Case Study #3 – Data Science

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This blog datascience101 by Ryan Swanstorm is meant to offer insights and fundamentals about industry trends, statistics and data science. The author offers strategies and mediums for learning skills like programming in Python, statistics, data libraries, and algorithms. For reference the blog can be found here.


The main page of the blog has some highlighted blog posts as well as a navigation bar containing home, courses, contribute, about, and contact. The home page also has some convenient links to the author’s social profiles. The blog post titles are informative and have thumbnails. The thumbnails are very generic, but I believe that is to be expected with a subject such as data science. The information about the author is short, but offers a small insight into who he is as well as recognition his blog has received on other websites. The menu navigation is intuitive and helpful, but I wish there were other ways to navigate the posts other than reverse chronological. With such a dense topic like data science it would be helpful to have the posts sorted into subcategories. Each of the posts are separated with headers and sub headers to make the text easier to read through and contain supplemental material such as YouTube videos.

The blog has about 1,000 followers, but has many more followers on other platforms like Facebook which has 22,000 likes. Each of the posts has very little engagement. Most posts have zero likes with some posts scattered throughout that have one or two. It’s possible that this may be because the blog doesn’t have any CTAs to follow or interact with the content.

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