Kim Kardashian West.

The celebrity I decided to write my case study about is Kim Kardashian West. I chose to write about her because she is a celebrity that loves to actively use social media and has a very large fan base on each account she uses. Not only is she a reality TV personnel but she runs many different companies with and without her sisters. Her most recent is a beauty make up line by the name of “KKW Beauty” in which she is selling crème contour kits. Kim has a Facebook page, Twitter page, and an Instagram page. Kim’s Facebook link is and she has a total of 30,147,051 likes and 29,198,205 followers. On Twitter, her user name is @KimKardashian. She has 54 million followers but, only follows 106 people. Kim joined Twitter in March of 2009 and has tweeted 23,664 times. Her Instagram user name is the same as the rest, KimKardashian, and she has 101 million followers on Instagram which is the most out of all her accounts. Just like Twitter, she only has a select few people she follows, which is a count of 108. On Instagram, Kim has posted 3,883 pictures and/or videos.

The content on Kim Kardashian West’s Facebook page is mainly promoting her businesses. There is a lot of picture and video posts explaining how to use her new crème contour kit and other posts as to dates when the product will be released. There are also other posts for dates of other items that will be released, such as her collaboration lip gloss kits with her sister Kylie Jenner. When she is not sharing posts with her fans of products and release dates, she shares pictures of her children and family. Her profile picture is one of herself, modeling her new crème contour kit (the caption reads: KKW BEAUTY Crème Contour and Highlight Kit coming 6.21 KKWBEAUTY.COM) and she does not have a cover image. Kim follows only 10 people on her Facebook page and it is all her family sisters, her mother, E!News, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Facebook page. Kim does not share much in the “About” tab. She has a link to her website and has a link to her blog, which is actually part of her website, and twitter. She does however share with us one quote which reads “where I’m meant to be…”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.37.51 PM

As I took the time to analyze her Facebook page, I realized that her profile is mostly advertisement for her companies. Above I shared one company Kim Kardashian West owns herself and a collaboration she did with her sister Kylie for lip gloss kits. She also has owns a company with her husband, Kayne West, called “Kids Supply” in which she has shared pictures and videos with her fans of what the kid’s clothes and shoes look like and what sizes they come in, as well as release dates. Kim also owns her own game for cell phones which is called “Kim Kardashian Game” which you can download in the app store, which she shares posts with her fans for that as well. Another business Kim owns for cell phone is an app called “KIMOJI” which is an emoji pack for texts with multiple different pictures. You can also buy merchandise from the KIMOJI business such as cell phone cases, sandals, hats, shirts, ect, which is also promotes on Facebook. When Kim is not promoting all of her businesses she owns, she shares posts with links to her blog. In each post she writes, it almost always will contain a picture of a video and some type of link to access what it is she’s promoting at the time.

I think Kim’s Facebook page is actually very useful for her because she uses it all for advertisement. She shares very little about her private life on there however, she does use Twitter and Instagram for that. One thing I do think she could improve on Facebook is make more of an effort to reach out to fans by following them or answering back to comments. Speaking of comments, she receives a lot of them on each post. The most recent 5 have 540, 110, 603, 114, and 418. The one with the most comments ironically is a picture of her daughter Norths dog. I think that is ironic because out of the other 4 posts it was all promoting her business and the one post about something personal to her has the most comments. I did also notice that most of the comments on her picture are very negative and hateful which is very unfortunate.

On Kim’s Twitter profile, she has the same photo as her Facebook does and no banner. Her bio includes a link to the app store to download her “Kim Kardashian Game”. Her most popular tweets are all written by her. Just like Facebook, she is using Twitter to promote her business. She tweets different pictures and videos of clothing from her and Kayne’s clothing line and pictures of her crème contour kits. However, on Twitter, she posts more photos for fans to get an insight to her life. She tweets photos of her daughters favorite clothing and tweeted a birthday shout out to her niece, Penelope.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.44.43 PM

Kim interacts a lot more on Twitter with her fans than she does on Facebook. She re-tweets certain things fans tweet to her and will also write back to them. When Kim tweets back to her fans, it’s always responding back to nice tweets and she is very nice and professional right back. When analyzing her Twitter I never saw her retweet any mean tweets however, I did notice that she only has 5 liked tweets and one of them was a mean one.  I think Kim’s interactions with her fans is great. I think something she could do better though is tone down the promotions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.47.55 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.47.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.46.50 PM

Kim’s profile picture on Instagram is the same as her Facebook and Twitter profile. Her bio this time includes a link to her KKW beauty website. I like Kim’s Instagram the best because she shares a lot more personal photos on here than she does anywhere else. She posts a lot of pictures of her family which includes her husband, daughter, son, sisters, mother, brother and many pictures with friends. However, she still does a lot of promoting on Instagram as well just not as much

I think what she does well in this situation is showing the world that she’s not just all about business she does have a real life, too. Something I think she needs to improve on is interacting more with her fans because she doesn’t do so on Instagram. When reading the comments on the most recent 5 pictures, I noticed that in this case it was actually a lot of spam. Here and there when you can get past the spam, there were actually good comments unlike her comments on Facebook. She gets the most likes on her Instagram photos than any of her other social media websites and I noticed that the pictures with the most likes are the ones that include her children or nieces and nephews (guilty of being one of those likes!).

After analyzing all of Kim Kardashians social media profiles, I’ve learned that she is the most successful in interacting with her fans on Twitter. I think that the way Twitter is set up with only allowing people to write 140 characters makes it easier for her to do so unlike Facebook and Instagram where you can write as much as you want. The social media profile Kim has that is most appealing is her Instagram. I think with Instagram, the fact that she can post a single photo or video and reach out to her fan base is huge. Yes, she promotes her businesses on Instagram too but the photos she chooses to post for it are more appealing than seeing them on Facebook and Twitter. All in all, I think that Kim is using all of her social media profiles in the correct way which is – promoting her business and at the same time reaching out to her fans.

Case Study #3 – Travis Scott

Jacques Webster Jr. or better known for his stage name Travis Scott is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Houston, Texas. Travis Scott signed his first major-label deal with Epic records in 2012 and followed that up by signing with Kanye Wests’ GOOD Music label to be apart of Wests’ production team. Travis Scott is mainly known for his work with A-List rappers such as Kanye West, Big Sean, DJ Khaled, Quavo, and many more. His single “Antidote” reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015.

  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook likes: 1.1 million
  • # of Twitter followers: 1.6 million 
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity follows: 776
  • # of Tweets: 432 
  • Twitter username: trvisXX
  • # of Instagram posts: 2,508
  • # of Instagram followers: 5 million 

Facebook Analysis: 

On Travis Scotts Facebook page the first thing we notice are his high quality photos he uses for his profile and cover photos. The cover photo is the cover of his latest album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight” which dropped in 2016, an obvious sign of promotion for his album. 

We also see content related to his music videos which he has already released and other photos from his wild concerts. There are also links to his website and where you could buy his music. We can also see more information related to his upcoming shows, the latest is a show with 2 Chainz in Buffalo, NY. He posts many flyers for his upcoming shows on his Facebook page which attract a lot of attention. The posts, I assume are done by his social media team and not Travis Scott himself. Under the about tab we see where he’s from, the label he’s signed to, the genre of his music, and more links to his music. In the comments under his posts you can see how excited fans are to see Travis Scott going to a city near them.
Twitter Analysis:

For Travis’s twitter profile we can see that his banner is the same as his Facebooks, the album cover for his latest album. His profile picture features an action figure resembling Travis which was also used for the album cover of his first studio album titled “Rodeo”. 

