Domino’s and Social Media: In 30 Comments or Less

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Domino’s Pizza. Everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned pizza when they’re feeling down. But not from Domino’s, their pizza tastes like it was cooked in a burning trash can, and not an empty one either. But what they lack for in quality of product, they make up for in social media presence. On all their accounts, they have a relatively large following.

Facebook:   17,172,955 Likes

The Facebook page itself is likely what you may expect from the page of any major restaurant. The profile picture is a picture of the Domino’s logo, and the cover image is a picture of a phone ordering pizza. The about tab contains information regarding the chain, what services they offer, and a legal disclaimer.

A majority of posts are pictures of deceptively good-looking pizzas along with other items available at the chain, and sometimes other subjects, such as their app. All the content is uploaded by the company, but given the disclaimer, it’s possible they are re-uploads of content submitted by users. It does not seem to like other pages, and the only community interaction is for customer support for those who are understandably dissatisfied with their slop. Most comments on recent posts are mixed with some positive and some irate, with around 100-300 on each.  They could focus more on interactive with their community proactively.

Twitter: 1.16M followers  44.4K Following    296K Tweets

Joined April 2009

The Twitter profile is structure more or less exactly the same to the Facebook page, all things considered. The profile picture and banner is the same as Facebook, most of the photos are reposts from the Facebook page. That’s not to say it’s identical to the Facebook page, however. The bio is short and confirms this is indeed the official Domino’s profile. There is the occasional retweet and responses from other users on their page.  There are also jokes related to pizza, with relevant hashtags. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 5-20 on each.

These are still significantly more pictures of pizza than anything else, though. Most posts have different text accompanying them, mostly including hashtags into almost every post, as well as the occasional emoticon. Overall, not the best it could be, needs more interaction with random commenters, but still a big step forward compared to the Facebook profile.

Instagram:  1M followers 65 Following 1280 posts

Prepare to not be surprised: The Domino’s Instagram account features primarily the same structure/content as the other accounts we have seen. Here, all of their pictures of pizza are put on full display, given the nature of the website. The bio is same as the Twitter, along with a link to Domino’s Wedding Registry. There are many photographs of pizza, and the occasional video ad thrown in for good measure. Again, 90% of the content here is recycled from their other social media channels. There is seemingly little to no interaction with customers/fans on display here. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 50-100 on each. Everything you see here is displayed with more content and interaction on both of the other platforms.

Overall, the biggest problem Domino’s is facing is their horrible soggy bread they call pizza, but the biggest issue facing their social media accounts is their sameness. All 3 of the accounts I’ve looked at have had almost the entirety of their posted content be the same across all platforms. They need to add some variety to give people reason to follow more than one account. Also, more audience interaction would help out as well. Perhaps responding to comments and such, adding some personality to your brand has proven helpful for its competitors. Their best platform at the moment seems to be their Twitter, as it includes the most audience interaction, but even that could use a bit of love. Until they get their act together, just stick to Pizza Hut. Or literally anywhere else.

Sam James Fit


Sam James Fit is her social media name. she is a 20 year old woman who is a college student and lives in Maryland. She is a vegan and a fitness guru who motivates people through her social media platforms by sharing her fitness journey. She is sponsored by 2 companies one which is a rising fitness wear company called Gymshark and the other company she is sponsored by is WomensBest which is a up rising supplement company.

when googling Sam James Fit you find all of her social media platforms. she is actively interacting with her fans on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and her own website.


When looking Sam up on Twitter her name is @sjames_fit sh has 13.9k followers and shes tweeting daily. She reaches out to her flowers by interacting with them by answering their questions are responding to their tweets.


When finding Sam on Instagram the name she goes by is sjamesfit she puts a few things about herself in her bio, lists her 2 sponsors, and puts her email for people to contact her. She posts about every other day and has a total of 835 post thus far. she has a total of 177k followers currently. Sam is very good at interacting with her followers on Instagram she is always replaying to their comments and answering their questions. Sam posts pictures of her fitness journey, fashion, videos of her workout routines, pictures of her dog, and posts about her sponsors.


Sam has a website that has a collage of her fitness pictures, food, and workout videos. she shares a place where viewers can email her with a message to ask questions or just talk.


