Kim Kardashian West.

The celebrity I decided to write my case study about is Kim Kardashian West. I chose to write about her because she is a celebrity that loves to actively use social media and has a very large fan base on each account she uses. Not only is she a reality TV personnel but she runs many different companies with and without her sisters. Her most recent is a beauty make up line by the name of “KKW Beauty” in which she is selling crème contour kits. Kim has a Facebook page, Twitter page, and an Instagram page. Kim’s Facebook link is and she has a total of 30,147,051 likes and 29,198,205 followers. On Twitter, her user name is @KimKardashian. She has 54 million followers but, only follows 106 people. Kim joined Twitter in March of 2009 and has tweeted 23,664 times. Her Instagram user name is the same as the rest, KimKardashian, and she has 101 million followers on Instagram which is the most out of all her accounts. Just like Twitter, she only has a select few people she follows, which is a count of 108. On Instagram, Kim has posted 3,883 pictures and/or videos.

The content on Kim Kardashian West’s Facebook page is mainly promoting her businesses. There is a lot of picture and video posts explaining how to use her new crème contour kit and other posts as to dates when the product will be released. There are also other posts for dates of other items that will be released, such as her collaboration lip gloss kits with her sister Kylie Jenner. When she is not sharing posts with her fans of products and release dates, she shares pictures of her children and family. Her profile picture is one of herself, modeling her new crème contour kit (the caption reads: KKW BEAUTY Crème Contour and Highlight Kit coming 6.21 KKWBEAUTY.COM) and she does not have a cover image. Kim follows only 10 people on her Facebook page and it is all her family sisters, her mother, E!News, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Facebook page. Kim does not share much in the “About” tab. She has a link to her website and has a link to her blog, which is actually part of her website, and twitter. She does however share with us one quote which reads “where I’m meant to be…”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.37.51 PM

As I took the time to analyze her Facebook page, I realized that her profile is mostly advertisement for her companies. Above I shared one company Kim Kardashian West owns herself and a collaboration she did with her sister Kylie for lip gloss kits. She also has owns a company with her husband, Kayne West, called “Kids Supply” in which she has shared pictures and videos with her fans of what the kid’s clothes and shoes look like and what sizes they come in, as well as release dates. Kim also owns her own game for cell phones which is called “Kim Kardashian Game” which you can download in the app store, which she shares posts with her fans for that as well. Another business Kim owns for cell phone is an app called “KIMOJI” which is an emoji pack for texts with multiple different pictures. You can also buy merchandise from the KIMOJI business such as cell phone cases, sandals, hats, shirts, ect, which is also promotes on Facebook. When Kim is not promoting all of her businesses she owns, she shares posts with links to her blog. In each post she writes, it almost always will contain a picture of a video and some type of link to access what it is she’s promoting at the time.

I think Kim’s Facebook page is actually very useful for her because she uses it all for advertisement. She shares very little about her private life on there however, she does use Twitter and Instagram for that. One thing I do think she could improve on Facebook is make more of an effort to reach out to fans by following them or answering back to comments. Speaking of comments, she receives a lot of them on each post. The most recent 5 have 540, 110, 603, 114, and 418. The one with the most comments ironically is a picture of her daughter Norths dog. I think that is ironic because out of the other 4 posts it was all promoting her business and the one post about something personal to her has the most comments. I did also notice that most of the comments on her picture are very negative and hateful which is very unfortunate.

