Case Study #4- Rihanna

            Rihanna is a celebrity who is very active on all forms of social media, posting both personal photos and photos to promote her brand, Fenty Beauty. She has a large following on all of her accounts. On Facebook her name is “Rihanna” and her page has 79 million likes. On Twitter, her username is @rihanna, … Continue reading Case Study #4- Rihanna

Case Study #4 Home Security System

OVERVIEW SimpliSafe is a home security company, the headquarter is located in Boston, Massachusetts opened in 2006. First security company services I have found who does not charge any cancellation fee and does not have a contract which keeps in for numbers of years. One of my family has SimpliSafe at their house. Facebook … Continue reading Case Study #4 Home Security System

Final Project- CocaCola

Introduction Coca-Cola has become a household name due to the worldwide popularity of its beverages and well-known levels of success. At the majority of restaurants, Coca-Cola and the company’s other drinks are served on the menu. The world’s first Coca-Cola was served at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. The first step in becoming a total … Continue reading Final Project- CocaCola

Case Study 4- Tom Brady

Overview The celebrity that I am choosing to look at is Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the Quarterback of the New England Patriots, a six-time Super Bowl Champion and a person that I have followed for most of my life. He has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and his Facebook URL is … Continue reading Case Study 4- Tom Brady


OVERVIEW My choice for this case study is Wendy's. The Facebook link for Wendy's is . The Instagram username for Wendy's is @wendys . The twitter username for Wendy's is @Wendys. There are over 8 million followers on Facebook. Wendy's joined twitter on July 2009 and has 3.42 million followers . Wendy's has made … Continue reading Wendy's

Matt Cutshall

Matt Cutshall is a Social media superstar who previously sang in a boy band called It Boys (this is something I just learned about a few months ago). He became popular from an application called Vine (RIP to that app). The application was well known for its six second videos and most videos went viral … Continue reading Matt Cutshall