Social Media Presence of YMS


The popular YouTube channel YourMovieSucksDotOrg is a channel started by Adam Johnston in 2010 for his film reviews. Adam reviews many kinds of movies and some TV shows. He is mainly known for his comedic and in depth analysis of films he finds to be absolutely terrible. On top of those reviews, he posts quick reviews of recent films he may have seen and list videos of his top movies from different years. He also has a gaming channel where he posts videos of his Twitch streams. He has shown his subscribers what technical problems a film may have or where it excels above most. This YouTube channel is a great starting point to finding great directors and great films.


YMS has YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and he has his own Official Website.

YMS YouTube2

His main platform for content is his YouTube. He has over 550,000 subscribers and many of his videos gain hundreds of thousands of views each month. Adam tries to post a couple of videos each month as they take awhile to record and edit. Some of his videos are close to half an hour long and are sometimes split into multiple parts. He also keeps every one of his subscribers up to date on projects that he is working on and when he expects to have them done. He also occasionally responds to comments on his videos. His audience interaction is very high on his YouTube channel. One of his longest running series of videos is his multi-part analysis of Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche New York.

YMS Twitter

On his Twitter account he posts links to new uploads, smaller reviews that he doesn’t have time to make into videos, and commentary on current social events. He has 82,500 followers on his Twitter account. He is able to post more frequently on this account as it allows for free flow of thought. He just says whats on his mind or posts updates on his current activities. Adam does respond to some of the replies on his tweets and sometimes participates in discussions on his opinions of certain social topics.

YMS Facebook

On the YMS Facebook page is links to videos, updates, and links to Twitch streams as they are happening every Sunday night. He also has a link to the official Patreon where fans can donate certain amounts to fund his YouTube channel as it does cost a lot for equipment. Fans who donate get different perks depending upon the amount that they donated. This is his way of giving back to those who allow him to keep doing what he loves.

YMS Website.png

On his Official Website is where he posts his YouTube videos onto VidMe in case YouTube takes his content down for copyright. He follows the correct copyright laws and has never broken those laws. YouTube has an automated take down system that has caused problems for many content creators in the past couple of years. Adam uses his website as a back up for his content in the case of a take down by YouTube until he can get the original put back up.

The entirety of the YMS social media presence is extremely active and engaging. Adam shows a clear love for what he does and he shows his fans that he cares about them. On these multiple accounts, Adam keeps everything updated and explains any situation going on in his personal life that may affect the channel. He also shows appreciation for his friend and collaborator Mark English. Mark edits some of the main channel videos and most of the gaming channel videos. I do not see anything that YMS may need to improve on in terms of his social media presence.

A quick Google search shows that YMS has a subreddit on Reddit and an IMDB profile where he updates his ratings of movies he has seen recently. On Google Images are pictures of his face and some screenshots of his videos. There is not much else on this particular YouTuber when searching on Google. He has not left much of a digital footprint.

Commendations and Recommendations

I believe that YMS has a very well done social media presence on all the right platforms. YouTube and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet. If there is anything I wish he would improve on, its the way he defends his beliefs on Twitter. He can appear a bit angry at some accounts that reply to his statements as he is very opinionated. I would do nothing else to improve the YMS social media presence as I believe it is better than ever.

Case Study: Cardboard Box Office


The title of this blog is “Cardboard Box Office” and it was created by a couple named Lily and Leon to get creative with their newborn son Orson. They use pieces of trash and junk to recreate movie scenes. There is no other information in regards to their last names or where they live on their blog. Here is the site.



The header of the blog is very well done and it includes some images from the blog and the usernames for various social media accounts to follow the family on. I think the title is very clever as well because it is a funny play on words. The tag line describes the content very well. It says “A world of film, a house of stuff”. The only info about the author is that they are two parents who started this blog after the birth of their first born son. In recent pictures, there is another baby with the now older son. There is a menu on the top of the homepage that includes links to the homepage, a contact us page, and information about the blog and its creators.

There is not much in terms of widgets on the blog. There is an RSS feed for posts and comments that one can subscribe to. There are links on the right side of the homepage to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. In the header at the top is the username for their Instagram. There is no footer at the bottom of the blog. The “about me” page just explains that they are parents to a boy named Orson and they are Leon and Lily.



This blog consists of pictures of clever recreations of popular movies and TV shows made out of empty boxes and other junk. The titles are clever and always have a pun or joke that parodies the title of the film they are referencing. One of my favorites is “The Housebound Three (And A Half)” referencing the film “The Hateful Eight”. All of the posts are put into categories which one can click on at the bottom of the post to search the blog for posts in that category. There are also tags and the title of the film being referenced is underneath the title of the post.

On the right side of the homepage there are links to the most recent posts and a link to the site of the removal company that provides them with the material. There are comment sections on each post and links to “Like” and “Retweet” the pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Audience interaction is popular and the comments are always family friendly. Each post has hundreds of comments on the official Facebook but only 1- 20 on the blog. The authors will occasionally reply to comments from fans and they seem very nice. Occasionally, there will be a small update post such as 2 million total views or the first child’s first birthday.


I think this blog is very creative and clever, but there are a few issues I have. The background of the blog is a simple white background and it doesn’t compliment the creativity all that well. The posts are not as frequent as I would have imagined as they only post about once a month. I suppose that may be because they are parents of two children who are very young and so they are very busy. Overall, I have very few issues with the blog and I look forward to future posts.

“Nocturnal Animals” Review

Nocturnal Animals Trailer

Nocturnal Animals is the second feature film from Fashion Designer/Director Tom Ford. It stars Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I’m going to start this off by saying that Tom Ford absolutely understands detail in film. This film and his first film (A Single Man) have a lot of detail in the set design and the costume design. The acting in this film also has a lot of detail and subtlety. In this film, Amy Adams plays Susan Morrow, an art dealer who receives the manuscript of a book from her ex-husband Edward. As Susan reads the manuscript, she is forced to look into her past to understand what the story really means. While she is reading the manuscript, there is a dramatization of the story she is reading. This film is incredibly dark and emotional and features an astounding performance from Amy Adams. Michael Shannon plays Sheriff Andes, who is a tough and intimidating character in the book. Every actor and actress in this film is performing at their best and the story sucks you in. Tom Ford has truly shown his fans that he can tell a gripping and emotional story with plenty of twists. The editing in this film is absolutely perfect. The editor knew exactly how long to show the characters’ faces in order to convey the emotion they feel. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys layered, dark, and intense stories. With two full length films, Tom Ford has proven himself as an impressive director and I look forward to his future projects. It is a shame that Amy Adams was not nominated for her performance in this. I enjoyed her in Arrival, but this is a different side of her that I have not seen before. I would rate this one a 9/10.

Mark Kermode Reviews Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford