Ellen DeGeneres

An Introduction to Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian, actress, writer and producer. In addition, she is a staunch defender of animal rights, vegetarian, and takes interest in humanitarian aid. Ellen, getting recognition for coming out on her own show 1997, has been advocating for human rights, first in her sitcom show, and later in her talk show. It is the talk show that made her even more famous as she was able to recognize the importance of social media, YouTube the most, to further grow her brand.

Further, Ellen can be seen as a pioneer and a master in social media branding. She has been able to connect to a very wide audience not only through her TV show appearances linked to YouTube, but she utilized the internet overall. In addition to social media, Ellen has been careful about leaving the digital footprint to paint a picture that corresponds with her personal and professional brand. She is branding her shows as someone who is current with what is going in the world beyond celebrity and gossip. She promotes herself as a person next door who is there when you need her, a compassionate and empathetic entrepreneur caring about people and animals in need.    Her brand is being promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a website called www.ellentube.com, Tumblers, and she is also featured in a few smartphone applications.

Social Media Presence


Ellen uses wide spectrum of social media to make people aware of her brand and to further increase her audience:

Analysis & Evaluation



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.29.35 PM.png

Ellen joined Facebook in 2008.  She has more than 27 million likes on this particular social media site.  Her personal brand is promoting that she is a comedian, an animal lover and a talk show host. In her own words saying: “I tell jokes about cats to celebrities.” Being a public figure she has 28,375,356 people follow this account. Her Facebook account features video, photo and posts. He video posts usually have over hundreds of thousands of views. Her pictures and posts generate likes in the number of tens of thousands and more. She usually posts 5 times a day. People tend to comment on all of her posts and share them often, yet she is not participating directly in that conversation.



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.30.23 PM.png

Ellen DeGeneres has a large group of followers on the Instagram account name “theellenshow”. Over 50 million people follow this account, where she has posted close to 6000 posts, and followed 314 other accounts. Her log features the new show Ellen’s Game of Games, while the banners still promote her The Ellen Show.  She is posting 5 pictures and videos daily, accumulating up to 6.7 million views and 11.3K comments on one particular post. She posts videos from her talk show as well as funny pictures or links posts that are invoke strong feelings of compassion, such as the animal videos, or reflecting on current events such as the bomb cyclone snow storm, or the mud slides in California.

Her Instagram is well organized to promote her personal and professional brand. In addition to that she has ads linked to her Instagram. One of them is True Value. He Instagram account is mostly for her professional branding, there are very few pictures or videos depicting her personal life, unless it is an event she decides to share with her audience. An example of that was her paying tribute to her just deceased father. She has a large audience which does not rely on her to interact with her. Promoting her new show Game of Games.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.30.41 PM

Although this is her Instagram with the most followers, her persona is linked to other Instagram accounts as well. She is promoting her lifestyle brand under the name EDbyellen account ( https://www.instagram.com/theellenshow/), and she also has her private life Instagram account named ellen_degeneres (https://www.instagram.com/ellen_degeneres/) and another account named ellendegeneresshowofficialpage (https://www.instagram.com/ellendegeneresshowofficialpage/). These three Instagram have not become as recognized and have a limited amount of posts and pictures. They seem to be inactive.



Ellen is running two Twitter accounts. They each have a separate logo and banner.  Her “Ellen’sReactions” parody account is less known. It was created in 2013.  She has tweeted 3,730 times.  On daily bases, she posts between 3 and 5 posts of funny video and pictures. On this account, she follows 124 other accounts, while she has about 383,00 followers. She has posted 34 likes and l list. This Twitter account mostly contains memes found on the web. Despite the fact that most of them have been viewed more then million times, Ellen generate likes in the range between 500 to 1,700 per post. She also generates retweets in the range of 50 to 500 approximately.  Very few comments are being posted to this Twitter account.

Her other more recognized account EllenDegeneres@TheEllenShow is linked to her public persona and to her show. This account has over 77 million followers, follows 36 thousand other accounts. This account was created in August 2008 in California. On average, she is active on her account at least 10 times a day, but sometimes even up to 15 times a day. Her posts are hashtaged to her new show Game of Games.  This social media is less appreciated by her audience in comparison to another social media. She generates minimal amount of replies, her tweets are retweeted in hundreds, and she received likes in thousands.  Despite the response rate she is very active on her twitter account and links her posts posted in other social media accounts to this account to stay current.




Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.34.46 PM

Ellen joined the YouTube on November 20, 2006. To this day this account called the Ellen Show had 10,990,754,659 views. More the 22 million subscribers regularly watch her YouTube channel.  She uploads between 5 and 7 new videos a day to this account.  They are being viewed somewhere in the range of 10,000 and millions of times. He followers tend to engage, post comments and interact. However, Ellen does not participate in the conversation.

Despite that, YouTube is her most influential social media promoting her brand. The videos posted are carefully selected to further paint Ellen as a down to earth and funny person. In addition to her headlines featured on her daily show, she manages her YouTube account into categories to make it easier for people to browse through. On the sidebar are link recommendations related to her YouTube channel.

Example Video:



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.37.02 PM.png

Again, Ellen has a couple of accounts registered with her name. She uses the goodthingitsellen account to microblog mostly about animals and nature. In this particular account she received between 1000 and 2000 notes. https://www.tumblr.com/search/ellen+degeneres this account is linked to her show. Although, this features blogs from her show it is still not generating much notes. Similarly, it gets about 1000 notes, with some exceptions, when she gets 10,000 notes per blog.



Ellen uses the Pinterest to further promote her professional brand.  She has almost 500,000 followers and over 4,000 pins.  The pins pertain mostly to her brand expansion in home design and decorating. The links to her boards are more varied, yet they still manage to stay with the message of who Ellen wants to be seen like. They are funny, animal loving, inspirational, DIY ideas, décor and style, and personal. She has linked her Pinterest account to her website http://www.ellentube.com.



Ellen DeGeneres is not on LinkedIn personally, but how show The Ellen DeGeneres’ Show has profile describing the brand entertainment and as a partnership company type formed in 2003 employing between 51 and 200 people. There are 186 employees of this partnership on LinkedIn, and with 35,847 followers. Further the LinkedIn account refers the viewer to Ellen’s website http://www.ellentube.com (https://ww.w.ellentube.com)

Summation of my Analysis of Social Media

Ellen’s social media brands have a common message, yet some posts are tweaked to the type of the media the posts are being made to.  Since Ellen has been among the few to embrace the social media since the early start of when they become released, she has a large international group of followers, who seek her posts out. This is a great advantage, because she does not need to put extra effort to connect with her fan base in promote her brand.

Digital Footprint

When googling Ellen DeGeneres for her digital footprint, first her website “Ellen Home Page” https://www.ellentube.com/ comes up. The website is followed her Twitter account, a Wikipedia page, and social media websites Facebook and YouTube. The next link is leading to her show and tickets for the show. Then there are links to her interviews with Vanity Fair, Good Housekeeping NYT and other magazines. These are very good hits for people interested about Ellen beyond her show. The interviews are very interesting and inspiring. In the one from the Good Housekeeping magazine she made a good point that could be helpful for all of us to go by:

“I think it’s good to not be too comfortable. It’s good to keep growing.”


She most certainly seems to living by this wisdom, as she connects with her audience and parlays a consistent message about being funny, but kind to everyone. She is the embodiment of honesty and positivity with a great sense of humor.


Commendation and Recommendations

            Ellen DeGeneres, being a public figure and comedian does not have trouble connecting with audience not only on the TV screens or stages, but is very natural at embracing and furthering her personal and professional brand in social and digital media. She fully utilizes the advantages of social media to post pictures and video of her guests, about current affairs, while also interacting with her audience to some degree.

Although she is very active on the show and often directly works with her show audience, she is not having a dialog on social media websites. Her social media interaction would boost her fan base and eventually help even more the causes she stands for.  This way should would put a more personal touch to her posts, being able to raise awareness about her humanitarian volunteering as well as caring for animals.  People would become more interested and hopefully more included. She does not have to take on a role of a politician to stay a comedian, but still be involved in a more active way.  From the great number of followers there are still people who would like to get involved in helping along with Ellen. She could post contests, or ask questions to entice her social media followers as well.

The digital footprint of Ellen is well managed. Along with her own website, and her social media account, pertinent interviews appear on the first page of Google. The headlines sum up of what to expect of reading about Ellen, the comedian, a happy human being, and groundbreaking person all in one.



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.46.42 PM.png



Head Chef, and his Social Media Presence

For this case study I will be analyzing the social media profiles of star chef and T.V celebrity Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay was born in Scotland, and he grew up in a town called Stratford-upon-Avon. Ramsey is known for his short and feisty tempers, and is the host of his show Kitchen Nightmares, where he goes around to failing restaurants or ones that seem to be distressed in some sort of way and “works his magic” on them.

