The Dogs of War

I saw an advertisement in an old magazine for a film called The Dogs of War, and that started me thinking. I could get clever and say that two dog nations got upset about who owns the fire hydrant at the end of the street, or maybe a large German Shepherd from one dog nation … Continue reading The Dogs of War

Introductory Blog Post

During the COVID-19 quarantine, I have had more time than ever to spend watching TV, and do other things that my normally fast pace life did not allow time for. During my hunt for a new TV show to watch I finally found a new one called "Midnight Gospel". This show is based off of … Continue reading Introductory Blog Post

A Dip Into My Mind

I go by Jayvani House. I am a Criminal Justice major at Middlesex Community College transferring to Umass Lowell in the fall of 2020 to continue studying Criminal Justice so that I can obtain my Bachelors degree by the Spring of 2022. I am a security supervisor for Securitas Security Services and I am considered … Continue reading A Dip Into My Mind

Something I Enjoy

Ever since I was young, it has been very difficult for me to gain weight. I tried working out and eating high calorie foods countless times, but nothing seemed to work. It upset me a lot seeing all of my friends being much bigger and stronger than me, because it was hard to fit in. … Continue reading Something I Enjoy

NBA is Cancelled: What’s Next?

March 11th, 2020, while watching the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets play the viewers get some breaking news as the color commentators that night Ryan Ruocco, Doris Burke, and Tom Rinaldi all try to break the news to us that the NBA is suspending the season indefinitely due to the rise of COVID-19. Immediately news … Continue reading NBA is Cancelled: What’s Next?

Case Study #4: Dunkin’ Donuts

Overview: The company I have chosen for this case study is Dunkin’ Donuts. The link for Dunkin’s Facebook Page is, their Twitter username is (or @dunkindonuts), and lastly you can find them on Instagram at (or @dunkin). Between all three of these social media accounts the total number of followers that Dunkin’ … Continue reading Case Study #4: Dunkin’ Donuts

Why There Should be a Fourth Season of ‘Anne with an E’

In October of 2019 CBC has decided to cut ties with Netflix and chose not to continue with a fourth season of the hit Canadian show ‘Anne with an E’. It was a sad day for fans as it was only the beginning for our favorite character. The show based off the book series ‘Anne … Continue reading Why There Should be a Fourth Season of ‘Anne with an E’

Finding Adventure In Utah

Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog. My name is Kate. I am a student, a mom, and an adventure seeker. Summers, for me, are for finding new adventures. Schools out, the air is warm, and possibilities are endless. Adventures can be found anywhere. This summer, my sister chose the destination: Park City, Utah. I admit … Continue reading Finding Adventure In Utah

Competitive Tetris Explained

Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle game developed on June 6th, 1984. Tetris was developed by a Soviet Russian software engineer named Alexey Pajitnov. Tetris is a game known to everyone young and old. Most people have played some form of Tetris at some point and if they haven’t then they know of it and know … Continue reading Competitive Tetris Explained