Case Study #4 – Example #2


I have chosen the company Starbucks for this case study. The Facebook link to Starbucks is:  The Twitter username for Starbucks is @Starbucks. There are just over 37 million people who like Starbucks on Facebook! Starbucks joined Twitter on November 2006. They have 11.9 million Twitter followers and are following approximately 97,900 Twitter users. In addition, the coffee company has a whopping 139,000 tweets, but that is to be expected with businesses rather than individual users. On Instagram, the username is @starbucks. Starbucks has 16.6 million followers on Instagram and are only following 3,087 instagram users. 


The Starbucks profile picture on Facebook is the famous brand’s logo, a green siren from a 16th century Nordic woodcut. The company’s cover photo gives a feel of summer with four different Starbuck’s drinks (coffee, tea, Frappuccino) on a table with a sunny background and a bush or tree with colorful flowers. Under the “about” tab, viewers can see an “Our Story” heading with a “see more option” underneath. In summary, Starbucks is welcoming visitors to give ideas, feedback and constructive criticism if they wish. There is also a section with information about Starbucks Facebook Terms of Use. Some popular timeline posts include the company posting a picture of the Strawberry Acai Refresher which received 75,000 likes/reactions and another post of the company sharing a picture of the new Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher which received 70,000 likes/reactions. Almost every post by Starbucks has a picture or video. Some posts have a link to an article but most consist of a caption with a picture. The majority of Starbucks’ Facebook posts are created by them and are not reposts. The company’s facebook page likes numerous pages on Facebook such as Tazo Tea, Playing for Change, Starbucks Facebook pages for other countries, Starbucks Partners, Shakira, and more. There is also the option to view Starbucks locations, Starbucks Pinterest, careers at Starbucks, international Starbucks, etc.

Starbucks is very good at presenting their beverages to look delicious and refreshing. They are additionally great at responding to customer comments and concerns. I notice other good marketing strategies such as them keeping up with current events as well. The only thing that they could possibly improve is having the option to order older Starbucks drinks that are no longer available, since there are many complains about that. I know it is not reasonable to bring back every single one, but maybe just the ones that are desired most by customers. 

There is a lot of customer interaction on the Starbucks Facebook page, however, the comments are typically either complaints or questions. The commenting is definitely more negative from what I am reading. The comments with questions typically consist of people asking when a drink that Starbucks used to sell is coming back. When followers like a post by Starbucks, they will usually just show love by simply liking the post. 


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The profile picture and banner image on Starbucks’ Twitter is the exact same as their Facebook page. I assume that being such a large international company with a logo as famous as theirs is, it makes sense to keep the same profile picture image across all of their social media accounts. The Twitter bio says “Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit—one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time”. One of the most recent popular tweets was, “On 5/29, we’ll close US company-owned stores to conduct racial-bias training to address implicit bias & prevent discrimination. We’re taking a hard look at who we are as a company. We’re ashamed & recognize that racial bias is a problem we must address.” with a link to an article with more information. This tweet received 29,000 likes. Another popular tweet from Starbucks was an apology message about a negative occurrence that happened in their Philadelphia store, “We apologize to the two individuals and our customers for what took place at our Philadelphia store on Thursday.” this tweet received 21,000 likes. Other tweets from the company have an average liking in the range of 400-5000. It seems as though Twitter feeds off of negativity more than Facebook does. Most tweets contain a picture with occasionally a link to an article and retweets relating to their company. For example, Starbucks retweeted a tweet from SIFF announcing to Twitter that they are honored to partner with Starbucks. 

Starbucks is the best at keeping customers updated with news about the company whether thats introducing a new drink or introducing a partnership, etc. They are also excellent at answering customers, even if it is not a question. For example, Starbucks answered a customer compliment, “YAY! We are happy to hear that!”. I believe they do a great job at keeping customers close. When it comes to improvements, I would not suggest any for twitter. The company stays neutral with current events as well, they stay clear in terms of not posting any controversial tweets. Many people tweet to Starbucks, and while Starbucks does reply to many, they are too big of a company to reply to every single tweet about them. They mainly reply questions and concerns from customers. Starbucks typically retweets news updates about their company and customer compliments, so mostly neutral or positive. 

The Starbucks profile picture on their instagram is their siren logo, the same one as Facebook and Twitter’s profile picture. This makes the company stand out when users are on their explore feed, especially at the top section, where there are small profile picture icons of accounts that you do not follow but can view their stories and their profile. The Starbucks instagram bio is the same as Twitter, ” Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time”. Instagram is more similar to facebook in the category of popular posts. Starbuck’s post of the violet drink and the pink drink are among the most popular posts, with 375,482 likes. One of the most popular posts I have ever seen on the Starbucks instagram page is a picture of the pink drink which received 555,309 likes. The instagram content is mostly pictures of Starbucks beverages and people with Starbucks, there are also some videos of drinks that have over a million views. The photos on this instagram page appear to be “picture perfect” and very appealing. I think an improvement could be adding some photos of Starbucks’ famous “secret drinks”, since many people order different things and not just what is displayed on the menu. The comments on the recent posts of Starbucks are mostly positive. I noticed that the most popular comments are people tagging someone else to show them the picture, most likely implying that they should try it together. There were a couple of question comments, similar to Facebooks, of customers asking Starbucks to bring back their favorite drinks. 


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In conclusion, Instagram is the most successful social media platform for Starbucks. They receive the most views and likes on this platform, I assume because the Starbucks customers and audience mainly consist of millennials who are on instagram the most. Twitter seems to be the least popular social media platform for this company, mostly gaining attention from negative posts. Twitter is more of a news platform for Starbucks, while Facebook and Instagram is marketing, popular opinion, and customer based. Instagram is also more appealing because of the refreshing photos of all of the beverages, with all of the pretty colors and photo editing to make them more desirable. I believe many people like pictures better than words for companies because people like to see what they are buying, not have it described.