On Kim’s Twitter profile, she has the same photo as her Facebook does and no banner. Her bio includes a link to the app store to download her “Kim Kardashian Game”. Her most popular tweets are all written by her. Just like Facebook, she is using Twitter to promote her business. She tweets different pictures and videos of clothing from her and Kayne’s clothing line and pictures of her crème contour kits. However, on Twitter, she posts more photos for fans to get an insight to her life. She tweets photos of her daughters favorite clothing and tweeted a birthday shout out to her niece, Penelope.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.44.43 PM

Kim interacts a lot more on Twitter with her fans than she does on Facebook. She re-tweets certain things fans tweet to her and will also write back to them. When Kim tweets back to her fans, it’s always responding back to nice tweets and she is very nice and professional right back. When analyzing her Twitter I never saw her retweet any mean tweets however, I did notice that she only has 5 liked tweets and one of them was a mean one.  I think Kim’s interactions with her fans is great. I think something she could do better though is tone down the promotions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.47.55 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.47.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.46.50 PM

Kim’s profile picture on Instagram is the same as her Facebook and Twitter profile. Her bio this time includes a link to her KKW beauty website. I like Kim’s Instagram the best because she shares a lot more personal photos on here than she does anywhere else. She posts a lot of pictures of her family which includes her husband, daughter, son, sisters, mother, brother and many pictures with friends. However, she still does a lot of promoting on Instagram as well just not as much

I think what she does well in this situation is showing the world that she’s not just all about business she does have a real life, too. Something I think she needs to improve on is interacting more with her fans because she doesn’t do so on Instagram. When reading the comments on the most recent 5 pictures, I noticed that in this case it was actually a lot of spam. Here and there when you can get past the spam, there were actually good comments unlike her comments on Facebook. She gets the most likes on her Instagram photos than any of her other social media websites and I noticed that the pictures with the most likes are the ones that include her children or nieces and nephews (guilty of being one of those likes!).

After analyzing all of Kim Kardashians social media profiles, I’ve learned that she is the most successful in interacting with her fans on Twitter. I think that the way Twitter is set up with only allowing people to write 140 characters makes it easier for her to do so unlike Facebook and Instagram where you can write as much as you want. The social media profile Kim has that is most appealing is her Instagram. I think with Instagram, the fact that she can post a single photo or video and reach out to her fan base is huge. Yes, she promotes her businesses on Instagram too but the photos she chooses to post for it are more appealing than seeing them on Facebook and Twitter. All in all, I think that Kim is using all of her social media profiles in the correct way which is – promoting her business and at the same time reaching out to her fans.

A Blog About Love.


Danny + Mara | About Love ( is a love and relationship blog written by Danny and Mara Kofoed. Their first post was published in 2011. Mara and Danny are long term New Yorkers who throughout each of their lives encountered their share of hardships, divorce, and infertility, which led them directly to each other. They blog about love, relationships, self-worth, divorce, happiness, and anything in between.



The general layout of Danny + Mara | About Love is a one-column blog with a header and footer. The tone of the blog uses neutral colors but the vibe is aimed more towards women. The background is white on every page and doesn’t change even when a blog post is written.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.13.11 PM

The header is very simple. There is no picture involved, just written words of positioned to the left that read “DANNY + MARA | about love”.

To the right of the header is the main menu that direct the audience to pages such as about, services, and events. Also, there is a link in the main menu that allows you to access different blog postings written by both Danny and Mara. Finally, there is a drop-down menu included which gives you access to social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and E-mail.

The body of the blog is one columned. At the beginning of the blog is a huge picture of Mara and Danny with very large words written to the left of them saying “align with LOVE & thrive in an imperfect life.” Just under that is a section that allows viewers to enter their first name and e-mail to sign up for love experience. It is a free program that includes 10 e-mails, a video class, and a meditation.  Below that is what Mara and Danny’s vision is. They believe that you can experience inner peace and love regardless of a bad day.

In the middle of the main column is Danny and Mara’s featured blogs which include events like one day boot camps about love or even seven-day boot camps that help you reset your mind, body, and soul.  Just below their featured events is a section for their most recent blog, which showcases a large picture to the left of Mara with a little sample of the blog that was written and a link to read more. Under the most recent blog post, you then have their most popular blog postings. It showcases a variety of 3 different pictures with blog titles underneath them. Lastly, at the end of the page you are also able to view Danny and Mara’s love story and read about how they met.

