Travel, Just do it.

The title of the blog I chose to write about is called Travel realistically in your 20s. The author of this blog was named Rosie culture and she had an interesting perspective of expanding the things we do while in our 20s. The blog begins by talking about her frustrations from articles talking about how … Continue reading Travel, Just do it.

Kelvyns travel blog

I recently got the opportunity to travel a part of the west coast from Los Angeles California to Portland Oregon. My brother has lived in Los Angeles for the past two years and I have visited twice since then and it has been a great experience. I spent a couple of months in Los Angeles … Continue reading Kelvyns travel blog

Finding Adventure In Utah

Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog. My name is Kate. I am a student, a mom, and an adventure seeker. Summers, for me, are for finding new adventures. Schools out, the air is warm, and possibilities are endless. Adventures can be found anywhere. This summer, my sister chose the destination: Park City, Utah. I admit … Continue reading Finding Adventure In Utah

My Iceland Ring Road Trip

Hello, My name is Tiffany Chhouy and welcome to my Intro Blog Post. If I were to pick the number one thing that truly makes me happy and complete, it would be to travel! The atmosphere, culture, adventures, and foods I discover from different countries is the most amazing aspect of traveling. It's a wonderful … Continue reading My Iceland Ring Road Trip

Young Adventuress

Overview Branded as a relatable resource and personal journal, Young Adventuress, is a blog written by Liz Carlson. The blog consists primarily of her experiences with solo travel, as well as advice and recommendations on both travelling and blogging. There is also a strong focus on photography with her travel photos generally being the most … Continue reading Young Adventuress