Intro: Enjoy your life

How to enjoy some form of life

I would say one of my the things I need to enjoy to enjoy life is acting and filmmaking. What I thrive for at the moment is working on getting cast as extras on movies, but that I would not want to be an extra for the lifetime if I want to pursue acting. It would be better if it were a featured extra or even a small recurring role on a movie. I was recently doing a lot of movie working during the Summer of 2017 and it was really fun and exciting, I have met a lot of new people and actually saw the stars who were in the movie. I learned a lot more about the film industry after doing extra work for movies. For example, learned that it could take 10-14 hours just to make a 10-minute scene. Also, we sometimes have to drive to another spot in order to get this scene done. Also, learned that it takes a lot of time and commitment to make sure they have the right scenes that go with the flow. Sometimes, the stand-ins and the people who assign the extras of where they should go, sometimes they changed their minds as well. I also took time off work in order to attend these calls. Which shows I really want to do this and not go to work. Also, another thing I like to do is play my guitar and violin, I have been interested in learning these instruments when I was younger. And now I have the time to play them both. I would say that it has been a while since I have played guitar and now I am learning violin at the moment. It is quite a journey to learn a lot about these two hobbies I dedicated my time on.

A violinist named Jason Yang inspired me with the violin.

I also think traveling is the best thing I have done, in January of 2017, I was visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Great places to be around and get the nice vibe in it. I will definitely be back here soon.


Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman

wonder woman


Wonder woman has a new face by the name of Gal Gadot, an actress, model, and pageant winner from Israel. At a young age, she entered and won the Miss Israel pageant competition. Winning the competition assisted in her take off career in modeling. Soon after she completed the two-year mandatory service to the Israel defense forces, and decided law school would be her next move. While attending school and receiving calls for perspective acting roles, it sparked an interest to peruse acting over law school.

Gals first role was in an Israeli TV show, but it did not stop there. In 2009, she landed a role in the fast and furious films playing Gisele, and stuck with the movie franchise for three films. Before landing her solo film as wonder woman, that was released in June 2017, her character was introduced in Batman vs. Superman and an appearance was mad as wonder woman.

Facebook URL:

# of Facebook likes: 9,793,394

Twitter username: GalGadto

# of Twitter followers/# of Twitter users follows: 1.4 million followers   76 follows

# of Tweets: 1269

Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: April 2009

Instagram username: Gal_gadot

# of Instagram followers/# of Instagram users follows: 12.1 million   544 follows

# of Instagram posts: 883


 Gal Gadots Facebook page promotes the new movie, Justice League that she is featured in as wonder woman. The cover picture on her Facebook displays the six main super heroes in the movie and her profile picture is a professional picture focused on her face. In this profile picture, there are many positive compliments and Gal commented on a few thanking them. That looks like the only interaction of her replying throughout her Facebook page.

Recently Gal has been posting about the movie Justice League, the press tour in London and also shared a post from rotten tomatoes; about the 50 best superhero movies. There is a post where she voiced appreciation towards some woman who help save lives on daily basis; there was a nurse, marine, pediatrician, fire fighter, and an air-force captain in the picture as well. UK Glamour magazine features Gal in there December 2017 edition and that was posted onto her page as well. Most post on Gals page include pictures or videos and posts like the one below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.48.32 PM

The about me section of her profile has minor information. It states her birthday, a link too her website and a widget to her Instagram page; her gender and job title as an actor ends the about me section. In the photo section, she does not have a lot of albums and her most phots are in the timeline album. Gal has a lot of videos, some posted were when she hosted SNL, the justice league tour, fast and the furious clips etc. Gal has created a fundraiser underneath the name let’s make education possible for all children, and has access to it underneath the fundraiser tab.

The celebrity’s Facebook audience interacts with all her post, and the most interaction is for the promotion of Justice League. There are many positive comments, but some negative ones as well, relating to Ben Affleck as batman. I do not think Gal is in control of her Facebook, this is assumed because posts are made to this account every few days and her Facebook and twitter mirror one another with post. I think her face book could be improved if there was a little more interaction with her fans.