Ramsay has a celebrity page on social media website www.facebook.com. His page is verified by Facebook in which his page has over 7.6 Million likes. In addition to being present on Facebook, Ramsey is also present on twitter with the unique twitter handle @GordonRamsay. He currently at the time of this post has 6.4 Million followers, and follows 34.1k of those followers. This can imply that Ramsey, is a bit more proactive then say Donald Trump on Twitter in terms of the “follow back”. Ramsey, also has what appears to be a very active twitter account, as he currently has 20.2k tweets since his profile inception in 2010. Now, on Instagram is ramsay’s username is @gordongram and this is his weakest point in terms of his social media presence as his Instagram followers are 3.7 million, currently following 4,196 and has currently 2,782 posts.

Gordon Ramsey’s Facebook fan Page can be reached by logging into Facebook and going into the search bar and typing for his name “Gordon Ramsey”. For the more savvy tech users and Facebook gurus, his page is also accessible by typing in the username for the page which is @gordonramsay. Ramsay’s public page profile picture is the same one that he uses across all of his social media pages, which is him in a chef’s suit. If you click on his page’s about me tab you will notice that under ‘contact info’ there is a direct link to his personal website? Is this a legit marketing technique? Why isn’t his personal website under “more info?” Under the “More Info” section there is a brief biography of Ramsay, and preceded by his gender. The most interesting thing about his “About me” page is that at the bottom of the tab, there are again direct links to Ramsay’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Pages. Clever! Ramsay’s page is filled with posts that are defiantly engaging his audience, and they are combined with text, photo and video content. Ramsay’s usage of all three aspects defiantly is a key factor as to why his posts average around 8.5k likes per post!  On the contrary, I believe that if Ramsay didn’t incorporate anything stimulating for his followers they simply wouldn’t be engaged enough to stay on his page, and just stick to watching him on T.V. Most of the digital photos that are on Ramsay’s page are photos of things that he has made, which is awesome! As with many social media pages, there are a few things that Mr. Ramsay can improve on. Although there are interactions between his fans and his page, there is clearly a deficit. Ramsay, has a great talent of engaging his followers and those who like his page, in shootouts, pictures, and video clips, there just needs to be more text interaction between him and his fans. In addition, I also believe that if Ramsay also put up videos of himself such as he does on Kitchen nightmares then he might be more successful in automating and engaging his audience.

Gordon Ramsay’s twitter page may be reached by searching in twitter his handle @GordonRamsay. Ramsay’s twitter profile is not surprising as his Facebook page profile picture and twitter are alike. Ramsay’s Twitter banner is defiantly visually appealing as it is him holding two kitchen knives simulating “Ninja Ramsay”. Gordon’s bio on Twitter is limited but it gets the job done. In his bio he is promoting a HASHTAG #UltimateFitFood which Gordon is promoting his new cook book. It is important to note that his bio says nothing about himself as a chef, or where he is from. There is also no geotag in his bio, indicating his nationality. At the bottom of his bio, there is a link to his website www.gordonramsay.com. Gordan’s most popular tweets include his thoughts on certain cooking topics, and in addition certainly the promotion of his cookbooks, and certain memorabilia. Gordon writes his own tweets, and is more active then on his Facebook page, engaging his audience by retweeting, liking and quoting his followers. I don’t think that his audience would be growing if he wasn’t doing that. Ramsay could improve his twitter profile by adding more to his bio, as it as previously mentioned barely even states anything about him, just promotes his cookbook. Ramsay has a majority of positivity and tweets on his profile, and seems to keep the negativity to his T.V personality which is a plus. Again, if Ramsay added anything or tweeted anything negative to his profile , people might already assume it as part of his personality and therefore just unfollow him. Defiantly a negative thing for both Ramsay and his Brand!


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.19.13 PM

Ramsay’s Instagram profile can be reached by following @gordongram. Again, Ramsay’s Instagram profile picture seems to be the same as all of his other profile pictures (Facebook, and Twitter), and is him in a chef suit standing on the taxiway of what looks like London’s Heathrow Airport. The picture was probably taken right after Ramsay got of his chartered Jet coming back from a cooking trip. Mr. Ramsay must’ve cooked A LOT of steaks’ in order to afford these charted private flights. In a way misleading to those in industry but inspirational none the less. In his Instagram bio, Ramsay has the same exact bio as did his twitter page. This is very unappealing as it looks on the outside as if he couldn’t come up with anything better than to promote his new cook book. On his Instagram page, Ramsay has currently 3.7 million followers on Instagram and is following 4197 of them. The majority of his posts are short video clips of him cooking. The things that Ramsay could work on in his Instagram campaign is replying to his follower’s comments on his pictures, and again just as his twitter bio, he needs to worry about increasing his about me section and not make his bio so boring.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.38.29 PM

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay has a very strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is the most successful in engaging and interacting his followers on the social media site Twitter. His twitter page is also the most visually and content appealing, although his media footprint proves that Ramsay’s bio’s on all three websites could be better.

Blog Analysis : Rhyme & Reason : A blog by Jillian Attaway

The blog “Rhyme & Reason” is a fashion, travel and lifestyle diary set forth by author Jillian Attaway. Jillian Attaway is a fashionista, and travel blogger with over 5 years experience in blogging about her adventures. The main point of her blog is to showcase her diary of “little things that keep her inspired” such as fashion, beauty, traveling and even inspiring lines that have kept her spirits high. Jillians blog can be viewed at going to the address rhymeandreason-jillian.com. 

The layout of Jillian’s blog has a true modern look to it. Her blog has all the different headers on the banner and at the top right has direct link buttons to allow the user to connect with her on different social media sites such as Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram, and allows the user to subscribe to her RSS feeds. Jillian’s blog contains a header with her blog logo on the left and separated from left to right, hyperlinks to categories, shopping, travel guides, about and contact.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 21.09.15.png

Under her “Categories” tab, the viewer can view Jillian’s views and top 10 picks for things such as styles, outfits, lifestyles, decor, beauty, and travel. Her blog’s “Categories” tab is essentially the user’s quick access guide to her whole blog, and serves as the main directory for the website. Next, to the right of her “Categories” tab, she has a tab labeled “Shopping”. Under her shopping drop down menu Jillian has a link to two different pages which are to either “Shop her Instagram” or to “Shop her Closet”. After you click on the “Shop My Instagram” link it brings you to a page where you can see pictures that are on her Instagram. Each of her pictures on that page, link to her Instagram page in which it allows the view to see exactly, to detail what look she is advertising and how to order it through her page. On the right hand side of her “Shop My Instagram” page Jillian had cleverly input a search bar labeled “Search Rhyme & Reason”. This a very clever thing she had strategically placed their. That search bar allows a user to search for something that they had identified in which that they wanted to buy and search for it making it a quick and easy process.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 21.10.19.png

One of the most interesting parts of her blog page would be on the “Travel Guides” tab. Jillian has cleverly and intelligently integrated many of the best and most fascinating places she has been too. Her Travel Guides include places such as  Atlanta, Boulder, Charleston, The Hamptons, Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and Phoenix. Each one of her Travel Guide locations include shops that she has visited and a link to their websites in addition to a huge blue button at the header of the page which states “View Travel Posts”.

If we were to Analize  her site , it can be sought that her most popular posts are those in which she talks about her traveling experiences. One of her posts “Three Fall Road Trips Across America” is clearly her well known post with an outstanding 4 comments and 3 shares on social media (facebook, and twitter). In this post she includes as the title pertains three fall road trips in which she took and why she would recommend them. Apart from this post most of her blog posting and titles are very bland, dry and have no real appealing title to them.

Now, lets take a brief look at Jillian’s “About me” tab. To find out some relevant information about Jillian and her blog, one can go to the banner and click on the “About” tab. Her About me tab is very bad, and could use some TLC, as it doesn’t state anything truly about her, where she’s from, how she started blogging, or even getting into any of the things she apparently so passionately talks about. Her “About Me” tab contains a contact link in which you can email her questions about any of the services and such that she specializes in.

In terms of what she could improve on, there are certainly many weaknesses in her blog. First, her About Me tab as mentioned above has no relavent information actually of about her, instead it just lists a “contact me” tab and she lists off her personal email address. If she really wanted to be more successful, she should’ve put more information about her  such as where she was from, and why she started blogging in the first place. Next, Jillian doesn’t seem to be engaging her readers and viewers very well. Most of her blogs have no more than 4 shares and comments, and her subscribers don’t seem to enthusiastic about the majority of what she has to say, they just leave abstract comments such as “I am interested” and “Great job”. If she wants to be more successful in her engagement of her audience she might need to improve her marketing strategies a bit more. Another thing that Jillian does that needs improvement is that she is overly enthusiastic about having her followers and subscribers share her content. In my opinion, this is too much as it does come across as “needy” and is only doing her blog a disservice.