We can see that Travis likes to retweet fans that buy into his music. He also has a pinned tweet that is a link to his music video titled “goosebumps”. His retweets are almost always music related and are shed in a positive manner. We can also see more links in Travis’s bio urging his fans to go out and buy his music. Travis likes to tweet out links to his music videos, tweets to lucky fans, pictures of him whether it’s a photoshoot or just a picture of him at one of his concerts. Though not all of his tweets are spelled correctly his fans are very interactive on twitter and constantly show support for the Houston native. I have good reason to believe that Travis is the actually the guy behind the twitter account because of his carelessness for punctuation and grammar, that’s just the kind of guy Travis Scott is though. 

Instagram Analysis:
On Travis Scotts Instagram profile we can see his profile picture is of him in action figure form once again like we saw on his twitter account. We also see more links to Apple Music where you can buy his music. You also get more information about to who exactly his is working for with “Cactus Jack Records” in his bio.

Travis’s photos range from the things he’s buying to the places he’s touring and everything in-between. He receives hundreds of thousands of likes on all of his photos so it’s hard to pick which ones are his most successful because they simply all are, that’s how big his folllwing is. My advice to him would be to keep doing what he’s doing as far as social media goes because he garnishes a lot of attention via Instagram. We can see his fans interact a lot as well with thousands of comments under every single one of his photos, with comments showing support flooding in daily. It’s hard to spot out any hate towards him with all the comments being mainly supportive which is how every artist would like to be perceived. I believe with his Instagram account, Travis as well as his social media team take turns posting content because some posts are neatly created while others show that same lack of grammar and punctuation like we saw on his twitter account. 

It’s no surprise that Travis Scotts most popular social media platform is Instagram where he sports a whopping 5 million followers, 4 million more than his Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is due to the fact that he posts much more frequently on Instagram with 2,500 posts thus far which is significantly more posts than his twitter and Facebook accounts. He posts pictures of his everyday life and what he gets into on a daily basis which is what his fans want to see, Travis is killing the Instagram game and shows no signs of slowing down, and with more music on the way we can expect more shows and more followers. Keep doing you Travis. 

Miley Cyrus


I decided to do my case study on a celebrity I have been a fan of for a very long time, Miley Cyrus. As a child I loved Hannah Montana, and as she evolved from there I went with her. She is very inspiring to me because she is not afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in. On Facebook, her URL is and she currently has 46,176,746 likes, which is crazy. On Twitter, her user name is @MileyCyrus. She currently follows 372 accounts and has 34 million followers. She has tweeted 8,623 times since joining Twitter in March of 2011. Finally, on Instagram, her handle is @MileyCyrus. She follows 510 accounts and has 69.4 million followers, with 6,354 posts total.

The first platform I am going to evaluate is Facebook. Her profile has evolved over the years, and right now she has a pretty headshot as her profile picture. Her cover photo is promoting some of her new music, called “Inspired.” It shows her laying in the grass, which is appropriate because her image nowadays is of a nice country girl. She looks very innocent.

Miley does not have a lot of information in the “About” section of her Facebook profile. She has only listed her basic information, such as her music genre, hometown, record label, gender, and location. In the biography section, she only lists the bare-bones of what she does (“Singer, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Actress”) and promotes some of her new music. I think this is a good way to show her fans what she does without boring them with a long description.

Her most popular posts are definitely the posts promoting her new songs. She did get some good attention on some selfies and some memorial posts, but for sure what garnered the most was her new song “Malibu.” Most of her posts contain either a photo or video, which I like because they are engaging, and all seem like they are written by the singer herself. Also included on the page are links to her Vevo, Newsletter, Instagram, and Twitter. She has liked a few other pages on Facebook, but most of them are either foundations or big corporations. There is also a lot of audience interaction on her page. He acknowledges her fans in tribute videos and there are countless comments on all of her posts. Most of the comments are positive because she just gives out a positive vibe. I think most of the page is very well done. It is all her original content, and she posts regularly. The only way I think that it could be improved is if she were to reply to fan comments in the comment sections of her posts. That would seem more personal to me.

