Final Project: ESPN

Introduction to ESPN:

ESPN (Entertainment and Sports-Programming Network) is a U.S global cable sports television channel. The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen and his brother Scott Egan and Ed Egan. ESPN broadcasts primarily from studio facilities located in Bristol, Connecticut and networks operating in offices in Miami, New York, Seattle, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. ESPN is available to about 91,405,000 paid television households in the United States.

During its launch on September 7, 1979, the first telecast was the channel’s program called SportsCenter. They had a small live audience around the Bristol studio area. It was broadcasted to 1.4 million cable subscribers throughout the United States. The NFL Draft was the first stepping stone that ESPN came out with which audiences were able to see future stars. The next big thing that came over the years happened in the months of 1984 while being bought out by ABC (American Broadcasting Company). They were able to help ESPN to compete to broadcast major sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA Division I college sports.

For ESPN’s current television, they offer more than just the biggest professional sports. If something viral pops up in high school or college sports, those clips can make it to ESPN’s top 10 videos. They’ve been good with expanding their different sports and levels on their channel. They have launched related channels such as ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPNews, ESPN+, ESPN Deportes, ESPNU, Longhorn Network, and SEC Network. ESPN2 launched in 1993 carrying different conventional and extreme sports such as soccer, auto racing, BMX, skateboarding, boxing, motocross, and many more. ESPN’s net worth is worth $40 billion.

Social Media Presence Overview:









Analysis and Evaluation

Facebook: Screenshot (6)

ESPN’s Facebook content is appealing. Their cover photo is a video of a bunch of different athletes and sports showing success and inspiration. The cover video shows different sports achieving wins and championships. ESPN has 18,543,533 people that like their page and 18,032,649 people who follow the page. The TV Network shows Bristol, Connecticut. They have different sections of tabs of about, photos, videos, Instagram fee, events, posts, community. The about section has a mission “to serve sports fans wherever sports are watched, listened to, discussed, debated, read about or played.” Another thing on thing page shows a Use App link which you’re able to download the app to your phone which I use often to keep up with stats and scores of sports. I think Facebook page has plenty of details of information about ESPN and what’s up to date.

Twitter: Screenshot (7)

ESPN’s Twitter’s biography says “serving sports fans anytime, anywhere, since 1979.” They joined Twitter in March 2007. ESPN has 34,000,000 followers and follows 281 people. They have 93,700, tweets. Their header photo is a collaboration of many speakers of ESPN. ESPN tweet often, their last tweets were by the hour. I think ESPN’s twitter does a good job showing comparisons of players and reminding the audience about flashbacks and history. It’s also a good place to see players who have potential. Twitter is a place where some professional athletes are recognized and start to become more popular. They also update top stories of what’s happening in the world of sports.

Instagram: Screenshot (8)

ESPN’s Instagram bio has a link to download the ESPN App. ESPN’s Instagram has 9,200,000 followers and follows 384 people. They have 13,087 posts. What I’ve noticed is that whatever they post of a photo or video on Instagram is also on their Twitter account. ESPN’s last five photos/videos all received anywhere from 33,000 to 94,000 likes. The last three videos had 200,000-333,000 views. I personally like watching the videos on Instagram because it shows awesome flashbacks and some are funny. For the posts, I don’t think photos and videos contain enough information as it were to compare to Twitter or even the television channel. What is popular is the ESPN hashtag. The hashtag has 1,700,000 tags related to ESPN.

Snapchat: Screenshot (9)

I never knew ESPN had snapchat. When you click on the snapchat link, you can follow their snapchat to stay updated with photos and videos. SportsCenter was introduced by ESPN as well. SportsCenter will have newly posted videos and updates under the discover section of Snapchat. The top stories also make it to SportsCenter. You can learn about new things or be impressed at what people could do in one small clip of a video.

LinkedIn: Screenshot (10)

I never knew that ESPN had a LinkedIn profile as well. On their page, it shows the title of Broadcast Media and location Bristol, Ct. ESPN has 359,300 followers. The about us section displays all the different business entities and sports media assets about ESPN such as all the other cable television networks they have. They have a website link for careers and the number of employees (5000, 10,000) in the company. They also have The Walt Disney Company under their affiliated companies.


