Case Study #4: George Takei

For my social media celebrity, I have chosen George Takei. The man is an icon is so many ways, from being a huge impact in the LGBTQA+ community to his work in beginning other social media movements, such as the way he blatantly speaks out against the tyrannical acts of Donald Trump. Personally speaking, I find that throughout his lifetime, he has been quite the impressive celebrity. His most famous work before becoming an outspoken social justice icon was done in acting. While he was on Star Trek, George Takei has also directed plays and random as it may sound, is a master fencer.

He is most well known on social media for both his serious social and political issues but also for sharing viral videos of cats and generally wholesome content. His Facebook url is right here with an astounding 10,377,872 likes. His twitter url is here with a following of 2.87 million people. He himself follows 670 people and posted about 32,000 tweets full of the most emotionally grabbing content. George Takei joined twitter back in January 2011. On instagram, his username is georgehtakei with 1.1 million followers, 1,089 posts, and following 276 people himself.

George Takei most definitely has the largest following on his Facebook page. The profile picture is a cartoonized version of his face which is definitely welcoming, as much as it is amusing. His cover photo is almost like an advertisement banner as it typically shows something about to come out in theaters or an event coming up. This time, it is advertising his upcoming play called ‘Allegiance’ which is about the concentration camps located in the western United States after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is a personal play to George, as he and his family were relocated to a camp during his childhood. Japanese internment camps played such a large role in his views on the world. Growing up Japanese-American in the United States during that time would prove to be him and his family’s biggest struggle.

The ‘about’ tab consists of a fairly concise biography, links to his official website, and how to email him directly. His most popular timeline posts consist of political arguments. A few others are simply wholesome viral videos, while the rest are just links to articles. Many of these posts are originally posted by George Takei, but the meme related content is sometimes reshared instead. The page itself occasionally likes other pages, but rarely.

Overall, George Takei’s Facebook is fairly well done and run. It includes its fair share of bringing up serious topics in a professional manner, as well as posts that aren’t so serious. With his incredible amount of followers, much more responsibility falls into his hands. The audience is well aware of this, as they interact very directly. Looking towards his five most recent posts, the comments section is honestly quite wild. Slurs make their way through the comments most of the posts or just generally hateful posts and replies. Other times, though rare, funny and intriguing comments can also be found. A lot of the time however, comment sections are simply full of people tagging friend and family to read an article or watch a video.

Looking into George Takei’s twitter, it is systematically run almost identical to his Facebook page. His profile picture is the same cartoon style design of himself, but this time, he is holding up a sign that says “Dump Trump”. His banner is also the same exact as his Facebook, which advertises his new play ‘Allegiance’, which features his face and two other actors with a blue sky as the backdrop. The biography is identical to his ‘about’ tab on Facebook. His most popular tweets contain links to politically related articles. While he has a few retweets scattered about, most of the time it is his original writing. Overall, it is certain to say that George Takei is a very political man with strong beliefs. The twitter is run well and all, but could use a bit less of the serious nature.

His audience on twitter is essentially the same as well. With the fair share of love and sometimes a bit of hate, the interactions are typically direct with this famed actor. Most of the time however, it is clear as day that a lot of his followers support what he fights for, being positive as can be. He responds to both the culture and the sweet with the same strength and dexterity, to which he does not let either get too much into his head.

The instagram scene for this celebrity in particular is the weakest social media following thus far. Even myself, aware of his twitter and his Facebook, I had no idea he had something along the lines of an official Instagram. It was intriguing to scroll through it though. George Takei’s profile picture is the same as his profile photo on Facebook. His posts consist of many quotes of the inspiring kind or ones with a motivational purpose. There are a few videos scattered about with funny content, like dogs doing comical routines or memes of cats and other animals. The biography is a link to find out which local elections are in every state for this upcoming November. What his most popular posts contain is informative material. His audience is much more relaxing on instagram than anywhere else on the internet, perhaps due to is smaller number. Considering how relaxing his instagram remains and the chill content, in return the audience members are, too!

