Mike James on the Web


Mike James is a local Boston, MA hip-hop artist that has, in the last year, expanded his reach quite a bit through online interaction. Mike James’ Facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/notmikejames/   he can also be found on Twitter, his most profound source of social media with 17K followers at @notMicJames and Instagram @notMikeJames with 4,951 Followers

Now on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/1l7MwPGVY8DKe1MNjNbPyg?play=true) and  Apple Music and several other (less mainstream) music sharing platforms, distribution has been a major focal point of the growing artist.

Mike James built a foundation off of the idea of “working from the ground up” and achieving the impossible despite the odds. It is often apparent of this in his music as we hear rhymes about overcoming obstacles in life, or mounting aspirations to come. It is with this message he pushes forward and attracts new fans, whether it be through the uplift of his music, or the style of his merchandise; such as the “hear no evil, see no evil” T-shirt he recently came out with last season for.



Analysis and Evaluation

Mike James uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as his main modes of crowd communication online. In the bio of all social media platforms rests links to his website NotMikeJames.com and his booking email for shows as well as fan-mail and often links to his latest released content.

Facebook is geared more towards fan communication and information, this is where tour/show dates are posted, responses are commented on fan posts and so on. This is where Mike “connects” to his fan on a more personal basis, as well as updating statuses of personal thoughts and opinions to gain feedback from fans as well.

Twitter is Mike’s main platform for marketing of new content and also a side tool for fan interaction. Having just over 6k tweets, he doesn’t tweet all that often as much as he likes and retweets fan posts sharing all of his music links. Others often tweet his links multiple times a day, especially upon their release, whether it be retweets or original posts from fans. This is a major key in the virility of his music releases. It is often seen that the spike in views on new content is within the first few days of release before it seems to die down, along with the promotion. It is for this reason that it is important for Mike to use this time to his advantage.




Instagram is where Mike shows appreciation for his fans more so than anything else. Whether it be posting pictures from shows or screenshots of fan comments on his new releases, this is where the indirect interaction and recognition truly shows through for Mike James.

Spotify and Apple Music are a different type of social media, where interaction is limited but distribution of content is optimal. Fans pay a monthly fee to use the website itself, and in turn are allowed to add songs to playlists and so on at their disposal, artists get cut in on the proceeds. This is a double edged sword, but in a good way, being that Mike not only gets broader grounds for network expansion, but also compensation for it as well!

For those unable, or unwilling to pay for these services, Mike also uses conventional Youtube and Soundcloud for some releases, though some are exclusive to the paid platforms, most likely due to contractual obligation, though most content makes its way to free access eventually, whether it be all at once, or a few weeks after the paid platform release, providing incentive for fans to pay, but also not fully excluding those unable, further reinforcing the message Mike spreads of doing it “for the love” and “for the fans”.


Upon google searching “Mike James” the name itself is home to many diverse individuals that come up firstly, but upon adding the keyword “music” or something of that nature he immediately pops up for us. This is an initial conflict for the young musician seeing that he is still on the rise and the ease of searching his name and finding accurate results is critical for gaining new fans that have little insight on who they’re searching, hence the search. To combat this issue i suggest Mike does some online search engine optimization work, either hiring a company to boost his content to come up earlier in searches. This can be done by targeting blog sites to post about his brand, or to simply release more content in order to bog down the undesired hits when searching his name and, in turn, bring forth the desires links and web addresses, such as his new website; NotMikeJames.com





Photos from Mike James’ IG : @notMikeJames  &   NotMikeJames.com

Mike James:

Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/notmikejames/

Twitter @notMicJames

Instagram @notMikeJames



introductory blog post – John Spencer

Free Falls

By John Spencer

Exploration is a treasured past time of mine, from the searches for new creatures as a child to ventures through the wilderness as an adult, the passion has yet to fade. Fall hunting is a favorite hobby of mine as of late, simply searching the region far and wide for fresh water water holes and springs to swim and dive from.

Far from being the only partaker in this activity, those from all over seem to be apart of the trend. Some start Youtube channels to document and share their adventure locations and experiences while others take to Instagram to post photos and videos alike.