Popular Uploads from ESPN YouTube

ESPN has 2,474,936 subscribers. On the about page, it says “ESPN on YouTube features up-to-minutes sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, Soccer, Fantasy, UFC/Boxing and more. They also have links to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For the videos on YouTube, they are constantly updating videos almost every hour or every other hour about different topics relating to players and teams. ESPN also has ‘This is SportsCenter’ Commercials that were used on television as well. What’s good about the YouTube videos and commercials is that I can re-watch them.

ESPN Websites and Radio: Screenshot (4)

Screenshot (5)

The ESPN websites and ESPN Radio are pretty straight forward. ESPN website is the main website for updating current sport news daily. I use the ESPN app which is the same as going on their website to see news, scores, and stats. You can add your favorite teams on the app to get reminders for upcoming games and see the latest news. You can also use their fantasy leagues on the website. The radio is a perfect tool to use when you only want to hear audio. You can listen to live shows between speakers, famous athletes, score updates, and many more.

Summary of Social Media:

Overall, I think that they cover sports very well. My favorite social media platform if I were to choose would be Twitter because they update their tweets and posts a lot more often than any other tool. My least favorite social media platform would be snapchat because there isn’t much information on there. The only way to find out is by going into the snapchat app.

Digital Footprint: Screenshot (12)

Their digital footprint’s information is detailed. When you search ESPN on google, the all tab has about 33,000,000 results relating to ESPN. The news tab has about 8,750,000 results with top stories and news posted within a 13 hour time frame. The videos tab has 7,630,000 results with videos, twitter, and YouTube videos. In the images search on google, it has a lot pictures of their logo which is their imprinted graphic that no one can steal. Other pictures includes the speakers. The first thing on the first page has the website. Under the website, they have top stories from and titles of the top stories so if it were to seem something I was interested in, I would click on the link and it directly sends you to the story on the ESPN page. They also have Twitter, YouTube, and ESPN Android Apps on Google Play, Facebook, Washington Post, and New York Times. On the second page, it displays different articles.


My recommendations would be that ESPN should link their main social media platforms on each of their account rather than just YouTube. They do a good job promoting a link to download the app to the phone, but the other platforms should be included. I think that the content that is provided in the ESPN app should also be stored or merged within social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I don’t notice the app because it’s far separated from social media accounts I use. For example, I’m always on Facebook and it would be helped to report stats and scores in a link that can be clicked so it’s all done in one app rather than going to the ESPN app itself. I think they do a good job posting content for the audience. Tweets, posts, pictures, and videos are all interesting. I grew up watching the channels ESPN provided which also was one of my favorite channels growing up. They have grown from being a popular broadcast channel on television to many different platforms of social media. In conclusion, I believe that ESPN are able to keep up to the social media standards as the media within the world grows. As for myself, I can’t complain about the content they provide as a whole. I’m sure they provide more than enough for the audience too.



Case Study #4, Justin Bieber


I chose Justin Bieber who is a singer and songwriter. Justin is 23 years old and he was discovered on YouTube in 2008 with his cover songs. Justin Bieber became one of the biggest celebrities of all time. He has been looked at positively and negatively. I don’t have anything against him, and I do support him, but I chose this celebrity because he is very popular.

Facebook Page


Twitter Page

Username: @justinbieber

105M Followers, Following 317K

30.6K Tweets

Joined Twitter in March 2009

Instagram Page

Username: @justinbieber

96M Followers, Following 76

4,281 Instagram posts




The content of Justin Biebers page shows a verified check mark. His profile picture is a black and grey image of himself smiling and looking at a different direction. His cover image is a picture of two birds on a tree branch biting at a stick and in yellow the text says “Friends Justin Bieber + Bloodpop.”

