Case Study 4: Kevin Hart



Kevin Hart is a comedian and actor who uses social media to keep his fans entertained. Kevin is an active member on Facebook and usually posts two posts each day ( Kevin has a large fan base on Facebook representing 23,827,619 likes. @KevinHart4Real has 35M followers and is following 555 people. @KevinHart4Real has made 34.6K Tweets so far. Kevin joined Twitter in March of 2009. Kevin Hart’s Instagram username is kevinhart4real. Kevin has 54.9M followers on Instagram and is following 429 users.


Kevin’s Facebook page resembles who he is as an entertainer and his passion for fashion. His profile picture contains a picture of himself inside of an elevator. The photo is in black and white and he is wearing black jeans, a black leather jacket, expensive chain, and black sunglasses. His cover photo is an image with several images of him with the name of his upcoming tour “The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour.” You can also view the upcoming events of Kevin’s comedy tour. Kevin does not have much information is the about tab: his appreciation for his fans, and his enjoyment of making his fans laugh.

Kevin routinely posts pictures and videos with his most recent post being a video of him telling his fans that he will be running in a marathon in NYC. This video was extremely popular and so far it has 114K views, 1.8K likes, 66 shares, and 77 comments. This video was posted on November 3rd. Kevin’s posts are original and he rarely reposts anything. Kevin’s Facebook pages likes other actors and comedians pages. Fans comment in each of Kevin’s posts. The comments are all positive without any negative feedback. Kevin does a great job promoting his comedy tour but does not interact with his fans on Facebook.


Kevin’s Twitter contains inspirational quotes, pictures from Instagram, questions to his fans about their reactions to his TV show, and updates to his upcoming comedy tour. The profile picture is a photo of him with a serious look on his face. The cover photo is the same as his Facebook cover photo. The bio section is a brief message relating to his hard work and you need to put in hard work to become famous. Kevin’s most popular tweets are inspirational quotes and pictures from his Instagram. Kevin also tweeted out to Chris Brown complementing on his new album which got 5.1K likes. Kevin Hart is also starring in the movie “Jumanji” which has been popular in Kevin’s tweets. Kevin is also participating in a marathon which has been popular in his Twitter account. Kevin will occasionally retweet other users but most of his Twitter account consists of his own tweets.

Kevin uses Twitter to reach out to his followers unlike Facebook where it is a rare occurrence. Kevin is currently promoting his #IrresponsibleTour and people are tweeting to him saying they just bought tickets to the tour. Kevin will tweet back to them which is a huge deal in the eyes of a fan. Kevin’s tweets reflect who is is as a person and as an entertainer. Kevin’s tweets are positive and inspirational. Nothing Kevin has tweeted would jeopardize his career which is the most important aspect for a professional who uses social media. One thing Kevin could do better is tweeting clips from previous shows since people enjoy the comedy portion of his career.


Kevin’s Instagram (kevinhart4real) includes pictures of him representing his taste in fashion, videos of his fitness routine, pictures and videos of his comedy tours, pictures of the films he has been in, and pictures and videos promoting his underwear line. Kevin’s profile picture is a picture of him in a suit and bowtie. It also appears that he might be smoking in his profile picture. The information contained his his bio is a quote, his snapchat username, Facebook username, and Twitter username. There is also a link to his charity which he is running a marathon for.

Kevin’s most popular post is of a video of his pregnant girlfriend dancing with the caption “I’m gonna dance him out of there.” This video is his most recent post and has 5M views and 2,196 comments. Most of the comments are positive and complement his girlfriend. Kevin’s videos are most popular because the videos make the audience laugh. Kevin posted a video of himself as a nineteen year old kid as an amateur in a comedy club. The audience thought this was hilarious and commented almost 3,000 times. The videos are typically clips from movies he is starring in or a clip promoting his underwear line. Kevin posts a lot of pictures representing his taste in fashion which get a lot of likes.

