Final Project – Ariana Grande

☁️All About Ariana☁️ Ariana Grande is a Grammy winning singer-songwriter and actress who propelled into stardom after the release of her first album "Yours Truly" as well as staring on hit Nickelodeon show "Victorious". She also starred on Broadway early in her career. Grande, 26, has since broken many records since her debut and has … Continue reading Final Project – Ariana Grande

Case Study #4 – Kim Kardashian

Overview: Kim Kardashian is a social media maven and business woman, she has a millions and millions of followers across the platforms, her usernames are @KimKardashian on all the platforms. She has nearly 5,000 posts on Instagram, 31.2k tweets on Twitter, and nearly 30 million likes on Facebook. Twitter: @KimKardashian Facebook. /KimKardashian Instagram: @KimKardashian Analysis: … Continue reading Case Study #4 – Kim Kardashian

Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

Overview RatzillaCosme is a "One-Stop Japanese Cosmetic & Beauty Guide" that focuses on informing readers about ingredients, uses, comparisons to similar products, pricing, as well as personal opinions in the form of reviews. It has a large index of various types of products as well as information on ingredients all sorted and organized so that … Continue reading Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis