Boston Foodies Blog


The Boston Foodies blog is about everything food related in Boston, from fine dining to food trucks. The Author of the blog is Tiffany Lopinsky, who started the blog when she was a sophomore at Harvard to chronicle all of her food adventures throughout the Boston area. The blog includes articles about where she went, what meal it was for and of course, what she ate. The website also include a photography section with, you guessed it, pictures of the food she has had throughout Boston. It also has a section with some background information on Lopinsky and the lest section with how you can contact her.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.24.40 PM


Overall, the layout of the blog is easy to look at. There is nothing that is too flashy and it is simple but not oversimplified. At the top of every page it has the heading “Boston Foodies” and underneath “food trucks, fine dining, and everything in between. I believe that is a good tagline to get people interested in the blog. I would assume this blog is most popular in Boston, so people from the area will look at the blog to find out what is good and what is not. Every post on the blog section has a title, something along the lines of “Dinner at Twyrl”. Underneath the title is a picture of the food or the experience of where she went. Then under the picture is a “read more” button, once you click on that it will take you to the full blog post. I like the way that it is set up because then once you click on it, the blog will talk about her experience and there will be numerous photos of where she dined along with captions on those as well. On the top of the page, is where you can also easily navigate to different sub-sections. Also, at the top there are hyperlink icons for Lopinsky’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. Overall I believe that the layout of the blog is simple but still enough to catch a readers attention, especially with lots of photographs.


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The Boston Foodies blog is just that, a blog, it is not a food critic giving a good or a bad review on the food they had, but just overall the experience they had. I believe that there is no way to see which posts are more popular than other ones. I believe that the blogs are just posted in the order they were posted. As I said before the blogs have both written text and photos, mainly photos actually. As far as I have seen there are no videos. They are all created by Lopinksy, the photos and the actual writing. The images are all her own that were taken by herself. I will say one thing, the titles are too simple. Like I said in the analysis section, the title is just what meal it was and where the food was from, nothing really pops out from that. I believe that the titles should be a little more dynamic, maybe even giving a little detail as to her opinion on the food or the experience. Aside from the blog posts there is the “about me” page and the photography page and that is about all there is in between.

With a deeper dive into the “About Tiffany” section I found out that she also does freelance food photography (did not know that was a thing) and she also offers social media management. Lopinksy also offered reasoning to why she started the blog, “This blog is meant to capture and showcase some of that artistic beauty and passion that lies behind every local eatery in Boston.” I believe that was a great way to sum it up in just one sentence. I believe that quote could even be included somewhere on the main page, just to give readers a little bit more of an insight.

There is a comment section on each one of the blog posts, but the posts don’t seem to generate any types of responses. Maybe people just skim through the blog posts without wanting to interact. On each post there is not only the comment section but you can also share the posts on a variety of social media platforms, but once again, there does not seem to be too much interaction. Lastly, you can also subscribe to the blog, but it does not seem like it is to important, since it is a very small icon at the bottom of each post.

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On nearly every post there does not seem to be too much interaction


I believe this blog is nicely put together, it is not too dramatic with over the top effects and colors and it is not too simple to the point that it would be considered boring. I do believe that the titles o the blog posts should have a little more insight and should be more creative and I do believe that there should be more interaction between Lopinksy and the readers. Overall though, it is a very interesting blog, especially for someone from the Boston area.


This Simple Balance – Blog Analysis


This Simple Balance is a motherhood minimalist blog. The page is run by a woman named June. She tries to live a minimalist lifestyle while homeschooling with her four kids. The blog features sections specifically on homeschooling, minimalism, parenting, and being a working mom at home.


