Case Study #1 – Social Media Ethics

For this case study, you will select a recent event where a person or company has breached social media ethics. Some recent examples include Senator Ted Cruz “liking” a porn video on TwitterPepsi’s commercial with Kendall Jenner, and Adidas’ poor choice of wording after the Boston Marathon.

You will describe the action/social media post, explain the ethical concerns, and analyze any effort made by the individual/company to apologize or retract the post(s).

Your case study should be between 800-1200 words, and be structured in the format below:


This is where you will describing the incident including background information about the individual or company that committed the gaffe. Also include what happened, the public’s response, and any apology or retraction. This section should also include screenshots and/or images of the offending post(s). (For example, if it was a Tweet, include a picture of the original Tweet, and any follow-up Tweets).

Ethical Concerns

What was the problem? In this section, explain why the social media post/activity was ethically questionable.


This is where you analyze the response of the individual/company. Did they own their mistake? Was it an acceptable and/or professional response? What could they have done better?


What did you learn from this case study? What advice would you give to others to avoid such an incident?

This assignment should be completed using a word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google, Etc.) and upload at a .doc or .pdf to Blackboard.