In conclusion, the most popular form of social media platform is definitely Facebook. At a whopping ten million likes (and counting!), he surpasses his other forms of media by five times his amount of followers on twitter. Facebook is more appealing after all. Unlike the limitations that follow using instagram and twitter, Facebook is free from these self imposed rules. You can post anything from links to videos to unlimited characters on text posts, whereas twitter has text post word count limits, with Instagram not allowing text posts at all. Besides Facebook’s longer history on the internet, it also serves the most amount of users than most websites. I find that the greater population of people involved in a platform are what make or break a celebrity’s ability to pursue a larger following. This is partly why George Takei is so intensely liked on Facebook.


Logic’s Social Media Presence



I have followed the music and the career of the Maryland native rapper, Logic, for the past four years and his social media presence has grown dramatically in that period of time. He is easily my favorite music artist right now and has been for some time. He has been in the rap industry for well over ten years, but just recently found mainstream success with his multi-platinum suicide prevention hit “1-800-273-8255”. I have witnessed Logic grow from small venues that only fit 1000 people to selling out arenas that fit over 20,000 people. He has found his own lane in hip-hop based off of peace, love, and positivity.

Like most artists, Logic has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and even a personal Youtube page. It seems like his Facebook page is run by his management team. At the time this case study is being written, he has 1,546,011 likes on his Facebook page. Logic’s Twitter account under the username @Logic301 has 2.33 million followers. He is following 742 other pages. He currently has over 79 thousand tweets. His Twitter was created on May 9, 2010. Logic’s most used social media page is his Instagram.  Under the username Logic, he currently has 4.6 million followers and follows 317 people. Logic created his Instagram in October of 2011 and has 1,837 posts.



Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.30.30 AM.png

Starting with logic’s Facebook page, his profile image is the cover art to his latest mixtape Bobby Tarantino II, his cover image is also a promotion for the mixtape that says it is available now. Under the “about” tab, it is mainly just links. Link to his twitter page, link to his website, contact information for his management team and information on his record label. His most popular timeline posts are mainly talking about him being featured on a song or a link to buy tickets to his upcoming tour. Most posts contain either a photo or a video or links. As far as i can see, there are no posts with just text.

All of the posts are created by either him or his team, there are no reposts at all. Aside from all of the posts, there is a photo section with pictures from over the years. There is a sub section for tour dates. His page does not like any other pages. Logic has always had a very dedicated fan base, so there is a lot of audience interaction. Most posts have a few hundred comments (with no response from Logic) and thousands of shares. From looking at some of the posts, the comments are mainly positive. I believe Facebook is almost a forgotten art. Nearly every celebrity and company have one, but they typically don’t have as many likes as they do followers on Twitter and Instagram, so it is not as important. So, overall, the Facebook page is minimal and does not include much interaction with fans at all.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.51.13 AM.png

Logic’s Twitter page is very active, he usually tweets a few times a day, it might be a picture from a concert he recently performed at or it could be him promoting something, like the new Netflix documentary series Rapture, where he is featured in an episode. Or it could be something completely different, like him talking about his life or preaching about mental health awareness. His profile picture is of him on his latest mixtape cover. The header is the same one from Facebook, just formatted for Twitter. He is mainly using the photos to promote the new music. His bio has his Instagram handle, it also includes his booking contact. There is a direct link to his Facebook page and it shows where he currently lives for his location. Logic’s most popular posts are when he announces something. It might be announcing a single or a feature on a song or announcing a whole album. In his most recent announcement, for his latest mixtape, the post has over 200,000 likes and 100,000 retweets. Relating back to him preaching about something, those tweets tend to be pretty popular and tend to go viral.

