case study #3

In this case study, I will be discussing a rap artist called Kevin Gates. He is on facebook, twitter, and instagram. His facebook url is, and he has 6,891,414 likes. His twitter name is iamkevingates, and he has 829.5k followers, and he has 222 followers. When it comes to tweets, for a celebrity, he does not have a lot of tweets. Kevin gates has a total of 8,416 tweets. Although it seems like he has been on twitter for a while, it does not say when he joined. When it comes to his instagram, he has 5 million followers, and he follows 73 people. When it comes to his instagram posts, he only has 205 of them.

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When it comes to Kevin Gate’s facebook page, he has a lot of interesting things on it. He has a lot of pictures that contains quotes on them. Each and every one of those quotes are inspirational, and they get a lot of feed back. His feedback is from people that has a lot things going on in their life, and that is mainly what his music is for too. His profile picture, is a picture of his album that went platinum, and his cover picture, is a picture of a single he has just released. In his about page, it shows his different social network accounts, links for his music and stores, his group affiliation, and when he joined facebook. On his facebook, he mainly has pictures and videos. His pictures are reposts from fan pages, and his videos are done by him. His Videos mainly contain him, his family, and his wife. He is a very serious family man.  He does not like other pages on facebook. When it comes to what he does well, one will say his consistency with his posts are done well. One thing he can improve on, is his replying skills.

When it comes to his audience, Kevin Gates always gets a positive audience participation. People will often tell him how “Real” he is, and they often express their love for him. When it comes to his twitter, his banner and profile picture are the same as his facebook. In his bio, he has the site to his website, and he has the links for booking. On his twitter, he contains tweets, pictures, and videos. His most popular tweets are when he thanks Allah for his success, and when he shares his wisdom to his followers and fans. His tweets are written by him, and unlike his facebook, he does really well with replying. He doesn’t do anything wrong on his twitter.

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When it comes to his audience participation, everything is positive. His fans love him, and sometimes he does reply and retweet people. On his instagram, his profile picture, is a picture of  him in the studio. His bio, has the Morocco, and Puerto Rico flag emoji. On top of that, his bio has his booking website, and the website to the single he just released. His most popular picture, is the picture with him and his daughter. The most popular video, is when he is in the studio expressing his thoughts. Just like his twitter, Kevin gates does a decent job when it comes to replying to some of his fans. He doesn’t do anything wrong.

When it comes to his platform, he does an excellent job on his twitter and instagram. His instagram is more appealing because you can see his daily life. It also contains pictures and videos he doesn’t post on twitter. He also interacts with more people on instagram. That always makes it more interesting to look at.


Merrick’s Intro blog!

Hello, my name is Merrick, and one thing I enjoy doing is writing books. I enjoy writing books because it takes away stress, and it’s a way for me to show people my creativity. I also like writing books because i feel accomplished after I finish writing them. It’s a passion that I have, and thanks to writing, I decided to take the route of journalism for my future job. Other than writing books, I sometimes write poetry. I only write poetry when I feel inspired to do so.

Writing has taken me to a lot of places and granted me with a lot of opportunities. A few weeks ago my book was in the top 100 for the week. On top of that I have a lot of sales. It’s clear that writing is one of my biggest passions. I was told going pro in basketball is not something that happens to everyone, so i got better at writing books. I now have a book out, and there are plenty more to come!

A paperback and hardcover version of my book.

When Writing a Book


The title of the blog that I found is called “Blondewritemore.” The author of the blog goes by the name of Lucy Mitchel. The topic of the blog, is basically about writing tips, and how to write certain types of novels. The blog also contains the daily problems of a writer which, in a sense is true. I find it funny because sometimes go through the things she does talk about. The website to the blog is :



The header of the blog is called, “Blondewritemore,” and the title of the blog is called “The emotional highs and lows of a blonde writer.” Although it’s called “The emotional highs and lows of a blonde writer,” I can relate to some of the things there. Although the blog does contain a header and a title, the blog does not contain a subheader or a tag line. The author of the blog is called Lucy Mitchel like I once stated. She is also a writer, and her work is posted on Wattpad. Wattpad is a website where aspiring writers can post their works for other people to look at.  Wattpad is a great way to get your name out there if you are trying to be more serious about writing. It is also a good way to get your fan base up.

Lucy is also a mother, a wife, and she is also a pet owner. Her book is also a genre about a lady who has relationships that are not so very happy. Lucy also won the award for the funniest blog in June. The menu contains the meet the author page, the series about her book, another book called The Heaven Calling series, and a page for interviews. The page does contain widgets.

The widgets are a little different. The widgets on the side of the blog just takes you to the blog she posts. When it comes to the social media; she only has a page on twitter. Getting a twitter is a smart move because a person can reach more people, and attract more people when they have outlets. There  is not a lot of information on the writer of the blog, so I only had the page about Lucy to reference. The webpage also does not contain a footer. All there is, was the links to bring you to the blogs, and the links to social media to share the blogs.

As I looked through the blog, I realized all the blog posts have pictures added to them. In my opinion, I think the blogs about writing advice, and the things writers got through are the most popular. I think they’re popular because it is something that everyone goes through, and feels while they’re writing. Although the blogs have a lot of pictures, I thinks  some of them are taken instead of created. They look like they were taken from websites that offer free pictures.

When I look at the blogs the reader created, I realized all of them are compelling. They draw me in. I think they draw me in because they are things that I can relate to when I am writing. Others just sound interesting, so they drag me in like a moth. If I had the time to click on all of them; I would. To be 100% truthful; I passionately enjoy looking at websites about writers and how they are. I find them to be completely outrageous, or they can be 100% true.

When it comes to doing things well, I think the author of the website does a really good job with communicating to the people. The author also does a good job when it comes to relating to people. If a person can relate to other people; they will be liked by others. If someone does not connect with others, they will not get a lot of followers or likes. Lucy is a very popular blogger because she has 124,473 hits. She is very liked, and she gets a lot of comments on her blogs.

When it comes to the people that follow her blogs, they actively comment on it. She gets over ten comments, and on top of that her page gets shared on pinterest and facebook. When it comes to people sharing her page; people share her pinterest the most. She has the social media button on each post she makes. She encourages people to comment and share her page. She sends her blogs to instagram, and twitter. When it comes to getting more people to follow her page; it’s all about the people she connects to.

When it comes to Lucy’s blog; she knows how to relate with the people really well. She communicates really well, and on top of that she knows how to get their attention. Her page is very lively, and on top of that her page is very colorful. One thing her page needs to do better with is, putting more on the “About me” page. If someone is as popular as her, the people would want to get to know her more on a personal level.