Miley has the same exact cover photo and profile picture on her Twitter as she does her Facebook, which is not surprising. In her “About” section, she keeps it short and sweet. She promotes her new music that is available on iTunes, and has a link to music streaming website Spotify. She also links the Twitter handle of her philanthropic foundation, Happy Hippie Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to help homeless LGBTQ youths. Finally, she has a link to her main website. Her most popular tweet is her pinned tweet, where she has a photo of herself and a link to her new song “Inspired.” Her tweets contain mostly photos, with the occasional video and sometimes just text, and are all written by her.

Miley always makes sure to acknowledge her fans, even though she does not directly respond to tweets. She tweets about her fans, though. People tweet at her all the time, because she has a huge fan base. She mostly retweets tweets that relate to her in some way, and all of her posts are positive and generally have an upbeat vibe to them.

On Instagram, Miley’s profile picture is the same at it is on both Twitter and Facebook. I like that it is consistent, but it would be nice to switch it up between platforms. In her bio, she promotes her new music “Malibu” and “Inspired.” I think promoting in this way is a good tactic for marketing because this way all of her fans know what she is doing and where to find her new music. Her most popular posts on this platform are generally selfies. She has a very cheery looking face, and her fans are very dedicated, so this does not surprise me. I also feel that in some way, Instagram was partly made for selfies so she is using it to her full advantage. The most popular videos are selfie videos as well, of her just doing her thing and being goofy. I think that most of her page is very well done, but as I said before, I think that it may be a good idea for her to switch up her profile and cover photos between platforms. It will keep people on their toes in my opinion. The audience also participates a lot by posting lots of comments on her photos and videos, but generally they are all very positive. She has a good fan base and calls them “Smilers,” which is a good indication of their disposition.

I think that Miley is most successful with interaction on her Instagram account. I feel like this is the platform where we get to see the most of what she is really like. We can see this on the other accounts too, but it shows the most on Instagram. She does not interact with fans directly on any of her accounts, but we still get to see what she is really like as a person. I also think that her Instagram is her most appealing account. I like how it is all visual and we really get a look into her life, whereas her other accounts have some different forms of media such as text-only posts. I think that Miley’s social media accounts are overall very well done.

Case Study # 3


The celebrity that I choose for this assignment is Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is a very talented and well-known actor in many popular movies such as DeadPool. He has all the popular social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. His Facebook username is Ryan Reynolds and Facebook account is Ryan is currently Following 3.4 million people on Facebook. While 3.5 million people Follow him back. He joined Twitter in November 2014 with the username @vancityreynolds. Here is his account:  On Twitter, he Follows 273 people. While 5.81 million people Follow him back. He has also Tweeted 869 times. Ryan’s Instagram username is vancityreynolds and his account is He is currently Following 52 people. While 12.8 million people Follow him back. Ryan has posted 232 pictures on Instagram. These are the only social media platforms that Ryan Reynolds have accounts with.



Facebook – Ryan Reynolds Facebook page consists of a profile picture of himself taken at a premiere for a movie or TV show. His cover picture is of him showing off a motorcycle to someone that could be one of his friends. The “ABOUT” tab has the following information:


Public Figure

Send Message link

Ryan post a variety of posts containing videos, pictures and articles. His most popular post is a picture of a child dressed in a Deadpool custom posing the same way Ryan does in the movie. In the same picture but just the bottom half his Ryan doing the same thing. This picture has 107K likes. Most of the posts are created by Ryan himself just like the most popular picture was.

While looking through his page I notice most of audience does participate in his posts. The comments are all positive. Since most people that like his page are huge fans of his. I believe has a celebrity he does an excellent job with is Facebook page.

Twitter – Ryan Reynolds Twitter profile picture consists of himself sitting on sitting smiling and looking off to the left just a bit. His cover photo is just a picture of him dressed as his most popular character Dead Pool. His bio just introducing himself in a short sentence. His two most popular tweets was a retweet and an original. The retweet was from Justin Trudeau who is the Prime Minster of Canada and the original one was him dressed as Deadpool.

