Olivia Taylor Dudley

Olivia Taylor Dudley is a 31 year old California born actress currently co-starring as Alice Quinn, in the Syfy Channel’s “The Magicians”. Until The Magicians, Dudley was most known for roles in Paranormal Activity, Transcendence, and The Vatican Tapes. She moved to the Los Angeles area at 17 years old and has pursued an acting career since then. She has a decent social media presence and stays engaged with her followers. She appears to have warm feelings for her fans and a desire to stay connected to them through live question answering events and sharing photos of her life.

Ms. Olivia Dudley can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and her most used account… Instagram.

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Instagram is Olivia’s most followed account, by far, with close to 63 thousand followers. She posts regularly with artistically crafted photos, interesting captions, photos of her cast mate, and cute selfies. I regularly see her posting on the Instagram Story, sharing video clips of her dog, adventures, and friends.

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Her next most popular social media platform is Twitter with 26 thousand followers!

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She uses this platform more lightly than Instagram. Mostly retweeting posts by others, sharing “witchcraft and magic” related gifs, reposting media from Instagram, and updates on the Magician’s show schedule.


Finally, Facebook. Olivia Dudley uses this platform the least and has less than 3 thousand followers on this particular platform.

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Much like her other accounts, Olivia reposts photos from Instagram, shares updates of The Magician’s related online events, and show dates. At times she is apart of Q & A events with her fellow cast members in an effort to reach out to fans of the SyFy show.


Overall, I believe her social media presence is moderate. She excels at using Instagram to interact with followers and they enjoy staying in tune to her life. She could improve her Twitter and Facebook accounts by incorporating more original content for each platform, rather than only reposting what she posts on Instagram. From my perspective I see Olivia as classic, quirky, warm, and interesting. I think she portrays that image well through Instagram.

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Gregory Alan Isakov


They say that smell is the strongest memory trigger, but they probably haven’t heard the music of Gregory Alan Isakov As soon as I hear the first few chords of any of his haunting love ballads I’m transported to another time and place. Isakov currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado, but was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. This singer- songwriter has spent his life dedicated to music, he started traveling with a band since the age of 16 and has been touring ever since. All of his social media accounts seem to have a similar way about them across the board. The posts are fairly streamlined and match what is posted on all profiles. Facebook has the most followers at 103 thousand. Instagram has the second largest following bringing in 35.8 thousand people. Twitter is in at number 3 in the ranking of accounts with only 16.4 thousand follows.




Gregory’s Facebook page is clean, mellow, and perfectly in line with the way the musician presents himself on all social media platforms. With just north of 106k likes, his page is focused on providing you the information needed to attend a live concert, links to other sites, dreamy photographs from Instagram, and a brief biography. This left side bar of this page is well used, with each section adequately filled out and simple buttons to purchase tickets to future events. His “about” page lists music genre, band members, current location, general manager/booking/publicity contact info. The heading photo displays album art from his most recent release, his profile photo sets the tone, and each post (state update, photo, video, and tour update) is followed by heartfelt comments from adoring fans. Mr. Isakov’s Facebook profile has added 139 photos to the timeline, but there have been 1,550 photos posted by patrons of the page.

I love the relaxed approach used on Gregory’s Facebook profile, its simplicity makes it a breeze to navigate. My only suggestion to improve fan interest would be that he posts more videos. The music is captivating, videos would help draw in new interest and would engage fans further. In addition he could respond more to fans comments to help them feel more connected to him.

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Gregory Alan Isakov’s Twitter bio is where the seemingly serious artist shows more of his personality. Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.12.25 AM.png

@GregoryAIsakov Joined Twitter, in July of 2009 and has acquired 16.4 thousand followers in the last 8 years.

Isakov’s account on Twitter helps fans stay informed of upcoming shows and display’s the artist’s excitement for the next city he will be making an appearance.

He often posts photos from life on the road while touring around the world, gratitude for his fellow musicians, friends, fans, and host cities, articles of interest, and interviews.