In conclusion, I would rate Jillian’s blog “Rhyme & Reason” a solid 7 out of 10. She does have a good visual layout that is instantly appealing, with links to connect with her through all forms of social media in the banner on the home page, and her blog has a unique logo that can be visible on the left hand side. Jillian could on the other hand include more posts, that ultimately would allow her page more interactive.



Demi Lovato

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An Introduction to Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a singer and actress who made her first debut act on Barney and Friends. Her rise to stardom later come when she starred in Disney Channel’s original movie, Camp Rock. With the success and big break she got from the movie, Lovato got signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Success only went up for Demi when her debut album rose to the Billboard charts at number 2. Acting along side with the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock, Demi was given the opportunity to tour along with the brothers. Lovato was working on her own music, touring and continued to act for Disney shows and movies at this time.

The pressure to succeed at her teenage years eventually got to Demi. Eventually, personal issues interfered with her career. She struggled with bipolar disorder, eating disorders, drugs, bullying and mental issues.

After constant attempts to help, change eventually took effect when Demi Lovato’s team told her they were going to leave and drop her because there was nothing they could do for her anymore. This triggered a change in Demi when she realized that her team was going to leave her. At the age of 19, the recovery stage for Demi was improving. Things were slowly starting to change.

Demi Lovato has made a major comeback in music when she recently released her 6th studio album “Tell Me You Love Me” and announced a tour in the following year. In the album, she expresses a more soulful and mature side.

In addition to music and acting, Demi raises awareness for LGBT issues and mental health. She also speaks up against politics.  Continue reading “Demi Lovato”

Dwayne Johnson – The Rock

Introduction to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born in May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California to his parents Ata, and Wayde (Rocky). Johnson moved around growing up, he spent time in New Zealand, with his mother’s family, moved to Hawaii in the 10th grade, then moved to Pennsylvania where he started playing football in the 11th grade. Given his size, there was little doubt Dwayne would be able to play football. His current stature, 6’5” 260lbs. Johnson received multiple scholarships and division one offers, but decided to attend the University of Miami on full scholarship. He won the National Championship with the school in 1991, and was eventually sidelined due to an injury. The injury didn’t stop Dwayne from getting his education, graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor degree in criminology and physiology. After he graduated, Dwayne joined the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian football league, where he was later cut two months into the season.

After getting cut by the Calgary Stampeders, Dwayne began his wrestling career, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, and his father, Wayde “Rocky” Johnson. Dwayne wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation from 1996 to 2004 and again from 2011-2013 and will occasionally make appearances. This is where Dwayne earned his nickname “The Rock”, and was highly touted as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Dwayne wrote an autobiography “The Rock Says” and was number 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list on its debut, in 2000. The Rock’s acting career also got started in the early 2000’s with his first leading role, The Scorpion King where he made $5.5 million. Dwayne has been in tons of other films since, and was the highest paid actor in 2016. Dwayne was listed in Time magazine, top 100 most influential people and was also Muscle and Fitness “Man of the Century”. Dwayne Johnson keeps a high appearance and values. He’s always been kind, and genuine to everyone, he motivates people to do their best. He works hard for everything, constantly is learning and adapting. He’s passionate and all around one of the most inspirational men alive. He also just announced he was “seriously considering” running for president in 2020.

Social Media Presence Overview:

The social media accounts Dwayne Johnson uses are:


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson created his Twitter account in February of 2011. He currently has 12.3 million followers, while following 179 people, has 20.3K tweets, and 127 likes. The Rock is very active on twitter. The majority of the media he shares are links and videos, along with photos from time to time. The media posts are often advertisements for his own brand, or his newly released movies. He is constantly interacting with fans who tweet at him in regards to his movies, or anything else related to him. He also tweets numerous times a day.

Dwayne’s interaction with fans, and how active he is on twitter, promotes his brand positively. He uses different hashtags, most commonly based on his movies (for example #JUMANJI), in order to promote not only his own tweets, but his movie as well.



