Case Study #4: George Takei

For my social media celebrity, I have chosen George Takei. The man is an icon is so many ways, from being a huge impact in the LGBTQA+ community to his work in beginning other social media movements, such as the way he blatantly speaks out against the tyrannical acts of Donald Trump. Personally speaking, I find that throughout his lifetime, he has been quite the impressive celebrity. His most famous work before becoming an outspoken social justice icon was done in acting. While he was on Star Trek, George Takei has also directed plays and random as it may sound, is a master fencer.

He is most well known on social media for both his serious social and political issues but also for sharing viral videos of cats and generally wholesome content. His Facebook url is right here with an astounding 10,377,872 likes. His twitter url is here with a following of 2.87 million people. He himself follows 670 people and posted about 32,000 tweets full of the most emotionally grabbing content. George Takei joined twitter back in January 2011. On instagram, his username is georgehtakei with 1.1 million followers, 1,089 posts, and following 276 people himself.

George Takei most definitely has the largest following on his Facebook page. The profile picture is a cartoonized version of his face which is definitely welcoming, as much as it is amusing. His cover photo is almost like an advertisement banner as it typically shows something about to come out in theaters or an event coming up. This time, it is advertising his upcoming play called ‘Allegiance’ which is about the concentration camps located in the western United States after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is a personal play to George, as he and his family were relocated to a camp during his childhood. Japanese internment camps played such a large role in his views on the world. Growing up Japanese-American in the United States during that time would prove to be him and his family’s biggest struggle.

The ‘about’ tab consists of a fairly concise biography, links to his official website, and how to email him directly. His most popular timeline posts consist of political arguments. A few others are simply wholesome viral videos, while the rest are just links to articles. Many of these posts are originally posted by George Takei, but the meme related content is sometimes reshared instead. The page itself occasionally likes other pages, but rarely.

Overall, George Takei’s Facebook is fairly well done and run. It includes its fair share of bringing up serious topics in a professional manner, as well as posts that aren’t so serious. With his incredible amount of followers, much more responsibility falls into his hands. The audience is well aware of this, as they interact very directly. Looking towards his five most recent posts, the comments section is honestly quite wild. Slurs make their way through the comments most of the posts or just generally hateful posts and replies. Other times, though rare, funny and intriguing comments can also be found. A lot of the time however, comment sections are simply full of people tagging friend and family to read an article or watch a video.

Looking into George Takei’s twitter, it is systematically run almost identical to his Facebook page. His profile picture is the same cartoon style design of himself, but this time, he is holding up a sign that says “Dump Trump”. His banner is also the same exact as his Facebook, which advertises his new play ‘Allegiance’, which features his face and two other actors with a blue sky as the backdrop. The biography is identical to his ‘about’ tab on Facebook. His most popular tweets contain links to politically related articles. While he has a few retweets scattered about, most of the time it is his original writing. Overall, it is certain to say that George Takei is a very political man with strong beliefs. The twitter is run well and all, but could use a bit less of the serious nature.

His audience on twitter is essentially the same as well. With the fair share of love and sometimes a bit of hate, the interactions are typically direct with this famed actor. Most of the time however, it is clear as day that a lot of his followers support what he fights for, being positive as can be. He responds to both the culture and the sweet with the same strength and dexterity, to which he does not let either get too much into his head.

The instagram scene for this celebrity in particular is the weakest social media following thus far. Even myself, aware of his twitter and his Facebook, I had no idea he had something along the lines of an official Instagram. It was intriguing to scroll through it though. George Takei’s profile picture is the same as his profile photo on Facebook. His posts consist of many quotes of the inspiring kind or ones with a motivational purpose. There are a few videos scattered about with funny content, like dogs doing comical routines or memes of cats and other animals. The biography is a link to find out which local elections are in every state for this upcoming November. What his most popular posts contain is informative material. His audience is much more relaxing on instagram than anywhere else on the internet, perhaps due to is smaller number. Considering how relaxing his instagram remains and the chill content, in return the audience members are, too!

In conclusion, the most popular form of social media platform is definitely Facebook. At a whopping ten million likes (and counting!), he surpasses his other forms of media by five times his amount of followers on twitter. Facebook is more appealing after all. Unlike the limitations that follow using instagram and twitter, Facebook is free from these self imposed rules. You can post anything from links to videos to unlimited characters on text posts, whereas twitter has text post word count limits, with Instagram not allowing text posts at all. Besides Facebook’s longer history on the internet, it also serves the most amount of users than most websites. I find that the greater population of people involved in a platform are what make or break a celebrity’s ability to pursue a larger following. This is partly why George Takei is so intensely liked on Facebook.


Case Study 4- John Krasinski

John Krasinski: Social Media Usage

The case study I will be doing on social media usage will focus on the social media accounts of actor John Krasinski. John is most notable for his character, Jim Halpert, in the show The Office.