I have not seen any negative comments made to or about the musician. He doesn’t seem to engage too much with his followers, but they happily share their praise, tag him in posts, and upload pictures from his concerts that they have attended. I do think it would benefit him to comment more in response to his fan’s posts.



Gregory Alan Isakov has a beautiful Instagram account and although it has less followers than his Facebook page, Instagram is easily his most popular profile. It contains a mis of gorgeous photos from all over the world by the band’s photographer and sometimes reposted photos taken by fans that have attended the concerts.

His profile photo is the same one used on Twitter, which is a vintage looking sepia toned photo of what appears to be two men looking through binoculars in military style coats.

The bio reads: “Gregory Alan Isakov leaning out for love and I’ll lean that way forever”. Which pretty accurately represents his music style and feelings towards life, love, and music.


There may only be 221 photos posted to date, each photo has around 2000-4000 likes and 20-60 comments. Like the rest of his online presence indicates, fans feel authentically positive about this artist and aren’t afraid to tell him. They ask him about what part of Colorado he resides, express excitement about seeing him at future tour locations, comment on the beauty of the photos posted to his instagram, and even request extra show dates if a concert is sold out.



Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.29.43 PM

His social media popularity has increased rapidly in the last few years mostly due to word of mouth or Instagram endorsements from poets like @TylerKnot. If you put all of these accounts together in a side by side comparison, they pan out about the same. All accounts contain incredible photos from show’s the band has play around the world and powerful images of the artist and his close relationship with the band. An onslaught of expressions of love from fans who feel intensely connected to the singer through his music and a large number of likes.

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Case Study #2 (Bruno – The Geeky Explorer)


The Geeky Explorer travel blog is brought to you by Bruno, a native of the Azores Islands in Portugal. His tagline reads “TravelSmart” and his blogging personality is transparent.
Bruno markets himself as realest when it comes to travel. With no thailand-island-hopping-railay-beachdesire to spend exorbitant amounts of money on metropolitan luxuries or 5 star hotels, this explorer lives the life of locals with an adventurous twist. He is upfront about himself and frank with his words…

“Sorry, Honesty policy around here!”

“This is a BS-free zone”

And makes you chuckle from realness now and then.


The Geeky Explorer website is easy to navigate, inviting, and minimalist. You’re introduced to Bruno immediately as he directs you to where he would like you to begin your journey through his blog. He starts with what he calls “good travel resources”. Bringing your attention to the various sites and gadgets that he uses on his excursions into the world.  In this moment he does something important for his financial stability. He uses this as a step one marketing opportunity for companies that probably sponsor him to use their products. Brilliant Bruno, just brilliant.

At the top of his blog he has essential sitscreen-shot-2017-02-27-at-6-32-55-pme navigation links on the left and social media connections to the right in addition to a small search symbol. Bruno makes himself accessible by inviting his followers and potential new readers into all the parts of his online presence. He displays links to “Most
popular travel tips” and “recent articles” he’s written on the home page. At the end of his page he has a gallery strip of photos from his gorgeous Instagram account and reminds you of the opportunities you have to connect to him online. All of these elements are subtle and not overly cluttered or obnoxious.

I found it most appealing to begin making my way through his blog from left to right, starting at the “Blog” link. It shows there are 79 results in this section with the blog links dominantly placed on the left side with equally spaced rectangular images and the title. On the right he directs you again to the various sections he presents to you on his site.



The blog posts on Geeky Explorer are to the point and vibrant. Each photo carefully selected to showcase a point he is hoping to drive home. Lush scenery, cool creatures, adventure ideas, hiking trails, packing tips, and full day itineraries fill the pages of his posts. His writing is well connected and meant to be appreciated by the every man. The photography is well composed but not overly stylized. He does a wonderful job at making you feel like he truly desires to bring you along on a real journey.