Dwayne Johnson currently has over 58 million likes, and 57 million followers on his Facebook page. Facebook, for a lot of celebrities, is the most used social media account, as they also post most of their tweets, their Instagram posts, as well as posts which are unique to Facebook. His about page has a link to his website Project Rock, along with a short quote by Vince Lombardi. Dwayne shares posts on Facebook multiple times a day, with the pictures and videos. There are not a lot, if any, posts of only words. Dwayne receives a collection of likes, shares and comments for all of his posts. However, he does not personally respond to any of his fan interactions on Facebook.



Symbolic and full circle. 18yrs ago when I first broke into Hollywood, I knew nothing about acting or the business of Hollywood. Nothing. The only thing I knew and was 100% committed to was surrounding myself with good hard working people and the hard work I was willing to put in with my own two hands. I wanted to win, but I was willing to fail, because I knew that my effort was the only thing I could always control. And if I got my ass kicked and failed but gave great effort, I’d always come out the other side a better man. Here we are today, 18yrs later… these same two hands (with more callouses) touching this symbolic cement. My heart is full of GRATITUDE for my family, loved ones and everyone on my team who touches this with me. I’m a very grateful man. And we’re just getting started… #HollywoodWalkOfFame #StarCeremony #TwoHandsPhilosophy ✋🏾🤚🏾

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

On Instagram, Dwayne Johnson has 97.3 million followers, 187 followings, and 3,258 posts. The Rock does post very frequently on Instagram, posting at least daily, occasionally 2-3 posts per day. He posts a lot of videos, as well as pictures. On average, The Rock receives anywhere from 1 million to 2 million likes on his pictures, and also anywhere around 1 million to 2 million views on his videos, with the occasional tone that gets 3 million or more. There are roughly 2,000 to 5,000 comments on his posts as well, with Dwayne actually replying and interacting with his fans. The video he shares are usually movie related, whether it’s the trailer for his upcoming movie, or an interview that promotes his movies. On the contrary, his pictures are more personal, typically pictures either of him with friends and family, or pictures of his daughter.



The Rock created his YouTube channel November 24, 2005, and currently has 2.6 million subscribers, and 97 million views. Seven Bucks digital studio is produced and published on Dwayne’s YouTube channel, that includes different YouTubers, celebrities and The Rock himself, every Tuesday. Each video receives around 40,000-60,000 views with the occasional video receiving 100,000+. Another series on the YouTube channel is “The Rock Files” which is posted every Friday and is either a vlog, or behind the scenes content which allows viewers to get to know the Rock on a more personal level. The most viewed video on Dwayne Johnson’s channel, with over 16 million views,  is “The Rock Reacts to His First WWE Match: 20 YEARS OF THE ROCK”, which was posted last year. Although he does not respond to the comments on his videos, it gives the fans a chance to interact with each other.

Project Rock:



Project Rock is Dwayne Johnson’s website he created for his own personal brand. The website is very bare, it lists his social media links, a quote from The Rock about hopes and dreams, and the projects he is running. There is no posts, or an area for comments or other fan interactions. The first project Dwayne Johnson launched was the “Project Rock Bag”, a bag with the Project Rock symbol. The second project is “The Rock Clock”, an app available on both the apple store and the google play store. The app is marketed as a motivational alarm clock, with exclusive daily messages from Dwayne Johnson himself, 25 custom alarm tones created by Dwayne Johnson, and “Rock Time” which syncs with Dwayne’s alarm. A video is linked on the website to advertise the Rock’s projects. There are two more projects that have not been announced, but do say coming soon. Although there is not any social interaction, Project Rock is a great image for Dwayne Johnson’s brand.

Summary of Social Media Analysis

Dwayne Johnson is very active across all of his social media platforms. All of his posts are positively promoting himself and his brand. Most of his posts are unique depending on which platform, however, there are posts that get shared over multiple different platforms. His posts and interactions are constant throughout, with not many irregularities in his posts, giving people exactly what they expect, without the content becoming stale.

Digital Footprint:

When searching for “Dwayne The Rock Johnson” on Google, the first thing that comes up is the quick bio that comes up for every celebrity. This bio contains pictures of Dwayne, a link to his Facebook page, the beginning to the a Wikipedia page about him follows by the link to get to the page, videos, his movies and TV shows, along with frequent searches associated with Dwayne.

The first websites that show up are his social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, followed by his IMDb page, which is often what people are looking for when they search Dwayne on Google, The first real article posted about him is a CNN article where they release information posted by Dwayne saying he and his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian are expecting their second daughter together. However, this article just has a brief paragraph on the two as it is part of a 25 part slideshow of celebrities expecting in the new year. The next article that comes up is a Vanity Fair article where they talk about Dwayne’s success, with Dwayne commenting how he does it.

