Chrissy Teigen Chrissy Teigen has a widely recognized social media presence. She is a celebrity due to her modeling status, marriage to hit singer John Legend, author of Cravings, and host of the TV show "Lip Sync Battle". Her celebrity status has only grown since her modeling career as a teenager and she increases in popularity, … Continue reading Chrissy Teigen

Final: T-Mobile

Introduction The bright magenta colors get your attention every time -- T-Mobile is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States. The company was started in 1994 and its headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington -- with the company taking over Sprint and the merge coming to an end in the last couple … Continue reading Final: T-Mobile

Final Project- Starbucks Coffee

Introduction The first Starbucks was opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 31, 1971, by three partners who met while they were students at the University of San Francisco: English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker were inspired to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment by coffee Since Starbucks was named after a nautical … Continue reading Final Project- Starbucks Coffee

Elton John- “Still Standing” in the music industry and social media world

Introduction to Elton John Elton John is a name that most recognize immediately. He has been a music composer, pianist and singer for nearly 50 years, creating his first album in 1970. According to, his music has been so successful that he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. John has … Continue reading Elton John- “Still Standing” in the music industry and social media world

Case Study #4 – Kelly Clarkson

Overview I took a look at Kelly Clarkson's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and learned quite a bit. For starters, her Facebook page has over 14.1 million "likes" (14,123,693 to be exact) and is followed by 12,817,774 people. Next I looked at Kelly's Twitter profile (@kellyclarkson) and found that she has 12.3 million "followers". She is only following 153 accounts, and she joined … Continue reading Case Study #4 – Kelly Clarkson