A Surprise Hobby

A lot of my time is taken up by watching sports. When it isn’t football season I love to watch basketball, especially the Celtics. When I was younger I enjoyed watching the Big 3, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen win a championship in 2008. After the Celtics went into a rebuilding stage I stopped watching it and focused on the Bruins instead. After 3 years the Celtics began to put the pieces together and started to surge again in the East. After acquiring pieces like Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, rising superstar wonder Isaiah Thomas, and Al Horford over the 2016 season, the Celtics are now 3 games out of 1st place in the Eastern Conference. After two unsuccessful post seasons the 2017 Celtics team looks to make a deep run in the playoffs, especially now that 5’9 wonder IT (Isaiah Thomas) is having the best performance of his career.

The Celtics success has respired my interest in basketball once more. Since watching more basketball I have not only taken interest in the NBA as a whole but I have also began playing basketball as well. Over the summer of 2016 me and my friends began playing basketball on a consistent basis, using our time more productively we separated ourselves from the video games and TV that had us bunkered inside our houses before. Eventually we started playing other sports as well like soccer and football but most of the time we would spend more hours on the court. Now that the weather has changed and everyone is spread out for school the ability to play ball has halted but my reemergence for the love of basketball continues. Watching the Celtics has also become another bonding tool for me and my dad, especially since we share the same love for the game. It may never top football as my favorite sport but basketball has definitely  made a small impact in my life, which I hope to see grow and even help me decide on the career I want to pursue.avery-bradley-nba-boston-celtics-cleveland-cavaliers-850x560