Facebook URL:

Facebook Likes: 277k

Twitter Username: @johnkrasinski

Following: 120

Followers: 1.52million
Tweets: 982

Instagram username: johnkrasinski

Following: 0

Followers: 1.1 Million

Posts: 69


John’s profile picture is of him with his jacket covering half of his face. The banner photo is of him reviewing a scene on a camera with a director. In the “about” tab, there is contact information for his other social media accounts. There is a note in the bio that says “BAM! And you thought I was late to Twitter?… Look at me now!”. John has not posted on Facebook since January 5th, 2016. It is his least popular platform. John created the posts, and most of the posts were not ads like they are on Instagram and Twitter. There is a picture of the sunrise, him dressed as Santa, and then there are some ads for his past work. The Facebook page is not connected to any other Facebook pages, and there are no likes on John Krasinski’s page. The audience did participate on many of the posts that he had on the site. Most of them were telling him how much they enjoy his work, and some comments were people tagging their friends for them to see. His Facebook is basically dead at this.



John’s Twitter account features a profile picture of him at a photoshoot, and the banner photo is an advertisement for his new movie A Quiet Place, which is set to be released on April 6th, 2018. His bio says, “Just figured out how to change my bio.”. Most of John’s twitter features ads for his upcoming work and there is not much text tweeting going on within the feed. On New Years Eve he wished all of his followers a happy new year. The majority of his tweets where he is not advertising for a new movie are posted on holidays, he does not put much of his mind out there for his followers to observe. I think that is an intelligent thing of him to do because words can sometimes come across differently over text. Regarding his audience interaction, there is not much. He does not interact with fans, and he does not like tweets. He only has 13 likes since his account was created in 2008. Most of his tweets that involve other people are quoted tweets responding to videos and announcements. Overall, his twitter account seems more aimed at marketing rather than interaction. It is a great use to advertise new work, and it is entirely free for him to do so.


The profile picture on Instagram is a closeup shot of John’s face. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The bio for his profile is another ad for his upcoming movie. His Instagram is full of various pictures and videos. Some photos are to advertise his work, and some photos are more on the personal side. John has a photo where he is sitting with Malala, the amazing woman from Pakistan. Another photo is of him with a fan who unfortunately passed away from her illness. It is always great when celebrities can reach out to their fans and spend special time with them. His last 5 posts have an average of 117.92k likes. There are outliers as one post has 197k likes and another has 50k likes, so the average is skewed. The majority of the comments are positive, and most fans are either promoting themselves or saying how much they love John. Many refer to him as Jim Halpert. His Instagram is probably the most interactive platform that John Krasinski is on, and it is the best place to learn more about his personality.


After searching through copious amounts of John Krasinski posts on the three social media platforms, I have determined that Instagram is the most powerful tool for him. Although I believe that all three platforms are powerful in their own regards, for John, Instagram is the winner. His Facebook account is not active, and his twitter account is mainly advertisements. I think that many people follow celebrities on social media for the personal aspect of their lives. John is most personal on Instagram as he occasionally posts pictures that do not relate to his current work. Some celebrity’s twitters are full of personal thoughts. Such as when Kylie Jenner bashed Snapchat and the company lost over $1billion in market cap, which resulted in their stock crashing. John’s social media platforms are mainly for promoting his work, and I would find it hard to believe if he actually ran the accounts. I feel as if it is most likely a public relations team running it. I am not entirely sure why John does not use Facebook in any way, or why his Twitter does not include any personal notes, but I do know that his preferred method of interaction is Instagram.

The Law of Attraction

About the Blog


In this blog it talks about what The Law of Attraction is and it shows examples on how it works. This blog is pretty well organized, it’s not distracting with advertisements, and it’s easy to read. The blogger was really good at explaining the readers on what The Law of Attraction is and how it works in life. “The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe – one of which being the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality”. The energy you put in into this world you will get back. All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off.

Your thoughts are either negative or positive, either way you get what you put out to the world. Now some people think that just because you want something in life doesn’t mean that’ll be handed to you. In this blog it talks about how our thoughts work and how to make to make The Law of Attraction work. I really like this topic because it’s something I truly believe in. There’s a documentary and a book about The Law of Attraction called “The Secret”. You can watch the documentary on Netflix but if you prefer reading than I’m sure you can go buy the book on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.59.15 AM.png

About the Author

Asad Meah is the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. He is a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. His mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

Case Study #4

Justin Geneus

Professor Bauer

Social Media


Case Study #4: Social Media Usage


For this case study, I have decided to compare and contrast the Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram profiles of Apple.  Apple is a smartphone manufacturing company that has relished in the success and popularity of their signature iPhone since its genesis in 2007.  With the aid of its other products like the iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and iMac that have also become widely popular, Apple has become a world-renowned technology company that’s amount of customers increases every day around the world due to people wanting to dive in and see what it is all about and what it has to offer.  Like most companies, Apple likes to put themselves and their products for sale out there for any potential buyers and one way for them to execute this goal is to exploit one fact about our modern society, and that is that we live in the age of social media.


You would think that with Apple being such a sensational company, their social media profiles would be remarkable in their own right; well you would be inexact.  To my surprise, Apple’s Facebook page was nothing short of fruitless. The profile picture was the company’s logo, which made sense because it has become a trademark and something it has become distinct for.  The cover image was a photo of the iPhone X, the company’s latest smartphone release. As I was exploring around the Facebook page, I came to find that there were not much photos except for the same 5 photos of the iPhone X and an image of the latest MacBook, which was new in Apple’s line of laptops.


I realized that the multiple identical photos of the iPhone X was a tactic to promote the phone and make sure that customers are aware of its release so they may go purchase it; this ironically became a topic of interest in the Audience Interaction.  With the 11, 181, 918 likes Apple’s Facebook has racked up, it was no bombshell that there were a lot of comments left by people.  What did come off as a bit of an astonishment were the comments themselves all being about the same thing pretty much, people complaining about how slow their current iPhones are now that the new one is out or customers who have bought the X grieving about the issues its given them or even the supposed unreasonable price for the phone itself.


After reading all of these disparaging comments Apple has garnered from upset customers, it helped me learn a thing or two about customer service and satisfaction.  With companies such as Apple, customer service is vital if you want to not only keep smiles on the faces of your clients but if you wish to stay in business, and that customer satisfaction is not always guaranteed, at least not to everyone.  Despite not having much to show, Apple’s Facebook page managed to receive many criticism from their own loyal, but incensed customers, but another one of Apple’s social media accounts received a lot less feedback.


Apple’s Twitter account isn’t really all that special either.  The page’s profile pic is just a classic photo of the company’s logo.  The header image is a promotional picture of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 that will soon be available in the color red.  As opposed to Apple’s Facebook page, their Twitter page is more recent with things as they have a picture of the red iPhone 8, which was announced not too long ago while their Facebook page still has photos of the iPhone x, which even though it is the newest phone, was released back in September.


Apple’s twitter account didn’t convey much information in their bio; all that was in it was a link to the company’s website, the month and the year when they joined Twitter, and where they are based, which is in Cupertino, CA.  Some things that I found as a bit of a shock were that Twitter doesn’t have any tweets or anyone who has tweeted at them, but they have somehow managed to rack up 1.76 million followers. There were also no pictures or anything, which I couldn’t understand because in this age of social media, Twitter stands out as one of the most popular networks, so why wouldn’t Apple take full advantage of that?


Apple’s Instagram account contains 151 posts.  Like their Twitter and Facebook profiles, Apple’s Instagram profile picture is a classic photo of the company’s iconic logo.  Of all of their social media platforms, Apple’s Instagram is the most interactive with their followers; in fact, most of Apple’s Instagram pics are just pictures that random people have taken on their iPhones, posted on Instagram, and used the caption #ShotoniPhone, which is included in the bio.  This also shows how Apple makes sure their customers go unnoticed.




After my observations, I can successfully say that the only social media network of apple that is the most interactive with their audience is Instagram because their account consists of pics people have taken from their iPhones so rather than Apple just promoting themselves and their products, they more so help promote their customers.  Also, it is the only social media profile of Apple to really contain any content.  as mentioned earlier, Apple’s Twitter and Facebook accounts don’t really consist of much and have that much to show.  As for Apple’s Instagram, it has 151 pictures so there’s actually something to view and look at, which is no surprise that it has garnered 4.7 million followers.  Also, the shotoniPhone hashtag has not only become a hashtag but it has become a movement in a way because more and more Apple users are taking pictures on their iPhones, posting them on Instagram, and using the shotonIphone caption in hopes that maybe the picture that they took will make it on Apple’s Instagram page.  So, in addition to promoting their products or anything else new that is going on, Apple also promotes their customers’ amazing and authentic camerawork with their devices. 

Wendy’s Social Media Usage


Their Facebook is pretty standard. It’s posts consists of advertisements for various promotions.  The profile picture is an animated picture of Wendy that anyone would recognize.  The cover photo is a picture of what looks like a replica of an old school Wendy’s next to a burger that looks huge and vibrant by comparison. It also says that it the official hamburger of the NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association. Their about page has their twitter handle, a contact email and their website. It also has the year of establishment, 1969, and a brief company overview containing their policy about ” fresh, never frozen” meat

They have 8,551,795 likes and 8,206,202 followers 41 of which are my friends. Their posts vary a lot on number of likes usually ranging between 500 and 2,000. Almost all of their comments are completes of a poor experience at one the restaurants to which they always reply promptly asking the customer to message them so the situation can be fixed. There is also a lot of comments of customers complaining about something they like being taken off the menu.

