Case Study 4

Joe Rogan grew up in the Boston area and began his professional career as a standup comic in the late 90’s which transitioned to include acting on the tv show NewsRadio, before being brought on as the host of Fear factor, which he did for the shows throughout 2001-2012. During this time he maintained a … Continue reading Case Study 4

Case study #4, Walmart

By: Marissa Melendez Overview Walmart is an American Multicultural retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton is the founder of Walmart, which was founded in 1962.Walmart is popular for its lower prices and store variety. While researching Walmarts social media accounts … Continue reading Case study #4, Walmart

Case Study #4- Rihanna

            Rihanna is a celebrity who is very active on all forms of social media, posting both personal photos and photos to promote her brand, Fenty Beauty. She has a large following on all of her accounts. On Facebook her name is “Rihanna” and her page has 79 million likes. On Twitter, her username is @rihanna, … Continue reading Case Study #4- Rihanna

Case Study #4 Home Security System

OVERVIEW SimpliSafe is a home security company, the headquarter is located in Boston, Massachusetts opened in 2006. First security company services I have found who does not charge any cancellation fee and does not have a contract which keeps in for numbers of years. One of my family has SimpliSafe at their house. Facebook … Continue reading Case Study #4 Home Security System

Final Project- CocaCola

Introduction Coca-Cola has become a household name due to the worldwide popularity of its beverages and well-known levels of success. At the majority of restaurants, Coca-Cola and the company’s other drinks are served on the menu. The world’s first Coca-Cola was served at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. The first step in becoming a total … Continue reading Final Project- CocaCola

Case Study 4- Tom Brady

Overview The celebrity that I am choosing to look at is Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the Quarterback of the New England Patriots, a six-time Super Bowl Champion and a person that I have followed for most of my life. He has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and his Facebook URL is … Continue reading Case Study 4- Tom Brady


OVERVIEW My choice for this case study is Wendy's. The Facebook link for Wendy's is . The Instagram username for Wendy's is @wendys . The twitter username for Wendy's is @Wendys. There are over 8 million followers on Facebook. Wendy's joined twitter on July 2009 and has 3.42 million followers . Wendy's has made … Continue reading Wendy’s

Matt Cutshall

Matt Cutshall is a Social media superstar who previously sang in a boy band called It Boys (this is something I just learned about a few months ago). He became popular from an application called Vine (RIP to that app). The application was well known for its six second videos and most videos went viral … Continue reading Matt Cutshall

Case Study 4: Social Media Usage of Tom Brady

Overview: For this case study I have chosen to observe the social media activity of New England Patriot and NFL legend, Tom Brady. Now, as many of you know with such a high level of fame some of these types of people will have assistant who run their social medias or online sites, but not … Continue reading Case Study 4: Social Media Usage of Tom Brady