Ryan’s Tweets are a mixture of pictures, videos, words and retweets. He tries to reply to any Tweets that are directed towards him.  The comments to these posts are always positive.

Instagram – Ryan’s profile picture for his Instagram is the same as his profile picture for his Twitter account.  His bio is quite simple “I can’t feel your legs.” The most popular photo is the same picture as the most popular on Facebook. This post got 970,878 likes.  His recent posts were very popular with positive comments as well.  I believe his Instagram is very well presented and maintained.


Through my analysis of all three of Ryan Reynolds social media accounts, I have determined that his Instagram account is the most successful.  I believe this because of the way it is presented. The account is updated with the most appealing photos. I also believe that as a celebrity he has one the best appropriate, refreshing social media platforms out there.

Ryan reynolds family

Case Study #3: David Gray

David Gray is an English singer-songwriter. Gray started his career in 1992, released his first studio albums in 1993 and 1994, and finally gained worldwide recognition in 2000 after the release of his fourth album and my favorite, White Ladder.

David was born on June 13, 1968 in Sale, Trafford, England, United Kingdom. His genres include Rock, folk rock, folktronica and his instruments include vocals, guitar, piano & keyboards, and harmonica. Gray has signed with the folowing labels Hut, IHT (founded and owned by Gray),  Polydor, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada), Kobalt[2].


  • Facebook:
  • 441,345 Likes on Facebook
  • Twitter: @DavidGray
  • 223 thousand followers on Twitter / Following 47 Twitter users
  • 1,870 Tweets
  • Joined Twitter in March 2009
  • Instagram: davidgray
  • 20.1 thousand followers on Instagram / Not following any Instagram users
  • 938 Instagram posts


David Gray FB

David Grays Facebook page is full of content related to his concerts, public announcements regarding new releases and upcoming tours, worldwide performances, and numerous videos and photos he takes while on tour. Most of his posts include a picture or video and Gray allows his fans to get a nice glimpse of behind the scene footage by sharing pre-show dressing room clips and walk to stage videos.

It appears that Gray is in full control of his Facebook posts and utilizes it to stay engaged with his fan base. One of his videos includes a tribute to his fans on the last day of a tour. His “notes” section is a nice compilation of post concert thoughts and photo’s he captures of the area he’s touring in. From my perspective, he takes great shots. His five most recent posts relate to his upcoming tour which he is co-headlining with Alison Krauss. Comments vary in subject/tone but relate mostly to concerns about ticket pre-orders, complaints from fans regarding his choice of concert venue locations and shouts of joy for those that were lucky enough to purchase tickets. I was one of them!

The “about” tab provides a nice biography regarding his journey in writing songs for his 10th album Multineers which Gray described as a painful process but was quoted as saying “I think if you’re going forward with an open heart, good things will happen,” says David. “You have to sort of tear up the past and let it go.” Sounds like he did, take a listen:


David Gray TwitterDavid Gray joined Twitter in March, 2009. His Twitter profile and banner pictures are the same as his Facebook account. His posts are the same as his Facebook content which is a combination of tour dates, and photos either he or someone else has taken of him at various concert venues and other locations. I didn’t notice a lot of fan interaction but many people “like” or “share” his posts and some post comments, mostly positive. Based on the way the tweets are written, I would say David Gray and his publicist control his Twitter account. Posts announcing concert dates seem to be written by a manager or publicist but others seem to come right from his heart like the tweet about his Grandmother, Olive Robinson posted on January 31st, 2017 (what would have been his Grandmothers 100th Birthday.) The tweet promoted the release of his new songs honoring Olive,  “All My Last Things” and “An Eclipse”

Overall, I think his page is simple and easy to follow, but it would be much more interesting if Gray were more interactive with his fan base.


