Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a part of the Kardashian Jenner family. She owns numerous businesses, one being a swim wear line and the other being a makeup line. She is one of the richest people in the world, and she is only 25 years old. In 2019, she was named the youngest billionaire by Forbes Magazine. IN addition to being a business mogul, she is also a mother of two children. She is one of the most well known women in the world today.

Social Media Presence


On Instagram, Kylie has a total of 375 million followers! She posts everything about her life, makeup line, her children, and even her personal relationships. She documented much of her two pregnancies on this social media platform as well.

This photo of Kylie received a total of 8.1 million likes and a total of just over 18,000 comments. She gets a lot of mixed comments on her posts, some being friendly and some not. Many have accused her of not caring about the planet, because she takes her private jet for fifteen minute flights frequently.

On twitter, she has a whopping total of 40.4 million followers. Like her Instagram, she talks a lot about her life on her twitter. As I previously mentioned, she was named the youngest billionaire by Forbes. When she first received that title, she face a lot of backlash because they said she was “self-made,” and many said her family name and social status helped her gain her wealth.

Her TikTok is also covered with many videos about her life, family, and work. This video she posted got a total of 15 million likes, and over 29,000 comments. Many people commented that she exploits her kids by putting them on the internet so frequently. As a mother and a sex icon, she is frequently told she is not a good role model for her children because of her behavior. But I think all of her tiktoks with her kids are cute!


Jenner across all of her media platforms uses similar techniques to get her followers to continue their loyalty. She shows a lot of her life, her body, and her businesses. Although sometimes she seems to be posting a ton, I think she has a niche audience. People who love makeup, expensive clothes, and a nice lifestyle I think would enjoy her posts a lot. I personally enjoy how Jenner uses her platform. I think she gets a lot of hate for things that she shouldn’t just because she is famous. Of course, she isn’t immune to mistakes, but I think people get a little intense in her comments at times.

Digital Footprint

When you google Kylie Jenner, the first thing to pop up is her biography. After her biography, there are a lot of news stories about her outfits, her life, her money, and who she is as a whole. Below the news sources there are links to her social media accounts.



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