The information included under the about tab shows his contact info which displays his website. Under more info, he has Genre of music: Pop R&B, Hometown: Stratford, Ontario, Record Label: Def Jam/RBMG/SchoolBoy, About: Help change the world. Our Album ‘Purpose’ out now. New song ‘Friends” out now.

The most popular post is the post of “New song Friends out now…

Most of his posts contains pictures, videos, and links to new music. All of his posts are created by Justin. I don’t see any reposts. Other contents included on his Facebook page is Photos, Tour Dates, Posts, Videos, Events, Shop, Notes, Community. The page doesn’t like any other page. I believe his page is his personal fan page. I think his page is well done, especially promoting his “friends” new song as his cover photo.

He has many audience participating on his page and posts. A lot of his comments on his recent posts are positive. People love him. I have seen some negative ones that people make fun of him as well.


The content of Justin Bieber’s page is the same as Facebook. He has the verified check mark. He has the same profile picture and header/cover photo on Twitter. His bio says “Let’s make the world better. Join me on @bkstg at ‘justinbieber’. PURPOSE OUT NOW. He also has a link to his YouTube video “Friends”

The most popular tweets are selfie pictures. His tweets contains pictures and videos.

Tweets are tweeted by himself. He has retweeted Telekom Erleben Spanish commercial of his music “friends”, Spotify featuring Justin Bieber, and Forever 21 release of his clothes. What is well done is how he promotes his music and his clothing. He also promotes an image towards the audience that people like.

Many people tweet to Justin, but a lot of it doesn’t get noticed. He usually responds to direct tweets from other celebrities and as well re-tweet. The tweets that he tweets and re-tweets are positive. One tweet that he posted from November 20th, 2017 is “Everyone have an amazing week”. He brings out a good vibe for his audience and followers.


The content of his Instagram profile is also verified by a checkmark. It includes his name and check out the song in the link This link leads to “I surrender- Hillsong Worship.” I have never heard about this song. His profile picture is different from the same photo he used on Twitter and Facebook. His profile picture is himself and another guy smiling. The most popular photo is a photo of himself without a shirt, which is also his popular photo on Twitter.

What is done well about his Instagram is that he doesn’t just post pictures and videos about himself. Many thousands of people participate on his photos and videos. He gets millions of likes. Most of his comments are positive. They seem to say amazing things about him.


In conclusion, there are many different things to evaluate Justin Bieber’s social media platform because each one he uses have different themes. The social media platform Justin Bieber are more successful in interacting with the audience is Twitter because he has 30,000+ tweets and follows 317,000 people. On Instagram he has only 4,281 posts and follows 76 people. His Instagram isn’t always all about himself, but also what’s around him and what could be viral that he shares. On Facebook it is more of a fan page and has a link that leads to his personal website. What is also important about the Facebook page is that it shows information about his upcoming tour dates. The most appealing to me is Facebook because it has the most content and information about him. If I were to use any of these social media accounts to learn about him, I would learn the most about him on Facebook. However, if I were to use any social media platform that I might have a chance to interact with him, it would be Twitter because he is the most active on it. His least appealing social media platform would be Instagram.


Case Study #3: Devin Physique, Fitness Model, Blogger


Devin Zimmerman who goes by Devin Physique became famous through Instagram. He goes by physique because of how his body looks. I’ve followed him in the past and his journey as a successful Instagram famous public figure. I been out of the loop between people if follow and famous Instagram people. What made him famous is becoming sponsored by a company named Shreddz who features their fitness models, sells supplements, clothing, and more. As time went on, he shared many of his different vigorous workouts. There were rumors that he may have been fired from being a Shreddz model and athlete. As a blogger, he needs to share his daily routine and life through social media. He started doing his own thing until he had enough money to start-up his own entrepreneurship business through social media. Now he offers his own custom diet and work out plans for people who need help online. Fitness models became a big trend in the past few years because a lot of people in the fitness industry wanted to become “famous.” Devin makes his own videos with the camera or video recorder he uses. One thing that I like about him is that he always shared a story often about how much hard work, dedication, and motivation he had. He tells his story of his journey and his past of how he only had a mother and struggled almost becoming homeless to becoming successful, and that anyone no matter what they do can achieve their goals whether it’s becoming rich, settled, or just making goals come true. As I got into fitness a lot more, I started to create my own theme of working out very similar to him. Although I never succeeded in the thought of becoming Instagram famous, I felt like I wanted to share my fitness lifestyle as well for friends, family, and whoever else was interested. As of now, he has his own personal website, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 28.5K followers on Twitter, 100K+ followers and likes on his Facebook, and 21K subscribers on YouTube.