David Gray Instagram

David Gray has been active on Instagram since June, 2012. His profile picture appears to be a selfie of his shadow and his bio includes his name, number of posts, followers and those he is following. Gray uses the space directly below that section to promote:

David Gray “The Best Of David Gray” out now.

Grays most popular photos include a selfie taken in front of street art/grafitti on May 23rd with the caption “After a weird night of bad dreams a beautiful crowd tonight in Ann Arbor. Thank you for hauling me up from the all engulfing darkness. Thoughts fly back to Manchester. Sickening.” Posted one day following the Manchester attack. That photo captured 2134 likes and 46 comments. “Cheers Oslo, without a doubt my favourite gig in Norway so far.” came in second with 2,207 likes and 71 comments. The photo is another selfie of Gray but in this one he’s clutching a Heineken. Grays most popular video captured 3,367 likes and 25 comments and is titled “Life In Snow Motion” The video is of a motorized snow man tipping his hat.

Appears to be related to this DG song “Life in Slow Motion:

From my perspective Grays Instagram account is in great shape. It’s full of high quality pictures that capture your eye and draw you in with intriguing captions. The only area that needs improvement is with audience engagement and for him to start following others.


David Gray is most active and interactive with his fan base on Facebook. Gray is quick to respond to complaints and attempts to keep his followers up to date with his tour schedules. However, I find his Instagram account to be more appealing because of the number of personal photo’s he has shared.

For more information about David Gray, check out:


Case Study #3 (Live Aquaria)

A pair of Clownfish I bought on Live Aquaria

Live Aquaria is a company that allows you to purchase fish and have them shipped overnight to your doorstep. There are a few different websites that offer a similar service but there’s a couple of things that make Live Aquaria stand out. Firstly, they have an “arrive alive, stay alive” guarantee that allows you to buy a fish without having to worry about losing your money if it doesn’t ship well. If the fish arrives dead, or dies, within 14 days you get your money back. Something that most other competing sites don’t offer. If you’re lucky, you’d get your money back if a fish is dead on arrival. After you open the bag, it’s your loss. But not with Live Aquaria. The other thing that makes them unique is the “Diver’s Den” which is especially unique because the picture of the fish that you see on the website is exactly the fish that you will receive if you buy it. Most websites offer representative photos and you likely end up with a fish that is less than ideal. These two services are what makes Live Aquaria special, so, if I was running their social media program I would focus on those two areas. So, let’s see how they do.


A Discus that I bought on Live Aquaria

The company’s Facebook page is by far and away it’s best social media network. They have over 100,000 likes and a 4.2 out of 5 star rating out of over 500 reviews. The one thing right off the bat I would change is the banner. The cover photo on Facebook is of a random fish, I would instead use this space to advertise the “arrive, alive. stay alive” guarantee. Other than that, everything is spot on. The company not only interacts with it’s customers but they even share videos that people post of the new fish that they purchase. This is a great way to build a relationship with current clients and to encourage new clients to make a purchase. The other good thing that they do on Facebook is every evening they share a picture of one of the WYISYG fish from the day’s upcoming Diver’s Den selection with a description of what the fish are, why you should buy them and a link to visit the Diver’s Den to get more information and see all of their other fish for sale.

Twitter & Instagram:

I’m going to lump both Twitter and Instagram together because they do a very poor job with both of these networks. Instagram is especially bad. They have nearly 13k likes on the network and it certainly is an afterthought for their marketing department. They post a picture every night of the Diver’s Den specimen that is highlighted on Facebook, however, the description is almost non-existent and there is no link to buy the fish or even mentioning that the fish is for sale. It seems to me that the potential to share stunning pictures of specimens that the viewer could buy immediately is totally wasted. If I were in-charge of the company’s marketing I would do a similar thing that they do on Facebook as well as holding contests to showcase fish that customers have previously  purchased. Now, onto Twitter. They have 8.4k followers on Twitter, it’s used a little bit better than Instagram but not nearly as well as Facebook. They have one pinned video about why to choose Live Aquaria which is good but other than that, it’s just a feed generated from Facebook it looks like. The picture of the featured Diver’s Den specimen is posted along with a very brief description and a link. The only reason that it’s better than Instagram is because of the link. I would use Twitter as a way for fans to ask questions and get them answered more and continue sharing the featured fish of the day. I would also take advantage of polls and possibly get people’s opinions on which fish they want to see become available for sale first and why.


