Olivia Taylor Dudley

Olivia Taylor Dudley is a 31 year old California born actress currently co-starring as Alice Quinn, in the Syfy Channel’s “The Magicians”. Until The Magicians, Dudley was most known for roles in Paranormal Activity, Transcendence, and The Vatican Tapes. She moved to the Los Angeles area at 17 years old and has pursued an acting career since then. She has a decent social media presence and stays engaged with her followers. She appears to have warm feelings for her fans and a desire to stay connected to them through live question answering events and sharing photos of her life.

Ms. Olivia Dudley can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and her most used account… Instagram.

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Instagram is Olivia’s most followed account, by far, with close to 63 thousand followers. She posts regularly with artistically crafted photos, interesting captions, photos of her cast mate, and cute selfies. I regularly see her posting on the Instagram Story, sharing video clips of her dog, adventures, and friends.

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Her next most popular social media platform is Twitter with 26 thousand followers!

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She uses this platform more lightly than Instagram. Mostly retweeting posts by others, sharing “witchcraft and magic” related gifs, reposting media from Instagram, and updates on the Magician’s show schedule.


Finally, Facebook. Olivia Dudley uses this platform the least and has less than 3 thousand followers on this particular platform.

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Much like her other accounts, Olivia reposts photos from Instagram, shares updates of The Magician’s related online events, and show dates. At times she is apart of Q & A events with her fellow cast members in an effort to reach out to fans of the SyFy show.


Overall, I believe her social media presence is moderate. She excels at using Instagram to interact with followers and they enjoy staying in tune to her life. She could improve her Twitter and Facebook accounts by incorporating more original content for each platform, rather than only reposting what she posts on Instagram. From my perspective I see Olivia as classic, quirky, warm, and interesting. I think she portrays that image well through Instagram.

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Social Media Presence of YMS


The popular YouTube channel YourMovieSucksDotOrg is a channel started by Adam Johnston in 2010 for his film reviews. Adam reviews many kinds of movies and some TV shows. He is mainly known for his comedic and in depth analysis of films he finds to be absolutely terrible. On top of those reviews, he posts quick reviews of recent films he may have seen and list videos of his top movies from different years. He also has a gaming channel where he posts videos of his Twitch streams. He has shown his subscribers what technical problems a film may have or where it excels above most. This YouTube channel is a great starting point to finding great directors and great films.


YMS has YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and he has his own Official Website.

YMS YouTube2

His main platform for content is his YouTube. He has over 550,000 subscribers and many of his videos gain hundreds of thousands of views each month. Adam tries to post a couple of videos each month as they take awhile to record and edit. Some of his videos are close to half an hour long and are sometimes split into multiple parts. He also keeps every one of his subscribers up to date on projects that he is working on and when he expects to have them done. He also occasionally responds to comments on his videos. His audience interaction is very high on his YouTube channel. One of his longest running series of videos is his multi-part analysis of Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche New York.

YMS Twitter

On his Twitter account he posts links to new uploads, smaller reviews that he doesn’t have time to make into videos, and commentary on current social events. He has 82,500 followers on his Twitter account. He is able to post more frequently on this account as it allows for free flow of thought. He just says whats on his mind or posts updates on his current activities. Adam does respond to some of the replies on his tweets and sometimes participates in discussions on his opinions of certain social topics.

YMS Facebook

On the YMS Facebook page is links to videos, updates, and links to Twitch streams as they are happening every Sunday night. He also has a link to the official Patreon where fans can donate certain amounts to fund his YouTube channel as it does cost a lot for equipment. Fans who donate get different perks depending upon the amount that they donated. This is his way of giving back to those who allow him to keep doing what he loves.

YMS Website.png

On his Official Website is where he posts his YouTube videos onto VidMe in case YouTube takes his content down for copyright. He follows the correct copyright laws and has never broken those laws. YouTube has an automated take down system that has caused problems for many content creators in the past couple of years. Adam uses his website as a back up for his content in the case of a take down by YouTube until he can get the original put back up.

The entirety of the YMS social media presence is extremely active and engaging. Adam shows a clear love for what he does and he shows his fans that he cares about them. On these multiple accounts, Adam keeps everything updated and explains any situation going on in his personal life that may affect the channel. He also shows appreciation for his friend and collaborator Mark English. Mark edits some of the main channel videos and most of the gaming channel videos. I do not see anything that YMS may need to improve on in terms of his social media presence.

