Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

For this case study, you will select a blog to analyze. You can choose any topic you would like (for example: hiking, cooking, yoga, religion, entertainment, etc.) Do not choose a company blog – pick a personal blog written by one individual.

You will post your case study to the class blog as a blog post. This means you can include hyperlinks, images and/or videos.

Your case study should be between 800-1200 words, and be structured in the format below.


This is where you will write a short paragraph describing the blog. Make sure to include the following information:

  • Title of the Blog
  • Author
  • Blog Topic
  • The web address


Now you will examine the blog closely, and analyze the following elements:

Layout – in a few paragraphs, describe the visual layout of the blog. Things to look for:

  • Header
  • Title
  • Subheader/Tag Line
  • Info about the Author
  • Menu
  • Widgets
  • Social Media Links
  • Footer
  • “About Me” page

Content – in a few paragraphs, describe the content of the blog. What are the most popular posts? Do posts contain pictures? Videos? Both? Are they created by the author, or are the images taken from somewhere else? Are the titles of the blog posts compelling? If not, what could the blogger do better? Aside from the blog entries, what other content is included on the blog? What information is included on the “About Me” page? Make sure to analyze what the blogger does well, and what they could improve.

Also weave information about the Audience Interaction into your analysis. Does the audience participate on the blog? Look at the top five posts for the blog and count the number of comments. If the page includes information on sharing, look to see how many times a post has been shared via social media outlets. Are their social media sharing buttons on each blog post? On the page as a whole? Does the blogger encourage readers to subscribe to the blog?


What does the blog do well? What could be improved?

Here is an example case study.