The last social media platform Sam uses is YouTube. She post about her vegan recipes, vloges, workout routines, and different fashion try on videos. she doesn’t post as frequently on YouTube i think this is something she should work on as a public figure.She has 36,739  subscribers and has posted 43 videos in the last year.



The Brand of Beauty: Benefit


Benefit Cosmetics (also known as Benefit Beauty) is a brand of “high end” makeup, founded in San Francisco by sisters Jane and Jean Ford in 1976. Benefit products can be found in makeup stores, such as Sephora and Ulta, or ordered online through their website. Benefit is known for their branding and packaging – it has a very vintage feel to it, lots of pinks, and fun, colorful advertising. Benefit products come at a higher cost than other makeup brands, but ask anyone who uses makeup; you get what you pay for. If you pay more for a makeup product, it is highly likely to be of better quality. I can vouch for Benefit products (their “they’re real!” mascara has gotten me many compliments on my lashes when I have used it). They are of great quality, and sold by a brand that truly seems to care for their fans/customers, which can be noted when browsing through their various forms of social media. They interact, they post often, and they get their brand out there.

Social Media Presence Overview

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

Analysis and Evaluation


On Facebook, Benefit has 5.9 million likes, beating out many other fellow makeup brands, including fellow high end brands such as Too Faced and Urban Decay, and even extremely popular, more affordable brands, such as Maybelline and Covergirl. Benefit does a lot of promoting on their Facebook page. A majority of their posts are text with pictures, typically of their products, and they post a few times a week. They also do frequent live feeds in which fans can watch a live demonstration of a makeup look, a product being tested, etc. Deals that can be found on their website are featured on their Facebook so fans are aware of sales. Whoever is running the Benefit Facebook page is doing a great job of interacting with fans, as Facebook notified me that they are “very responsive” to messages. They keep up with the comments on their posts and reply back to many fans there, too. If customers comment with complaints, it seems like they try their best to reach out to the customers and improve their experience.


On Instagram, Benefit possesses 6.5 million followers, which does not beat out Too Faced and Urban Decay this time (both have over 8 million followers), but still manages to beat out Maybelline and Covergirl. Benefit is very active on Instagram. They currently have 4,274 posts, and they typically post several times everyday. I didn’t see many videos posted on their feed, but lots of pictures, including some of their products, and some of makeup artists who did looks using their products. They also post the occasional quote every now and then. While they don’t seem to be as interactive with fans here as they are on Facebook, they do tend to reply to questions asked by fans in their comments.

On YouTube, Benefit is not as popular, having only 151,747 subscribers, a pretty low amount compared to the followers they have on other social media. However, despite their rather low following, Benefit does appear to be active on YouTube. They upload around 2-5 videos per month, which I would say it fairly average for any YouTube channel. Plus, their videos are edited to perfection, so I’m assuming that putting one of their videos together takes a good amount of time, and they would rather focus on making one video look perfect than posting a bunch of poorly edited ones. They have their videos nicely organized under several different subheadings, including

  • Hot Stuff: What’s New & Trending at Benefit
  • Instant Beauty Tips & Tricks
  • 5 Minutes to Flawless
  • they’re real! mascaras & eyeliners beyond belief
  • Laughter is the Best Cosmetic!
  • Friends with Benefit
  • About Us: #LifeatBenefit


There is no way of knowing how many Snapchat “friends” one has, but Benefit does leave their story open to the public, meaning it’s not set on private. If you add them as a friend, they do not have to add you back in order for you to see their story. Benefit uses Snapchat as a means of showcasing their makeup. Employees of Benefit take over their Snapchat to share makeup tips and tricks, and also share snaps of people doing their makeup/getting their makeup done. Benefit posts to their Snapchat story everyday, just some days more than others. For example, they had quite a long story up on Mother’s Day, featuring “Bene-babes,” or people that help to promote the company, interviewing their mothers and asking them what their favorite Benefit products are. There is also no way of knowing how often Benefit interacts with fans via Snapchat, but judging from their stories, they like to post often and that is a good way of keeping fan attention.


