Final Project

(Photo taken from Instagram of Harry Styles) Introduction Harry Styles, previously of the boy band One Direction, has in recent years begun his solo singing career and has managed to add to the following that he had created in the band. For some background information, he was born in England and rose to fame after … Continue reading Final Project

Case Study #4

(Photo taken from David Spade, in my opinion, is an underrated, hysterical, and ridiculous comedian that I thoroughly enjoy listening to. He is well-known for his roles in the Grown Ups movies, Tommy Boy, his days on SNL, and now his new show Lights Out with David Spade where he is a talk show … Continue reading Case Study #4

Case Study #3

Overview Topical Teaching ( is a blog by Michael Grossman, a teacher and author in Melbourne, Australia. Grossman covers a wide variety of topics ranging from comedy in the classroom to childhood obesity and tries to offer ways to support teachers and children through complicated times. I found myself drawn to this blog after I … Continue reading Case Study #3

I Was Born Twenty Years Too Late

"How old are you?", they ask in disbelief after my recitation of an entire episode of Cheers. "Not old enough", I add. I was born in 1997 and I am the youngest member of my family with two older brothers. I was raised in a music-loving, old-school family that always exposed me to the best … Continue reading I Was Born Twenty Years Too Late