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Scary Movies and Oscar Buzz!

Summer is gone and with it the Summer blockbusters. Time to bring on the horror!   Hi, I'm David and I love movies! I have been watching movies since I was very young. My mother tells me she used to take me to movie forums with her when she was a college student. She would … Continue reading Scary Movies and Oscar Buzz!

My Love for Video Games

Oh boy, where do I begin? My love for video games is something I've had since I was a child. It's a hobby I don't take too seriously, I prefer playing games for fun. I believe my first video game was Doom for the SEGA Genesis. That game was a blast, quite literally. Blasting away … Continue reading My Love for Video Games

Let’s Lift!

Admittedly, I started out a CrossFit convert after being a former Globo-gym-quasi-runner/The Firm fitness chaser. I was a pack a day smoker that would rip butts in the parking of the gym right before I walked in. I left a high stress sales job with a severance and some time to myself to kill (heal). … Continue reading Let’s Lift!

Week#3 Case Study

Case Study Social Media #3 Brian Donovan Professor Bauer   Overview – Lowell Politics and History Site Blog Topic covers local political activities and local history. The author Attorney Richard Howe Jr. is a well-known political figure who has held the post of Register of Deeds since 1995, local attorney, served … Continue reading Week#3 Case Study