Introduction to PVRIS

PVRIS (pronounced Paris) is a band from Lowell, Massachusetts they formed in 2012 under the name “Paris”. Originally a five-member band, but now they are currently a trio. They all have started in local bands, For example, the frontwoman Lyndsey Gunnlfsen started in the band Operation Guillotine in 2009. In 2012, she soon began to form a new band and recruit Alex Babinski, Brian Macdonald and some former Operation Guillotine members and then formed Paris, but changed the name to PVRIS on the summer of 2013 due to legal reasons, but it it still pronounced as “Paris” as the V is an upside-down A. They are currently under Rise Records and has released two full-length albums.

Lead vocalist Lyndsey Gunnlfsenn was born on March 15th, 1994. She started playing guitar at the age of 9 when her older brother picked up a guitar. She started getting into music and formed a band “Operation Guillotine”. She and some former Operation Guillotine members (who left shortly after) formed Paris which later renamed to PVRIS. Gunnlfsen graduated from Lowell High School in 2012, She originally was going to attend MassArt to pursue studio art/ graphic design but backed out to pursue music. She describes herself as a gay women and active in the LGBT community.

Since their debut album “White Noise” released in 2014, it was #88 on Billboards top 200 charts. The band has been touring non-stop and opening for many well-known musicians (Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Muse, All Time Low etc.). Also appeared on “The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show”. Making it their first US TV debut. Their second album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” was released in 2017. The band managed to sell out many headlining shows of thousands of fans.

Social Media Presence Overview


PVRIS has joined Twitter in June of 2011, despite being a band in 2012, this might probably be an old account from another band Lyndsey used to play for. The band has 173K followers and following back 315 people.

They primarily post photos and also retweets. They usually tweet about upcoming tours/shows they are going to play in the near future and also tweet about how fast tickets are selling before they are completely sold out. This shows that anybody in the local area is being reminded, especially if that individual is looking forward to attending a show to see PVRIS. They tweet about new merchandise in stock as well and how many there are going to be produced.  They usually post like every other day. And they tweet really great things for fans to check out. Their interactions with fans are great, like how they retweeted their fan’s tweets since they are attending one of the band’s shows, some of the fans are even going to attend even 2 or 3 more shows in separate cities, because they are very dedicated to the band, meaning that they are diehard fans of the band.


On their Instagram, they have 384k followers, following 71 Instagram users, and currently has 99 posts, yes they consistently delete any posts that are old and not that important anymore. Especially when they are promoting their recent album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”, all of they post prior to promoting their recent album are gone now. When I was on their Instagram page, they used to have 200-300 posts, now it is down to 99 mainly focusing on late 2017 events. They post about their best moments, like when they played their biggest sold out headlining tour which was at London’s O2 Brixton Academy with a capacity of 5,000 people. The band does not really use Instagram constantly, they mostly post about their upcoming tours as well. The band still captions almost every post with their upcoming shows, like the ones posted up here. Random pictures of them performing at their shows, this is to get the fans engaged and to attend a show. Basically, they post a very unique picture with captions of the upcoming shows. They usually receive 10k – 15k likes depending on what the picture is focused on, if it was mostly a professional picture of the Lynn, the frontwoman, then the amount of like would double to 30k-35k likes.

Hi USA & Vancouver. Tickets are flying. Don't wait. GA & VIP Tickets: PVRIS.com/shows 2/15 Atlanta, GA | Buckhead Theatre 2/16 Richmond, VA | The National 2/17 Sayreville, NJ | Starland Ballroom 2/18 Providence, RI | The Strand 2/21 Buffalo, NY | Town Ballroom 2/22 Pittsburgh, PA | Stage AE 2/23 Cleveland, OH | House of Blues 2/24 Grand Rapids, MI | The Intersection 2/26 St Louis, MO | Delmar Hall 2/27 Milwaukee, WI | The Rave 2/28 Lawrence, KS | Granada 3/2 Denver, CO | Ogden Theater 3/3 Salt Lake City, UT | The Depot 3/5 Seattle, WA | The Showbox 3/6 Vancouver, BC | Vogue Theatre 3/7 Portland, OR | Wonder Ballroom 3/9 San Francisco | The Fillmore 3/10 Las Vegas | House of Blues 3/11 Tucson, AZ | Rialto Theater 3/13 Albuquerque, NM | Sunshine Theater 3/15 San Antonio, TX | The Aztec