A lot of the posts contain either videos or photos and usually a link to Apple Music or Spotify or a ticket selling website, with the occasional all text tweets, where it is just him talking about anything really. The tweets are all written by him or his management company and there are also retweets, sometimes he retweets fans or other artists. People and fans tweet at Logic all of the time, so there is really no time for him to directly respond to every interaction. Occasionally, he will respond to certain fans and maybe other artists. A few weeks ago I actually saw that a fan tweeted at him saying her brother was sick with Pneumonia and asked if he could tweet him or send a video and Logic actually recorded a video of him on his phone, wishing him well and to get better soon. So, there are times he will reply, it just all varies. Much like Facebook, the comments tend to be positive. He only retweets and tweets back at positive tweets. Overall, Logic’s Twitter presence is much greater than Facebook, he uses it daily and likes a lot of fans tweets and also tends to tweet daily. His presence on Instagram is even greater.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.14.41 PM.png

By far I would say Logic’s Instagram profile is the most active. Logic usually posts multiple times per day and updates his Instagram Story very often. Just like his Twitter and Facebook profile, his profile picture is of him on his latest mixtape that was just released. For the most part this is usually what his profile pictures will be, so the picture will most likely stay as that until he releases something else. His bio only contains his Twitter handle and and a link to a website where you can buy tickets to his upcoming tour.

The most popular photos all kind of vary. On most photos he averages around 300,000 likes. On the videos he posts, he gets well over a million views on them. Just like with his tweets, when he is announcing something major, that is definitely when he gets the most likes. I believe that overall his Instagram is maintained very well. He posts so often and the posts might be funny or quite the opposite and be very inspirational. He posts pictures from concerts, pictures of his cars, his dogs, his friends, clips of unreleased songs and really everything in between. And just like with every other account the fans are always commenting, amassing thousands of responses and they tend to be very positive, but with such a big following on Instagram, that is where the most negative comments come from too.



Instagram is the social media platform where Logic is the most successful in interacting with fans. Based off of just how much he posts and how often he is on it, I would say his preferred platform is Instagram. He used to post all of the time on his Snapchat Story but ever since Instagram introduced their own version of stories, he has been on there. I also believe that Instagram is the more appealing form of social media for his fans. Instagram is such a different way of interacting with people, since it all stems from the person posting a picture or video with the caption being a smaller part of it. it really gives the audience a different view into their world and I think that’s why Logic uses it so much. It is something you would not usually see and is a great way for interacting with millions of people from all areas of the world.

Case Study #4: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a former football star at the University of Miami back in the 1990’s. After having a short lived career in 1995 in the CFL, Dwayne followed in his  fathers footsteps and became a larger than life sensation in the World Wrestling Federation. From 1996-2004 The Rock was the face of the WWE. From 2004 to current he has been known as a part timer. The Rock went on after his full time wrestling career to become an actor and producer in Hollywood.  The Rock has stared in movies such as Walking Tall, The Rundown, Gridiron Gang, Pain &Gain, Fast and Furious 6 and many more. His most recent project is he is the producer and star of HBO’s hit series Ballers.



The Rocks facebook has over 58,000,000 followers on his public page. Inside his Facebook, you can find posts about his projects and upcoming movies. Inspirational posts, workout videos and more. There are public photos of himself, on set, in the gym and just goofing around. It is a public figure page which means anyone can visit and view it. There are also links to his youtube channel, instagram and twitter. His last post was on March 6th of this year talking about his new movie Rampage, set to be released in April 2018. It had over 22,000 likes and over 1500 shares. He has links to his under armor page for his collection line of “Project Rock” apparel.


For the most part, the rocks Facebook page is active. A lot of positive posts of what he is working on in hollywood. He keeps it professional to an extent, theres no political views shared or posted it is strictly his work and what he is doing currently to keep his fans updated on his professional life.



The Rock joined twitter in 2011. His twitter also lists his birthday (May 2nd). He has over 21000 tweet and 12.7 million followers. The Rocks Facebook and twitter are nearly identical with the same posts, profile pictures and inspirational tweets. His most recent tweet was today (April 1st) wishing all his fans and followers a happy easter. He appears to be relatively active on twitter with either a post or retweet every few hours.  @TheRock. He has over 1700 photos and videos he has posted as well.

The Rocks twitter is very professional and active. He posts a lot about his projects and interacts with his fans very regularly. He keeps it professional but he also jokes around to  keep everyone entertained.