A quick Google search shows that YMS has a subreddit on Reddit and an IMDB profile where he updates his ratings of movies he has seen recently. On Google Images are pictures of his face and some screenshots of his videos. There is not much else on this particular YouTuber when searching on Google. He has not left much of a digital footprint.

Commendations and Recommendations

I believe that YMS has a very well done social media presence on all the right platforms. YouTube and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet. If there is anything I wish he would improve on, its the way he defends his beliefs on Twitter. He can appear a bit angry at some accounts that reply to his statements as he is very opinionated. I would do nothing else to improve the YMS social media presence as I believe it is better than ever.

Sam James Fit


Sam James Fit is her social media name. she is a 20 year old woman who is a college student and lives in Maryland. She is a vegan and a fitness guru who motivates people through her social media platforms by sharing her fitness journey. She is sponsored by 2 companies one which is a rising fitness wear company called Gymshark and the other company she is sponsored by is WomensBest which is a up rising supplement company.

when googling Sam James Fit you find all of her social media platforms. she is actively interacting with her fans on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and her own website.


When looking Sam up on Twitter her name is @sjames_fit sh has 13.9k followers and shes tweeting daily. She reaches out to her flowers by interacting with them by answering their questions are responding to their tweets.


When finding Sam on Instagram the name she goes by is sjamesfit she puts a few things about herself in her bio, lists her 2 sponsors, and puts her email for people to contact her. She posts about every other day and has a total of 835 post thus far. she has a total of 177k followers currently. Sam is very good at interacting with her followers on Instagram she is always replaying to their comments and answering their questions. Sam posts pictures of her fitness journey, fashion, videos of her workout routines, pictures of her dog, and posts about her sponsors.


Sam has a website that has a collage of her fitness pictures, food, and workout videos. she shares a place where viewers can email her with a message to ask questions or just talk.


The last social media platform Sam uses is YouTube. She post about her vegan recipes, vloges, workout routines, and different fashion try on videos. she doesn’t post as frequently on YouTube i think this is something she should work on as a public figure.She has 36,739  subscribers and has posted 43 videos in the last year.





My First Football

I received my first football on my 10th birthday from my dad. I remember watching the NFL games every Sunday, eating nachos, and wearing my kids-sized Pats jersey. It was always my favorite day of the week, and not just because I got to watch football, but because it was the only day I really ever got to spend with my dad.

When I was younger, and before my father got a stable career as a computer programmer, he used to work long hours. I would be asleep by the time he got home, and the times he was home early, he would be sleeping from exhaustion. Sundays, though, was the one day he didn’t work, and it became a tradition, a source of bonding for us, even to this day.

From a young age, I dreamt of being a professional football player. That first ball was a sign of support from my father and motivated me to want to work hard to make him proud. On the sticker attached to the wrapping paper were words in his handwriting that said, “To my future star football player.” I remember beaming, and tearing open the wrapping paper in a fit of excitement. I remember running up and hugging him. I remember my first time catching the ball, hitting the ground with a thud as my brother tackled me.

I started playing football everyday with my friends at school, in my neighborhood, and with my family. Shortly after, I joined the Junior Football League, and played the position of wide receiver. My mom was not happy about it. She thought the sport was too dangerous and especially with me being the youngest, she was always afraid of me getting hurt. My dad would always say, “You need to stop babying him and let him pursue his dreams.”

Displaying IMG_0281.JPG

I played football all throughout middle and high school, but stopped playing when I started college. Even though I never made it pro, football remains my favorite sport, and I still play with my friends and family sometimes. We still watch football every Sunday, eating nachos, me wearing my adult-sized Pats jersey besides my father. I still own the football I received when I was 10, And I still dream of being a part of professional football. Now, though, I aim to coach professionally, and am starting to pursue that goal by coaching the junior teams. “Blue-82! Blue-82! Hut-hut, hike!”