I may be biased when it comes to Twitter, since it is my favorite social media site, but I am especially biased when it comes to Benefit’s Twitter because it’s so pink (which is my favorite color)! Benefit’s Twitter is really visually pleasing to me, so I want to give a shout out to whoever is running it. Benefit has 824.7 thousand followers. Here, it beats out Too Faced, Maybelline, and Covergirl. Their tweets mostly contain words and photos, with a video here and there. They tweet/retweet a couple times per day, but this is perhaps the social media site that they are most interactive with their fans on. I’m pretty sure they reply to all fan and customer tweets, no matter if a fan is complimenting, complaining, or showing off their makeup – Benefit is replying back to all of them. And not only are they replying back, but they are so nice…it makes me want to tweet them!

Benefit is using social media to their advantage. They are marketing, promoting, demonstrating, interacting, you name it, and they are using social media to help them. Most people in the world use social media in some form, whether they have all these types of accounts like me, or only have one or two. Benefit has recognized that social media is a benefit to them (sorry, I had to), and it’s surely getting them even more fans everyday.

Benefit has a similar look across all social media, proving that their branding is important to them. All their social media contain similar posts and similar color schemes. I didn’t find them in any hot water when it came to Googling them and researching their digital footprint. When you Google them, your results are links to all their social media accounts, places you can purchase their products, and articles reviewing their makeup. They keep a clean image, which makes them a standout in the world of makeup brands, which can be a difficult world to shine in. There are so many brands of makeup out there, that it is hard to break through and become a big name. Benefit has been around long enough and the company has had so much experience, that their social media image is exactly what I would expect from a company of such quality – it is reflective of how hard they have worked at building their brand.

Commendations and Recommendations

If we had to give a grade to these companies/celebrities in terms of their social media, I would give Benefit an A. They have a solid social media presence. All of their accounts are visually appealing, eye catching, and attention grabbing. I think that even if you are not into makeup but stumbled upon their Instagram feed, you would still find yourself browsing through their posts. They do an acceptable job of interacting with fans, which is crucial as a brand to keep your customers satisfied. In terms of what I think they could do better, I think they should put more focus on their YouTube, and try to build up more of a following there. More videos would be a good start, maybe try to get more celebrity spokespeople to film videos for their channel. If they could get a celebrity spokesperson, I think it would do great things for them. As of right now, they do not have one, and are doing just fine, but having one could give them even more of a push in the right direction. I cannot think of much I would do to improve their social media presence and digital footprint, as their all their social media looks polished and their digital footprint is a great representation of the brand. I think they need to just keep doing what they are doing – making high quality products, and marketing them on all platforms of social media.


Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is 39 years old and was born on August 3rd, 1977 in San Mateo, California. Tom is the only boy in the family and he has 3 sisters. One of his sisters is married to former Red Sox third baseman and fan favorite, Kevin Youkilis. Tom is married to super model Gisele Bundchen and together they have one son Benjamin who is 8 and a daughter Vivian Lake who is 5. Tom has a 10-year-old son, John, with ex Bridget Moynahan. Tom is the star quarterback of the New England Patriots is considered by most people around the world as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Tom has 5 Super bowl rings and 2 MVP awards. He has the most Super bowl wins out of any quarterback all time. He was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft and skipped over multiple times by every team in the league including the Patriots. Six quarterback were picked ahead of him in that draft class. Not one of those other quarterbacks went on to do anything close to what Brady has done.

Image result for TB12 performance meals'

Tom sells a meal pack called, “TB12 Performance Meals.” He is known for what he eats, how he keeps his body and mind right, and also the training he does to keep his performance on the field at the highest standard. The TB12 Performance Meals can be delivered right to your house. The meal pack consists of 2 servings per meal, and 3 meals per week. To purchase this meal pack you would subscribe to it and pay $78/week. While eating these meals you will see how Tom eats to stay in shape and keep his body fat and everything else perfect. I have never tried this, but from what I heard people now see how he stays in this good of shape at 39 years old. He takes care of his body and does everything possible to keep his football performance at the highest standard as he gets older. Most people do not play into their 40’s, but not Tom. He has stated multiple times that he wants to play well into his 40’s and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to.  I think the message he is trying to convey is about health and how to keep your body and mind in shape. His training and eating is fantastic for his body, but also keeps his mind sane. He does just enough training to make him feel right, but not put his body or mind over the top. I think the Branding of Tom Brady connects with people of all ages. For kids growing up he shows us how to stay in shape, keep training, and that anything is possible when we set our mind to it. For adults, he shows that you can still do things you did 20 years ago at the highest level if you keep your body and mind right. He said that he feels better and more mobile now than he did 20 years ago. Everything he is doing is paying off, and as a fan of the Patriots I couldn’t be happier.