The Rock has the same profile picture in his instagram as he does for his Facebook and twitter. He has over 102 million followers with 3400 posts. His most recent post was yesterday (3/31/18) promoting his new movie set to release later this month. The movie is called rampage. A lot of his posts are him conducting business meetings, on set to whatever project he is doing and the gym. In his profile, it just says his username (@therock) and the word “gratitude”. There is also a link to the under armor website, with his collection line of “Project Rock” apparel.  Every post he has, there are almost guaranteed over a million likes per a post.

I would not really change much of the rocks instagram page. It is very professional, he interacts with his fans very well by updating them on projects and uploading videos speaking directly to them.



In conclusion, I could not find much wrong with The Rocks social media pages. He is very professional, all his pages are practically identical. He is a humble guy who works hard day in and day out. He makes a purpose to interact with his fans as much as possible and keep them updated day by day to let them know how valuable they are to his success as a movie star and producer.

Case Study #4 – Brian Regan


Brian Regan is a comedian who is known for his family friendly jokes.  He has a good following of loyal fans and is fairly well-known.  His Facebook page has a large following with over 277k people liking it and over 264k people following it.  His Twitter user name @BrianReganComic has 203k followers but only 125 people that he follows back, the majority of them being other comedians.  He joined Twitter in April of 2009 and has 961 tweets to date.  For Brian’s Instagram account, he uses a similar name, brianregancomedian, but only has 18k followers and 117 posts.  This appears to be his least active account.  He only follows 35 people on Instagram and again these seem to be mostly fellow comedians.  Brian has performed his comedy acts in many cities over the years and is well respected among his peers.

BR Profile



Brian’s Twitter profile picture shows him looking like he is moving the picture bubble out of the way to see behind it.  This profile picture is a good example of his personality and shows the type of person he is, trying to make people laugh.  The banner image is a picture of him standing with a microphone and a large banner in the background with his name and what looks like a new comedy skit that has been introduced to Netflix.  His bio again shows his personality listing him as “Human Person”.  This is again something that will make anyone who has seen his shows laugh, and it showcases his sense of humor.

He looks like he is very active on Twitter, tweeting once a day or once every few days.  He also retweets some of the posts from other comedians and posts that he finds interesting.  Most of what he is retweeting, is positive and is done to make people laugh.  This gives him a good mix of personal tweets, along with interesting and funny retweets.  He is very interactive with his followers and even responds directly to some of them.  His tweets are a mix of words, videos and pictures.  This gives variety to his account, and makes sure his followers are not bored reading his feed.  This also makes the audience feel that they are part of his world and this is something he does this well.  Twitter is where this comedian is the most active and responsive.


Brian’s Facebook page is a bit boring.  It’s a pretty standard page, he has some posts, videos and pictures on it, but they are just about where he currently is performing shows, where he’s been recently and where he will be.  There is not much else going on for his Facebook page.  His “about” section gives a brief overview of his career, noting that he is critically acclaimed and plays in venues all over the country.  The profile picture shows him in front of a white background, with a comedic look on his face and shows his funny personality.  The look on his face reminds the audience of some of his jokes, and would make anyone that has watched him before smile.  I think this is something that is done well on his page.  He picked a good picture to represent who he is and gain a higher following.  The cover picture is the same one that is also on his Twitter account, a picture reminding his audience that they can view a new skit on Netflix.  Again, this is a good picture as this shows where fans can see his new material.

The latest five posts are videos and pictures and have anywhere from 75 to 224 likes and anywhere from 13 to 35 comments each.  I didn’t see one post that is overwhelmingly viewed and commented on more than another, they were all pretty equal.  Most of the posts are about his shows and which ones are upcoming, which is probably why they were all fairly equal.  There are often a lot of comments, but again they are about his upcoming shows or people trying to convince him to come to their town.  This is the majority of the audience interaction on his page.  While the majority of the comments are positive, there isn’t much real substance to them.  And there aren’t any comments back from Brian.  In all, this page is just that, a page.  He adds information about his shows and allows his fans to talk among themselves, but doesn’t really interact with them.  I think if he put more time into interacting with his fans, this page would be much better.


