Domino’s and Social Media: In 30 Comments or Less

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Domino’s Pizza. Everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned pizza when they’re feeling down. But not from Domino’s, their pizza tastes like it was cooked in a burning trash can, and not an empty one either. But what they lack for in quality of product, they make up for in social media presence. On all their accounts, they have a relatively large following.

Facebook:   17,172,955 Likes

The Facebook page itself is likely what you may expect from the page of any major restaurant. The profile picture is a picture of the Domino’s logo, and the cover image is a picture of a phone ordering pizza. The about tab contains information regarding the chain, what services they offer, and a legal disclaimer.

A majority of posts are pictures of deceptively good-looking pizzas along with other items available at the chain, and sometimes other subjects, such as their app. All the content is uploaded by the company, but given the disclaimer, it’s possible they are re-uploads of content submitted by users. It does not seem to like other pages, and the only community interaction is for customer support for those who are understandably dissatisfied with their slop. Most comments on recent posts are mixed with some positive and some irate, with around 100-300 on each.  They could focus more on interactive with their community proactively.

Twitter: 1.16M followers  44.4K Following    296K Tweets

Joined April 2009

The Twitter profile is structure more or less exactly the same to the Facebook page, all things considered. The profile picture and banner is the same as Facebook, most of the photos are reposts from the Facebook page. That’s not to say it’s identical to the Facebook page, however. The bio is short and confirms this is indeed the official Domino’s profile. There is the occasional retweet and responses from other users on their page.  There are also jokes related to pizza, with relevant hashtags. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 5-20 on each.

These are still significantly more pictures of pizza than anything else, though. Most posts have different text accompanying them, mostly including hashtags into almost every post, as well as the occasional emoticon. Overall, not the best it could be, needs more interaction with random commenters, but still a big step forward compared to the Facebook profile.

Instagram:  1M followers 65 Following 1280 posts

Prepare to not be surprised: The Domino’s Instagram account features primarily the same structure/content as the other accounts we have seen. Here, all of their pictures of pizza are put on full display, given the nature of the website. The bio is same as the Twitter, along with a link to Domino’s Wedding Registry. There are many photographs of pizza, and the occasional video ad thrown in for good measure. Again, 90% of the content here is recycled from their other social media channels. There is seemingly little to no interaction with customers/fans on display here. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 50-100 on each. Everything you see here is displayed with more content and interaction on both of the other platforms.

Overall, the biggest problem Domino’s is facing is their horrible soggy bread they call pizza, but the biggest issue facing their social media accounts is their sameness. All 3 of the accounts I’ve looked at have had almost the entirety of their posted content be the same across all platforms. They need to add some variety to give people reason to follow more than one account. Also, more audience interaction would help out as well. Perhaps responding to comments and such, adding some personality to your brand has proven helpful for its competitors. Their best platform at the moment seems to be their Twitter, as it includes the most audience interaction, but even that could use a bit of love. Until they get their act together, just stick to Pizza Hut. Or literally anywhere else.

Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is 39 years old and was born on August 3rd, 1977 in San Mateo, California. Tom is the only boy in the family and he has 3 sisters. One of his sisters is married to former Red Sox third baseman and fan favorite, Kevin Youkilis. Tom is married to super model Gisele Bundchen and together they have one son Benjamin who is 8 and a daughter Vivian Lake who is 5. Tom has a 10-year-old son, John, with ex Bridget Moynahan. Tom is the star quarterback of the New England Patriots is considered by most people around the world as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Tom has 5 Super bowl rings and 2 MVP awards. He has the most Super bowl wins out of any quarterback all time. He was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft and skipped over multiple times by every team in the league including the Patriots. Six quarterback were picked ahead of him in that draft class. Not one of those other quarterbacks went on to do anything close to what Brady has done.

Image result for TB12 performance meals'

Tom sells a meal pack called, “TB12 Performance Meals.” He is known for what he eats, how he keeps his body and mind right, and also the training he does to keep his performance on the field at the highest standard. The TB12 Performance Meals can be delivered right to your house. The meal pack consists of 2 servings per meal, and 3 meals per week. To purchase this meal pack you would subscribe to it and pay $78/week. While eating these meals you will see how Tom eats to stay in shape and keep his body fat and everything else perfect. I have never tried this, but from what I heard people now see how he stays in this good of shape at 39 years old. He takes care of his body and does everything possible to keep his football performance at the highest standard as he gets older. Most people do not play into their 40’s, but not Tom. He has stated multiple times that he wants to play well into his 40’s and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to.  I think the message he is trying to convey is about health and how to keep your body and mind in shape. His training and eating is fantastic for his body, but also keeps his mind sane. He does just enough training to make him feel right, but not put his body or mind over the top. I think the Branding of Tom Brady connects with people of all ages. For kids growing up he shows us how to stay in shape, keep training, and that anything is possible when we set our mind to it. For adults, he shows that you can still do things you did 20 years ago at the highest level if you keep your body and mind right. He said that he feels better and more mobile now than he did 20 years ago. Everything he is doing is paying off, and as a fan of the Patriots I couldn’t be happier.

