Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson


Chad Johnson has had one hell of a career in the NFL but his funny antics make him loved by everyone. Chad Johnson went to a few small colleges until he transferred to Oregon State and killed it on the football team. He’s a wide receiver and led his team to an 11-1 season where he broke several school records. Chad was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001 and during his time in the NFL racked up 67 touchdowns and over 10,000 yards. Chad has had some publicity stunts but his biggest one occurred in 2008 when he Changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Ocho Cinco means eighty-five in Spanish, his football number. Chad has also played in the CFL for a season and was even on a Mexican football team for a game where he dominated the competition. In the NFL he was known as a diva and has came up with some of the best touchdown dances in history using props and has even hid items around the field. He will someday be in the NFL hall of fame. He was recently coaching receivers for the Cleveland Browns. Chad has even appeared on TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Blue Mountain State, The League, and even rode a full sized bull on television.

Chad Johnson Highlight Video


It seems to be that Chad’s Facebook page is no longer being updated regularly. The latest activity on his page was a shared video from the Facebook page “Shots Studios”. The last post created by Chad’s Facebook page was July of 2016. Before this it seemed that Chad’s page was posting every week with multiple posts on each day postings occurred. Most of his past postings are of random articles unrelated to his career or self, or posting of different memes. While surfing through his Facebook page I observed that many of his followers/fans were male. This may be connected to the postings on his page.  One of the videos on Chad’s Facebook page is of a Hip-Hop Dance Crew performing during an NBA Final’s halftime show.
It does not seem that when Chad was using Facebook he was communicating with his fans. For someone who only uses Facebook to repost memes he has a ton of followers. Almost 2 million people follow and have liked his page. An example of a meme from Chad’s Facebook is:




Chad Johnson on Instagram is known as “ochocinco”. He has 946,000 followers and follows 426. Chad has 5,268 Instagram posts. He posts a mixture of both pictures and videos on his account. You will notice that many of his postings are of himself or his children. Many of his videos are of himself working out as well as some proud father moments of his children. Chad is posting to his Instagram page usually everyday and even sometimes multiple times a day. From viewing his page, it does not seem like Chad interacts with his fans much. There are a few posts where he replied to a fans comment, but this seems to be very infrequent.


Twitter is definitely Chad Johnson’s forte. He has over 115K tweets and was listed as CNBC #1 on its list of “Most Influential Athletes in Social Media beating out LeBron James. CNBC List. Chad regularly communicates with fans and even plays FIFA with them on Xbox. He has over 3.5 million followers while only following 7200. Chad has been known to play FIFA online with fans and on some occasions he has drove to random peoples houses or fraternities just to play the video game with them.
Just last week, he went to Texas State and played FIFA with the guys all day.

I put FIFA in a category on its own because its so rare to see a celebrity socialize with fans this way. It started a few years ago when some kid tweeted he could beat @ochocinco in FIFA, Chad happened to be in the area, drove to the kids house and beat the kid badly. Since then he constantly puts out tweets asking people to either play online with him or meet up in person if you happen to be in the same area as him. Just last week he was at Texas State playing FIFA all day and even bought everyone pizza. Chad has claimed to be the best FIFA player in the world and holds a record of 86-2 or at least according to him that’s what is. He publicly gives away his Xbox name and encourages people to try and beat him. Chad has even come up with the hashtag #FIFA16KING #FIFA17KING where he finds people to play with

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In The News
Chad was recently in the news as his son Chad Johnson Jr. made the football team at Venice High School. Like his father, he will be playing wide receiver. Although he wont be wearing #85, He may earn the nickname Diez y Ocho or eighteen

All in all, Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson’s social media pages are doing quite well. He’s verified on everything, has topped the charts on each platform, and is great in the publics eye. One thing I would improve in his social media ring is definitely his Facebook. He’s not nearly as active with it as he is with twitter and Instagram and Facebook is where a lot of the fans go to discuss and argue everything. Instagram in my opinion is Chads more personal account where he posts pictures of his children. Twitter is the main account he uses to communicate with the general public, other celebrities and athletes.


  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook likes: 1,932134 likes 1,864,804 people follow his page
  • Twitter username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Twitter followers 3.64 Million
  • /# of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 7,272
  • # of Tweets: 115K
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: May 2009
  • Instagram username: @OchoCinco
  • # of Instagram followers: 964K
  • /# of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows: 435
  • # of Instagram posts: 5,265

Chad Johnson single handedly beats Texas State

Chad went to some random kids house and played FIFA with him