Watch this great NFL video:

We Rate Dogs

WeRateDogs is a twitter account created on November 15, 2015 by a college named student Matt Nelson. Before he created WeRateDogs on his personal account he would write some jokes and one day at an Applebees with his friend he asked his friend to rate his food and Matt thought “what if I made an account that rates dogs?”. On his personal account he made a poll asking his followers what they thought and 87% of them said yes to the idea. And on that day WeRateDogs twitter account was born with this first post. Today the account has a little over 4,000 tweets and close to 2 million followers. In the past few years, the WeRateDogs has brought smiles to millions of people around the world, dog lovers and non dog lovers alike.

WeRateDogs started off on just Twitter but has soon since grown and created multiple social media accounts to connect with more people and in different ways. This company has expanded itself all over the internet. It has multiple accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@weratedogs), it’s own website and even it’s own game app! It’s truly amazing to see how far one account has gone in just about two years.

The Twitter and Facebook account are very similar in what is posted. Mostly, especially on the Twitter account, the pictures of dogs that are “rated” are posted. On occasion there are a few updates about the company, it is rare to see updates on the Twitter account. While on the Facebook account there are a lot of updates about the website since the Facebook page is mainly for the webstore.

The Instagram is used strictly for pictures of the “rated” dogs. On occasion on the Instagram page you can find a few pictures of new products on the webstore. The Snapchat is used by the creator of WeRateDogs to share pictures with funny captions of his own dog. Although he must share the Snapchat with a few selected people because some days someone might “take over” the Snapchat account and share their dog or puppies who are adoptable.

The website for WeRateDogs is the store for the company. They sell many different kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, and hats. A lot of the things that are sold on the site have designs that have different jokes that have been on the Twitter account.


This t-shirt in particular was a response from the Twitter account to another Twitter user who criticized them for their ratings being inaccurate and ridiculous. Which being inaccurate and ridiculous is what the whole account is for.

This company is doing a great job at what it’s original goal was, to entertain people and brighten peoples days and share funny and cute pictures of dogs. The one problem I have is the amount of advertisement they do for their products on their Snapchat and Instagram I think that should be left to their Facebook page. Other than that I absolutely adore this company. I have been following this account for a while and will follow them forever because of my love for funny/clever captions and my love of dogs.



The Brand of Beauty: Benefit


Benefit Cosmetics (also known as Benefit Beauty) is a brand of “high end” makeup, founded in San Francisco by sisters Jane and Jean Ford in 1976. Benefit products can be found in makeup stores, such as Sephora and Ulta, or ordered online through their website. Benefit is known for their branding and packaging – it has a very vintage feel to it, lots of pinks, and fun, colorful advertising. Benefit products come at a higher cost than other makeup brands, but ask anyone who uses makeup; you get what you pay for. If you pay more for a makeup product, it is highly likely to be of better quality. I can vouch for Benefit products (their “they’re real!” mascara has gotten me many compliments on my lashes when I have used it). They are of great quality, and sold by a brand that truly seems to care for their fans/customers, which can be noted when browsing through their various forms of social media. They interact, they post often, and they get their brand out there.

Social Media Presence Overview

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

Analysis and Evaluation


On Facebook, Benefit has 5.9 million likes, beating out many other fellow makeup brands, including fellow high end brands such as Too Faced and Urban Decay, and even extremely popular, more affordable brands, such as Maybelline and Covergirl. Benefit does a lot of promoting on their Facebook page. A majority of their posts are text with pictures, typically of their products, and they post a few times a week. They also do frequent live feeds in which fans can watch a live demonstration of a makeup look, a product being tested, etc. Deals that can be found on their website are featured on their Facebook so fans are aware of sales. Whoever is running the Benefit Facebook page is doing a great job of interacting with fans, as Facebook notified me that they are “very responsive” to messages. They keep up with the comments on their posts and reply back to many fans there, too. If customers comment with complaints, it seems like they try their best to reach out to the customers and improve their experience.


On Instagram, Benefit possesses 6.5 million followers, which does not beat out Too Faced and Urban Decay this time (both have over 8 million followers), but still manages to beat out Maybelline and Covergirl. Benefit is very active on Instagram. They currently have 4,274 posts, and they typically post several times everyday. I didn’t see many videos posted on their feed, but lots of pictures, including some of their products, and some of makeup artists who did looks using their products. They also post the occasional quote every now and then. While they don’t seem to be as interactive with fans here as they are on Facebook, they do tend to reply to questions asked by fans in their comments.