The web address is as basic and easy to remember as you can be – It claims the ownership of the title, and looks more professional due to it. There is no extra things to remember (such as “” or “”).
The page style fits perfectly for a minimalist blog. The screen is all white, aside from the text and a picture for each article. It’s simplistic yet clean, featuring the tagline “Own less. Do more.”. You are also able to see the newest articles featured on the main page, a photo of June with one of her kids (works as an emotional connection to the blogger as well as cuteness factor), and the different pages of the blog listed below the title which allows for readers to find their section of interest quickly. When you scroll over the various sections, you also get more specific subtopics within the topics.
When you look at your tabs bar, you see a logo with “TSB” (for This Simple Balance) matching the writing style of the title on the main page. It also features another tagline: “Where Minimalism Meets Real Life with Kids @ This Simple Balance”.
pic for blog review 4
The about page holds a lot of information. June tells some of her story and reasons for minimalism. She also features a photo/link for her e-course on the topic with parenting, and lists facts about herself. There is a bigger version of the photo of June and her child here, which would be nice if the smaller version wasn’t still shown next to it.
pic for blog review 5
The blog does not have any links to social media accounts, or at least not any clear ones. The contact page only features a form to email her. I Googled the blog to see if it had any other social media…and indeed it did. This Simple Balance has other pages such as FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Though the social media accounts featured links to the blog, the blog didn’t have connections to the other social media. This is a missed opportunity. People often forget to go to websites to check on them, so inviting readers to follow the blog on a more regularly used form of media and having them see posts about it show up in their feed is a great way to remind people to look at the blog and incite interest again.
The footer of the page is simple. There’s a search bar to search for things within the blog. There’s links to three of her recent posts. You can search the archives for specific months. Then there’s links to the areas of the site such as contact, privacy policy, and disclosures. Nothing draws huge attention to the footer, but it offers quick ways to find what you need easily that you can’t from the other areas of the site.


The blog appears to have new posts fairly often, though not daily. January 2018 had ten posts and February 2018 had nine. The blog posts include eye catching titles promising rewards for reading, such as ‘This Library Hack Will Save You Hundreds on Books” and “Why Every Mom NEEDS to Try the Paperless Kitchen”. These types of titles are good for getting people to your page, though it runs the risk of people getting negative views of the blog using click bait. Lists are also popularly used on the site, which is a plus as it allows people to easily skim if they have less time (which, considering that the majority of the blog is geared towards stay-at-home-moms, is an important thing to keep in mind).
The posts have a mix of text styles. Bigger text is used to mark different main sections within the post, bold text is used to mark important sections, italics are used for emphasis or talking/thoughts, and regular text is used for the rest. This is another positive for readers who want to save time.
Throughout the blog posts, you can find links to other related blog posts on her site. This is a great way to keep readers reading (grab their interests again) and to convince them that the site will be an overall benefit to them, as opposed to just having one good article.
Pictures are featured with the article titles and the website URL. This is perfect for easy sharing and marketing. It also can be pinned to Pinterest boards, which expands the reach. This benefits both the reader and the blogger – the reader can save the blog for future reading, and the blogger essentially gets free advertising through the pin.
pic for blog review 2
There are buttons to share blog posts at the end of each post. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the available options and you can see how many shares have been made to each (Pinterest being by far the most popularly used one).
The blog posts also allow for comments. June appears to respond to the majority of her commenters, even if it’s just to say that she’s glad they enjoyed the post. This is good for creating positive connections with people and making them more likely to visit the blog again.
Readers are encourage to subscribe to blog updates with the offer of free pages for homeschooling planners. This is featured on the side of the main page and is included in parts of the blog posts. This is another example of a win-win scenario for both the reader and the blogger. The blogger gets to gain a more consistent readership through reminders and the reader gets a free resource.
pic for blog review 3


   This Simple Balance is a blog with a clean design that gives readers easy usage of the website.
It’s simple to navigate and the topic are laid out in a way that lets people quickly find informative posts on the topic of their choice. The search bar at the bottom of the page is there to help anyone who does have difficulties.
The blog posts are easy to read, whether you’re skimming or reading every word. The pictures throughout add some breaks from the text and gives it a visual (and sometimes emotional) appeal. Links and pictures are featured to encourage the reader to remember and/or read more on the site.
My only real critique of the blog was the fact that I could not find links to it’s other social media presences. I believe that’s something which should be displayed somewhere where all readers will see it and it should be used to it’s full potential.