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Can't wait for round two. What show or shows are you hitting? GA & VIP Tickets: PVRIS.com/shows #pvris 2/15 Atlanta, GA | Buckhead Theatre 2/16 Richmond, VA | The National 2/17 Sayreville, NJ | Starland Ballroom 2/18 Providence, RI | The Strand 2/21 Buffalo, NY | Town Ballroom 2/22 Pittsburgh, PA | Stage AE 2/23 Cleveland, OH | House of Blues 2/24 Grand Rapids, MI | The Intersection 2/26 St Louis, MO | Delmar Hall 2/27 Milwaukee, WI | The Rave 2/28 Lawrence, KS | Granada 3/2 Denver, CO | Ogden Theater 3/3 Salt Lake City, UT | The Depot 3/5 Seattle, WA | The Showbox 3/6 Vancouver, BC | Vogue Theatre 3/7 Portland, OR | Wonder Ballroom 3/9 San Francisco | The Fillmore 3/10 Las Vegas | House of Blues 3/11 Tucson, AZ | Rialto Theater 3/13 Albuquerque, NM | Sunshine Theater 3/15 San Antonio, TX | The Aztec

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The band’s Facebook has about 245,000 likes, which is definitely big for a local artist. There is a lot of posts about their latest album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”. There are professional pictures of the band with captions of their upcoming tours. Usually, fans are more likely going to click that like button when a famous artist posts pictures of themselves compared to posting pictures and information about their upcoming tour. They want their fans to make sure that they do not miss out on a PVRIS show. Anything prior to 2014 were all deleted, as they want to start fresh as with a different sound change compared to what they were in 2012-2013.



This is their official website here, realize this is their Tumblr page, which this is considered their official website their menu consists of the News, Shows, Videos, Music, Stores, and Mailing List. This is their website if anybody wants to know more about the band, what shows are coming up, what they have in store for bands to purchase, gives fans the opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list, news like their recent posts, and also have music videos to watch.

Overview and Analysis

I think the band PVRIS are good at doing what they are posting, basically, they post the same type of content throughout all of their social media platforms, like when they have an interesting picture with their upcoming tour dates and shows they have announced. It is great that they are active on social media, the band members even have their own personal accounts as well, where each member posts more consistently on their own accounts than they do on the PVRIS pages. They are able to keep their fans in touch with when they are going to make new music, new tours, and new shows coming up. I remember first seeing the band when they played in front of 50-60 people when their first EP released in 2013, it is crazy how a local band from where you grew up, ended up becoming a success. They want to see their fans and show how much they mean the world to them.

Digital Footprint

When I search up the band on Google, the first page is mostly on their social media platforms, a Wikipedia page about the band, links to their Spotify account, and websites to purchase a ticket to their upcoming shows. The images on Google mainly consisting of the trio posing for the camera, either having fun, or being very serious. And posts about the front woman Lyndsey, of her being a gay women and always speaking out for the LGBT community since she is part of the community.

A recent interview with Billboard, this explains when Lynn was leaving for tour, before that she wrote a letter to her parents about her coming out as a gay woman and how nerve wrecking she felt. Very happy that she is supporting gay rights. I want people to be happy of what they are as well.

I had just started dating my first girlfriend. I was so wrapped up in that and so in love. It genuinely made me so happy and I felt so free from it. All of my friends knew and my family didn’t know at the time, and everybody had just been so supportive and so loving that I was like, “Ah, f— it — I need to be fully free, and my parents need to know.” I was just so happy to be with this person and really just wanted to share that with everybody and have my family on board, but I just didn’t know how to verbalize it in person. I would always try to bring it up and I would just completely choke. My girlfriend at the time had told me one of her friends had written her parents a letter, and that was the way they went about it. Looking back now, I really wish I had told them in person, but yeah, I literally wrote a letter and left for my first tour ever, so it was like two of the most liberating and freeing things to be happening at the same time — leaving for the first time and also dropping this huge bomb on them. It was the ultimate freedom and liberation when I did that.

Commendations and Recommendations

I love how the band is able to keep their fans update with their new shows coming up, and new activities they are planning on doing. They are very humble people, like they could still remember who I am if I keep reminding them. But I would not expect them to remember me since they have a large following and they all might of known too many people by now. On their Facebook page, they interact with their fans by replying back to the fans who commented on the band’s recent posts.

What I think they could do a little better is to keep in touch with fans of what cities they should play in so every fan will have a chance to see the band. I would also recommend them to put more time on making sure that fans are updated on new material coming out soon. The band sometimes trolls the fans, like when the fans thought there would be new information on the upcoming album, but it was just a small tour announcement, causing some fans to be upset. But in the end, it worked out well, they usually post late to make their posts and videos more unique for fans to find interesting.


Here are some songs to check out from the band, each has millions of views


Case Study 4: George Miller AKA Filthy Frank


George Miller is a YouTube personality, musician, and rapper. He is of Japanese-Australian decent, born and raised in Osaka, Japan before moving to New York City after his YouTube career took off. He is known for his absurdist YouTube videos, which he releases under his character name “FilthyFrank”. His YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank has much great funny and humorous content and some where viewers can find it disturbing.  As a musician, he goes by two stage names, one of them is Pink Guy, which is his comedy music stage name in where he is in a pink morph suit who he features on his FilthyFrank channel. He also goes by the name Joji, in which this is his serious rap name. Overall, it is the exact same person where George Miller portrays many characters whether it is for comedy or music.

George’s Facebook Page   from this point has 1.03 million likes in total.  His Twitter account @FilthyFrank has 778K followers and he follows 472 users, the number of tweets he has tweeted was 127 despite the fact he joined Twitter in March 2010. Assuming that he has deleted many of his past tweets or took over the name that pre-existed. His Instagram account is sushitrash where he posts as his rap name Joji, the number of followers he has gathered is 961k while he follows 409 users, he posted 550 pictures in total.



On his Facebook page, he goes by FilthyFrank, his profile picture is his Dodge Stealth Pink Turbo made in the early 1990’s. The car is entirely pink and his license plate is from New Jersey and says “PNK SSN”. Looks like it is driven by his character Pink Guy mostly because it is pink. His cover photo is an old man on his scooter and on the left of the cover, is a motorcycle or moped caught on fire, the captions “The Filthy Frank Show” are in English and Japanese. Under the About tab, there is not much going on, the contact info is a link to his YouTube channel, and under the Story tabs there is a quote saying “My love for stirring the pot is greater than my loyalty to you.” On his Facebook timeline, he shares his YouTube videos on FaceBook. Like when a user clicks on the video, it goes straight to YouTube. He also posts pictures like some are his original content and some that were reposted, I think it is some way for the audience to keep them entertained. He also posts pictures of himself as PinkGuy, and he shares his videos on his FaceBook page as PinkGuy, and he also has a FaceBook page for PinkGuy, in where he posts between two pages. As he wants to expose his character as PinkGuy more to the audience who mostly knows him as FilthyFrank.


Meanwhile, FilthyFrank’s Twitter page, he is under his character name PinkGuy with his name set as “PINK LORD”, but his username is @FilthyFrank. The audience knows that he is the same person, but portraying another one of his personalities. As his profile picture is Pink GUy, we know he is automatically portraying that character based on his profile picture. His banner image is, of course, nothing but pink, so that is definitely nothing to be explained about. His Bio says that he makes dumb music and put a link that directly goes to the iTunes store for his fans to purchase his music. It would be under Pink Guy of course. It is comedy rap that FilthyFrank puts out. His most popular tweet he put out so far is his first ever novel he published called “Francis of the Filth” which he tweeted on September 26, it is a picture of a blue book that almost looks like a bible and stating that the book is available to purchase online now. This tweet was posted by himself. I think his twitter is done well because he still gets to interact with his audience, the thing that he can improve is have another twitter account for his “Joji” rap name because some dedicated fans want to see his rapping skills.

The audience interaction on his Twitter is a little better because he recently retweeted some of his fans tweets, especially the fans who bought his book and tweeted a picture of it, so that got FilthyFrank to retweet a handful of his fans. Which is a nice thing, of course, it would be hard to retweet all of them because the number of fans who did the same thing, probably would be too much to handle. Many people do retweet his tweets and a lot of positive because they can handle Filthy Franks’ tweets, the ones who make death threats and hateful comments to FilthyFrank cannot handle his sense of humor. Overall, his Twitter profile looks like it has been used to the same amount as Facebook.


On Instagram, he goes by the username sushitrash and posts under “Joji” which is his stage name for serious music. His Instagram profile is quite interesting, he posts pictures of him at some weird places and he also promotes his music under the Joji name. His profile picture is him underwater supposedly drowning, this is also his cover for his mixtape “In Tounges”. Usually, his most popular posts are himself somewhere, and that usually hits over 200k likes, like a picture of him posing near a bubblegum machine, that has 206k likes. What is done well is that he is himself and nothing to worry about. I do not think there is anything he needs to work on in my opinion.

The audience looks like they are more active on him when he is on Instagram, according to the number of likes, his average number of likes breaks the scale compared to the number of likes he gets on FaceBook or Twitter. His five most recent posts, 4 of them is a picture of himself in different places, the audience asks about more videos or music, a huge number of them still know him best as for his YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank. One of the 5 recent Instagram pictures happens to be him shouting out a rapper who passed away, who is Lil Peep, so Joji made a dedication for him by posting a picture of him and captions “benz truck”. Assuming that is his favorite song from Lil Peep. This I would think is his close friend since they are both rappers.

As you can see, the most successful website that FilthyFrank uses is his Instagram account since more people interact with him on that account, and also he keeps people up to date with his Instagram profile.