The blog footer has more going on than the header does. It includes the “About Us” with 5 links to pages such as love story and their media. It also includes a “Services” section which includes links to events, coaching, and resources. To the right of the About Us and Services pages are widgets to their social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Email. To the bottom of the main footer is again written “DANNY + MARA | about love” with just under that being the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.20.42 PM


When I click the first link in the main menu which is “About”, it brings me to a two-columned page. On the right column, it showcases fun facts about Mara first such as her favorite things to do and favorite foods and what she aspires to do. Below Maras fun facts are then Danny’s. His fun facts include where he went to school, his favorite food, and what he aspires to do, also.

The left column, it gives us a short sample as to why Mara and Danny do want to help mentor people on love and how their blog and retreats have helped many of people. Below their introduction, it gives the reader and idea of the 7 different ways Mara and Danny can help. Lastly, is the reason Mara and Danny do what they do. It’s the area of the blog that tells about Maras life and Danny’s life as separate people and then as a whole. When that wraps up, they showcase a picture of the two of them holding hands and has pictures of their three dogs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.26.10 PM

When going to the “Blog” link, it is also a two-columned page. The right side showcases a picture of Mara and Danny, with another area to input your first name and e-mail address to “get the love experience” for free. Underneath that is another section of the social media widgets. Just below the social media widgets is a list of links you can click of different categories of blog postings. The categories range from:

  • Marriage & Dating
  • Love
  • Choosing Happiness
  • Travel
  • Must Reads
  • Updates

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.23.31 PM

The left column gives a snippet of the blog postings in order starting with most recent. At the top of the blog post is a picture relating to the blog and underneath the picture is the title of the blog, who it was written by and which category the blog post belongs to. The reader can see about half of the first paragraph before asked to click a link that say’s “read more”. Under the “read more link” is access to widgets to click on that will allow you to share the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-mail.

I clicked on the “Must Read” link to see what types of blogs people seem to like from Mara and Danny. The first blog post that came up was titled “Tapping Into Your TRUEST Identity” written by Mara with 73 comments. The blog post had 3 pictures included in it, which all 3 were of Mara. The blog post was about finding your true identity and the rest will fall into place. Everyone that commented on the blog post received a response from Mara which is great because sometimes people don’t get the answers or responses their looking for on blogs. Mara really shares her life and put’s it all out there with her readers, which helps a lot of people going through the same struggles in life.

Other blog names that were in the “Must Read” were:

  • A Heart At Peace – with 22 comments
  • One Key To Developing Compassion for the Offender – with 23 comments
  • Is Social Media Infringing Upon Your Worth? – with 27 comments
  • Walking Meditations and Practicing Gratitute – with 30 comments
  • What It’s Like Traveling With Danny – with 44 comments



In this blog, I like the way that Mara and Danny give us insight into their lives and what brought them to the point of blogging and wanting to mentor people in finding self-worth, happiness, and love. They give the reader very helpful tips and tools on how to reach those successes in their lives. However, I think their blog is set up a little sloppy. There is too much going on and the pictures and words are too big.

  • Their main page has too many important features on it but their all smooshed together. It’s hard to find where one ends and the other begins.
  • Danny and Mara’s “About” page was great and loaded with information, however, I do think they should have had their story about each of them and how they met at the top and under that why they do what they do.
  • The “Blog” page is a little bit easier to figure out, which is great for the readers who just want to dig right in. However, I still think their font and pictures are too big and could be toned down.

Otherwise, how Mara and Danny aspire to help people is a great cause and a great reason for a blog. Many people these days do look for help in many of these areas and their blogs are great and include real life stories from both a Man and Woman’s perspective. I believe that their blog and their postings are great and if they made their blog layout a little easier on the eyes they would see great results.

Analysis: One Brilliant Blog


Bookwraiths ( Is a blog dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novels through reviews! The author is a man by the name of Wendell who grew up on classic comics and books. He is not only an avid reader but a lover of sports and online gaming. Wendell is happily married with children, living in the U.S.




