tweets where she’s tag. Even though she has more followers in Instagram, twitter seems to be the platform where her followers receive the most engagement. I think that her Instagram is more appealing because her twitter feed is full of retweets and then her facebook is more for business purposes, but her instagram seems to be more balanced.


Blog Analysis: Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song


After an endless amount of search, I came across this blog written by Shirley Halperin. If I had to be honest it was the title of the blog that caught my eye, As Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song. This blog describes and talks about the Iconic simple Selena is even after many years of her no longer being here with us. The blogger goes into detail on why Selena influence gained her a star on Hollywood walk of fame.



This blog is what some may call very black and white. The blog has about 13 paragraphs that talk about some of Selena’s most vital moments in life. There is not much when it comes to the details on the actual blog or things that makes it stand out. If you choose the option to go to the article on Variety you then see more of the article. Variety is a website that you can pretty much search anything related to movies, music, awards, tech, politics and almost any artist out there. Back in the actual blog by Shirley you see in the very beginning, there’s a picture of Selena, a campaign she had done when she was very young for the Coca cola company. While in the bottom there’s a video of the actual night of the event. Selena’s family was awarded with the Hollywood walk of fame star. After the YouTube video, there are more related blogs of the actual same event that are written by other bloggers.


There are no quick links to see the most popular blogs for this blogger. If I click on the actual blogger it shows me another blogs Shirley has made. All of Shirley blogs are music related in some form or another. Shirley has about 112 followers as of right now. People commenting on her blogs range but not very popular which makes sense since she only has a certain number of followers. Her other blog post is pretty much similar as the one I have chosen. The Layouts look all the same and not much to click on or view. I personally did not choose her blog for the layout I choose it because the title interested me since I’m a fan myself.



As a true Selena Fan, I believe this blog not did do much justice. It was good don’t get me wrong but it could have absolutely been better. I’m a Latina who grew up in the 90’s and in love with Selena. So, my choices would have been different and perhaps over the top when it came to presentation on my blog to tell any story regarding Selena or why she did deserve that star on Hollywood’s walk of fame. But as many of us know Selena was and still is an incredible inspiration to many female woman and artist in today’s era. I would have added more images of her and her family, YouTube videos of Selena performing and even some of her most amazing moments. I would have made my writing purple since we all know it was Selena’s favorite color. Also, I would have even added a preview of Selena’s movie to have people a chance or choice to see it, to allow people to know this is how amazing Selena was that they even made a movie about her. Above it all a link to Selena’s fan based webpage so people can have the opportunity to read and learn more about this Iconic performer taken from us to early in life.


My Favorite Human Being

Where do I begin explaining why she is my favorite human being? Well here goes nothing, her name is Jessica Ramos and she is my sister, my dearest friend and even mom at times. Yes, I know this sounds super cheesy, but it’s the truth. My sister and I are 4 yrs. apart and we are inseparable. She has guided me, inspired me and above it all Jessica believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.

Jessica is so talented in so many ways. She paints, plays all different kinds of instruments and sings. When we were younger are lives was very complicated we lived in a very dysfunctional home. She used her creative mind to keep me distracted from all the negativity, physical and verbal abuse around us. I have yet meet someone that can tell a story like she can. She used her story telling ability and instrument talent to sooth my broken worried heart. Jessica made me have the powerful imagination I have today and continues to do so whenever I need it to most. Let’s just say I’m still scared to look underneath my bed.



She is my strength, my anchor, and my light at the end of my own dark and scary tunnel. She believes in all my goals and dreams, even when they seem foolish she is there to support me. The best part of it all she is the most amazing aunt to my daughter. Giving my daughter everything that I had as a child and even more. The bond between us has never been so amazin. I love reading different sisters quotes.

Sometimes a site and reminisce of all our crazy adventures while growing up. Even when we got in trouble together. I mean we have shared it all, smiles, tears, meals, a room and now best of all we share a life full of wonderful memories that don’t stop. Without her I would not be the woman I stand tall to be. She is my greatest supporter, she is my sister and my favorite human being.