Meghan Hughes; A Social Media Guru

Introduction: I first stumbled across Meghan Hughes’ Youtube channel back in 2012. Her username was MissMeghanMakeup, and she was fifteen years old. She was the younger sister of the more popular Youtuber BeautyBaby44, aka Lindsey Hughes. They lived in Atlanta, Georgia and made Youtube videos in their bedrooms. They both made videos talking about makeup, … Continue reading Meghan Hughes; A Social Media Guru


Final Project – Amazon

Amazon is an E-commerce company that is based out of Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 1994 and by the founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos still runs Amazon and helps make decisions with the company. Amazon sells many different products on their website and they also create products to sell to customers. Additionally, Amazon runs … Continue reading Final Project – Amazon

Kim Kardashian West

Introduction We all know the Kardashians and how they do absolutely nothing important and still stay famous somehow. I am analyzing Kim Kardashian West’s social media accounts for my final project. While the Kardashians became famous for no reason, they all have become even more famous for their multiple companies that they all have. Kim … Continue reading Kim Kardashian West

Case Study 4- Social Media Usage

Zendaya Coleman is a celebrity that not many know. She has been one of my favorite childhood celebrities from Disney Channel. Especially because many say I look like her. She seems like such a sweet, giving person to me. Zendaya is 22 and an American actress, singer, and model. The Disney Channel sitcom Shake It … Continue reading Case Study 4- Social Media Usage

Case Study #4-Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel is arguably one of the most famous drag queens and former contestants from the hit TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race. First appearing on the show’s seventh season, and then later going on to win the third season of the shows “All Stars” season; Mattel, real name Brian Firkus, has been growing in popularity … Continue reading Case Study #4-Trixie Mattel