Overall, I think that Live Aquaria is a great company and their Facebook page backs that up. They put a lot of effort into it and it shows, nearly 10 times the followers than their other social networks. With a few simple changes, I think that it’d be quite easy for Live Aquaria to boost their sales as well as customer satisfaction by more effectively using both Instagram and Twitter.

Thomas Luther Bryan

LUKEBRYANThomas Luther Bryan is best known as Luke Bryan. He is a 40 year old country singing sensation! Be began his career in the early 2000’s with his first album Spring Break. Since then he has released five more albums, picking up quite the fan base. With singles such as Country Girl, Kick the Dust Up, and Play it Again. He is a family oriented man with the goal to make music and spread happiness around like confetti.


  • URL:
  • 8,702,579 Likes on Facebook
  • Instagram: lukebryan
  • 3.7 Million followers on Instagram
  • 612 Instagram posts
  • Twitter: @LukeBryanOnline
  • 9,085,372 followers on Twitter
  • 3,946 Tweets
  • Joined Twitter in October of 2008


LukeBryan_HFE_FBYoastLuke’s Facebook page contains many posts about topics such as concert tours, merchandise, concert images, special announcements, and even his own personal images and videos. You can see that the majority of the posts are made by him and he even sponsors people like Chevy on his Facebook page.

His profile image is a professional photograph of himself showing off those pearly white teeth. He is wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt with a jean jacket and some blue jeans. very causally dressed. He looks as though he is back stage at one of his concerts. His cover photo is an advertisement for his latest concert, Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day. Luke Bryan looks like he his on stage in a casual t-shirt and a backwards hat off to the left if the advertisement.

Luke Bryan’s Facebook has multiple tabs across the top to get you to different sections of his page. The home link shows you everything post-wise. The about link tells you his genre of music, home town, record label and even his biography! The events link shows you his concert yours. The photo and video links have all his images and home videos as well as professional ones. He has a shop link for merchandise and a community link to show you all his likes and followers. He has a lot to offer on his Facebook!


LukeLuke Bryan has an Instagram with 3.7 million people following him. His first post was from April 8th, 2013. He has a total of 612 posts and most are family oriented. his profile picture is another professional photo of himself in a casual grey t-shirt. The usual for him. His bio only contains his current tour, which automatically links you to a page to buy tickets. (I’ve seen him in concert three times).

Most of his posts are about his family. Whether is be his wife and kids of the dog. He also posts concert pictures, videos of him talking to his fans, and advertisements for his tours. His audience is very nice and supportive! You rarely see negative or mean comments on his social media accounts. Luke gets most of his likes on his personal posts.


Luke Bryan joined the twitter world back in 2008. His profile picture this time is juts a man and his son dressed in camo, fishing on a rock. The banner is the same as his Facebook cover photo, advertising for his Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day tour. The bio consists of the music album that is currently available and his home town. Very generic.

Mr. Bryan is a fan of his own fans. He re-tweets their tweets as well as sharing videos and photos in relation to him and his music. He does contests on twitter page and like all his other social medias he is open about his personal life. He sponsors Chevy on all his social medias and you can tell that he makes the tweets. He tweets at his friends, family, and other celebrities but very rarely will you catch him tweeting at a fan. All his posts are positive and most made about him are too!


Overall, Luke Bryan is very connected to the outside world. He shares everything with his fans and stays connected as well as anyone can. I think he should put more into his bio on each social media because they are all very generic and simple but other than that, he gets a lot across to his fans and family in each post.


Take a loot at this and visit the site below!