Bruno tells you a little about himself, without divulging too much of his personal life. It feels like a nice balance of getting to know someone without the annoyance of a humble brag attitude. He was born in the beautiful Azores islands off the coast of Portugal. Spent a few years in major cities throughout the country such as Lisbon and Porto before relocating to Barcelona, Spain. This self proclaimed technology addict and smart traveling aficionado his enjoyable, knowledgeable, and making us all wish we we’re there on all of his explorations.how-to-stay-safe-in-rio-touristy-spots

If given the opportunity to revamp some of his writing style, I might suggest he loses the “I’m not like those other snobby bloggers” attitude and keep the focus on appreciating the way he enjoys to travel. I think he is able to get his point across by saying what he values rather than what kind of blogger he is not. At time his “I’m the realest” attitude can be negatively geared towards those who like to travel in a more lavish way. Some ways of traveling aren’t for everyone, but there is certainly nothing wrong enjoying the finer things if you can afford to do so.

His posts typically see about 4-20 comments and offer things like interactive maps, more specialized links for tools to book your flights, hotels, adventure guides, links to his Instagram page, restaurant tips, and more.


Bruno, overall does a great job at doing exactly what he claims, delivering a perspective on traveling that is an exciting and a well balanced approach to travel. He curates lists of restaurants and activities at moderate prices. Shows you an “off the beaten path” way of wandering through the world.

Since I have been planning for my summer two week trip to Portugal, the Geeky Explorer has been my go to for travel tips. His easy to follow posts and writing  combined with the plotted places and points he thinks you should check out on both mainland Portugal and the Azores Islands. I’m excited to see the country through his eyes. It will be a true test  of his abilities as a blogging travel guide.





Music Simplified. Spotify.

There was once a time when my music exposure was reliant on an excellent movie soundtrack, the radio or spending hours online searching blogs and lists for a new song or artist. Today all of my music needs are all met on one simple application.


I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame, it is one of the 4 major reasons I’m addicted to my phone.

(The other 3 are Google Maps, Instagram, and Texting)

With that being said… Lets get into the ways that Spotify won my heart.

This app really does everything I could want it to do, which is impressive considering I’m fairly particular when it comes to app interfaces.

At first glance you notice that it’s incredibly user friendly. The interface is a dark grey, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Who doesn’t love when things are simple and just make sense?

Spotify Tricks You Need To Try

It’s light on data usage. If you take a minute to adjust the application’s settings, music can be downloaded over wifi and l
istened to offline. Gone are the days of running out of data because you spent hours streaming without a wireless connection.

Oh Wonder @ Royal, Boston 2016

The app plays well with others! It syncs with my SongKick Concert app and lets me know which artist from my library are making appearances at local venues.

Spotify is a fairly affordable service. Unlimited listening for around $12 a month. If I paid for every single song I listen to I’d go broke! Personally, I think the price is a steal and should probably be higher so the artists make more money per listen.

Playlist making – I’m not only listening, I’m participating. As I write this I’m in the middle of designing a brand new summer playlist, from the song selection to the cover image. All I have to do is copy the playlist link and send it to whom

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-3-23-33-pmever I want to listen (anyone can listen even if they aren’t a Spotify user). Instantly inviting the listener to share a vibe and a musical experience. If they have a Spotify account they can follow my playlist and receive notifications every time I add a new song.

Discover Weekly is life. Based on the albums I’ve downloaded, songs I listen to most, and artists I follow; Spotify curates a playlist. It’s become one of the best things about my Monday morning commute, fresh new music without all the busy work. The more I interact with the app the more accurate the song selection becomes. Since using Spotify I’ve been exposed to more musicians than I knew possible.

When it comes to the hierarchy of happiness in my life, music is right up at the top with red wine, weekend flowers, and new dresses. I use music as a way to enhance my experiences. I have the perfect playlist for anything from a serious sweat session at the gym, to spending a lazy afternoon in the Boston Public Garden. It helps me get ready in the morning, makes sitting in traffic more bearable, and provides a way to express emotions without saying a word.

… and Spotify helps to make it all possible.