The layout contains a header and a footer along with the use of darker colors such as blues, greys, and black. The background is a grey, chain-like image and the blogs themselves have a white background. The header contains an image of a man on horseback. Its dark and eerie, really grabbing your attention. “Books! Where are the great books?” Is the tag line. Directly under the image is a menu that lists out “Book Reviews”, “Comic Reviews”, “Author Spotlights”, and more.  

The most recent posts are shown first on the featured page. Listing the title and author of “said topic”, genre, series, publisher, length, and rating, along with an image shown even before you start to read the article. The body of the page contains the posts, located on the right hand side. Multiple paragraphs with an image along with it. To the left are widgets such as social medias, tweets, popular posts, and blogs worth your time. This blog gives you easy access to exactly what you are looking for!


One of the widgets is titled “Popular Posts” , allowing viewers to see the most popular topics on the blog. The top posts on Bookwraiths are listed as follows:  

  • The Longest Fantasy Series  
  • Overlooked Fantasy Series  
  • Best Reads Of 2016 
  • Best Standalone Fantasy Novels (Updated) 

The Longest Fantasy Series was actually posted in 2014! I’ve read the article and #25 was the only book I had read from that list. I thought with my love of books that there would have been more I had known. So far, this blog has introduced me to many titles I had never heard of before, opening up my reading options! 41 bloggers liked this post whereas only 20 liked Overlooked Fantasy Series, posted in 2013. I think time definitely has something to do with that.

Each one of Bookwraiths blog posts has an interesting topic, with a featured image and multiple images along with the actual post.  

Each post ends with possible social medias to share the post on and related articles as well. Other bloggers are also more than welcome to make their comments underneath all of that.


Bookwraiths Is a well written blog for anyone who likes to read.  

The blogs layout is easy to navigate, and is very informative. The viewer has no problem finding exactly what they are looking for, especially with the tabs such as book review, written along the top. Each post is appealing to the eye. I love how a cover of each book is posted alongside the review and even where to buy the book in some cases. The blog titles are fun and draw the readers right in! I wish there was more to say on the origins of the blog and about the author. I love hearing when and how something came to be. There’s plenty of book action going on and I would suggest this blog to any lover of books.


Enter If You Dare: Maze Runner Series

James Dashner captures the extremes of our fragile society in The Maze Runner series. He paints a picture in our minds of this unearthly dystopian society that leaves us wanting more. A society filled with mistrust and misguided teens put in countless positions where only the fittest will survive. It’s survival of the fittest at its finest and I loved it!

Maze r.jpg
The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, and The Fever Code constantly keep us on our toes. I loved every second of this adventure. I easily fell in love with the characters and came to strongly dislike a few as well. Newt was the most intriguing to me, his personality and way with words winning me over. Teresa on the other hand drove me crazy. Dashner will not only make you smile with the bonds of friendship that form between the characters but also tear your heart out as you discover some of your favorite characters are not immune to the disease destroying their world.

We learn about the Flare and what is left of the world in the first two novels and then we start to discover the pasts of specific characters and what led them into the hands of WICKED in the prequels. The third book in the series, The Death Cure is sure to make you cry. *cough* *cough* page 250 *cough*. This series gave me a rollercoaster of emotions. You undoubtedly become a member of the glade community and feel as though you are transported into the dystopia yourself.

I was ecstatic to receive my autographed copy of The Fever Code the day it was released. I am a sucker for a good book. Sitting outside, a nice beverage in one hand, a Dashner novel in the other and I am set for life. I am sad to see the series come to an end but with the films on production I am extremely excited to watch it all play out on the big screen.

Here is a video of the author talking a little bit about his book!

Here is a wicked awesome website that will really connect you to the world of the maze.