The first thing I realized about Gals Twitter page is that it mirrors her Facebook. Her banner and profile picture are the same as Facebook. All the post made to her Facebook account were made to her twitter as well and her bio includes just a link to her website. There is no uniqueness to distinguish the difference in both accounts, and that is one suggestion I would make, to make each account unique.

Gals twitter account displays a little more interaction than Facebook. She follows 76 twitter accounts and liked 1207 post. There are a few shares, some retweets and some responses to other people in her line of work like a director. Most post include pictures and videos and the audience interacts well with posts. Her likes for most post is in the thousands, then the number of retweets and lastly the comments section displays the least attentions from fans. She receives a lot of positive comments regarding fan love, movie love, and towards her looks. There are not a lot of negative tweets posted, but one that did stick out was about a person stating hopes for Gal to pick up serious acting rolls.

I think Gals twitter is controlled by a company, but I also think she post as well. An example of this would be when she tweeted a director that she liked his work. Some tweets that were retweeted by Gal are regarding raising money for suicide prevention, and there was another from the Fallon tonight twitter account, regarding an appearance. As stated before Gals twitter page should not mirror her Facebook and I think Gal or the company controlling her account need to interaction with fans.

The Instagram picture Gal Gadot has posted, is the same professional photos of her face like her twitter and Facebook pages. The bio contains a link to buy the wonder woman movie, that recently came out on DVD. Some of the pictures posted are the same ones posted on her other social media pages, but there are new ones as well.

The most recent popular photo that caught a lot of attention of Gal can be found by the hyperlink above. The photo is a picture of her modeling a pair of glasses by a brand called cool-ray made by Erroca. Videos always have more views than pictures on Instagram, and the wonder woman videos on the page had over three million views.

Gal’s Instagram followers leave a lot of positive comments regarding her beauty, excitement for the movie, and congratulating her on success. A few negative comments I seen were about working with ben Affleck, and negativity towards Israel. On all of her post on Instagram there are many comments and likes from her followers. I think Gal shares controls to her Instagram and is not the main poster, because there are some pictures posted that seem personable to her that aren’t related to her celebrity life. I like her Instagram page and I would only improve the profile picture, so it is not the same as other social media pages.

The social media platform with the most interaction to the audience is on Instagram.  Out of the three accounts it was my favorite to view because it showed viewers a better sight into Gals life. There isn’t much interaction with the audience on any of her social media pages, but her followers do react, through liking or commenting. I enjoyed getting to learn about Gal Gadot and am excited to see her new movie Justice league.

Justice League trailer… check it out








Blog Analysis: 4 The Love Of Animals


One thing that I love and I am really passionate is animals.  I looked at a few animal blogs, but one that really stood out was 4 The Love Of Animals.  It incorporates a vast majority of topics that include; tips for owning a pet, animal news, do it yourself projects for your pets, pet supplies reviews, and more.  It is a very informative and up to date blog about all things animals.  I think it can be very helpful for first time pet owners as well.  They also advertise pet products and a portion of their advertisements gets donated to Best Friends Animal Society, and other animal welfare causes that they support.  It is also interactive as well, one can email them having any questions or request for certain pet products to be reviewed by them.  Adding onto that, if you have come up with a pet product idea, you are able to work with them and have them help you get your product idea noticed and advertised.  The blog is affiliated with Amazon as well, so you can shop for various items, not just for your pet, but for yourself too.

Web Address:

The layout of 4 The Love Of Animals consists of a header that has the title of the blog, and a subtitle that reads, “Celebrating the bonds between people and animals!”.  The header also includes cartoon animals that reinforces the lighthearted feel of the blog. The colors are the blog are very basic, neutral colors that really capture the essence of the blog.  Below the graphic, directs you to the menu you bar of the blog.  There is various directories that lead you too the home, about me page, reviews, and more.  4 The Love Of  Animals also has a right sidebar.  This side bar includes a link where you can get in touch with the authors by sending them an email, a search bar, various advertisements of what they support, and links to websites that they support.