Instagram & Twitter: devinphysique


On his supplemental regimen plan, it links to his IDLife which shares his story and regimen plan. I haven’t gone on his Instagram for more than a year and it has changed a lot. Things that are on the top of the web page include links to contact him, all products to individually click on IDNutrition, Experience, Shakes, Hydrate, Energy, Sleep Strips, Workout Line, Bars, Weight Management, Kids, and Skin Care. Other links on the top include shop, opportunity, and people who people share their stories about their positive health changes. There is also a free assessment test you can take on the blog as well. The header and title displays IDLife with Devin Zimmerman under the website name. I’m unsure of why his name would be under that when the company has nothing to do with him. This website was displayed under his Instagram bio. Social Media links include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram which sends it to the IDLife corporate.


The content of the blog is very misunderstood. I’m a fan of his journey and all of his social media accounts because they all have a nice theme to it. As for his regimen, website, and email, it is confusing. As for myself, I don’t trust any social media famous figures. What I do is just follow, read, and become inspired. For his social media accounts, he has plenty of pictures and videos. His pictures range between fitness, cars, pets, etc. I never followed his YouTube account, but after viewing his account for this case study, I noticed that he started doing his own episodes of his lifestyle which is pretty cool. All of his social media postings seem to be created all by him, but he does have someone recording him as well. On his biography, his main approach is to email him for custom diet and workout plans. He does make income from people who pay for his plans which makes him a successful media person. What he could do to improve overall is to make his own personal blog/website, rather than sending the blog to a website under a different company.

On his Instagram which is his most popular social network tool, he has many audiences. His last five photos that were shared on his account each has over 37,000 likes and 300-700 comments. On his Facebook account, he doesn’t receive a lot of likes and shares on his posts. He allows the audience to follow and subscribe to all of his accounts.



Devin shares a lot about his life. Some of his stories are paragraphs long and they are touching. I feel like I can relate some of my life stories to his life. He found something that he loved as a hobby and turned it into a career. For his Instagram, the overall picture is that people may pursue something they like or feed from the struggles. If he actually had a personal blog website, it would help to pin point things.

Fitness & Working Out

Fitness and working out is an important aspect in life. Fitness can be anything that you do or a sport you do that relates to physical exercise. I believe that fitness can help you become healthier and live longer. However, there are a lot more to choosing fitness as a lifestyle. Fitness includes working out on a daily basis or to a minimum couple times a week. It may be very tough to fit in fitness as a lifestyle. There are 24 hours in a day and 1 hour of fitness per day is more than ideal. If someone decides to use less time, the workout could be more vigorous. There are many benefits of fitness such as decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, building cardiovascular, building strength, endurance, and prevent any other common health issues. Fitness and working out could help stress and depression.


Being able to keep up with a fitness lifestyle includes keeping up with a healthy lifestyle as well. Being able to eat and diet correctly will promote a healthier body. Taking the right vitamins and supplements can also enhance healthy being, but too much can also be bad. Choosing the right food in everyday life can lower many different risks of diseases and illnesses. Results are better when you choose to tie both of these concepts into your lifestyle. Another important aspect to help this process is sleep. Getting adequate amount of sleep can help recovery and the brain. The brain needs a good amount of sleep to help you cognitively function properly.

Not everyone decides to consider fitness a part of their life. Trying it out and attempting to learn more as you go can change you. Being able to take action and start earlier is better than later. Doing it more often can lead to yourself challenging yourself and willing to learn more throughout your fitness journey. Now are you willing to change for the better?