Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West was born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. Kim is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswomen and model. Kim first gained media attention when she was a friend and stylist to Paris Hilton. Kim then received more media attention when she had made a tape with her former boyfriend Ray J and this video was then leaked in 2007. Kim is the second of four children born to the late Robert Kardashian and his first wife, Kris. The Kardashian name was known in Hollywood because of her father Robert was the founder of Movie Tunes Inc. a movie and marketing company and was also an attorney. The Kardashian name really took off when Kim’s father Robert Kardashian took the roll as one of the lawyers defending former football star, O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. Her father then sadly died in October 2003 from cancer of the esophagus. Kim’s mother Kris, manages Kim and her sibling’s careers. Kim has five siblings, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner. Kim now is married to Kanye West, and has two children, North West (3) and Saint West (1).

As for Kim’s Career, she first started out as a stylist to Paris Hilton. She then translated her brand into a number of things. She first stepped into the business world by forming Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC which was a release of three workout videos staring herself. In 2006, Kim and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe went into business together opening the boutique shop D-A-S-H in Calabasas, California. This boutique was a way to show their own styles and the store featured some of their favorite designers. This store has since expanded to openings of D-A-S-H in Miami, New York and also having pop up shops in Southampton in 2014.

Other than being a business woman with her sisters, her and her family are reality TV stars with their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The E! Network show produced by Ryan Seacrest, the show follows the lives of Kim, her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, brother Robert Jr; mother and manger Kris Jenner, stepfather Bruce Jenner, which has now been referred to as Caitlyn Jenner, and their youngest children Kendall and Kylie.

Ways the celebrity maintains her celebrity status, is by her hit TV show, which has now been going on for 10 years. Kim also has her clothing boutique with her sisters. She now has been known as a “mobile mogul” since she has launched her two apps and website. In June 2014, Kim launched her app; Kim Kardashian: Hollywood which has been a huge success with making $160 million since the launch, with Kim taking home $45 million from the game alone. Kim states that the game is a way for fans to experience things that go on in her life. She has also recently come out with her own emoji’s for iPhone called Kimoji in December. Kim also is an author, she published a 352-page book called Selfish which are all pictures of herself, she first came up with the idea of a book during a vacation to Thailand, when she told her family on their E! show, that a selfie book would be a perfect gift for her husband Kanye West, and then became a book for the rest of the world to buy. The branding of Kim Kardashian is she sticks with what she knows. She is extremely consistent with her brand and always finds ways to improve it. Kim is extremely active on all social medias which have expanded her brand tremendously. Their brand may be trying to convey of being consistent with their content. They love to please their fans and make them happy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.27.40 AM.png     Types of Social Media’s used by Kim Kardashian are Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Kim is very active on all these types of social media. Recently, Kim took 3 months off from all social media when she was robbed, about $10 million dollars at gun point in Paris in October, 2016. She revamped her life and how she acts on social media. Despite the recent time off, Kim is now back on all social media platforms. She lives tweets with fans on Sundays on her Twitter during Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She will Instagram mostly daily depending on what is going on in her life. Snapchat is the most time Kim spends on social media, she has limited what she shows on Snapchat due to her robbery, but she still pleases her fans with showing them what she has been doing during her day. Kim’s digital footprint is very big, if you were to search her on google you could find anything about her and what her and her family are doing. When researching myself you could find stuff from several years ago before she was as popular as she is now. I think Kim’s digital footprint can sometimes be a dangerous thing for her. Recently an article stated that Kim’s robbers may have found her due to her Snapchats. So now that this has happened to Kim she is more aware of what to post and what not to post.

I think Kim is doing a great job with being a reality TV star and a business woman. She has made it so her fans have so much insight in her life. I do not think I would recommend her to do differently, I think at one point she did show to much of her life on social media. Since her robbery in October 2016, she has certainly scaled back on social media use, and has scaled back on showing her jewelry, cars, and expensive clothing. If I could choose to improve the social media presence and digital footprint, it would be not to show as much, but Kim has already done that herself.

Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker, was born April 12, 1988 in Vicenza, Italy. She is an American country pop singer-songwriter and a reality TV personal. She grew up in a military family, as her father served in the U.S Air Force, which resulted in her living in many areas, including Germany, Iowa, Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana. Jessie has two younger siblings, Sydney and John James. She began singing at the age of two and won her first talent contest in Baker, Louisiana. Even before winning the talent contest, Jessie had already begun writing songs on a plastic guitar. She had then performed at SeaWorld and in Warner Robins in 2000. By the age of 15, she made trips to Nashville to sharpen her songwriting skills, she had auditioned with several labels but was turned down by almost all of them in Nashville, except one that offered a development deal.  James soon landed a contract with Mercury Records. With this record company she has produced one studio album called “Jessie James” three EP’s called Comin’ Home number 5 on the US country charts This Christmas number 16 on the US Country Charts, and Gold which is number 5 on the country charts for only being out a month and has also released 12 singles and 8 music videos. James now still works on her music, has a fashion boutique called Kittenish with Kora Rae, has also collaborated with Amore & Sorvete which is a line of bathing suits and bandanas, and has a YouTube channel. In her personal life, she married Eric Decker, a wide receiver for the New York Jets in the NFL on June 22, 2013. Jessie gave birth to first child Vivianne Rose Decker on March 18, 2014, and then gave birth to their second child, Eric Thomas Decker II on September 3, 2015. In the music world Jessie has just released a EP called “Gold” on February 17,2017 and is a very successful EP.

Jessie James Decker Facebook

Number of Facebook Likes: 977,360


The content in Jessie James Decker’s Facebook page is put together nicely. It is a very organized page with a column to the left under the profile picture which has a list of things to navigate you. The list includes About, Tour Dates, Videos, Photos, Likes, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Events, Posts, and Notes. I think this is key to making it easier to find what one would be looking for. It also links all of her other social medias, which can be awesome if you didn’t know she had all of these other ones besides Facebook. I think the profile and cover picture are great, they are both from her current EP Gold, the cover picture has her name in it, with the EP title and says it is available now. The information that is available under the “About” tab is contact info, which includes an email, a link to iTunes to get her newest EP, and links to her Instagram and Twitter. The other information included is the genre of music she sings, band members, gender which she is female and mentions that she is a musician. I could not find “most popular posts” I was not sure if there is a setting to find that out. But when clicking on the posts on the first one to come up was from February 16 which mentions her new EP was available and I noticed it was pinned which means that will be the first one to pop up no matter what.  Jessie’s posts seem to get some love, she lets her fans in on her personal life, which include pictures with her husband, pictures of kids, and stuff going on her life. There are a few video posts which include sneak peeks of her music videos. These posts are I’m assuming from the Jessie herself because these posts are also on a lot of other social media’s she has. As for the posts about her new EP, that may be a marketing person posting those, but other than that most posts are from her. As for Audience Interaction, an audience does participate. When looking at the first most recent five posts they have over 2k likes and a lot of comments. With every celebrity there comes hateful comments but for the most part all the comments are positive about her album or saying how cute her kids are or just such sweet comments on how amazing Jessie is.


Username: @JessieJDecker

Followers:528K Following:52.1K

Number of Tweets: 20K

Date Joined Twitter: March 2009

The Twitter format is different than Facebook. Jessie is more interactive on Twitter than her Facebook page. The content on the page does represent her as a musician. On twitter you can have a bio, which she has “I pee in the shower. Mermaid. Singer/songwriter/designer. “GOLD” is available now!!!” This is definitely somewhere she can be more of herself and joke around which she included a joke in her bio. The Twitter picture and banner are the same as Facebook they both represent her new EP Gold. Depending on what Jessie’s tweets are talking about they sometimes have pictures and she recently just posted a tweet of her music video for one of her songs on Gold called “Shoot out the Lights.” These tweets I feel are personally written by Jessie herself. She’s very open on Twitter instead of Facebook. She tweets about several different topics. For example, when the bachelor or bachelorette seasons are going on she live tweets because she is so into the show, so I do not see that being a company that represents her. Her fans definitely get to interact with Jessie. She recently had a contest to whoever bought her recent EP was put into a contest and she’s picking a few people and she’s going to call and talk to them through facetime or on the phone. She does not respond to every tweet she receives because that would be hard for someone to keep up with. She does do retweets or quotes tweets and will respond that way. With every celebrity like said above for Facebook, there are thousands of people that probably don’t like Jessie but she does a pretty good job ignoring them unless they are about her kids.


Username: jessiejamesdecker

Followers:2.5m Following:332

# of posts: 2,943


This is Jessie James Decker’s only Instagram page. This page includes pictures with her family, just her kids, just her and her husband, it also includes pictures of her music stuff that goes on. The profile picture is a picture of her that seems to be at an award show. The information that is included in her bio is that she mentions she’s a singer, songwriter and designer to her brand Kittenish. It also includes her snapchat name and the link to her EP “Gold.” It does not show popular photos or videos it just goes in order of when they were posted. The most recent photos include her daughter by the ocean, Jessie which she seems to be on a beach probably on vacation somewhere, and videos to her latest music video. She does have fan interaction on Instagram, which includes people liking and commenting on these pictures. I know a few times she’s had to turn off comments, because people were being rude and saying stuff about her children which is horrible. But other than a few haters most comments are always positive. I feel she monitors those comments to make sure there are not haters in them.