Here are my favorite videos from him


and here is him as Joji


Blog Analysis “Borders on Adventure”


The thing I love to do at this point is to travel, I want to travel to new places and explore the places I have never been to. There is so much to see out there that many people have never really explored yet. I really want to see what the world has in store for us. With that being said, I decided to choose this blog of “Borders of Adventure”. Becki who is a British Award-winning writer and traveler, blogs about her travels, experiences, learning different cultures in every country she has traveled.


Screenshot (13)


What I see in the header is that there is definitely creative illustration that I assumed was drawn on Illustrator, like on the left side of the graphic, there is a person walking with a backpack and a city in the background. and the right side is a bunch of houses and a map of Asia in the background. Also has the Title, tagline, artwork, and on top of the header is links to the Main page, About Me, Contact, and links to her social media sites. Right below the bottom of the header, she gets readers an opportunity to get in touch by putting your first name and Email to get updates first. And below the graphic, it also directs the viewers to other pages like “Blog”, “Destinations”, “Travel Topics”, “Travel Resources”, “Travel Shop/ Gear”, and “Other Work”. The background is mostly consisting

Beneath the main title and its options, there is a featured posts section that shows the bloggers most recent posts from up to date, it shows about three posts at once. Below the latest posts section, The left column is talking about to Meet Becki with a button to read more about her. The right column is widgets to follow her on social media, Like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and the bottom of the same right column, is her partners and a blue button that says “Your Ad Here” which directs you to another page of “Advertising & PR”.

Below the Meet Becki, there is more below that is displayed as “Adventure”, below that column, another column is “Borderlines”, and below that column, there is “Cultural Insights” & Changing Perceptions”. All these columns that I have mentioned are all the layout the same. Like the exact shape and they all have a button “Read It” for the viewers to click.

Also, below that, there is an “As Seen In” footer where it shows what TV shows or top websites had either displayed or mentioned Becki’s blog, which shows that her content is great to show for anybody who is willing to travel.

The blog footer is pretty colourful, where it displays her partners and features a “Back To Top” where it brings you back to the main title and info, and her widgets to her social media accounts and search bar are also included in the footer. With the copyright information below that.


The most popular posts I see on this website is:

All these pages to her adventures all have pictures and information provided and she explains thoroughly of how much she loved her trip and every single moment of it, I assume she talks about every single day at her trip. All the pictures that I have seen are her pictures she has captured of every scene taken. The posts have a lot of shares, like DEFIANT BELGRADE. THE HEART OF A NEW SERBIA which in that case, has over 3k shares. Despite the number of shares that each post has, there is a small number of comments from other readers. The blogger provides a lot of information for anybody who is willing to travel to that country. She also lists the common things the reader should know about in that country before heading there, it would be easier to understand their culture. Yes, there are social media buttons for each blog post, you can either share it on Facebook or Twitter, but there is also a + sign of the right of those buttons to share it on other websites.

Overall, this is a great blog website, especially for people who want to travel to new places, this blog is getting to know the country a little better for the viewer who wants to travel to that specific country. I feel more momentum for traveling while I was reading some of Becki’s blog post. I feel that I should get out of the comfort zone and get myself out there to see what the world has in store for us. I believe that Becki is making a difference for travelers at the moment.

Intro: Enjoy your life

How to enjoy some form of life

I would say one of my the things I need to enjoy to enjoy life is acting and filmmaking. What I thrive for at the moment is working on getting cast as extras on movies, but that I would not want to be an extra for the lifetime if I want to pursue acting. It would be better if it were a featured extra or even a small recurring role on a movie. I was recently doing a lot of movie working during the Summer of 2017 and it was really fun and exciting, I have met a lot of new people and actually saw the stars who were in the movie. I learned a lot more about the film industry after doing extra work for movies. For example, learned that it could take 10-14 hours just to make a 10-minute scene. Also, we sometimes have to drive to another spot in order to get this scene done. Also, learned that it takes a lot of time and commitment to make sure they have the right scenes that go with the flow. Sometimes, the stand-ins and the people who assign the extras of where they should go, sometimes they changed their minds as well. I also took time off work in order to attend these calls. Which shows I really want to do this and not go to work. Also, another thing I like to do is play my guitar and violin, I have been interested in learning these instruments when I was younger. And now I have the time to play them both. I would say that it has been a while since I have played guitar and now I am learning violin at the moment. It is quite a journey to learn a lot about these two hobbies I dedicated my time on.

A violinist named Jason Yang inspired me with the violin.

I also think traveling is the best thing I have done, in January of 2017, I was visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Great places to be around and get the nice vibe in it. I will definitely be back here soon.