A personal favorite location is Diana’s Bath in North Conway, NH.  http://www.northconwaynh.com/dianas-baths/

After a somewhat brief travel through a plank bridge path lead deep into the wooded area of the region you emerge at the base of a magnificent rock collection mounting itself up the hill it lye on, tricking streams of water down from all angles (photo at top)

The untouched landscape is beautiful for swimming, sun bathing and wandering further into the trails at the top of the rock mass. Unlike most waterfalls sought out to find, this is a quite locally known attraction and many people flood the area in peak tourist season, making it less admirable when certain crowds are around, or just large volumes of people packing the sometimes limited area.

Wherever your location may be, adventuring in pursuit of any landmark, not just waterfalls is a great experience in the wild to see beautiful landscapes, wild life and much more.

John Spencer – Nomadic Matt Travel Blog – REVIEW

Nomadic Matt Travel Blog – REVIEW

February 23, 2017 By John Spencer


Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog (http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/) by Nomadic Matt is a step-by-step breakdown of key tips and tricks to optimizing travel experience, whether it be sites to see, budgets to build around or bringing on photographers to give insight of picture-taking while on vacation.



The general layout of the blog site is a blank white back decorated by a grid style layout of popping photos to grasp attention and real the reader into the content to follow, essentially matching the depicted image.

A graphic logo for the bloggers brand stamps its mark centered in the head of the blog followed by the heading  tag line “Travel Better. Cheaper.Longer.” below the search bar menu to navigate the blog, holding the “about me” tab that brings us to a full overview of his part experience as an office worker and the full transformation into a travel writer and blogger, paired with a video interview for further introspection. Additional tabs include “guides” where readers are provided with tips and trips as well as how to guides on various topics as well as a “community” and “resources” tab to connect with fellow readers and inform themselves. Below the menu and tagline lies a widget to email him directly for travel advice and other inquires of the sort, which is an incredible tool to connect with his audience.

A “Latest Blogs” sectioned is bannered below where the 3 most current blog posts are set on display with a brief description of their contents following the heading photograph for the certain post.

Below latest blogs comes his “most popular travel tips” section and then down to his “books and guides” section where the how to’s spoken of prior are displayed along with books by the author for sale.

The footer of the blog contains social media handles of all platforms as well as a search bar titled “where do you want to go” for people to search travel tips most relevant to their destination goals.



Blog  posts each include the title, publication and link of the author’s name as well as tagline, leading the article, all in focus at the beginning of the introduction prior to the first sections photo setup and title . The author’s name is a link (http://www.nomadicmatt.com/) that brings us to his sort of “about me” page that prompts visitors to email him directly with any inquires as well as other “similar topics” and also tells us of  his New York Times best-selling achievement and travel enthusiasm. Jumping back to the article, a sidebar follows you on the page with Twitter and Facebook widgets along with other side platforms to connect on to be accessible at any section of the article, which is key for networking convenience.

The Blog “10 ways to make the most of your new camera”for example,written on February 13, 2017, current with the most recent trends and topics brings us an experienced individuals views over today’s beginners biggest brick wall moments, is organized in a list type format with individually headed paragraphs, essentially breaking up the article into subsections that include pictures exemplifying the points being made and techniques in use, as well as links to alternate sites that coincide with the concepts being discussed if the reader wishes to go deeper into the topic than what was provided in the article itself.

I chose this specific post because it’s a great example of Matt’s strive for greatness in writing a post on a foreign topic to himself, being a travel writer not a photographer, but he goes out of his way to reach out to and collaborate with Laurence Nolan a professional photographer with The Universe to help write an informative article to post to his blog for his readers.

At the end of each post there is a comment section where readers can give feedback and talk amongst one another to elaborate on topics and most articles have several comments and replies between then, though not doing high numbers a steady flow of readers is evident nonetheless.


Overall I found that Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog is a very resourceful and thriving blog site for travelers of all areas. With a visually pleasing, yet easy to navigate layout it truly appeals to the average internet surfer to the fullest effect.

The tabs and subsections of the blog make it very easy for visitors to focus in on a specific aspect to tender their visit to their specific needs. In addition to this, the blogger does a great job of reaching out to collaborate with photographers travelers and his viewers and incorporate the feedback gained into the content of the blog itself which only increases viewer satisfaction.

Nomadic Matt does an overall great job drawing in the readers with captivating pictures and a great mix of catchy titles and straight to the point information. With over 100k followers on most social media platforms, his methods seem to be catching the right wave.