The audience is very involved in each of Kevin’s posts. The audience is for the most part positive but they will make fun of Kevin’s height on an occasion. To be fair, Kevin will post pictures representing how much shorter he is to other people. As an example, Kevin has a few pictures with him and Dwayne Johnson who is much taller than he is. The five most recent posts are a video of his pregnant girlfriend, a picture of him and his director playing imaginary basketball, a picture promoting his underwear line, a video of him training for his marathon, and a picture of his new show on Comedy Central called “Hart of the City.” The audience was involved in each of the five posts. Out of the five posts, the most popular was the video of his pregnant girlfriend and the least popular was the picture of his new TV show. The picture of his new TV show still had almost 40K likes and 200 comments. One thing Kevin does well is represent who he is and one thing Kevin can improve is responding to his audience more.


Kevin Hart is more successful in interacting with the audience on his Twitter account. Kevin posts anywhere from 10-15 tweets each day and will occasionally retweet a fan’s tweet. Kevin usually retweets a fans tweet and thanks them for attending his comedy show. Although this might seem like a simple and minor task, it means a whole lot more to the fan. Having a celebrity retweet your original tweet is something worth bragging about. In regards to more appealing, I think Kevin’s Instagram takes the cake for this one. I think the fact that Kevin posts videos of popular clips from his shows is what draws in more followers. Kevin’s acting career is booming and posting pictures and clips from his upcoming movies is another way to gain followers.



Intro: Enjoy your life

How to enjoy some form of life

I would say one of my the things I need to enjoy to enjoy life is acting and filmmaking. What I thrive for at the moment is working on getting cast as extras on movies, but that I would not want to be an extra for the lifetime if I want to pursue acting. It would be better if it were a featured extra or even a small recurring role on a movie. I was recently doing a lot of movie working during the Summer of 2017 and it was really fun and exciting, I have met a lot of new people and actually saw the stars who were in the movie. I learned a lot more about the film industry after doing extra work for movies. For example, learned that it could take 10-14 hours just to make a 10-minute scene. Also, we sometimes have to drive to another spot in order to get this scene done. Also, learned that it takes a lot of time and commitment to make sure they have the right scenes that go with the flow. Sometimes, the stand-ins and the people who assign the extras of where they should go, sometimes they changed their minds as well. I also took time off work in order to attend these calls. Which shows I really want to do this and not go to work. Also, another thing I like to do is play my guitar and violin, I have been interested in learning these instruments when I was younger. And now I have the time to play them both. I would say that it has been a while since I have played guitar and now I am learning violin at the moment. It is quite a journey to learn a lot about these two hobbies I dedicated my time on.

A violinist named Jason Yang inspired me with the violin.

I also think traveling is the best thing I have done, in January of 2017, I was visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Great places to be around and get the nice vibe in it. I will definitely be back here soon.

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman

wonder woman


Wonder woman has a new face by the name of Gal Gadot, an actress, model, and pageant winner from Israel. At a young age, she entered and won the Miss Israel pageant competition. Winning the competition assisted in her take off career in modeling. Soon after she completed the two-year mandatory service to the Israel defense forces, and decided law school would be her next move. While attending school and receiving calls for perspective acting roles, it sparked an interest to peruse acting over law school.

Gals first role was in an Israeli TV show, but it did not stop there. In 2009, she landed a role in the fast and furious films playing Gisele, and stuck with the movie franchise for three films. Before landing her solo film as wonder woman, that was released in June 2017, her character was introduced in Batman vs. Superman and an appearance was mad as wonder woman.

Facebook URL:

# of Facebook likes: 9,793,394

Twitter username: GalGadto

# of Twitter followers/# of Twitter users follows: 1.4 million followers   76 follows

# of Tweets: 1269

Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: April 2009

Instagram username: Gal_gadot

# of Instagram followers/# of Instagram users follows: 12.1 million   544 follows

# of Instagram posts: 883


 Gal Gadots Facebook page promotes the new movie, Justice League that she is featured in as wonder woman. The cover picture on her Facebook displays the six main super heroes in the movie and her profile picture is a professional picture focused on her face. In this profile picture, there are many positive compliments and Gal commented on a few thanking them. That looks like the only interaction of her replying throughout her Facebook page.