Case Study #2, Adventure Blog Review


The Planet D is a travel blog based around an adventurous couple’s lives, Dave and Deb. Both Dave and Deb contribute to this blog and they fill it with their own travel tales, tips they have for travelers, or ways to inspire people who want to become travelers. The couple’s motto is “adventure is for everyone”. Their travel lifestyle began in 2008 and Dave and Deb have been very successful with their adventures and blogging ever since. 



The opening layout of this blog is very welcoming and has the two bloggers as the very fist thing a viewers sees. There is a lot of photography used throughout the layouts which is eye grabbing. The photos are amazing and colorful. There is not a lot of words thrown on the layout, the majority is pictures and/or videos.

The Planet D: Home Page

The header includes a photo of Dave and Deb along with their shortened back story and motto. The header also allows the viewer to watch some of their travel videos or “Get Started Now” to begin reading categorized travel blogs. 

Above the header there are multiple pages the viewer can click on. Some of these pages include an “About Us”, “Travel Tips”, or “Destinations”. Each of these pages are filled with information, photos, and blog posts.

Below the header there are four options: “Discover”, “Top Posts”, “Imagine”, and “Explore”. Each of these options have pictures and/or videos below them. The pictures/videos are links to different posts. 

At the bottom of this blog is an organized footer. The footer has multiple options for the audience. These options include links to follow the blog on multiple social media accounts, a search bar, an option to subscribe, and an option for viewers to partner up with Dave and Deb and advertise/sponsor the blog. Following these options the same pages above the header are also listed below the footer. 


There is a countless amount of posts in this blog that are based around multiple different topics. Each blog post includes multiple photos with a caption underneath each one. A lot of the blog posts also include links to other websites that have more information on a specific site or destination. Also within the a lot of the posts there are links to other posts. For example: Read: 19 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit South Dakota

Another noticeable feature that is included in the majority of the blog posts is advertising. There are advertisements for hotels or plane tickets. 

The top three posts on The Planet D are: 

The “About Us” page features an interview youtube video of Dave and Deb that is about 5 minutes long. Along with this heartwarming video Dave and Deb go into detail about their relationship and marriage. This couple reveals how they felt stuck and bored with life and eventually discovered their passion for traveling. Dave and Deb have created an amazing and exciting life full of adventures and this page goes into talking about how they have created their blog to inspire anyone who wants to create an adventurous life for themselves. Their backstory is truly inspiring and they are both extremely passionate and caring for this blog. 

Dave and Deb’s blog has 188,116 just on Facebook, 130,000 followers on Twitter, and 190,000 followers on Instagram. This blog is extremely popular and followers are always anxious to see where the couple goes next. 

The most significant part to each blog post are the photos. Each post has a featured image and multiple photos that give a viewer an inside look. At the end of each blog post there are some advertisements, other posts a viewer might enjoy, and more ways to stay connected to Dave and Deb’s blog through social media.

screenshot blog2
End of post on The Planet D



The Planet D is an exciting, visually pleasing, and inspiring blog. There are countless topics that each blog post is written about. Dave and Deb’s blog offers amazing travel advice, hidden destinations, and interesting travel stories. 

The layout of this blog is extremely pleasing to the eye. A lot of well taken photography is used to feature each blog post. There are a lot of colors used throughout the layout, needless to say nothing is bland about this blog. Dave and Deb’s beliefs and motto really show through the layout and design. Regarding the navigation it is fairly easy to move throughout this blog, but there is definitely a lot to choose from. One downside to this blog is the advertising throughout the pages or posts. Sometimes advertising takes up too much room or turns off a reader. The layout is uniquely designed and proves to viewers how much Dave and Deb truly love traveling. 

The content of this blog is extremely helpful, interesting, and exciting. Every single blog post has some advice or beneficial information to offer regarding traveling. The titles to each post are interesting and sometimes ask questions which grabs a readers attention. Dave and Deb have become pro travelers and have a lot of secrets, stories, and tips to share so this blog can please multiple types of readers. The Planet D is a popular and fast growing blog that is very fascinating.