In conclusion, I feel that Jessie James Decker, is more successful in interacting with an audience on her Twitter page. I think she can be more open with fans through Twitter, for example her live tweeting through the bachelor, or she can ask fans their opinions and they can let her know by tweeting back to her, or fans could ask her questions too. I think that the Twitter is more appealing to me, because she makes sure she’s very interactive, and she makes sure that her fans are happy.

Casey Holmes Blog


Casey Holmes blog is a blog full of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. This blog is written by Casey Holmes herself, her first post was published in June 2013. Holmes is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty guru on YouTube. Casey blogs about life updates for example, what is going on with her and her boyfriend who is in ranger school, her go to makeup products, and mainly fashion. (


The layout to this blog is a two-column blog that contains a header. This blog uses very neutral colors, black and white. She uses this type of coloring to make the pictures that are uploaded pop.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 7.43.54 PM.png

The header in this blog is very simple. This header includes a picture of Casey Holmes, the writer. The header includes the blog title “Casey Holmes.” This blog has tag lines of being a beauty, fashion, and life style. In the right column it has a picture of Casey, and lists all her social media’s below, which include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, her business email, and her YouTube Channel. Below the header, starts her blogging right away. Since the text of the blog is split into a smaller right-hand column and a bigger main column. The right column includes a subscription box where you can enter your email and be up to date with her latest posts. There is an area in which someone of a different language can translate it into their specific language. After translation, there is her most recent video listed, discount codes, her go to makeup products, wish list items, her Pinterest boards, and topics. The main column is a display of the most recent blog posts. These blog posts include when they were published, title of the post and an image of what the blog post will be about.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.48.36 AM.png

The visual layout of this site is very pleasing. It is not over doing it or being dramatic. The simple black and white with a hit of color with the pictures she post is a great mix. In the top header area there are buttons in which you can click for Home, My YouTube Channel, My Vlog Channel, and Business Inquiries, I think this is a great handle to have it easily navigates a reader to your other sites in which you produce content. In the right column of the blog after the topic’s you can choose from there is a blog archive, which has different years from 2013 to 2017, which is extremely helpful if you are trying to find a post that was years ago it will not take you a long time to try and find that post. Also going along the right column she has a spot for her most popular posts, which include a range between hair, makeup, self-tanning, and fashion.


The content of this blog include popular topics of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. The topic handle on the right side of the page, helps for easy navigation on the blog site. Content of this blog include Casey’s personal life, for example traveling like she recently just did for NYFW or having her update us on life. She often posts photos of outfits and she always links if not the same clothing piece, some cheaper more affordable options. Casey often posts about her makeup routine too or how she did the makeup in the pictures taken. Recent posts on this blog include:

Some of Casey’s most popular posts include a updated makeup collection & storage post, how to say goodbye to split ends for good, a holiday giveaway and has over 500 comments, the best product to get off waterproof mascara, self-tanners worth trying, her comfort outfit which has over 200 comments, a Kylie Jenner hair style, favorite beauty products in July, and a sleek high ponytail tutorial. All of Casey’s blog posts have pictures along with them, since most of Casey’s blog post are fashion based, they include the whole outfit from hair to shoes to accessories. In some post there will be videos linked to her YouTube channel which it shows how to get that specific makeup look. Both the images, and videos are created by the author. Since following her on social media, she has a photographer come and shoot outfits for her so she is able to post to the blog. The titles of the blog are consistent with the blog post. In these posts, for example, The Comfiest Sweater Ever post, Casey talks about ways to wear this type of sweater and how versatile this sweater is. This sweater can be a great staple piece and can be paired with several other things than just jeans. In that post she also speaks about the skinny jeans worn, and the purse and boots. In all of Casey’s blog posts, the most helpful thing is she links similar or the exact piece of clothing there so the reader does not have to search everywhere for it. With these blog posts, Casey can get feedback from many subscribers through the comment section of each post. Casey has had several comments on posts including post that have had over 500 comments! Although you cannot see the sharing number there is a social media sharing button on each blog post, which you can post to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This blog has several positives to it, what I think is very helpful is like stated before in fashion blog posts you won’t have to search to find the exact piece or something similar. Casey does an amazing job at linking everything below. The only thing I would improve if I was Casey, is to have an about me section. If someone was to come across this page, they may not know who Casey Holmes is and what she does, so I think that would be helpful for the future. The blog as a whole I think is a wonderful blog. The blogger certainly encourages readers to subscribe, I think anyone who enjoys fashion, and beauty would love this type of blog.