Recently Gal has been posting about the movie Justice League, the press tour in London and also shared a post from rotten tomatoes; about the 50 best superhero movies. There is a post where she voiced appreciation towards some woman who help save lives on daily basis; there was a nurse, marine, pediatrician, fire fighter, and an air-force captain in the picture as well. UK Glamour magazine features Gal in there December 2017 edition and that was posted onto her page as well. Most post on Gals page include pictures or videos and posts like the one below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.48.32 PM

The about me section of her profile has minor information. It states her birthday, a link too her website and a widget to her Instagram page; her gender and job title as an actor ends the about me section. In the photo section, she does not have a lot of albums and her most phots are in the timeline album. Gal has a lot of videos, some posted were when she hosted SNL, the justice league tour, fast and the furious clips etc. Gal has created a fundraiser underneath the name let’s make education possible for all children, and has access to it underneath the fundraiser tab.

The celebrity’s Facebook audience interacts with all her post, and the most interaction is for the promotion of Justice League. There are many positive comments, but some negative ones as well, relating to Ben Affleck as batman. I do not think Gal is in control of her Facebook, this is assumed because posts are made to this account every few days and her Facebook and twitter mirror one another with post. I think her face book could be improved if there was a little more interaction with her fans.

The first thing I realized about Gals Twitter page is that it mirrors her Facebook. Her banner and profile picture are the same as Facebook. All the post made to her Facebook account were made to her twitter as well and her bio includes just a link to her website. There is no uniqueness to distinguish the difference in both accounts, and that is one suggestion I would make, to make each account unique.

Gals twitter account displays a little more interaction than Facebook. She follows 76 twitter accounts and liked 1207 post. There are a few shares, some retweets and some responses to other people in her line of work like a director. Most post include pictures and videos and the audience interacts well with posts. Her likes for most post is in the thousands, then the number of retweets and lastly the comments section displays the least attentions from fans. She receives a lot of positive comments regarding fan love, movie love, and towards her looks. There are not a lot of negative tweets posted, but one that did stick out was about a person stating hopes for Gal to pick up serious acting rolls.

I think Gals twitter is controlled by a company, but I also think she post as well. An example of this would be when she tweeted a director that she liked his work. Some tweets that were retweeted by Gal are regarding raising money for suicide prevention, and there was another from the Fallon tonight twitter account, regarding an appearance. As stated before Gals twitter page should not mirror her Facebook and I think Gal or the company controlling her account need to interaction with fans.

The Instagram picture Gal Gadot has posted, is the same professional photos of her face like her twitter and Facebook pages. The bio contains a link to buy the wonder woman movie, that recently came out on DVD. Some of the pictures posted are the same ones posted on her other social media pages, but there are new ones as well.

The most recent popular photo that caught a lot of attention of Gal can be found by the hyperlink above. The photo is a picture of her modeling a pair of glasses by a brand called cool-ray made by Erroca. Videos always have more views than pictures on Instagram, and the wonder woman videos on the page had over three million views.

Gal’s Instagram followers leave a lot of positive comments regarding her beauty, excitement for the movie, and congratulating her on success. A few negative comments I seen were about working with ben Affleck, and negativity towards Israel. On all of her post on Instagram there are many comments and likes from her followers. I think Gal shares controls to her Instagram and is not the main poster, because there are some pictures posted that seem personable to her that aren’t related to her celebrity life. I like her Instagram page and I would only improve the profile picture, so it is not the same as other social media pages.

The social media platform with the most interaction to the audience is on Instagram.  Out of the three accounts it was my favorite to view because it showed viewers a better sight into Gals life. There isn’t much interaction with the audience on any of her social media pages, but her followers do react, through liking or commenting. I enjoyed getting to learn about Gal Gadot and am excited to see her new movie Justice league.

Justice League trailer… check it out








Nicole Richie

The celebrity that I chose for this assignment is fashion designer, TV personality and actress Nicole Richie. She is also known for being the adopted daughter of recording artist Lionel Richie, as well as playing a scripted version of herself on The Simple Life. Currently, she is playing the role of news anchorwoman Portia Scott-Griffith on NBC’s Great News. Richie is also rather popular on social media with over 540,000 likes on her Facebook page (, more than five million followers on her Twitter page ( after 4,367 tweets since she joined in March of 2009, and more than 3.8 million followers on her Instagram page (, where she has currently posted 932 different photos and videos.