Why Hedgehogs May Not Be the Pet of Your Dreams

Hedgehogs are adorable animals that have become more popular in recent years. The internet loves them. Take a look at Mr. Pokee’s Instagram page – the little critter has over 400,000 followers!
Years back, I bought into the cuteness…and bought some cuteness. Emma was the first hedgehog I owned. After her passing, I briefly housed a male hedgie named Oliver, and I now have another female hedgehog named Lorelai. (Any Gilmore Girls fans?)
Don’t let the title confuse you – I love hedgehogs. They aren’t always what people imagine them as though. Here are some reasons a hedgehog may not be the pet of your dreams:

1. You want a cheap pet. Hedgehogs aren’t as cheap as other small animals, like hamsters. To adopt a hedgehog normally costs around a couple hundred dollars (though rescue hedgies can be cheaper). You also must buy a house for it, a liner/bedding, food dish, water dish/bottle, a wheel, toys, something to hide in, food, veterinary care, etc. Any pet comes with the responsibility to take care of it as best you can.

2. You aren’t sure if owning a hedgehog is legal where you live. Even among the U.S.A., different states have different laws in regards to exotic pets. Some states allow hedgehogs as pets and other states do not. Since laws can change, I would recommend looking into the laws where you live to see if owning a prickly baby could be in the cards for you.

3. You’re looking for a good pet for your kids. Now, I’m not going to say that hedgehogs are a bad pet for children, but a lot depends on the child. Hedgehogs do have quills for protection, which they will get incredibly sharp when scared or angry. You should think about how patient/gentle your child would be with the animal – both for the safety of the kid and the safety of the hedgehog.
Hedgehogs are also naturally nocturnal animals, so if you/your kid wants a fun animal to watch play all day… it may not be the best choice. They can be taken out later in the evening, but constantly waking up an animal in the middle of it’s sleep isn’t healthy and will result in a grumpy hog.

4. You don’t have much time to spend with the animal. Hedgehogs need to be socialized. As stated earlier, they have a defense mechanism. Hedgies will curl into a tight ball with their sharp quills sticking out around them. This makes it impossible to hold them without getting little stabs from the quills (unless you try really think gloves or oven mitts, as I have in the past).
To get them better used to people, breeders suggest that you socialize your hedgehog for around an hour a day. Socialization requires interacting with the animal – holding him/her, letting them explore under close supervision, talking to them, petting them, etc. You need to gain their trust and let them know that you are safe.

This is a base starting point to address some things that people often don’t realize about hedgehogs. If you’re still considering getting a pet hedgie, or if you just want to learn more, there’s many helpful resources out there such as the video below. Good luck!

My First Trip to Dominican Republic


On May 21st, 2016 I went on my first vacation trip outside the United States. It was my first time being in Dominican Republic and also my first time being on a plane as well. Everything felt different that day, it was as if I was going through some kind changes. The reasons why I was going to Dominican Republic was for my aunts wedding. I never been to a wedding before so I didn’t know what was I going expect for two weeks.

  On the Plane

When I was at the airport all I can think about was that I want to sit next to sit next the window. Like who doesn’t want to sit next to the window. I really wanted to look over cities and enjoy the views… Unfortunately my aunt sat near the window. Her husband sat between us and him and I chatted for a little about sports, and college. Ever since I met him I knew he was going to be good for my Aunt and he’s always been good me and my family. The minute that the plane took off I was like “oh shit this is what it feel like to be on a plane”. After sitting for an hour on the plane I tried so hard to fall asleep. I was so tired, and I ended having this annoying kid sit behind me. He kept kicking my seat and I didn’t want to cause a scene or anything. I wanted to tell him or his parents if he can stop. But I didn’t bother. So I was awake for four hours, and I really tried to sleep but I was so uncomfortable.

Welcome to Dominican Republic


Once I arrived to Dominican Republic everyone on the plane started to cheer and sing that we landed safe. I was so lost to why everyone was so happy to arrive but I guess it’s something that Dominicans do. My ear drum were killing me. I couldn’t barely hear anything and I remember that my aunt’s husband was trying to tell me something but I could not hear anything so I kept just nodding my head.

Everything felt different, the air was different, the sky wasn’t so clear but it so humid out there. I had to adapt to the weather and I was constantly drinking water. When you’re in Dominican Republic you can not depend on water sources like fountains, it was contaminated. The safest way for you to drink water was by buying water bottles at supermarkets. I couldn’t buy water bottles near the bodega I located, for some reason they didn’t sell any. The food was way more natural than back in the US. If you like mangos or any fruits, I highly recommend trying some, it tastes really good out there. I was eating really healthy too, maybe because there aren’t so many fast-food restaurants.

 It was so eye-opening once I got the chance to ride around the city. I’m seeing things I don’t normally see. I was so caught up in the moment that I barley took pictures. My family and I ended up in Santo Domingo, which is also known as “la capital”. We ended up staying my grandfather house which he owns. He lets his older brother stay and take care of the house. I’ve met so many cousins that I never thought I had before and they all know my name some how. I’ve met a lot family members, went out to places to eat, and hung out with a few cousins. I even went to area where is was very country. I believe the city/village was called Moca, I’m not 100% sure, but it so cool just to be there.

The Wedding


After a couple of days later everyone who was going to the wedding decided to go to a resort in Punta Cana. Which was where my aunt in her husband planned their wedding reception. I had a blast just being there. I wish some of my friends were with me but at least I had my younger cousin with to walk around and hangout.

During the day of the wedding it was something I will never forget. I’ve seen so many people cry because of how beautiful everything was set up. But not only was the scene beautiful but how two families got together to witness two people who love and care for each other get married. Everyone shared laughs together and took pictures together. This was my first time being at a wedding so I did not know what to expect.

As soon as everyone finished taking pictures, we all met up and ate together, danced, and had a good time. Everyone was drunk, including myself.  I was assigned to sit at this table where I met some of my aunts husband cousins who were around my age. There were chill, and it was like eight of us in total.We all decided to hangout afterwords at the beach and we had some drinks. At one point all decided to just hangout at swimming pool area. I was having a time of my life because with a bunch of people I don’t know that I ended up bonding with. We later decided to grab food at 2AM and called it a night.

The next morning some people stayed for a few more days. Some left back to the US or back to Santo Domingo.  I went back to Santo Domingo and enjoyed the rest of the few days I had left. I was blessed enough to enjoy such a vacation honestly. I hope to return some day. I’ve learned so much being there and I could only imagine how much more can I learn by just traveling to places.


Amber Fillerup Clark: Barefoot, Blonde, and Dominating the Social Media World


Amber Fillerup Clark has taken the Internet by storm. From the beginnings of a blog, to a ever-present digital footprint, Amber Fillerup Clark has built an incredible brand. Amber is 26 years old, with a loving family consisting of a husband, David, and two kids, Atticus (2 years old) and Rosie (1 year old). Here’s the family below (Photo credit). Aside form her family being super adorable, her social media platforms provide so much more.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.10.05 PM.png

Passionate about hair, beauty, fashion, and fitness, she decided to start her blog, Barefoot Blonde, in 2010 about all of these things. From there Amber has gone on to have a successful blog, Twitter profile, Instagram account, Pinterest account, and YouTube channel. In addition to her personal brand, in 2016, Amber launched her own hair extension company titled Barefoot Blonde Hair. Her overall brand aims to place value on a fun and healthy lifestyle through fashion, beauty and fitness for young women and moms!

Social Media Overview

Blog: Barefoot Blonde (

Instagram: (@amberfillerup3,173 posts, 1.3 million followers, following 343 users

Twitter: (@amberlfillerup) Joined Feb. 2011, 13.8K tweets, 37.8K followers, following 77 users 

YouTube: (Amber Fillerup) Joined Jan. 2008, 15,908,613 total views, 233,313 subscribers, 116 uploads

Pinterest: (Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup) 100,973 followers, following 106 users, 74 boards

Analysis and Evaluation 

BlogScreen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.01.59 PM.png

Amber Fillerup began her digital footprint with her blog. This is the heart and soul of her brand. Each posts relates to her passions. Amber documents her life through her blog, updating almost daily. The blog contains menu tabs for posts related to lifestyle, hair, beauty, and fashion.  Her husband David, is a photographer and is responsible for the high quality photos that are posted. Because of his involvement on Amber’s social media platforms, he has built his own set of followers on his accounts that mirrors Amber’s brand. This connection helps build a greater following for the entire family and their brand. (Photo Credit)

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.36.28 PM.png

Amber and her family are known for their travels across the world and they document these travels in her blog. In addition, Amber recently started a series of her favorite things, with each posts having a theme – favorite fitness products, favorite travel items, etc. Each posts contain links to buy all the products or clothes featured in the blog posts, and a separate menu item titled “shop my looks” for easy user interaction. Another great aspect for user interaction is that each blog post contains links to not only comment, but also buttons to share on social media sites and subscribe. Each post gets an average of 20 comments. One thing Amber could do better is reply to her audience’s comments.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.39.01 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s Twitter profile picture is a solo shot of herself, and this stays consistant among the other sites as well. This is important for recognition across social media platforms. The bio of the profile is a reference to Mean Girls, the movie, which attracts people who are into pop culture as well. Also in her bio are links to her Instagram and blog. Connecting her online presence is something she does well. She tweets a few times a week. Often times, Amber shares photos of her fashion or her kids. These are important aspects of her blog and overall brand. Other times she posts are likely trending pop culture events. One thing she does well on Twitter more than other platforms is audience interaction. Many of her tweets are direct questions or Twitter polls that require interaction from her followers. This is a way users can feel connected to her. This is a positive interaction for her brand. Her Twitter profile is the most relaxed of the bunch, with casual tweets and updates on life rather than posts aimed to build her brand directly.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.53.05 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s Instagram account is the most popular and strong social media account of hers. This account has the greatest number of followers and posts, with a post about every day. This is where she shares many pictures of her family, fashion, travels, life events, hairstyles, promotes her new blog posts, and promotes her company Barefoot Blonde Hair. Her bio links to her company and her blog – another great connection. A number of her Instagram posts also act as paid advertisements for products and brands she supports. While they are advertising a product, the picture and overall posts remains congruent with her brand and values. Examples of advertisements and blog post announcements are below! (Photo credit)

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.08.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.08.55 PM.png

Another aspect of her Instagram account is her insta-stories. Throughout every single day, she documents her family, her workouts, and her getting ready routine. She often films tutorials on how to do her hair or makeup. In addition, she will do a question and answer session, where she will answer questions that her audience has asked on recent posts. This is something she does really well. Audience interaction is really important and it makes it feel as if she is talking to you through her stories. Her Instagram posts are typically all photos, where she saves videos for her stories. Both her posts and stories remain consistent with her overall brand, posting about the same topics across the platform.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.23.01 PM.png

Amber Fillerup’s YouTube account goes hand in hand with her blog and Instagram. Many of the topics discussed on her blog or seen in her pictures in Instagram are expanded upon in videos posted on her YouTube channel. Here is a welcome video on her page that tells you a little more about what she posts!

Many of her videos are filmed by her husband David and showcase their worldwide travels or everyday lifestyle. These are often in the form of vlogs. In addition to those videos, Amber often posts hair tutorials and beauty hacks. Another type of post is ‘question and answer’ videos. These videos remain consistent with her overall brand as well. This is a more expansive and professional version of her insta-stories. Her videos get thousands of views and many comment making it an interactive channel to subscribe to. After analyzing her many social media platforms, I realized she doesn’t often advertise her YouTube videos other than the most recent three on the sidebar of her blog. I think using her Instagram would be another good way to promote her YouTube uploads.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.42.59 PM.png

Pinterest is a great way share pictures and ideas that add to your brand as a whole. Amber Fillerup’s Pinterest account is called Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup. This is a really smart name because users can find it by her name or her brand/company. She has a great number of Pinterest Boards. As you can see above, the first three are Hair, Beauty-Make Up, and Beauty-Skin Care. It is clear that these boards are exactly what her brand is all about.

