You had me at NAMASTE

Well, not at first. I must admit, I was the biggest skeptic of yoga not too long ago. For someone who has always stuck to cardio and has the flexibility and movement of a brick wall, yoga did not seem like the fit for me. But after my first namaste, I quickly knew I was mistaken.

Yoga helped me slow down and focus on myself. And as the New Year rolled round, this was a great way to set an intention going into 2018. What I love about yoga is that it is beneficial to both your mental health and your physical health. While it is an amazing workout, it is also a reset for your day, week or month.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.40.48 AM.png

Yoga is flexible in itself. You can do yoga by yourself. You can do yoga with others. You can do yoga inside. You can surround yourself with nature. You can take a class. You can do it at in the comfort of your own home.

There are also many types of yoga you can try out. In addition to the many basic yoga flows, there are hot yoga classes (the room is over 100º!!!), yoga classes combined with weights, circuits, or even Pilates. This allows to maintain the mental aspect of yoga while introducing new workouts to the basics. It is important to find your flow. Everyone is different and there is a yoga class for each and every person.

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If I have convinced you at all to try yoga or peaked your interest to do more research, I wanted to leave you with a few links to get going and a quick video about the benefits. There are a number of amazing yoga studios in the Boston area that welcome yogi’s of all levels and experience. A few include, Yoga Works, Core Power Yoga (this is where I go), Exhale, Prana Power Yoga, and Sadhana Studios. Check them out and I’ll join ya in downward dog!

Inhale, exhale yogis!