For the most part, her Facebook page is pretty basic stuff for a celebrity of her kind of stature. Her current profile picture is part of a photoshoot that she did for Vogue Australia, while her current cover photo is a promotional picture meant to help sell some new items that are part of her fashion line, House of Harlow 1960 (supposedly named after her daughter.) Her About section contains her birthdate, a link to her House of Harlow website, and a brief bio going over her love of fashion. The bulk of her page’s posts almost always contain either a photo or a video relevant to something she’s promoting at the time, or at least a link to a video. The more popular posts on the page appear to be when an announcement of some sorts is made, like when she reveals that she has become the latest ambassador for Urban Decay Cosmetics or when she’ll be competing against her Great News co-star John Michael Higgins in an episode of Lip Sync Battle. 


Her posts regularly get at least a few comments, and they’re almost all uniformly positive, as to be expected from people who are fans of Richie. The last several posts in particular range from ten to twenty people commenting, and it’s the same deal. Her page covers the gist of what she’s promoting, be it a new clothing line or TV show, and doesn’t aspire to be much more, which I guess is respectable. It’s not too bad that the page tries to keep things simple and to the point, as the alternative can sometimes be overbearing. One problem I have with the Facebook page is that feels like she isn’t doing anything on her own. It seems as if she got a handler or some intern to take care of all the posts for her, and that makes her page seem less personable. I think if she used her own voice, more of her fans would gravitate toward her page.


Richie’s Twitter page tells a similar story. Her profile and banner (or header) images are the exact same as the ones on Facebook, which suggests she (or her team) isn’t doing much to separate the two pages. But it does help to reiterate that Richie is a woman involved in fashion. Her bio simply says “I invented post-it’s”, a reference to the movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which viewers can assume is a favorite of Richie’s. Also like her Facebook page, her tweets are generally self-promotional, contain related photos and videos, and sometimes carries the air of a Twitter account run by someone hired to take care of all social media concerns. But she (or her handler) also tends to retweet other accounts that are relevant (and favorable) to her, as well as getting healthy amounts of retweets herself. But it also (again, like her Facebook page before it) do a good job of keeping things to the point.


Richie normally doesn’t reply back to the dozen or so tweeters who normally respond to each of her tweets, which is fine but that might not help with building her brand and bigger. The only recent time she did anything like that was to promote her new show, Great News. And while some of her fans might appreciate that, it feels less like genuinely wanting to interact with fans and more like something she thinks she’s supposed to do in a situation like this. Another similarity to her Facebook page is that the tweets that get the most attention are ones that come in the form of some big disclosure, like a season or series premiere of Great News or when she’s about to be interviewed by a well known talk show host like Jimmy Fallon (though that could be because Fallon himself retweeted her tweet.)


On Instagram, things change moderately for the better. Richie’s profile picture is yet again the same as before, but her posts aren’t just self-promotional, they also open a smallish window into her life and her hobbies. Recent posts include books she read over the summer, pictures of her with her friends and family, and photos of just her in her everyday life. Many of her followers seem to appreciate that, judging by the very positive comments on her last five or six posts. The posts that get the most likes, as it turns out, are the ones that have nothing to do with whatever her current projects are. A photo congratulating her two friends Erin and Sara on their recent success got roughly twice the amount of likes her post usually gets. A “throwback” photo she posted on Father’s Day of her when she was younger being carried by her father received over 87,000 likes.


Her bio is succinct but also informative enough: “Creative Director of House of Harlow 1960. Portia on Great News on NBC. Nikki Fre$h in the garden & on the streets” The hyperlink at the end leads to a project that she is working on with Revolve that was probably referenced in another Instagram post with “link in bio” in the caption. Aside from that, while Richie is comparatively showing more of herself on Instagram, she could still do a bit more to endear herself to even more people. A woman of many trades like herself has potential to reach larger audiences than what she currently has.


Easily, Richie’s Instagram page is the most interactive of the three, as well as the one I feel is most worth coming back to. It does more to update fans on where she’s at in her life, and it provides anyone viewing her page with a better idea of who she is without oversharing or getting too dramatic. Richie’s Facebook and Twitter profiles are at best fine, but when the primary focus is posting primarily about current projects, it doesn’t do all that much to separate Richie from any other celebrity on social media trying to promote him or herself. Perhaps Richie can find someone in the future that could make sure her presence on all forms of social media is more whole, and not simply doing just enough.