Image result for tom brady social media choose

Social Media Overview

Tom never was into Social Media other than Facebook until the beginning of this year. He had a very famous and active Facebook page and then he made an Instagram. He does not have Instagram, Snapchat, or any other kind of social media according to him. When deciding whether to choose Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Myspace he posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the 4 options as hats in front of him. Millions of people commented on it and then Tom made the choice to join Instagram. A choice that Instagram must have been thrilled with. I am sure when he chose Instagram many of his followers made an Instagram as well. On Facebook, 4,406,369 people like his page. On Instagram Tom follows 7 accounts, and he has 2.2 million followers. He has 76 posts, but recently he has started posting pictures and videos more often. Most of his pictures have to do with family, friends, teammates, and the Patriots. He also posts photos of the TB12 Performance meal to show and sell to fans. I would say Tom spends the most time on Facebook. It was his first social media account and he posts statuses and pictures to that often. Sometimes I have seen him interact with fans as well, which is pretty cool for someone that doesn’t have much free time. Toms accounts usually only show locations when he is at an event or it has something to do with football. When he posts pictures of himself at home or with his kids privately they do not show locations. He mostly posts public place photos so people know where he is anyways. I think Snapchat is the social media that gives away digital footprint the most and he doesn’t have a Snapchat.

Image result for tom brady social media choose

Commendations and Recommendations

The things Tom does well on social media is interact with fans of different generations. Like I said previously, he connects with kids growing up right now and middle aged adults. He does it on social media and in the football clubhouse playing with teammates half his age. I think he is also making fans all over the world, including other states within the U.S. Most fans out of New England do not like him because of the success he and the Patriots have had, but if you follow his social media he is impossible to dislike. He likes to have fun with the social media accounts and gets his fans to laugh while doing it. I don’t think I’d recommend him to do anything differently. His Instagram and Facebook accounts are funny and serious. He posts the “TB Times” after football games that the Patriots won and other photos of just him as a dad. We see both sides of Tom Brady through his social media accounts. I love the way he runs the accounts and I think every follower of his does as well. Also, I am one of the people that think he is the GOAT…and it is hard to argue against if you disagree.


Mike James on the Web


Mike James is a local Boston, MA hip-hop artist that has, in the last year, expanded his reach quite a bit through online interaction. Mike James’ Facebook URL is   he can also be found on Twitter, his most profound source of social media with 17K followers at @notMicJames and Instagram @notMikeJames with 4,951 Followers

Now on Spotify ( and  Apple Music and several other (less mainstream) music sharing platforms, distribution has been a major focal point of the growing artist.

Mike James built a foundation off of the idea of “working from the ground up” and achieving the impossible despite the odds. It is often apparent of this in his music as we hear rhymes about overcoming obstacles in life, or mounting aspirations to come. It is with this message he pushes forward and attracts new fans, whether it be through the uplift of his music, or the style of his merchandise; such as the “hear no evil, see no evil” T-shirt he recently came out with last season for.



Analysis and Evaluation

Mike James uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as his main modes of crowd communication online. In the bio of all social media platforms rests links to his website and his booking email for shows as well as fan-mail and often links to his latest released content.

Facebook is geared more towards fan communication and information, this is where tour/show dates are posted, responses are commented on fan posts and so on. This is where Mike “connects” to his fan on a more personal basis, as well as updating statuses of personal thoughts and opinions to gain feedback from fans as well.

Twitter is Mike’s main platform for marketing of new content and also a side tool for fan interaction. Having just over 6k tweets, he doesn’t tweet all that often as much as he likes and retweets fan posts sharing all of his music links. Others often tweet his links multiple times a day, especially upon their release, whether it be retweets or original posts from fans. This is a major key in the virility of his music releases. It is often seen that the spike in views on new content is within the first few days of release before it seems to die down, along with the promotion. It is for this reason that it is important for Mike to use this time to his advantage.