Digital Footprint

Aside from social media platforms, it is also important to look at an overall digital footprint. This can start with a simple Google search. Below is the top page of Google searches.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.01.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.01.40 PM.png

The first three results of the search are her blog, her Instagram, and her YouTube account. These are her strongest platforms for her brand so this makes sense. The following results are articles from The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, AOL, and Forbes about the success of Amber Fillerup, a mom blogger and social media influencer. It is really great that not only do her social media platforms return as results on Google but also positive articles written about her as well. This creates a really good overall digital footprint for Amber Fillerup and her brand. This is fitting with her overall positive and uplifting brand, rather than the results being contradicting. It is important to note that when searching “Amber Fillerup” other people by that name do not appear. This means Amber has created a strong and positive presence online.

Commendation and Recommendation

One thing that Amber Fillerup Clark does really well is keep a contestant brand and theme throughout all of her social media accounts. I think this is a really important aspect of building up your social media accounts and creating a brand. If they do not contain a similar theme, then the audience will not be able to follow what your objectives and overall goals are. On her blog, one things she does really well is allowing the ability to share each blog post on your own social media. This allows for more people to become aware of Amber Fillerup. In order to improve her social media presence, I would recommend that she intertwine her YouTube channel with her other accounts, specifically Instagram. She often posts about similar topics on her Insta-stories and her YouTube channel, intertwining the two would be beneficial. She also has not been active on her Facebook page in years and therefore, is insignificant to her social media presence. I would recommend becoming an active Facebook user. This is a place to share YouTube videos and photos from travels as well. Another site will only improve the digital footprint that is already well established. Overall, Amber Fillerup has a really positive online presence and digital footprint. She continues to gain more followers every day and hopefully after reading this blog post, you go ahead and follow her too!

Here are links to each of Amber’s accounts:


People LUV!

Overview is a blog written by Ali Fedotowsky-Manno. Ali is a former Bachelorette from the hit reality TV series and a TV personality. Following her televised search for love, Ali settled down and started to blog. The topic of this blog is All Things Ali Luvs. As a self described “shopaholic on a budget”, this fashion blogger discusses her favorite fashion items, favorite recipes, favorite lifestyle tips, and dishes about her favorite show – The Bachelor! You can find this blog at Check it out!


Visual Layout

The visual layout of this blog is clean and fun. The color scheme remains simple with a white background and light pink accents. The header of the blog states her name Ali Fedotowsky. Below, as the sub header and tagline of the blog, states All Things Ali Luvs. This clearly explains why the name of the blog is and what will be discussed throughout. The overall layout is clear and easy to navigate. Below the header and sub header is the menu – Home, Gift Guide, Fashion, Lifestyle, Recipes, Motherhood, Bachelor Nation, and Contact. It simply categorizes Ali’s favorite things to be discussed further. There is a sidebar that remains seen no matter which menu item you click on. The sidebar includes a brief About The Author with links to her social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube). Her About Me is very minimalistic, simply stating what she is known for, her passion for fashion and having an outlet for sharing these loves. Lastly, it states where she resides with her husband and daughter. Also included is a search bar, the ability to subscribe to her newsletter, the top six most popular posts, and quick links to each year’s achieve of posts. The initial layout on the homepage consists of the most recent blog posts to date. Here it is as of January 8th, 2018! (Photo credit –

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.26.18 PM


The content of this blog covers fashion, lifestyle, motherhood, pop culture, recipes, and all things The Bachelor. The best part of the blog is that it is meant for everyday people on a budget. Looking into the most popular posts (found on the sidebar), five out of six of the posts are in the fashion category, with the remaining being about lifestyle. The majority of blog posts are fashion, with that being the heart and soul of the blog. It makes sense that these are the most popular. Every post contains at least one photo, often many more. Almost all of the pictures contain Ali, many times with her husband or daughter. The pictures display fashions, food or products that are discussed in the post to follow as well. Ali herself creates these pictures. The most compelling part of these photos and the blog as a whole is that the post ends with links to every piece of clothing or product seen in the photo. This makes for easy shopping. This is something Ali does really well.