Brian’s Instagram profile is a mix of pictures and videos.  He shows scenery from the places that he’s been, pictures with him in these places, as well as pictures of him performing his comedy acts.  There are also quite a few other photos of funny things that he’s seen along the way, with his comments on them.  This again shows his personality for all of his fans.  His profile picture is a pretty standard one, just him smiling with stage lights in the background.  This is the most mundane picture of all of his social media accounts.  He also really doesn’t have a bio, he just lists “Comedian” under his name.

For the latest 5 posts, there is anywhere between 582 to 6494 likes.  These posts also have between 20-40 comments each, with all of them being positive.  Most people are again commenting and asking him to perform near where they live.  One of his most popular posts is a short video with 8390 likes and 11 comments.  This post is a short clip from one of his jokes and I can see why it would be popular, the face he makes is priceless!

BR Instagram2

There is not as much interaction from the audience in this platform, just a few comments and likes on each picture or video posted.  The pictures of the funny things that he’s seen, along with the videos of parts of his comedy skit is something that he does well.  This makes his followers either want to learn more about him, or go watch one of his shows.  The downfall to his page however, is the lack of posts and the sporadic nature of them.  He only seems to post a few times a month and some of them are not something that would make me want to view what he is saying.  He really needs to engage his audience more and keep his account more up to date.


Brian Regan appears to be at his best on Twitter.  He has much more interaction with his audience on this social media platform than on any other.  This engages his audience and really makes them feel connected to the comedian.  His other accounts seem to be formalities and a place that he just provides information for his fans, but doesn’t actually interact with them.  This makes Twitter the most appealing of his social media platforms, it really makes his fans feel they are a part of his world.

Selena Gomez and Her Social Media

The celebrity that I have chosen is Selena Gomez because she is the most followed account on Instagram, so I thought it would be interesting to follow her social media feed. Her Facebook account has 61 million likes. Her Twitter account @selenagomez has 56.2 million followers, and she follows 1,254 people. She first joined twitter in March 2009. Her Instagram @selenagomez has 135 million followers, and she follows only 37 people. She has 1,420 posts on the account.

Selena Gomez’s profile picture on Facebook is a photo of her sitting in what appears to be a bathroom based on the tiled floor, and walls. Her cover photo is part of her music video that plays for her and Marshmello’s  song “Wolves”, and her profile picture is a snapshot of this music video. On the about tab there is contact information, important milestones such as song release dates, and personal information about albums, and how things have changed since she grew up in the public eye. The most popular timeline posts are posts that include promotion for either songs, or photoshoots she did for companies, and these are created by her rather than being a repost. The official store for Selena Gomez is attached to her page, and so are upcoming events. These are included on tabs similarly to her about tab, so it is easy to see and access for people who want to support her. The likes on her Facebook page are for companies such as American Express, and iTunes. The audience interaction is mainly positive, and she gets thousands of comments on her page per post. Typically when she posts promotion that includes a photo of herself it gets more attention because it shows who the post is about, and the fans are there for Selena.

Selena Gomez’s Twitter profile pic is the same as her Facebook one, it is a snapshot from her music video for her song “Wolves”. Her cover photo is the album art for the song, and it includes herself, Marshmello, and a wolf. In her bio there is a link to download the single, and it states that she is located in Los Angeles, California. Her most popular tweets are similar to Facebook because when she promotes something that includes an image of herself it does well. She is starring in “Hotel Transylvania 3” which is set to be released this year and her promotion for it is through retweeting the official twitter page. These do not get as much attention as her own personal tweets. Gomez receives thousands of replies to her posts, and she never responds to any of them. This however, is typical for big celebrities because they get so many responses it’s hard to respond. The fans tweet supportive, and positive things to her, and retweet her tweets.

