Hallie’s Intro Blog Post

I’ve decided to dedicate my first blog post to my all-time favorite artist, The Weeknd. He is hands down one of the most musically gifted people in the industry. For me, he is the one person who I would drop everything for to go see him in concert. This coming June I am actually driving to Connecticut to see him in concert– a ticket that I dropped nearly $500 on. This will be my third time seeing him in concert. The first time I saw him, a friend and I skipped school without our parent’s permission and took the train to New York City for the day. We then traveled to Brooklyn to see him perform at Barclays and headed home right after, making it home without our parents even noticing.

A photo that I took at his concert in Boston in November, 2015.

Now, I don’t want to be that girl who is like “Well, I’ve known him way longer than everyone else!” However, I have been a fan of his since the beginning. These days, he’s constantly playing on the radio and his shows are selling out in venues like Madison Square Garden. I was by his side when he had mixtapes and was playing at the House of Blues. So yes, I am a little possessive. So far I have one tattoo dedicated to him and I plan on getting another one before I go to his concert in June.

I mostly love The Weeknd because of his unbelievable voice and lyrics, however, he is also a very genuine person. From all of the times I’ve seen him doing something other than singing– which are limited, as he lays pretty low– I’ve been impressed by how humble and down to earth he is. It’s especially impressive as he is constantly surrounded by other rappers who boast about their wealth and lifestyle. Although sometimes he sings about his riches, it’s not all he knows how to speak on. Most of his songs touch on his trouble with addiction and the effect it has on his life. His songs come straight from his heart and are always written by him. There will never be anyone with talent that can match that of The Weeknd’s.