“It’s hard work and gratitude, you have to be focused, and you don’t come to the table with an ego. Once you reach a level of success, it’s about never taking anything for granted and showing gratitude. I am lucky to surround myself with smart people who are willing to take risks and willing to fail with me. I don’t have all the answers, and they’ve helped me. You also have to believe in yourself. When you start doubting yourself and start being someone else, things won’t work.” – Dwayne Johnson to Vanity Fair on December 7, 2017

There is no surprise to Dwayne’s success, as evident in his digital footprint. He’s come from nothing to one of the richest people in the industry, while maintaining the same characteristics that got him there. Dwayne is always in the news for good news, and always has had model characteristics which keeps his perfect image and brand untarnished.

Commendations and Recommendations:

Dwayne is doing almost everything right across all his social media platforms. He posts frequently, and often interacts with his fans. The best aspect of his social media is his YouTube channel. The unique content he posts is unlike that of any celebrity. It gives you a chance to get to know The Rock more personally instead of only knowing what you read or the other social media posts you see. The videos he posts on his other social media accounts are always cool videos to entice you to watch his movies.

The only thing I would change if I was Dwayne, is how he only interacts to fans on certain platforms. He does to reply or interact with his fans on his Facebook, along with his YouTube channel, leaving a substantial amount of fans not interacted with since not everyone uses Facebook or Instagram. It doesn’t need to be all the time, interactions for even 5 minutes after posting would not only make his fans happy, it would make them try to see his content as soon as possible, trying to become one of those lucky people Dwayne responds to.

When someone says the word rock, we no longer think of “the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans” because of his perfect image and branding, we think of Dwayne Johnson


Once Danny’s Donuts, Now Denny’s


An Intro to Denny’s

Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened a donut stand in 1953 and called it Danny’s Donuts. Today it is known as Denny’s which is a franchise of diners that are found throughout America. The boast themselves as being “America’s Diner.” This franchise has been open for over 60 years now. The diners serve breakfast anytime and is always open 24/7.

Denny’s Social Responsibility according to their website… “As a neighborhood diner, Denny’s is committed to giving back to local communities through many programs, including No Kid Hungry, Hungry for Education, the United Way and countless local programs all aimed at making the world a better place. Denny’s team members get involved in their communities by volunteering their time, making charitable contributions, serving food to those in need and helping raise money for local schools, churches, hospitals and athletic teams, to name a few.”

Social Media Presence Overview

Denny’s is present on multiple social media platforms including:

Analysis and Evaluation




Denny’s blog is provided by the platform Tumblr. It seems to be catering to a younger demographic. The blog delivers original slapstick posts that are about the company. These posts seem to be based off popular Tumblr posts that get the most likes and re-blogs. The blog currently does not have a display for the number of followers. The blog incorporates all three of photos, videos and text. Most of them being personally photo-shopped. The blog seems to have one post a day that at least keeps a presence daily. Interaction with customers and followers does happen often but its more on a weekly to monthly basis.





Denny’s has 1,315,201 people who like the Facebook page. It currently has 1,255,344 followers. Again, the post is a mashup of videos, photos and text. The post usually has text to accompany the photo or text to help inform on the photo or video. This text usually also has a hyperlink that links you to the exact deal or post on the original site. The company does seem to post every couple of days as opposed to daily. The customer interaction is lacking with almost no questions answered in the recent posts’ comment section.

The recent post is an animated Christmas short entitled A Breakfast Carol, with the food being brought to life as characters.





Denny’s has 425.2 thousand follows on Twitter. The content on Twitter is mainly text with occasion videos and photos. Most post again like their blog is catering to a younger demographic to gain likes and re-tweets to turn that into advertisement for the company. There does seem to be a lack of the use of hashtags on the posts. The company twitter usually posts daily with an occasional response to followers once per week.

One example is the recent post of the post suggesting the idea of trying to build a booth blanket fort which has 480 re-tweets and 2.2 thousand likes.





On Instagram Denny’s has 207 thousand followers. The Instagram page is mainly consisting of photos with an occasional video. These photos are mainly slapstick photo-shopped photos that are once again targeting the younger generation. There doesn’t seem to be any use of hashtags. The posts usually promote deals coming along with the date and new items coming to the menu. The company Instagram posts every couple of days with an almost no response or interactions in the comments.