Instagram is where Mike shows appreciation for his fans more so than anything else. Whether it be posting pictures from shows or screenshots of fan comments on his new releases, this is where the indirect interaction and recognition truly shows through for Mike James.

Spotify and Apple Music are a different type of social media, where interaction is limited but distribution of content is optimal. Fans pay a monthly fee to use the website itself, and in turn are allowed to add songs to playlists and so on at their disposal, artists get cut in on the proceeds. This is a double edged sword, but in a good way, being that Mike not only gets broader grounds for network expansion, but also compensation for it as well!

For those unable, or unwilling to pay for these services, Mike also uses conventional Youtube and Soundcloud for some releases, though some are exclusive to the paid platforms, most likely due to contractual obligation, though most content makes its way to free access eventually, whether it be all at once, or a few weeks after the paid platform release, providing incentive for fans to pay, but also not fully excluding those unable, further reinforcing the message Mike spreads of doing it “for the love” and “for the fans”.


Upon google searching “Mike James” the name itself is home to many diverse individuals that come up firstly, but upon adding the keyword “music” or something of that nature he immediately pops up for us. This is an initial conflict for the young musician seeing that he is still on the rise and the ease of searching his name and finding accurate results is critical for gaining new fans that have little insight on who they’re searching, hence the search. To combat this issue i suggest Mike does some online search engine optimization work, either hiring a company to boost his content to come up earlier in searches. This can be done by targeting blog sites to post about his brand, or to simply release more content in order to bog down the undesired hits when searching his name and, in turn, bring forth the desires links and web addresses, such as his new website;





Photos from Mike James’ IG : @notMikeJames  &

Mike James:

Facebook URL

Twitter @notMicJames

Instagram @notMikeJames



case study #3

In this case study, I will be discussing a rap artist called Kevin Gates. He is on facebook, twitter, and instagram. His facebook url is, and he has 6,891,414 likes. His twitter name is iamkevingates, and he has 829.5k followers, and he has 222 followers. When it comes to tweets, for a celebrity, he does not have a lot of tweets. Kevin gates has a total of 8,416 tweets. Although it seems like he has been on twitter for a while, it does not say when he joined. When it comes to his instagram, he has 5 million followers, and he follows 73 people. When it comes to his instagram posts, he only has 205 of them.

Image result for kevin gates

When it comes to Kevin Gate’s facebook page, he has a lot of interesting things on it. He has a lot of pictures that contains quotes on them. Each and every one of those quotes are inspirational, and they get a lot of feed back. His feedback is from people that has a lot things going on in their life, and that is mainly what his music is for too. His profile picture, is a picture of his album that went platinum, and his cover picture, is a picture of a single he has just released. In his about page, it shows his different social network accounts, links for his music and stores, his group affiliation, and when he joined facebook. On his facebook, he mainly has pictures and videos. His pictures are reposts from fan pages, and his videos are done by him. His Videos mainly contain him, his family, and his wife. He is a very serious family man.  He does not like other pages on facebook. When it comes to what he does well, one will say his consistency with his posts are done well. One thing he can improve on, is his replying skills.

When it comes to his audience, Kevin Gates always gets a positive audience participation. People will often tell him how “Real” he is, and they often express their love for him. When it comes to his twitter, his banner and profile picture are the same as his facebook. In his bio, he has the site to his website, and he has the links for booking. On his twitter, he contains tweets, pictures, and videos. His most popular tweets are when he thanks Allah for his success, and when he shares his wisdom to his followers and fans. His tweets are written by him, and unlike his facebook, he does really well with replying. He doesn’t do anything wrong on his twitter.

Image result for kevin gates

When it comes to his audience participation, everything is positive. His fans love him, and sometimes he does reply and retweet people. On his instagram, his profile picture, is a picture of  him in the studio. His bio, has the Morocco, and Puerto Rico flag emoji. On top of that, his bio has his booking website, and the website to the single he just released. His most popular picture, is the picture with him and his daughter. The most popular video, is when he is in the studio expressing his thoughts. Just like his twitter, Kevin gates does a decent job when it comes to replying to some of his fans. He doesn’t do anything wrong.