Similarly to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, Gomez’s Instagram profile picture is the snapshot from her music video. In her bio is the phrase “by grace through faith”, and a link that leads you to an article with an interview from Bazaar. Her most popular photo recently broke an Instagram record due to the amount of likes it received. She posted a photo and a caption that stated that she had recently undergone a kidney transplant, and she received the kidney from one of her friends. On this post she states the same phrase that is seen in her bio, “by grace through faith”, and this post has 10 million likes. Instagram is Gomez’s most popular social media application, and she keeps up with the interactions through many successful posts. The audience continuously likes her posts and she gets millions of likes, and tens of thousands of positive comments on every one of her posts.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 12.25.09 PM.png

Selena Gomez is the most successful on Instagram, and this is more appealing to the audience because her posts keep people updated on what she is currently up to, and there is always a picture included. She posts a couple of photos every week ranging from what she believes in to photoshoots to events she attends. This keeps people updated on what she is going through, and lets them feel more connected to her.

e-Sports from the Basement to Madison Square Garden

Credit: Riot Games

When I was 4 I played my first video game. I don’t remember what game it was but i do remember the joy. Video games were such a fantastical concept to me at that very young age. I was instantly hooked. Video games were what I spent all my free time on. Always striving to become better at them, trying to clear a level a little faster or score just a little higher on the leader-boards. I loved the feeling of building improvement and competition between me and my friends. Still to this day i spend most of my spare hours playing video games. Today it the reason I play isn’t much different I find it fun and I love the competition. Some things have changed since then like how much I get to play them and who I can play them with. However, the biggest change that I have seen growing up the past 15 years with video games is the massive cultural shift around them. I remember when I was 9 wishing that I could just play video games forever and even make a job out of it “that would be the dream” is what I thought to myself. I naturally was then taken aback by the creation of the Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit for Halo 3.  It was then in 2008 that I had become aware of what e-sports were. I found the concept so amazing getting the best players in the world and having them compete for money and prizes. It was a wondrous thought to me as a kid that if I got really good at Halo I might be able to compete and win the massive prize pool in my mind of $500. I could have never conceived then how big competitive gaming would become and how large e-sports would grow to be.

The Building Blocks

E-sports are still quite new to the world. With the first real competitions that were beyond just a few people in a town with a mock bracket, only barely predating me and I’m only a few months shy of 20. The early years of e-sports has a fragmented history of scattered events and tournaments whose presentation and format are hard to watch and resemble more of a bad 80’s sitcom than that of a serious competition that could be called a “professional sport”. There was one exception and that was in the nation of South Korea where in 2000 the T.V. station OGN was established that broadcast matches and tournaments of various games with the main game being Starcraft: Brood War a game that had seized the culture of South Korea.  South Korea is where most of early e-sports were developed and it would take a few years until e-sports would take off in the U.S. and Europe. In order for e-sports to start building outside of the super tech focused and interconnected South Korea we would have to wait for the technology to advance and for the age of Social Media to begin.

The First Real League

The next big event for the dawn of e-sports is the founding of Major League Gaming in 2002. An attempt by a group of games media persons to found an MLB style league for video games. The founding of this organization was the beginning of some of the first professional teams in e-sports as now that there was money to be made by players semi consistently some could afford to try to make a career of it. However despite the attempts of MLG to become a definitive league where people could go “pro” in video games they struggled to find success or a solid platform on which to provide the matches to the masses. That is when YouTube came along which aided in getting the MLG branding and matches out to the scattered audiences of gamers across the U.S. and Europe. Consolidating the decently sized but greatly scattered potential audience. This created a burst of growth in MLG to the point that in 2008 the secured $10 million in funding from an investment group to expand operations. They quickly spent the money to expand their leagues into every game they could. At its height in 2009 MLG was host to the largest Call of Duty, Starcraft, and Halo tournaments in the same year. However, MLG was not set to stay king and was soon destined for a total collapse as the players were about to become far more popular then the organization and the players were about to build not only a better leagues but games designed to be played competitively.

