Domino’s and Social Media: In 30 Comments or Less

(I could have sworn I uploaded Case Study 3 onto here before, but it was apparently missing, so better late than never.)

Domino’s Pizza. Everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned pizza when they’re feeling down. But not from Domino’s, their pizza tastes like it was cooked in a burning trash can, and not an empty one either. But what they lack for in quality of product, they make up for in social media presence. On all their accounts, they have a relatively large following.

Facebook:   17,172,955 Likes

The Facebook page itself is likely what you may expect from the page of any major restaurant. The profile picture is a picture of the Domino’s logo, and the cover image is a picture of a phone ordering pizza. The about tab contains information regarding the chain, what services they offer, and a legal disclaimer.

A majority of posts are pictures of deceptively good-looking pizzas along with other items available at the chain, and sometimes other subjects, such as their app. All the content is uploaded by the company, but given the disclaimer, it’s possible they are re-uploads of content submitted by users. It does not seem to like other pages, and the only community interaction is for customer support for those who are understandably dissatisfied with their slop. Most comments on recent posts are mixed with some positive and some irate, with around 100-300 on each.  They could focus more on interactive with their community proactively.

Twitter: 1.16M followers  44.4K Following    296K Tweets

Joined April 2009

The Twitter profile is structure more or less exactly the same to the Facebook page, all things considered. The profile picture and banner is the same as Facebook, most of the photos are reposts from the Facebook page. That’s not to say it’s identical to the Facebook page, however. The bio is short and confirms this is indeed the official Domino’s profile. There is the occasional retweet and responses from other users on their page.  There are also jokes related to pizza, with relevant hashtags. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 5-20 on each.

These are still significantly more pictures of pizza than anything else, though. Most posts have different text accompanying them, mostly including hashtags into almost every post, as well as the occasional emoticon. Overall, not the best it could be, needs more interaction with random commenters, but still a big step forward compared to the Facebook profile.

Instagram:  1M followers 65 Following 1280 posts

Prepare to not be surprised: The Domino’s Instagram account features primarily the same structure/content as the other accounts we have seen. Here, all of their pictures of pizza are put on full display, given the nature of the website. The bio is same as the Twitter, along with a link to Domino’s Wedding Registry. There are many photographs of pizza, and the occasional video ad thrown in for good measure. Again, 90% of the content here is recycled from their other social media channels. There is seemingly little to no interaction with customers/fans on display here. Most comments on recent posts are positive, with around 50-100 on each. Everything you see here is displayed with more content and interaction on both of the other platforms.

Overall, the biggest problem Domino’s is facing is their horrible soggy bread they call pizza, but the biggest issue facing their social media accounts is their sameness. All 3 of the accounts I’ve looked at have had almost the entirety of their posted content be the same across all platforms. They need to add some variety to give people reason to follow more than one account. Also, more audience interaction would help out as well. Perhaps responding to comments and such, adding some personality to your brand has proven helpful for its competitors. Their best platform at the moment seems to be their Twitter, as it includes the most audience interaction, but even that could use a bit of love. Until they get their act together, just stick to Pizza Hut. Or literally anywhere else.

Keeping Up With The Trends

Keeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The TrendsKeeping Up With The Trendskim k

You may keep up with the Kardashians but today we are going to keep up with one sister in particular-Kylie Jenner.


Kylie is, as her wikipedia page describes her, an American reality television show personality, socialite, fashion designer, and model. Oh, and she’s only 19 years old. But why is she famous?  She isn’t an actress, musician, or anything else to really get you to her high top status. To be fair, being the youngest sibling of the iconic Kardashian family must have perks and privileges, right? Kylie is able to ‘keep up’ with her mega fan base through her social media accounts. Her fans await her every post due to her suggestive, adult, and immediate on trend content.

Kylie’s earliest touch with social media was with her Facebook page which she joined in 2011. Currently, he page has 19, 195, 079 likes. Immediately when discovering this page you will be drawn to her profile picture. A (classy?) black and white photo of Kylie lying down, looking away from the camera, smoking a joint. Like I said, classy. Her cover photo is a bit less adult. Here, it is another black and white picture, she is lying down (homegirl clearly hates standing) this time looking at the camera while listening to music. When you go to check out her “about” section, you won’t find much but you will find her birthday, her contact information (a link to her cosmetic website…because money), her nickname, and a link to her biography. With further investigating you will learn that all she ever does is post about herself. Seriously, thats all she posts. She will post pictures of only herself (whether it be in her multiple cars, her mansion, or “candids”), her cosmetic line (…money), or her family (again her family = Keeping Up With the Kardashians = viewers = money…just saying). Although, her fans don’t seem to notice or really care as they seem to only comment on the positive side (“goals” “omg!!!” and my favorite “I can’t”). So it can be assumed this page is her shrine to herself and her everyday basic (and by basic I mean she’s millionaire so no, it is not basic) life.

Kylie also has a Twitter page. She currently has 20.1 million followers, is following, 1,175 users,  has 12K tweets, and 199 likes. Homegirl is popular. In her “about” it is links to her cosmetic website and her fashion website (…you know what I’m going to say here). She joined in 2011 so she has a pretty well following for her 6 years on the site. Her profile picture and cover photo are clearly from the same photoshoot (or it could literally be her assistant taking a picture from her iPhone…who knows). In both pictures she’s wearing a tan tied up shirt with a matching short skirt. Oh, and she clearly hates the camera as she again avoids it’s eye contact. But hey, it’s a sexy photo so that’ll get her more followers, not that she needs to worry about that. She doesn’t tweet much but when she does it is either to promote herself (her cosmetic line, fashion, or latest cover on a magazine) or to retweet a fan/costumer of her products. Are you picking up what I’m putting down??

And finally, our concluding chapter of The Kylie Saga-Instagram. Her Instagram name is simply kyliejenner. She currently has 90.3 million followers, is following 185 users, and has 5,054 posts. Her profile picture is currently that classy gem I mentioned early, the infamous b&w + joint beauty. Her about is yet another promotion of her Snapchat (Kylizzlemynizzl) and her cosmetic line (if you’re sensing a pattern you are not the only one). Again, here she only posts pictures about herself, her cosmetic line, her fashion line, or mirror selfies in her luxurious mansion. She will occasionally not allow comments on her posts but almost always whatever Kylie posts causes her fans to get it to trend.

Kylie may just be a spawn of a reality television era but the girl sure does know how to make money. Gotta give that girl some credit. She has managed to be successful through her social media accounts. Although, she posts manly in Instagram and her content on Twitter and Facebook is probably more for Instagram (personally I find Facebook is for posting and connecting with others, Twitter is for quick posts or low quality pictures, while Instagram is for high quality pictures).  Also, she seems to post more of her daily activities so for her fanbase her Instagram is the best Kylie social media to follow.  So if you’re into a vapid, rich, 19 year old who is more into herself than what is happening with the outside world then go on and give Kylie Kristen Jenner a follow!