When it comes to his platform, he does an excellent job on his twitter and instagram. His instagram is more appealing because you can see his daily life. It also contains pictures and videos he doesn’t post on twitter. He also interacts with more people on instagram. That always makes it more interesting to look at.


Keeping Up With The Trends

Keeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The Trendskim k

You may keep up with the Kardashians but today we are going to keep up with one sister in particular-Kylie Jenner.


Kylie is, as her wikipedia page describes her, an American reality television show personality, socialite, fashion designer, and model. Oh, and she’s only 19 years old. But why is she famous?  She isn’t an actress, musician, or anything else to really get you to her high top status. To be fair, being the youngest sibling of the iconic Kardashian family must have perks and privileges, right? Kylie is able to ‘keep up’ with her mega fan base through her social media accounts. Her fans await her every post due to her suggestive, adult, and immediate on trend content.

Kylie’s earliest touch with social media was with her Facebook page which she joined in 2011. Currently, he page has 19, 195, 079 likes. Immediately when discovering this page you will be drawn to her profile picture. A (classy?) black and white photo of Kylie lying down, looking away from the camera, smoking a joint. Like I said, classy. Her cover photo is a bit less adult. Here, it is another black and white picture, she is lying down (homegirl clearly hates standing) this time looking at the camera while listening to music. When you go to check out her “about” section, you won’t find much but you will find her birthday, her contact information (a link to her cosmetic website…because money), her nickname, and a link to her biography. With further investigating you will learn that all she ever does is post about herself. Seriously, thats all she posts. She will post pictures of only herself (whether it be in her multiple cars, her mansion, or “candids”), her cosmetic line (…money), or her family (again her family = Keeping Up With the Kardashians = viewers = money…just saying). Although, her fans don’t seem to notice or really care as they seem to only comment on the positive side (“goals” “omg!!!” and my favorite “I can’t”). So it can be assumed this page is her shrine to herself and her everyday basic (and by basic I mean she’s millionaire so no, it is not basic) life.

Kylie also has a Twitter page. She currently has 20.1 million followers, is following, 1,175 users,  has 12K tweets, and 199 likes. Homegirl is popular. In her “about” it is links to her cosmetic website and her fashion website (…you know what I’m going to say here). She joined in 2011 so she has a pretty well following for her 6 years on the site. Her profile picture and cover photo are clearly from the same photoshoot (or it could literally be her assistant taking a picture from her iPhone…who knows). In both pictures she’s wearing a tan tied up shirt with a matching short skirt. Oh, and she clearly hates the camera as she again avoids it’s eye contact. But hey, it’s a sexy photo so that’ll get her more followers, not that she needs to worry about that. She doesn’t tweet much but when she does it is either to promote herself (her cosmetic line, fashion, or latest cover on a magazine) or to retweet a fan/costumer of her products. Are you picking up what I’m putting down??

And finally, our concluding chapter of The Kylie Saga-Instagram. Her Instagram name is simply kyliejenner. She currently has 90.3 million followers, is following 185 users, and has 5,054 posts. Her profile picture is currently that classy gem I mentioned early, the infamous b&w + joint beauty. Her about is yet another promotion of her Snapchat (Kylizzlemynizzl) and her cosmetic line (if you’re sensing a pattern you are not the only one). Again, here she only posts pictures about herself, her cosmetic line, her fashion line, or mirror selfies in her luxurious mansion. She will occasionally not allow comments on her posts but almost always whatever Kylie posts causes her fans to get it to trend.

Kylie may just be a spawn of a reality television era but the girl sure does know how to make money. Gotta give that girl some credit. She has managed to be successful through her social media accounts. Although, she posts manly in Instagram and her content on Twitter and Facebook is probably more for Instagram (personally I find Facebook is for posting and connecting with others, Twitter is for quick posts or low quality pictures, while Instagram is for high quality pictures).  Also, she seems to post more of her daily activities so for her fanbase her Instagram is the best Kylie social media to follow.  So if you’re into a vapid, rich, 19 year old who is more into herself than what is happening with the outside world then go on and give Kylie Kristen Jenner a follow!