Fitness & Working Out

Fitness and working out is an important aspect in life. Fitness can be anything that you do or a sport you do that relates to physical exercise. I believe that fitness can help you become healthier and live longer. However, there are a lot more to choosing fitness as a lifestyle. Fitness includes working out on a daily basis or to a minimum couple times a week. It may be very tough to fit in fitness as a lifestyle. There are 24 hours in a day and 1 hour of fitness per day is more than ideal. If someone decides to use less time, the workout could be more vigorous. There are many benefits of fitness such as decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, building cardiovascular, building strength, endurance, and prevent any other common health issues. Fitness and working out could help stress and depression.


Being able to keep up with a fitness lifestyle includes keeping up with a healthy lifestyle as well. Being able to eat and diet correctly will promote a healthier body. Taking the right vitamins and supplements can also enhance healthy being, but too much can also be bad. Choosing the right food in everyday life can lower many different risks of diseases and illnesses. Results are better when you choose to tie both of these concepts into your lifestyle. Another important aspect to help this process is sleep. Getting adequate amount of sleep can help recovery and the brain. The brain needs a good amount of sleep to help you cognitively function properly.

Not everyone decides to consider fitness a part of their life. Trying it out and attempting to learn more as you go can change you. Being able to take action and start earlier is better than later. Doing it more often can lead to yourself challenging yourself and willing to learn more throughout your fitness journey. Now are you willing to change for the better?



Tony Gentilcore

Overview: Is a fitness and lifestyle blog written by Tony Gentilcore. Tony is a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance. When he’s not training people at his studio he’s also contributing to the top fitness magazines and websites around the world.


The layout of the blog is pretty simple. There is a header with a  very catchy phrase “Because heavy things don’t lift themselves”. A footer explaining all about the author Tony Gentilcore. The top of the blog starts off in a dark sepia like filter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.40.25 PM.png

At the top of the blog we can see multiple different links. Here you can navigate your way to blog, products, articles, miscellany, resources, contact, or core online. Moving down the webpage we can see a spot to enter your email to stay connected to the blog. Just below this there’s a black bar mentioning all the places that this blog as been featured in. Esteemed places such as Men’s and Women’s Health, and

Moving towards the bottom of the blog there is a “latest from Tony’s blog” section. This features his 5 most recent blog posts. Just below this at the very bottom of the home page there is a small section explaining a little bit about the author Tony.


There’s no quick link to see the most popular blogs on this site. But by clicking the “blog” button at the top menu we can see the most recent blog posts. The top 5 most recent blogs as of 01/08/18 are,

The last of these posts “Business advice for trainers from trainers” I found the most interesting. Tony talks about how he had very little competence and didn’t know what a company “overhead was”. He goes into detail talking about how he traded a lot of time for a little bit of money. Obviously, this worked out in the end for him though. He’s now a prominent blogger and business owner.

Alot of his posts contain pictures that keep the readers interested. Here we can see one from the article I was just speaking about,

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.07.38 PM

This image wasn’t created by the blogger himself. But it’s a quote from a movie that I can relate to. Honestly, I’m not sure what advice I could offer Tony as a blogger. His whole website seems to mesh very well. His posts are relevant and keep me wanting to read. The only part of his blog I didn’t like was the big portion dedicated to entering your email address. This felt more like it was a scam than anything. But obviously, he just wants subscribers to his blog. He’s not really looking for money. Tony often also links other bloggers in his posts. He likes to provide a link to trainers; to provide further content for the visitors of his blog. Tony also has a very active blogging community that follows him. I couldn’t find a single post that didn’t have atleast 2 comments on it. Also, almost all of them were positive.


In conclusion, Tony has a very polished blog on his hand. He provides a very diverse amount of blog information ranging from lifestyle advice to how you can get a killer workout. As a 20 something college student I found this blog very relatable. It’s easy to navigate and even easier to read the blog posts. He provides plenty of links and references as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this blog to anyone that wants to learn fitness and life advice from someone with plenty of experience.


Baseball’s Beauty


The art within the sport is what makes Baseball so great. Each pitch needing a specific location, and the fact that one has to square up a sphere with a cylinder. There’s an old saying that makes Baseball the greatest sport in the world.


As Earl Weaver said, “You can’t just sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock. You’ve got to throw the ball over the damn plate and give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game of them all.”

I whole-heartedly believe in this quote. When you think about it, this is what makes Baseball so beautiful. It suggests a new definition of competition. It is the only sport where you have to give the other man a chance and give the other team the exact opportunities that your team gets. It is the only sport where someone can statistically fail and still make it to the Hall of Fame. The beauty of team, and how it cannot be one player who dominated like in basketball or football. You cannot allow one person to hit every time or one person to pitch every game. It is the most individual team sport that there is.

Another part of this beauty is how much that human error can change the outcome of a game. One dropped fly ball can win or lose you a game depending on the situation. Something as little as a pebble on the infield dirt can cause a devastating game 7 loss. Professional Baseball has 162 games. This can show how good a team really is because just about every player on a 40-man roster ends up playing by the end of the season. It doesn’t matter how good the starting nine is.

There are a lot of people who think baseball is dull and too drawn out. But it is the most strategic of all games. It’s like chess with a piece of wood and a ball. It’s an art – and a beautiful one.

Teeing Off: Getting into the Swing of Golf

How does someone suddenly become interested in golf, largely considered one of the most boring sports in the world, after playing intense contact sports for years? The day I graduated high school was also the day I retired from competitive sports. Having played since I was the ripe age of 4, at 18, I was suddenly at a loss. Sure I could play intramurals once I got to college, but it wouldn’t be as serious, it would just be for fun. I sought a challenge, a means to focus my energies from outside distractions and relieve stress. That’s when I really found golf.


My dad had been playing for a while, going with his friends a couple times a year. He had showed me a couple tips here and there but I never really had the time to be fully committed to learning a new sport.

While many people may find golf to be quite boring to watch, I find that looking into the complexities and the high level of skill and technique required to not only hit the ball the perfect distance, but also at the right angle is impressive. Now I am nowhere near “good”, believe me, but I enjoy every time I learn something new or get to practice my skills.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.39.14 PM

Golf is not only an interesting hobby and sport, but the very nature of it promotes critical thinking and a way to socialize. Whether you play 9 or 18 holes or other fun variations of it such as TopGolf and virtual simulations, golf is an activity where you can spend quality time with others, relieve some stress, and challenge your body and mind. There are always things you can work on to get better, and it gets people outdoors and keeps you active. You can’t beat spending quality time with great people, doing something fun in the beautiful outdoors. So, if you haven’t yet, you should take a look into trying golf!