Hockey in Massachusetts

Hello, I’m Danylo and I love hockey. Massachusetts is one of the most prestigious hockeyimage10 states, so growing up here influences your taste in the sport from an early age. As many remember, Boston’s National Hockey League team, the Bruins, won the Stanley Cup in 2011 with their impressive three-game-sevens run. Their recent success helped reignite the passion people of Massachusetts have for Hockey. This passion, however, is not a recent development. The Bruins have a rich 100-year history and hold the title of one of the most storied sports franchises in existence. Similarly, many schools in the Boston area also have plentiful, illustrious pasts. The B’s have managed to win the prized Stanley Cup six times since the beginning of the NHL in 1917. It is hard not to love Hockey, and it’s even more hard to not love the Bruins if you live in Massachusetts. Just take a look at this recent beauty from Brad Marchand last Tuesday against the San Jose Sharks:

Yea, it’s fun. (more videos from Bruins YouTube legend dafoomie) Anyone who has watched even a sliver of Boston’s 2011 or 2013 Stanley Cup runs knows that hockey is not comparable to any other sport. Lets look at baseball, for example. Many baseball players often miss weeks on end because of bruised fingers. In Boston’s 2013 playoff run, Patrice Bergeron played with a broken rib, a punctured lung, a separated shoulder, and torn rib cartilage. Gregory Campbell of the Bruins used his body to block a scorching slap shot in 2013. Despite shattering his fibula, Campbell remained on the ice for almost another minute to help kill off the remainder of the penalty kill, playing with unimaginable pain. Sacrifices like these are common in the sport, especially in the playoffs. Not sure if there are athletes that exist with more heart than hockey players. There is a reason Massachusetts kids grow up to love the sport; the heart, soul, and passion that professionals like those of the Boston Bruins bring out on the ice every day is unbelievable. It’s inspirational. Cliché or not, we can all certainly learn a thing or two from the sport.