The body of the blog is the home, and it consists of the most recent animal posts.  Each blog post has a titles, but not all of them include a picture.  Some posts also include videos as well.  Many of the pictures look like stock photos, not a lot of them have citations under the picture.  At the end of the blog posts, the author includes links for more importation pertaining to that article which I think can be helpful for users.  Also, at the end of every post the author provides the links where the article is also posted in different parts of the blog.  You can also leave comments on every post too.  The blog also contains a footer that just brings you back to the home page, and a link to a designer dog collar seller.

In my opinion, all of the blog posts are very informative and interesting.   The “About” page is somewhat useful, it gives a brief description on why the creators of the blog started it, but it does not say who they are and how many people are behind the blog.  I think the author could explain more on the “About” page.  What I think the author does well is, that they do a good job of interacting with the user.  The user can leave comments and even contact them via email.  Users can also work together with the authors and help them sell their product, which I think is good idea because it benefit both parties.  They have their contact link and search bar at the top of every page which makes it very easily accessible.  Overall, the blog is very easy to navigate and is very informative and great for first time pet owners or even upcoming entrepreneurs.  It has a very light hearted theme to it and the authors provide a lot of variety for the user.


Sam Smith


The person that I chose to do this assignment on is Sam Smith. Sam Smith is a 25-year old singer-songwriter from London,England. He rose to fame in October of 2012 when he featured on Disclosures hit single “Latch”. He released his debut album, In the Lonely Hour, in May of 2014 and has just this week dropped a new album, The Trill of it All. Sam Smith’s Facebook page, ,currently has 5,948,900 likes with 5,833,593 follows. His Twitter ,@samsmithworld, with 5.23 million followers, following 1,290, he joined in January of 2012, and currently has a total of 12.9 thousand tweets. On Instagram, which is also @samsmithworld, has 7.9 million followers, following 841 with 2,904 Instagram posts. As you can see he is very active on twitter and Instagram.

On his Facebook it seems to be the basic celebrity promo stuff. Most posts are duplicate posts from either Instagram or Twitter. Each post still gets thousands of likes and comments with hundreds of shares. Comments are nothing but positive, mostly raving about his new album. His profile picture and cover photo are the same picture of himself. Under the about tab you can find contact information to his management team. Also you can find a link to his official website where you can also go to listen to his brand new album. The more popular post is the post officially releasing the link to his album. Other popular posts are one about his new album, such as videos to his new songs.

On Twitter he is way more active and where he really connects with his fans. His cover photo is the same on from Facebook but his avatar is a different black and white picture of himself that is edited that is diagonally mirrored. His bio is a cute little line “I sing for supper”. A lot of his content his based around his new album. The past few days, in between tweeting something original, he has been retweeting a lot of his fans when they tweet him lyrics to his songs off the new album. You can only imagine what his mentions and direct messages look like. He gets so many replies, likes, and retweets on all of his tweets. With the of people that follow him there is no way he is replying to everyone that direct messages him. For what it looks like he is getting again nothing but positive replies raving about him and his new album.

His instagram, @samsmithworld, seem to be more of his favorite social media. He posts a lot of pictures a day. Still a lot about his album but also he shows off his modeling skills since he posts a lot of photoshoot pictures and personal pictures with friends and such. His avatar is the same as his twitter one. Also he has the same line in his bio from twitter. His most popular post/videos are the ones of him singing. They at least have a 1 million views on them. On average for his posts he of course gets thousands of likes and comments. All comments and reactions super positive and supportive

Sam Smith seems to be more successful on instagram since he has the most followers on that account. It is also where he get more likes, comments and views than another account he has. Although on his twitter he is more actively connected to his fans.