On YouTube, Benefit is not as popular, having only 151,747 subscribers, a pretty low amount compared to the followers they have on other social media. However, despite their rather low following, Benefit does appear to be active on YouTube. They upload around 2-5 videos per month, which I would say it fairly average for any YouTube channel. Plus, their videos are edited to perfection, so I’m assuming that putting one of their videos together takes a good amount of time, and they would rather focus on making one video look perfect than posting a bunch of poorly edited ones. They have their videos nicely organized under several different subheadings, including

  • Hot Stuff: What’s New & Trending at Benefit
  • Instant Beauty Tips & Tricks
  • 5 Minutes to Flawless
  • they’re real! mascaras & eyeliners beyond belief
  • Laughter is the Best Cosmetic!
  • Friends with Benefit
  • About Us: #LifeatBenefit


There is no way of knowing how many Snapchat “friends” one has, but Benefit does leave their story open to the public, meaning it’s not set on private. If you add them as a friend, they do not have to add you back in order for you to see their story. Benefit uses Snapchat as a means of showcasing their makeup. Employees of Benefit take over their Snapchat to share makeup tips and tricks, and also share snaps of people doing their makeup/getting their makeup done. Benefit posts to their Snapchat story everyday, just some days more than others. For example, they had quite a long story up on Mother’s Day, featuring “Bene-babes,” or people that help to promote the company, interviewing their mothers and asking them what their favorite Benefit products are. There is also no way of knowing how often Benefit interacts with fans via Snapchat, but judging from their stories, they like to post often and that is a good way of keeping fan attention.


I may be biased when it comes to Twitter, since it is my favorite social media site, but I am especially biased when it comes to Benefit’s Twitter because it’s so pink (which is my favorite color)! Benefit’s Twitter is really visually pleasing to me, so I want to give a shout out to whoever is running it. Benefit has 824.7 thousand followers. Here, it beats out Too Faced, Maybelline, and Covergirl. Their tweets mostly contain words and photos, with a video here and there. They tweet/retweet a couple times per day, but this is perhaps the social media site that they are most interactive with their fans on. I’m pretty sure they reply to all fan and customer tweets, no matter if a fan is complimenting, complaining, or showing off their makeup – Benefit is replying back to all of them. And not only are they replying back, but they are so nice…it makes me want to tweet them!

Benefit is using social media to their advantage. They are marketing, promoting, demonstrating, interacting, you name it, and they are using social media to help them. Most people in the world use social media in some form, whether they have all these types of accounts like me, or only have one or two. Benefit has recognized that social media is a benefit to them (sorry, I had to), and it’s surely getting them even more fans everyday.

Benefit has a similar look across all social media, proving that their branding is important to them. All their social media contain similar posts and similar color schemes. I didn’t find them in any hot water when it came to Googling them and researching their digital footprint. When you Google them, your results are links to all their social media accounts, places you can purchase their products, and articles reviewing their makeup. They keep a clean image, which makes them a standout in the world of makeup brands, which can be a difficult world to shine in. There are so many brands of makeup out there, that it is hard to break through and become a big name. Benefit has been around long enough and the company has had so much experience, that their social media image is exactly what I would expect from a company of such quality – it is reflective of how hard they have worked at building their brand.

Commendations and Recommendations

If we had to give a grade to these companies/celebrities in terms of their social media, I would give Benefit an A. They have a solid social media presence. All of their accounts are visually appealing, eye catching, and attention grabbing. I think that even if you are not into makeup but stumbled upon their Instagram feed, you would still find yourself browsing through their posts. They do an acceptable job of interacting with fans, which is crucial as a brand to keep your customers satisfied. In terms of what I think they could do better, I think they should put more focus on their YouTube, and try to build up more of a following there. More videos would be a good start, maybe try to get more celebrity spokespeople to film videos for their channel. If they could get a celebrity spokesperson, I think it would do great things for them. As of right now, they do not have one, and are doing just fine, but having one could give them even more of a push in the right direction. I cannot think of much I would do to improve their social media presence and digital footprint, as their all their social media looks polished and their digital footprint is a great representation of the brand. I think they need to just keep doing what they are doing – making high quality products, and marketing them on all platforms of social media.