I don’t think anything really needs to be changed. it’s a standard promotional business page. They seem to handle customer complaints well which makes them look good as a company.



Wendy’s Twitter has been killing it for the past couple years. Their feed is full of pop culture jokes and throwing shade at the competition.  A go to seems to be at McDonalds for using frozen beef. Famously, a customer tweeted at them about a year ago asking how many retweets were needed for a year of free nuggets and while it didn’t hit their asked amount of 18 million it did become the most retweeted tweet of all time, even beating the Oscar selfie.

Their description is “We like our tweets the same way we like to make hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.” It also lists their website and says they joined Twitter in July 2009. They have tweeted 125,000 times. Their profile and cover photo are the same as on their Facebook page.

Since they are the “official burger of the NCAA” most of their feed is ads of the final four or what they call the #frozenfour and these ads generally push their 4 for $4 promotion. Their ads get significantly less retweets then their jokes or comments aimed at customers or other companies. With the former getting around 100 to 200 while the latter receiving in the thousands. They get a lot of responses to their tweets by people who are clearly looking to get replies. Some are talking about other companies while some are praising Wendy’s food or the person who runs the Twitter,  They currently have 2.49 million followers while they only follow 1,250 people.

Their Twitter is perfect. For a food brand they have a huge audience of people waiting for their next tweet. And since their so known for their humorous tweets and the shady nature they are very talked about on Twitter and across other social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit. They just need to keep doing what their doing.




Their Instagram is boring. The photos and videos are all advertisements that are beautiful and simplistic  which is standard for a large brand’s Instagram. They are all either their foods surrounded my small looking props such as in one picture of a spicy chicken sandwich that is surrounded by paper flames and a little toy firetruck. Their other style of photo focuses on selling specific lifestyles. Some are outdoorsy with people on mountains or in the woods, while others are successful looking, young people and recently it’s been people who look like they live in a warm climate like the California valley girl stereotype.

Their profile picture is the same as their Twitter and Facebook. They have 246 posts and 728,000 followers while only following 48 themselves. The number of likes they get is all over the place ranging between 2,000 and 9,000 and it doesn’t seem to matter what the content is. Their posts get around 300 responses each and the company never says anything back.

I feel like it’s a lot harder for a company to have an Instagram that is popular compared to other forms of social media. They need to be able to capture it in an image that will make someone stop and particularly its harder because people who use to Instagram are so used to being bombarded with ads in their feed it’s easy to pick them out and ignore them.


While not a social media we cover in this class their Spotify account has to be talked about. Less than a month ago they dropped a rap mixtape called “We Beefin” and it went viral. It has 5 songs and they’re actually pretty good and a couple of them actually charted on Spotify.  The few days after it came out Wendy’s were tweeting constantly which is primary what created the huge buzz.



I have decided to analysis a blog randomly called “Decision” by Dr Martina Feyzrakhmanova who is a hospital doctor and founder of an education platform.  The blog itself didn’t have pictures but it had a few unattached sentences that create a small paragraph. Dr. Feyzrakhmanova described how people have their own visual to something called “Decision”. Seneca’s Letters who represents those people, includes “If you had a very short time to live, what would you do?” However, Dr. Martina replied on this statement by saying “Imagine you are an 85 year old you giving yourself advice. What would your 85 year old self tell your present self?” she tried to paraphrase the quote in her own way. Besides that she underlined “Seneca’s Letters” to attract the attention and let people click on it. If I go on her profile over her blogs, I can see that she writes pretty long ones. I believe this blog was kind of short because it is an analysis about a fact. She decided to keep it simple.


Enjoy the Little Things

When people ask me what does it mean when they say “Enjoy the little things in life?”
Well, let me tell you somethings. When we say little things, it means the real little things. We are not talking about ice cream cup, M&M or lipsticks. We are talking about the little things that make us happy. It means enjoy the dinner you had with your sister because one day she will move out and live far away.Driving your mom to the mall and staying with her while she shops.Helping a friend with her/his poor social skills.Giving your child advice toward taking the right steps.
Ignore a negative remark, it could not hurt. From my own personal experience, I would say that time is expensive and I wish that I can bring time back to enjoy things they were everything I had. Being able to walk or run as you’d like. Being able to breathe easily. Having energy. Being able to think of the word you want to say. Not having lots of pain. Being able to eat what you want. Not having to take medicine.
At the time, these things seem little. If/when you lose them, they become big. Something doesn’t have to be big or major to later become a valuable memory.
If you want to create beautiful, valuable memories, one must enjoy the little things in life or what seem like little things in life.