The titles of the blog posts are fun, yet straight to the point. The titles give a clear indication of the post’s topic in an exciting way. Examples of titles include – “Mommy Must Haves”, “Velvet – Oh La La”, and “Will You Accept This Rose Daiquiri?”. Aside from blog posts; Ali has a menu item called Gift Guide. This is a one-stop shop for the best gifts (with links, of course) at an affordable price. There are gifts under $25, under $50, over $50, and gifts for kids! These gifts fit alongside her brand, including accessories, kitchen gadgets, home décor, and more. Lastly there is a page for readers to contact Ali with any questions, comments, feedback or ideas. This is a great way Ali connects with her readers and keeps them coming back to the blog. If you want to get in touch with Ali, click here!

Below are some examples of photos seen on the blog, items showcased throughout the content shared, and Ali herself! (Photo credits –

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.22.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.23.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.23.44 PM.png

Audience Interaction

Interactions with readers are critical to a blog’s success. Ali does a great job at this. She makes sure her readers know that it is her responding to them – she does not have a team behind her. The readers are active participants on this blog. Looking into the amount of comments on the most popular posts, they range from 15 comments to 70 comments. Ali responds to almost every one. Ali does not have social media sharing buttons for each blog posts. Because of this, there is no way to share her blog post or site as a whole on your own social media. This limits site exposure to potential readers. However, on the sidebar, there is the option to subscribe to a newsletter. This is a great way to keep current readers involved and up to date on new posts.

Conclusion is an interactive, innovative, informative, and fun blog. I love how she makes each post interactive, by including links to everything being worn or used in the picture. A shopaholic like myself appreciates the ease of this! Another great thing about the blog is the range of content between fashion, home, lifestyle, and food. It does not get repetitive or boring. One thing to improve upon is the ability for readers to share the site and individual blog posts on their own social media. This will bring more and more readers to, spreading the luv.

The Most Random Blog I Could Find


The Random Blog ( is exactly what it says it is. The author who goes by the name Mo, seems to be a rather private man, who simply wants to babble and occasionally make people laugh.  One of his blogs made me laugh a couple times. The blog is titled “Do Nots” (, and it outlines a few things that Mo has observed you should not do at his place of employment



The layout of Mo’s Blog is quite plain with a grey background, white foreground, and in large white letters at the top it states “Random Blog” over a red background. Underneath that is the slogan “does exactly what it says to the tin”. The author left very little information about themselves besides that they are Male, have been blogging since 2004, and hail from Bahrain ( This blog contains many links to previous posts they’ve made, and a link to their very complete profile description. Digging deeper I found a link to Mo’s other Blog titled: Qadam That has a completely different layout to the one described here.

The content of Mo’s blog can be quite lucid at times. The list of do nots was actually quite informative if I were to go into his profession that would certainly be a helpful hint package. Others such as the post titled: “Up Up and Away!” ( was rather difficult to read and had a confusing tone.

Most of Mo’s posts are written with no visual aids or links. I found one photo, but it was not appropriate enough for this blog.  Nonetheless his writing is interesting when lucid, and funny when it’s not. I personally enjoyed his blog, and so do his audience. Mo has had 6226 profile views on  his profile alone, let alone how many others have read his blogs. The comments are either random like his posts, or positive feedback.

Overall I think the direction Mo is going with his blog is great! I enjoyed it, and would continue to do so. My only issue with his blog is there were no videos, and very few pictures! For that reason I cannot promise that I will return to this blog as in this day and age, and certainly for me, visual media is VERY important.