In conclusion, the blogger has done many good things to her blog. She helps people put several outfits together, head to toe. She also includes in these outfits links to her YouTube videos on how to get the exact look which is created by the blogger herself. The only negative would be for people who do not know the blogger, she does not have an about me section on her blog so people may become confused as to who this person may be.

Beauty in YouTube

YouTube is somewhere where one can express themselves. Over the past two years I have really come to love watching YouTube Videos. I watch several different types including DIY’s, Life Hacks, Lifestyle, and my favorite Beauty. If some people are not familiar with the aspects of YouTube there are some people who make this their job. Depending on how many subscribers and views you get, YouTube will pay you to make content for people to watch. Over the past two years, I have really come to enjoy watching Beauty YouTubers, as I would love to become a makeup artist myself in the future. Some of my favorite Beauty people to watch are Casey Holmes, and Jaclyn Hill. These two are not only huge on YouTube, they also have a big following on social media platforms, which include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Jaclyn Hill has 3.9 million followers on YouTube, before YouTube she was a professional makeup artist. She started her YouTube channel in 2011. I truly love watching her videos, she is so hilarious, and so confident. She expresses a lot of where she started it all, she is so unbelievably grateful for everything that has happened to her. She states that years ago she would not be able to pay her bills and now she can’t even believe the success that has happened to her. Jaclyn has had several collaboration with different makeup brands. Doing a collaboration with any makeup brand is amazing. Last year she launched her collab with Becca Cosmetics to create a highlight, highlight palette and split duo pans of a blush and highlight. For those who are not familiar with makeup that well, a highlight is face makeup that attracts light, which then creates the illusion of brightness. Jaclyn in 2017, has announce that she is having another collab with a huge makeup brand called Morphe. Morphe is a makeup brand that produces makeup brushes, eyeshadow, and lipsticks. Jaclyn is creating an eyeshadow palette called ‘The Jaclyn Hill Palette.’ Jaclyn Hill is so inspiring, for reasons of, at one point in her life she couldn’t afford to pay her bills or buy groceries, she never ever gave up on her makeup career and now she is one of the most famous beauty YouTuber’s.

Casey Holmes is someone I first started watching on YouTube. One day I decided just to put in the search bar “Makeup Tutorials” and I clicked on her video. Casey Holmes, is a small town girl from Georgia. Casey has 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and she doesn’t think anything less of someone or think she’s better than someone else. I think I felt so amazing watching her because she is so relatable. She tells things exactly like they are and she’s not someone who is going to be fake with her opinions or thoughts. The types of videos Casey makes are testing makeup dupes, her monthly favorites, first impressions & Reviews on products, tons of Hauls including makeup and clothing, Get Ready with Me’s and Plenty of Tutorials makeup and hair based. Casey also has started two new series on her channels, “Throwback Throw down” and “Test it out Thursdays” Throwback throw down is based on of products that she used years ago and she’s trying them out again to see years later if she still loves them like she did then. Test it out Thursdays include an all-day wear test and seeing if the product lasts like Casey hopes it to. Casey also has a vlog channel, where she and occasionally her boyfriend and her two adorable dogs will vlog what they are doing in a day or if they are on a trip somewhere. It’s insight to what goes on day-to-day in someone’s life. In my opinion, Casey to me is a very genuine type of girl. Not knowing her personally, but watching her on YouTube & watching her vlogs has made me feel like I know her on a personal level and she truly has inspired me to want to one day go to makeup school and get myself out in the world of makeup. Honestly, before watching Casey and several others on YouTube, one would rarely ever catch me inside a Sephora and now I am sucked in every time I walk by. Casey just announced that she has a collaboration that launched last week with Smashbox Cosmetics. She has created two highlight palettes, and has been working on this for almost a year. I know just from being a huge fan of Casey’s that I will 100% be picking up that product.

Although some may say that YouTuber’s are fake, don’t have a real job, and some are so ungrateful for their platform, which 100% may be true. In my opinion, these two YouTuber’s I just talked about have made it seem as if they are just two normal people. They both were unhappy before starting makeup. In the back of their minds, they knew what job they had at that moment was not for them. Now both Jaclyn and Casey have traveled around the country. Jaclyn Hill was just in LA working on her collaboration with Morphe that is set to come out in March 2017. Casey Holmes was just at New York Fashion Week with Tresemme. If someone seems to think they don’t have a real job, they are wrong. These two girls from a perspective of someone watching their videos and being a fan seems as though to me they work their butts off. I honestly have to thank them both for introducing me to makeup and making me want to go to makeup school one day. Someday I hope to pursue that dream of mine.