One of their recent posts includes a photo of a reindeer with bread for a nose tagged “Rudolph the Bread-Nosed Reindeer,” which has 17,930 likes.




Denny’s has 32,394 subscribers YouTube channel subscribers. The channel also has 19,744,634 total views. The platform only includes videos. Their videos include trailers, commercials that appeared on television, and short videos for special deals. There are not too many uploads on a frequent basis, but on a weekly or monthly basis. There is no interaction of response to the comments.

One of their latest videos entitled Snack For Santa, has 1,718 which is a short commercial for a free pecan or pumpkin pies with every $20 order.





On their LinkedIn page Denny’s has 17,898 followers. The posts here have links to their deals, newsletter and recruiting events that is linked to the main website. There only seems to be photos accompanying text. The posts seem to be every few days. This platform is different from Instagram or Twitter which it should be because it is more professional.

Summation of My Analysis

Their social media platforms presence ranges from slapstick leisure to professional. Posts are usually targeting millennials to gain popularity on the internet to use it as another means of advertisement. Then on LinkedIn it becomes professional to gain new employees.

Digital Footprint

The first hit when searching “Denny’s” on Google is dennys.com. The next hit is Denny’s locations. The third hit is Denny’s Twitter page. The fourth is Yelp reviews of the nearest locations. The fifth is Yellow Page locations, numbers and hours nearest to me. Sixth is the Wikipedia page.

The rest of the hits on the first page bring up their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, and their LinkedIn profile. These are good results for more information about Denny’s.

Commendations and Recommendations

Denny’s maintains a consistent message of posts across most of their social media platforms. They are fun and slapstick with lots of original images, which seems to be aimed at millennials. Which is a tactic that they use to try to get their posts to go viral for more advertisement.

The video frequency needs to increase. They have some great original photos, but the audience needs more than just photo-shopped photos. I think that for new posts Denny’s should find a balance for regular photos and videos targeted at a broader audience. Whatever they decide, it should be to promote their services in a more professional way. As a franchise that deals with families they should be creating social content for everyone in the family. If you pigeon-hole yourself into one demographic it can be difficult to try different posts. It can also put off other customers that believe you don’t handle your company in a professional manner.

To improve their social media presence and digital footprint, they should continue to cross promote. Though the interaction with customers on all platforms could use a lot of work. There needs to be questions answered in the comments. The comments that are given out tend to be jokes which is fine but not helpful. Maybe even have a specific Denny’s Customer Service account on all platforms to redirect questions and concerns so that they are answered. Denny’s would be very effective if their future clients see those relationships through social media.

The social responsibility page on their website that displays how their impact in the community is not enough. One way you can help prove to your customers that you are following through with your social responsibility is to display it on social media. If your customers feel a certain establishment does not deserve a donation of money than you would have a chance to hear that.

Denny’s has a statement of wanting to be socially responsible and are doing alright but could do better in terms of audience interaction, broadening their audience and displaying the actual good social deeds on social media.








Intro: Enjoy your life

How to enjoy some form of life

I would say one of my the things I need to enjoy to enjoy life is acting and filmmaking. What I thrive for at the moment is working on getting cast as extras on movies, but that I would not want to be an extra for the lifetime if I want to pursue acting. It would be better if it were a featured extra or even a small recurring role on a movie. I was recently doing a lot of movie working during the Summer of 2017 and it was really fun and exciting, I have met a lot of new people and actually saw the stars who were in the movie. I learned a lot more about the film industry after doing extra work for movies. For example, learned that it could take 10-14 hours just to make a 10-minute scene. Also, we sometimes have to drive to another spot in order to get this scene done. Also, learned that it takes a lot of time and commitment to make sure they have the right scenes that go with the flow. Sometimes, the stand-ins and the people who assign the extras of where they should go, sometimes they changed their minds as well. I also took time off work in order to attend these calls. Which shows I really want to do this and not go to work. Also, another thing I like to do is play my guitar and violin, I have been interested in learning these instruments when I was younger. And now I have the time to play them both. I would say that it has been a while since I have played guitar and now I am learning violin at the moment. It is quite a journey to learn a lot about these two hobbies I dedicated my time on.

A violinist named Jason Yang inspired me with the violin.

I also think traveling is the best thing I have done, in January of 2017, I was visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Great places to be around and get the nice vibe in it. I will definitely be back here soon.