Brent Faiyaz is a 22 year old R&B singer who made his jump to fame within a relatively short time. At the beginning of the year he had only a few hundred thousand streams on Spotify but now he has millions of streams. He is notoriously known for wearing “clout goggles” a new fashion trend that has these sunglasses plastered everywhere. Brent has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but is mostly on Twitter and Instagram. You can check his Facebook here. He has almost 7,000 likes on his Facebook page but don’t let that fool you, he is on his second tour. His Twitter can be found here. His Twitter username is just his stage name @brentfaiyaz. He currently has 32,000 followers while following 87 people. He has almost 1,300 tweets. And joined in September of 2011. As for his Instagram which can be seen here. He has 49,000 followers while following 594 people. He only has 34 posts.

clout gogglesBrent with clout goggles


His profile picture is his album cover and the cover image is a picture of himself. His posts are his original content or reposts from his R&B group Sonder, with producers Dpat and Atu. He promotes his most recent album Sonder Son and his upcoming tour. He also occasionally posts pictures. There are videos of him in the studio with the rest of the Sonder crew making music and performing at shows. He likes another page called BBC Introducing in London, that is the only page he likes. The comments and interaction from fans are positive. Everyone asks about whether the show in their area is sold out or if tickets are still available for the event.Under his About section it shows all links to contact him and links to his other social media and where you can listen to his music

Things to improve about the page would be to add more interaction for Facebook. Not everyone has a Twitter or Instagram some only have Facebook and due to the limited updates on his Facebook they won’t be as up to date. For example, he announced that some shows were sold out on Twitter, but on Facebook, there were no posts notifying which shows were sold out. Being that i don’t use Facebook as often that is the only problem I see with his page.


His profile picture is the same for his Facebook, his album cover, and the banner picture is another picture of him. For his content he replies to some fans and also retweets critics that review his album. Brent generally speaks his mind on his Twitter. In his bio there is just a link to his website Some tweets do contain pictures and other forms of media. For example, he has retweeted videos of him performing live and posted pictures of himself in the studio or on tour. His tweets are a combination of his own and retweets. He had negative feedback to a tweet many misinterpreted, but once clearing things up the fans who lashed out negatively were in the wrong. As for what he can improve on, I don’t really see anything that needs improvement. He keeps fans updated on Twitter daily and is one of his most active social media accounts.

People tweet Brent everyday but when it comes to responding he only responds to a select few. He retweets fans that have supportive messages or ones that have videos of him performing. He retweets people promoting his album or giving reviews. He also retweets people that he works with helping them get bigger using his platform to give them exposure.


His profile picture for his Instagram is like the other accounts, his album cover. His bio promotes his album, Sonder Son, and has his website linked to it. His most popular post was a video of him and the rest of the Sonder crew going on stage in Washington D.C getting 12.7k likes. His most popular picture is a candid of him getting a haircut with 11.1k likes. I think he could improve his Instagram with more pictures. Give more depth into who Brent is or at least what he does. I understand he tries to keep it minimal and being a celebrity he would like to keep his life secret.

As for his audience interaction, on his most recent picture he got 41 comments and they were all positive. Other posts with over 100 comments all have positive comments. Comments are all about how they love his music, how they listen to it with their kids everyday, or that they are just huge fans.


Twitter is his most active account. Fans are more likely to get a response from him on Twitter than Facebook or Instagram. I would say his Twitter is more appealing because it shows that he is actually active. He can go days even weeks without posting on Instagram or Facebook. His Instagram is rather plain looking and his Facebook is too. It looks as if it is managed by someone else. Just updated when needed. Compared to his Twitter he is active, it shows that it is actually him. It shows his character, it shows that it is run by him rather than a corporate person.

Elle Mills

The celebrity that I chose is Elle Mills. You may not have heard of her because she’s a youtube celebrity, gaining success by videos. Recently her videos have been more popular, they have been shared around Facebook multiple times. Her comedic attitude towards anything in life really caught my eye when thinking of a celebrity. I’ve only been watching her videos for a short time and I thought she would be a great celebrity to write about. With her just becoming known she’s already been to so many places around the world traveling for business and meeting fans.


Elle Mills facebook URL is her page has 510,664 people like her page at this moment. Her twitter username is @millselle and has 285 thousand people following her. She is following only 186. Since she has joined twitter in July of 2012 she has only tweeted 910 times. With her Instagram her username is Elle.mills. The number of followers that she has on that social media site is 290 thousand followers and she follows 196. She has posted 144 times since creating her Instagram account.


