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  1. levine31
    Lets go!

    Hey everyone! I am Julien sack .exciting for this spring break ! going to domenic republic with my girl .It going to be awsome! beside thi i just learned somthing so awk and f*** up by donald trump, i thnk hes the first president of america been bullied and been so hatress by all americans! like seriously, except for bush, i mean even him was supported by americans lol.. If anyine wants to play bowling with me hit me up id love to join! I got a joke for you guy: ‘ say no to drugs but say yes to bowling…” hahaha just saw the video on youtube ! s ridiculous of trump, people make so fun of him lmao. and tomorow im getting my car back! all brand new from the garage its a toyota camry 2017 sport!! can’t wait to drive it!And the weather that we are getting right now is so amazing and great cant wait for spring to come in!! This guy in the picture that  i chose i love it , because he is very rock & roll and likes and knows how to enjoy life without complication.Thats how life should be! just like according to New HAmpshire law Live free or die! like thats it but th die part hummmmm not too sure about it!! lmao

    Anyways im sure that we are going to see more of that bs from trump because after waht he said and did or going to do its going to be the end of the world just look lol. in 4 years vote for me lol ill leagal for sure majihuana! not juts make it recrtional or whatever thy call it nowadays!….just make it legal lol look even trjump smokes it ah its ridiculous for real! right now playinf fifa ultimte team do be honest.

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