Amazon: Social Media Smile or Frown


The company I chose to view their social media usage is Amazon. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here: The page currently sits at 28 million likes. The site can be found on Twitter by searching @Amazon or here: The company on this platform has 2.69 Million followers. In comparison, the company is following a mere 152 users. The company has made 26 thousand and counting tweets. These numbers are all from Amazon joining in February of 2009. On Instagram Amazon can be found by the username @Amazon or clicking here: Amazon has 1 million followers on Instagram. The company is following more than they do on Twitter, following 338 users. Thus far, the company has made 1,742 posts on Instagram.



Amazon on Facebook uses is company’s logo of a smile that also doubles of a delivery arrow. The cover photo features a new line of wireless Bose headphones and speakers. The cover photo also includes an embedded hyperlink that encourages you to “Shop Now.” The about tab is broken down into neat sections the first being Business Info. The Business Info section lists the founding date of the company which is July of 1994. Next, would be the Mission section here it lists the company’s mission statement. Which is “Our vision is to be Earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” A Contact Info section follows, which just lists the company website: Next section is More Info which has three subsections the first being the About section that establishes it is the official Facebook page of the company Amazon. It describes the service provided under the next subsection Company Overview that states “Online shopping from the earth’s biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools & hardware, housewares, furniture, sporting goods, beauty & personal care, gourmet food & just about anything else.” Then the last subsections titled Products which informs that Amazon has dozens of product lines and a full list can be found here: It includes it is a retail company as well. The last section Story it informs of milestones including when it was founded, when Amazon reached one million customers in 1997 and most recently the AmazonSmile and Kindle Fire HDX launches.

Most post receive a lot of feedback whether that be positive or negative. The most popular recent timeline posts include one that has a video of Oprah announcing her favorite things with a link from Amazon to be able to purchase it directly on their website. Another one includes a teaser and link to behind the scene video of the making of Maroon 5’s latest album “Red Pill Blues.” All posts are created by the company and includes some sort of media that includes either a picture or video and sometimes both. The post also always includes a link to the official website. This is good for audience interaction because it gives the audience exactly what the post is talking about whether it be in picture or video form with a follow-up link that directs back to the website. There are other likes but only of other pages that are owned by the company. This can be a drawback as customers might not know what other companies, organizations and people the company likes to support. This page also includes a community portion which encourages inviting and interacting of those that like, follow and use the page. The company also does a great job of responding to customers questions that can be lost in the comments of posts.


The Twitter page of Amazon includes the same main logo of a delivery arrow that delivers as an arrow. The cover photo is the same Bose headphones/speakers of that in the Facebook one. This can be a positive for the audience in the ability to determine the same accounts. The bio includes: “Official Twitter of Contact @AmazonHelp for customer support. Seattle, Washington. 13.2M Vine Loops. Joined February 2009.” The most popular tweets seem to be that of the moments of last year’s Christmas that celebrates pets for sleeping in empty Amazon boxes, ordering on Amazon in your pajamas and the appreciation of same day delivery during the holidays. Again, all posts seem to be made by Amazon. The only retweets are that of other parts of the company’s posts. The “like” section seems to be used for audience interaction with the redirecting of questions to @AmazonHelp. All posts include a picture or video. The interaction could be improved as their does not seem to be any retweets of customers. The customers are still retweeting and liking their posts and Amazon is responding to tweets directed at them but no retweets of customers. The only likes and responses to customers seem to be from a positive feedback standpoint which should include negative feedback as there is some not acknowledged.


Amazon’s Instagram page includes the standard company logo for the profile picture. The bio section simply includes: “Amazon Your place for #allthethings!” The most popular posts include that of announcing new abilities of the Alexa with a funny video that shows how to use it and deals for products like ties for pets in a photo. Amazon does a good job responding to questions in the comments even though ask for people to direct them to their help page. But, the interaction could be improved because there is no “re-grams” of people’s post which encourage more customers to tag Amazon in their posts in hopes of their photo or video making the main page.



On Facebook, Amazon seems to be making more of a digital impact compared to the others because it enables an actual community segment for others to interact not only with the company but others. The more appealing is Instagram because they can promote and display things in a more aesthetically easier way with links. Though their audience on all three platforms could be improved as there does not seem to a promoting of customer feedback in the forefront of the pages.