Facebook- Elle Mills facebook describes a lot about her personality. It has a lot of read and fun typography fonts. This creates a bright and fun atmosphere when just clicking onto her page. Her profile picture is of her wearing a coke shirt making a silly face. Almost like she’s trying to say “I don’t know” or “oops”. It has drawings to outline her body in a cartoon way and she made a crown on her head. Her cover image is very similar to her profile picture. It is her name in red drawing and her picture. The information that is in her about page is her managers email, her youtube link, her Instagram page link, her snapchat page link, and her twitter page link. Her actual about herself is a funny comment that she made to sit back and relax and shell be back with snacks. She put herself under a public figure which I would consider she is. One of her recent videos that she posted on Facebook was a comment and link to her youtube video. it was called “I surprised my brother with a slumber party with all of his exes.” This video got 621 thousand likes and 285,457 shares and even more comments. All of her posts contains a comment from her and a link to her youtube page to a certain video that she posted most recently. There are never posts about articles anywhere on her Facebook page. I would say that posts are created by Elle. I would say this because she is the one that created the videos, edits the videos and does all of her own branding I would say, with a little help from her manager I’m assuming. None of her posts are reposts about anything. Her content mostly consists of videos and pictures about her life and video content that she creates. Elle does not like anyones posts about anything else. I like how each post and the colors of her page are consistent throughout all of Facebook and other social media platforms as well. Her audience interaction on Facebook is very limited. There is not much free expression to talk to people on this site.

Twitter- Elle’s content on her profile contains a lot of pictures and captions about her life. Her profile picture and her banner image are the same as her profile picture and her cover image in her Facebook profile. She keeps it consistent which is a very good way for marketing herself to her viewers. This would make it very easy to find her in any social media site. Her information in her bio includes her managers email and her merchandise website. Her youtube page link is also connected in her bio and also her birthday and the year she joined which was July of 2012. Her most popular tweet is about bringing her high school teacher to a high school party. She also has a link to the video she created about bringing her high school teacher to a high school party. Her high school teacher was her favorite and she retired that year making her really being able to go to a high school party without getting into trouble with the school itself. All of Elle’s tweets are pictures and videos with caption explaining them. All of her tweets seem to be written by herself since she created each video and with her personality I can hear it by reading her captions of each comment. I think that Elle should tweet more about herself as like in the moment type of stuff rather than just her promoting her content. Although since she is doing so well promoting herself I think she is doing a great job because this is what she’s making a career out of it at 19 years old just out of high school. She doesn’t have much social interaction with her fans on twitter that often.

Instagram- Elle’s content on her Instagram profile is clean and funny. I would say its clean because it has the same color scheme throughout the page. Each post looks like she’s enjoying whats she’s doing. She takes time to edit her photos it seems or at least takes them with a professional camera and then uploads it to Instagram. Her profile picture is the same exact photo that she has on her twitter and her Facebook profile pictures as well. It is her with an outline of her body making her looks cartoonish but still have the same photo of her with a professional photo. In her bio she has a link to her youtube page, bringing the audience to her main portal of communication. Her most liked photo of this year is a picture of her sister graduating from college and Elle holding a sign up next to her with the saying “her mom did half of her assignments”. This photo got 66 thousand likes from her fans. I like that all of her photos are edited and taken from a professional camera. This makes the photos seem brighter and less pixelated. Interacting with your audience on Instagram seems hard. You can’t interact with them in any way except reading there comments. Elle does not really do much interacting here on Instagram.


I think that Elle Mills is more successful interacting with her audience on Facebook. I think this because its where her posts gets shared around the most and liked and commented on. Most of her links to other social media is on her Facebook page. Her Facebook page is the heart of her business, this site helps bring so many new people to her page and then to her other social media platforms. I think that Instagram is more appealing though. I feel that pictures show more about a person. Some pictures she posts make you feel and wonder what she was doing and what was happening in that moment. The only way to find out what was going on was to find her youtube page or go back to Facebook and find her content there. Although, I do also believe that Twitter gives off a more friendly one on one vibe. It makes you feel as if you were friends with any celebrity by the way they post and how you can reply even though they might not reply back. All social media cites give you an interactive feel with Elle Mills. All you have to do is watch her and she makes you feel as if you were sitting next to her and have been friends for a long time.

Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker is a country singer and the founder of a clothing line, Kittenish. She is married to Tennessee Titan wide receiver Eric Decker. The two have a daughter, Vivi, a son, Eric Jr., and another baby boy on the way.

Jessie James Decker’s Facebook page,, has 1,013,818 likes. Her twitter account, @JessieJDecker, has 602.9K followers, and she follows 51.6K people. Jessie joined Twitter in March 2009 and has 21.4K tweets. On her Instagram account, Jessiejamesdecker, she only follows 299 people, but has 2.7M followers who love seeing her 3,122 and counting posts.

e and j



Jessie James Decker’s Facebook profile picture is her album cover photo. Her cover photo is the same picture, but more zoomed in to only show her face and has the title of her album on it. Under the “about” tab on her page, Jessie James Decker (JJD) has links to her other social media accounts, her manager’s information, booking information, and her career information with links to get her album and clothes.

JJD’s most popular timeline posts are photos of her kids. Her promotional posts about her album seem to have the least amount of likes and interaction. The posts made on her page seem to be made by Jessie James Decker herself as they are the same as her Instagram posts, which she manages herself. Her page also likes Facebook pages that belong to various country radio stations.

I think Jessie James Decker could improve her Facebook presence and interaction level by posting more worded statuses instead of just reposting the same pictures on her other platforms. If she posted occasionally to interact with her fans, that may help her get a higher following and number of likes on her posts. However, of the interaction JJD does get on her posts, it is very hard to find negative comments on her posts. Most comments are positive, uplifting, and loving.


Jessie James Decker’s Twitter profile is similar to her Facebook profile. Her profile and banner photos on Twitter are the exact same as her profile and cover photos on Facebook. JJD’s bio says “I pee in the shower” and includes her album title, the link to purchase her album, and some of her business information.

Similar to her Facebook, JJD’s tweets are the same pictures that she posts on her Instagram. Although, she does retweet tweets that have to do with her and her album that she herself has not tweeted out. Again, the tweets that get the most amount of likes and retweets are tweets of pictures of her kids, and the tweets that get the fewest amount of likes and retweets are the tweets about buying her new album.

JJD produces her own tweets and retweets things she feels fit to her timeline. If she wanted to improve her interaction on Twitter, she could tweet more worded tweets instead of just pictures.

People do tweet at Jessie James Decker, and she sometimes responds or retweets them, depending on the subject of their tweet. The tweets she responds to or retweets are usually tweets that have to do with her new album or contests she has regarding the album. Sometimes, she also retweets or responds to tweets she agrees with. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people retweet JJD’s tweets every time she tweets. For professional purposes, I’m sure, Jessie James Decker responds to or retweets positive things only and keeps negativity off of her profile.


Jessie James Decker’s Instagram bio lists the things she does for work and what she is known for such as “singer/songwriter/designer Founder of @Kittenish and Bless your hair”. Her bio also contains her latest album and the link to purchase it. JJD’s profile picture is a nice headshot of hers from the photoshoot for her new album, Southern Girls City Lights.

JJD posts a variety of pictures on her Instagram including business posts, promotional posts, pictures of her living her life, food posts, and pictures of her family. The most popular photos and videos on Jessie’s Instagram are the photographs she posts of her family. I think Jessie’s posts would all get absurd numbers of likes if they all featured her family or food instead of promotional and business posts.

After scrolling through Jessie James Decker’s Instagram, it is clear how much her fans love her and love her posts. On four of her last five posts, I saw nothing but positive an loving comments. However, one picture she recently posted of her kids had the comments turned off. That could be for many reasons. She could have turned them off because the post receive negative comments, or she could have simply been protecting her children.


Jessie James Decker is definitely more successful on Instagram. Instagram is the social media platform where she has the most followers. Also, the majority of her posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are just the pictures that she posts on her Instagram. JJD seems to be best at posting pictures, which is Instagram’s only usage. She also uses her Instagram story to post the meals she is cooking for dinner or what she is doing with her day. She seems like a more fluent Instagram user than any other social media platform.