Image result for tom brady social media choose

Social Media Overview

Tom never was into Social Media other than Facebook until the beginning of this year. He had a very famous and active Facebook page and then he made an Instagram. He does not have Instagram, Snapchat, or any other kind of social media according to him. When deciding whether to choose Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Myspace he posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the 4 options as hats in front of him. Millions of people commented on it and then Tom made the choice to join Instagram. A choice that Instagram must have been thrilled with. I am sure when he chose Instagram many of his followers made an Instagram as well. On Facebook, 4,406,369 people like his page. On Instagram Tom follows 7 accounts, and he has 2.2 million followers. He has 76 posts, but recently he has started posting pictures and videos more often. Most of his pictures have to do with family, friends, teammates, and the Patriots. He also posts photos of the TB12 Performance meal to show and sell to fans. I would say Tom spends the most time on Facebook. It was his first social media account and he posts statuses and pictures to that often. Sometimes I have seen him interact with fans as well, which is pretty cool for someone that doesn’t have much free time. Toms accounts usually only show locations when he is at an event or it has something to do with football. When he posts pictures of himself at home or with his kids privately they do not show locations. He mostly posts public place photos so people know where he is anyways. I think Snapchat is the social media that gives away digital footprint the most and he doesn’t have a Snapchat.

Image result for tom brady social media choose

Commendations and Recommendations

The things Tom does well on social media is interact with fans of different generations. Like I said previously, he connects with kids growing up right now and middle aged adults. He does it on social media and in the football clubhouse playing with teammates half his age. I think he is also making fans all over the world, including other states within the U.S. Most fans out of New England do not like him because of the success he and the Patriots have had, but if you follow his social media he is impossible to dislike. He likes to have fun with the social media accounts and gets his fans to laugh while doing it. I don’t think I’d recommend him to do anything differently. His Instagram and Facebook accounts are funny and serious. He posts the “TB Times” after football games that the Patriots won and other photos of just him as a dad. We see both sides of Tom Brady through his social media accounts. I love the way he runs the accounts and I think every follower of his does as well. Also, I am one of the people that think he is the GOAT…and it is hard to argue against if you disagree.


Case Study: Blog Analysis



Cake Wrecks is a blog that was first started in 2008 by Jen Yates. Other contributing authors to the blog include her husband, John, Sharyn Hamilton, and Lindsey Allen. It is a 100% humor blog with tons of pictures of mistakes that professional cake decorators have made, and a lot of the material is sent in by readers. Aside from the wrecks, they also showcase some cake masterpieces. The authors have published two books from their blog material, which is where I  came to discover the blog. The picture on the front cover of the first book is a cake that says, written in frosting:

“Best Wishes Suzanne

Under Neat that

We will Miss you”

My mom’s name is Suzanne. So, when my dad and I saw this book in a store around Christmas time, we thought it was hilarious and ended up purchasing it as a joke gift for her. It actually ended up being the hit of that Christmas morning. So, that’s how this blog got on my radar.


The blog uses a blue, white, and orange color scheme that I do not really think is the most effective color scheme there is. In my opinion, it would look better if they didn’t use such a dark shade of blue, which is the color that covers most of the blog. Their header is fairly simple with some white bubble letters spelling out the blog name, but it does manage to capture one’s attention. The blog title is in an apt position, right at the top of the page. Obviously, the title suits the blog perfectly, since it is all about literal cake that is a visual disaster. They have even included a box off to the side that says “What’s a Wreck?,” stating that “a Cake Wreck is any cake that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate – you name it.” The blog’s subheader is written out in dark blue lettering with orange surrounding it, I’m assuming as a pop of color to attract attention, and says “When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.”

As far as information about the author goes, the blog has a FAQ and an About page. Their FAQ section has ten questions and answers under the subheading, “The Basics.” The authors seem to have put a lot of thought and consideration into their answers. Under the About page, each author is introduced and there is a small paragraph dedicated to each of them. There is an additional Contact page for anyone looking to send in pictures or touch base with Jen, the main author.

For guidelines to the those visiting the blog, near the top of the page, right under the title and subheading, there are links to the Home, FAQ, Contact, About, Directory pages. There are an additional few menus on the right side of the screen, which include links to “The Classics,” or the cake wrecks that gave Jen her idea to create the blog, and “Fan Faves,” or wrecks that have garnered many likes and laughs from readers. There are links to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, easily accessible near the top of the screen. Underneath is post, there are options to comment, share on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, send the content in an email, or also to share it via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Tumblr. The footer shows a picture of Jen’s two Cake Wrecks books, with links to purchase them through Amazon or Barnes and Noble and a link to her other blog. It has a copyright and a privacy policy available upon clicking on it.


The blog’s most popular posts are conveniently located under the “Fan Faves” menu. Pretty much every post contains pictures that have been either sent in by fans or found by one of the authors. The titles of the posts tend to all be humorous in order to keep the reader…well, reading, for lack of a better term. Although the blog does have an About Me page, I’ll admit that I think they could do better with it. For such a successful blog, I think there should be more information about the authors besides just where they live and their credentials. And, like I said in the first paragraph of my analysis, I think the blog could benefit from using a different color scheme. The blue is just too bland and isn’t very appealing to the eyes. I would say a nice, bright pop of color would be a better choice. Perhaps a yellow or bright orange.

The top posts on the blog boast a couple hundred comments each, which I don’t think is anything too crazy. In fact, it seems like sort of a low number to me. These posts have been up since 2008, are the most popular, and only have a couple hundred comments? This seems off to me…

Many of the posts have been shared on Facebook repeatedly, the top posts having the most shares. Pinning is a less popular option, with the most popular posts having anywhere between 300-500 pins on Pinterest. But, on the option to share to other outlets besides Facebook, Pinterest, or by email, there is a hefty 16.5k shares on one of the most popular posts, which is a little more impressive.

There does not appear to be an option to subscribe to the blog, but I feel if someone has visited it once, they will return, as I have. The material is funny – if you are having a bad day and need a good laugh, this is a great source of humor to turn to.