Case Study 3

Overview For my case study on a blog I choose to do David Lebovitz's blog. This blog is all about cooking and sharing recipes along with giving recommendations on food places to visit while in Paris. The blog also has advertisements where people can buy some of the books that he has written. With the … Continue reading Case Study 3

Case Study 3 Katie Wanders

By Ryan Vandewalle Overview The blog that I chose to analyze is called “Katie Wanders, adventures of a Weekend Warrior” by Katie Wanders who is an active adventurer and calls herself “The Weekend Warrior.” She created this blog as a place to share her adventures and document all her travels across the globe. Some topics … Continue reading Case Study 3 Katie Wanders

Case Study #3

Overview For my case study, I decided to analyze, Spring is here! 2020 edition by Chloe Ting. The blog is about her fashion inspirations for the spring season. Chloe is a fitness trainer and YouTuber where she posts workout videos that has gained over millions of views. She is also highly into fashion and shares … Continue reading Case Study #3

NBA is Cancelled: What’s Next?

March 11th, 2020, while watching the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets play the viewers get some breaking news as the color commentators that night Ryan Ruocco, Doris Burke, and Tom Rinaldi all try to break the news to us that the NBA is suspending the season indefinitely due to the rise of COVID-19. Immediately news … Continue reading NBA is Cancelled: What’s Next?

Why Hockey Is Fun And A Great Way To Get Exercise!

I have grown up playing Hockey and has been my favorite sport ehockey and is my favorite sport ever since I was little. I’ve always found interest in going to the rink and shooting some pucks and doing some laps around the ice. Not only is it fun but it is a great way to … Continue reading Why Hockey Is Fun And A Great Way To Get Exercise!