Case Study #3 – Social Media Usage


Wendy’s was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas. It is a fast food restaurant that has recently been booming on social media. Wendy’s Facebook page has 8,409,835 likes and 8,052,120 followers. Wendy’s Twitter account or @Wendys has been going viral as of recently with 102K tweets and 1.92M followers. Wendy’s only follows back 1,258 users and the list consists mainly of other companies or celebrities. This fast food restaurant has a massive amount of followers but joined not too long ago in July of 2009. Wendy’s Instagram account has 199 posts that consist of colorful, clean, and happy pictures of their food and beverages. This social media account has 552K followers, but only follows back 35 users which is a very low number.

wendys instagram
Wendy’s Instagram Account



Starting off with Wendy’s Facebook profile picture, it is the Wendy’s logo against an almost tinfoil looking background. Next to its profile picture Wendy’s cover photo consists of multiple photos collaged into one. These photos consist of step by step scenes to making one of Wendy’s sandwiches. Fresh looking meat and other ingredients are featured. The first picture is an empty bun, then the cheese, hamburger on the grill, and etc.. The about tab to this Facebook page gives the company’s general information such as the founded date, price range, contact information, and company overview. The about tab also includes a message from Wendy’s that describes what the Facebook page consists of and then these two paragraphs go into to asking the best from Facebook users/customers. Wendy’s ask for every follower or commenter to stay positive and not be inappropriate. Following this message the company’s privacy policy is spoken about and linked below. 

Regarding the Facebook account’s content the posts have around the same likes so I wouldn’t say any popular posts are featured or stand out from the rest. Wendy’s posts mainly consist of advertisements of their food/drinks, special offers or deals, events sponsored by the company, and old/new advertisement videos. There are a lot of photos and video footage in every post and occasionally there are links to any events sponsored by the company. This Facebook page consists of original posts made by Wendy’s, there are barely any shared posts. Wendy’s follows a short list of other pages that include other companies, celebrities, and organizations. There is generally a few hundred comments, but there is always thousands of likes on each post. The comments are generally mixed between positive and negative. A lot of the negative posts consist of unsatisfied customers with photos of their poorly cooked meals, videos of poor customer service, or making negative posts against the company. One thing that is clear is that Wendy’s usually replies to every unsatisfied customer. The company will start their response with agreeing with the customer, apologizing, and then seeking the customer’s contact information so Wendy’s can resolve the situation or offer something for the customer’s inconvenience. The audience interaction is definitely high, there are a lot of comments from customers whether they are dissatisfied or happy. Some of Wendy’s loyal customers even stick up for the company from time to time in the comment section. 

Wendy’s Facebook page clearly shows that they provide good customer service and try to touch base with every unsatisfied customer and that is an extremely important part of having a company. There’s not much this company needs to work on regarding the Facebook account. The advertisements are effective, colorful, and intriguing. One thing this company might want to do is follow a few more pages to show to customers that Wendy’s supports other businesses, people, or charitable organizations. 


Wendy’s profile picture for Twitter is the same as the picture for Facebook. This photo is the Wendy’s logo with a tinfoil background. The banner image for this account is the same photo for Wendy’s cover photo on Facebook as well. The bio for this account is comical and mentions how the company’s food is better than an average fast food restaurant.

wendy's twitter bio
Wendy’s Twitter Bio

One of Wendy’s most recent popular tweet was one from a customer pleading for a year of free chicken nuggets. Wendy’s replied to this customer and said to get a free year he would need 18 million retweets, and he did receive that many so the company gave him nuggets for a full year. #NuggsForCarter went viral. 

a man needs his nugs
Wendy’s Response

Other than this recent tweet Wendy’s tweets are generally popular with likes and retweets. The company’s tweets are original and written by Wendy’s. The tweets involve lots of photos, videos, and gifs that advertise food, beverages, and special offers.  When Wendy’s occasionally retweets it is usually posts that involve them. For example social media famous Youtubers were sponsored by Wendy’s and released a video of them reviewing and eating the company’s salads while playing a game. Wendy’s tweeted about them and retweeted them. During the #NuggsForCarter Wendy’s account retweeted lots of other accounts such as Google, and @TheEllenShow. 

The audience interaction with Wendy’s Twitter account is extremely interactive. @wendys gets tweeted at a lot by customers and similar to Facebook the company responds and asks the customer to privately message Wendy’s if they are unsatisfied. Wendy’s also tweets back to other companies, or even to be a little comical towards customers such as Carter who received free “nuggs”. Thousands of people retweet Wendy’s posts but the favorites usually outweight the retweets in most cases. Wendy’s typically only retweets posts related to the company or if there is a social cause that the company believes in. 

Wendy’s Twitter account is doing very well and doesn’t need much work. The company shows a personal and funny side to customers through some of their tweets which is important and creates Wendy’s to become more popular.


The profile picture for this Instagram account is different from the other two social media accounts. The profile picture is the same Wendy’s logo but with a white background. The bio for this account is positive and talks about how the company serves fresh food.

instagram bio wendys
Wendy’s Instagram Bio

Wendy’s photos generally get a few thousand likes and the same amount with the short videos/advertisements that are posted. These short videos only get a few thousand likes but they tend to get up to 35K views. 

Regarding the audience interaction there aren’t ever too many comments on each post. The most a photo or video will get in comments is a couple hundred, but generally the comments are either 100 or below. Based off of the first 10 posts on Wendy’s Instagram account the comments are mixed between positive and negative, but in the majority of the posts the negative outweigh the positive comments. This social media account is the least interactive. Wendy’s rarely ever appears in the comment section. 

Instagram is definitely the least interactive social media account Wendy’s has. This company should start replying to customer’s on this social media account as well. Also instead of only posting professionally taken photos/advertisements Wendy’s should include real customers enjoying their meal. The company could hold a small competition and choose a winner every month and post the winner’s picture of them enjoying a Wendy’s meal or beverage. This competition could be another way Wendy’s could become more interactive with the customers on this account. 


After analyzing all three social media platform, Wendy’s Twitter account is definitely the most interactive. This social media platform shows a funny and playful side to Wendy’s which creates a more popular and relatable image for the company. Also on this account Wendy’s replies to a lot of customers and other companies. This social media platform is also very appealing with pictures, videos, and retweets. A lot of Wendy’s tweets have went viral so this fact also makes the account appealing to see what’s next for the company and audience interaction. Wendy’s Instagram account is also very appealing. The photographs are colorful, clean cut, and pleasant to customers but this account needs some work done when compared to the other two accounts. 

Healthy but Heavenly

My family has been driven by healthy/organic food for around 6 years now. This life change occurred right around the time my sister, Rebecca, graduated college and moved back home. She had taken a few classes that focused on nutrition and what “normal” foods contain versus organic foods. After my sister labeled herself as an expert she began to change my family for good and our grocery list permanently.

There are definitely both pros and cons of only eating organic food.

Some of the pros include:

  • No harmful ingredients
  • Having a healthier diet
  • Straying away from GMOs

While some of the cons include:

  • A more expensive grocery trip
  • Not being able to find tasty organic food

One of the main cons I have personally struggled with has been not being able to find yummy organic foods. My mother, Pamela, is a wizard. She finds the organic version to anything. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but my mother shrieked at the ingredients so she now buys an organic version of this cereal. Although she finally found a similar organic cereal I have to say the taste is definitely not that great. I was a little disappointed throughout this change until my sister introduced the family to a restaurant called Flatbreads.

Flatbreads is located in Bedford, MA. There is a lot to say about this restaurant. The food, the waiters, and the environment is extremely authentic. Everything is rustic looking from the glazed wooden tables and chairs to the multiple gigantic rock beams posted into the ground. The ceiling contains over a dozen hand crafted glass blown sculptures as chandeliers. Regarding the waiters and waitresses, everyone is unique, genuine, and friendly. Even Flatbread’s menus are authentic and designed by customers!fbs menu

All of the food is all organic and/or locally produced. The menu includes a variety of salads and pizzas including the special pizzas that change weekly, and of course there is a lovely dessert menu. To see Flatbread’s authentic environment up close click on the link!

My family goes every Friday to Flatbread’s and our original favorite pizzas are the Jay’s Heart and the Punctuated Equilibrium. The Jay’s Heart pizza is a yummy cheese pizza with herbs, and the Punctuated Equilibrium includes goat cheese, peppers, and olives. They are both delicious. In the picture shown below the Punctuated Equilibrium is up top and a weekly special buffalo chicken pizza is underneath. fbsAny restaurant I got to I’m always interested in the dessert, and Flatbread’s never disappoints me. The dessert menu is definitely simple with not too many options, but around the holidays or special events the menu gets altered or new dishes are added. I usually get the whoopee pie and it comes with ice cream, whip cream, and hot fudge. At one point there was a maple syrup whoopee pie and it was the most amazing dessert I have ever had. Maple syrup was served on the side of this dish and it was definitely extra sweet, but I was obsessed and repeatedly ordered it until it was taken off of the menu!

Flatbread’s is known for a welcoming feel and amazing food. I love going here, and I’m excited each time. My family and I are now weekly visitors so we have even developed relationships with some of the waiters and we feel at home! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of eating organic with Flatbread’s around!