Personality Begets Popularity

It was 2010 and Social Media has become staggeringly prolific and internet personalities were going from mere jokes to total celebrities in their own right. This boom in personality developing large fan bases was about to help e-sports spring into the future. It was around this time the most anticipated competitive game of the decade was about to be released. The sequel to Starcraft, simply titled Starcraft 2  created a groundswell of hype in the gaming community as it had been in development for nearly a decade. Leading up to its release Blizzard Entertainment the company who made Starcraft had the idea to begin a new type of ad campaign. The gaming community was one of the biggest groups that flocked to YouTube not to long after its release  and it was filled with videos from players amateur to seasoned veterans.  Blizzard Entertainment got the idea to sponsor and pay pro Starcraft players to play Starcraft 2 on their YouTube channels giving them early access to the game which drove massive traffic to them as they provided a limited glimpse of gameplay of the new game that was available. This greatly boosted popularity for the game and not only the game but the players as well for a good deal of them were quite personable and entertaining. These personalities created a new wave of popularity for e-sports as people where attracted by the entertaining personalities that started to dominate the scene.

One of such videos by Day9 a large at the time e-sports content creator

The Advent of Twitch

twitch_474x356It was a natural progression of format for the media. The live-streaming service of launched in 2011 to serve as a platform for gamers to stream games from the comfort of their own homes. This platform allowed the every man to now to do something that they previously had to rely on a large organization such as MLG to do and that was to reach a large audience live allowing them to now host tournaments of their own in formats they enjoyed far more than the slow to change formats of MLG. The service also allowed the games that were more popular to gain a larger share of screen time and gave a much larger amount of content for people who only liked one particular game. The biggest game to come out of the Twitch boom was League of Legends a game built around and solely for competitive multiplayer. It was a 5v5 team game with the objective of destroying the enemy Nexus before the can destroy yours. It allowed both for team skill and individual mechanical skill to shine.

League the Juggernaut

Today League of Legends is the most played game in the world and brings in nearly $1.6 billion a year in income for the company Riot Games.  It is the most watched e-sport with the world finals last year garnering 57.6 million unique viewers. It has sold out massive stadiums around the world from the Staples Center to Madison Square Garden. Just this year the North American League has franchised itself and has attracted multi-million investments from Disney to the Golden State Warriors. It is a juggernaut in the scene and stands to a testament to how fast e-sports has grown. Here are some numbers for international events in League of Legends from Riot themselves.

For a overall better recap of history watch this video made by Score e-sports.

Health and Writing

Writing is my absolute in life. It is everything to me and more. With the ability to write out your feelings, so much joy and comfort can come from the words written out. Of course, with everything that comes from the joy of writing, pain can come right alongside it.

As a writer, there is a lot I love about writing and the skills it comes with. It can be useful in life. But even besides it’s useful features in many of life’s seemingly impossible situations, I cannot stress how it comes in handy for people who have an issue or two in trying to handle situations with more normalcy.

I am talking about people with anxiety. There is so much extra baggage for a person with anxiety, I can almost guarantee there is no way it would not affect them in some negative way. The impacts of anxiety are both few and many, depending on the person. For some, it can be bearable enough that a person may not need any assistance otherwise. Then, there are the people who need a creative outlet. Writing is absolutely perfect when it comes to getting out the frustrating details of life that are sometimes harder to handle for these people than others.

It’s not as easy as many people say it can be. So writing can provide such a wonderful way to get out constant and overbearing scenarios in a head full of complicated theories. A sickness that takes its time clogging up every brain cell and thought process with nonsense. Anxiety just so happens to be ultimately parasitic in its ways, that some people require this outlet to live up a full life. Getting out the thoughts in such a creative way helps incredibly for many people these days.

Proof of that is the many famous writers that lived their lives writing up a storm in every moment that was free to them. For example, William Faulkner worked at an oil rig and didn’t stop his writing, even when he worked his job. Or Stephen King who worked as a teacher and wrote every minute free to him.

I cannot give enough credit to the power of writing. Whether it creates classics and amazing literature for generations in the future to look upon, or simply a source of comfort, writing has many virtues to it.