Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler is a professional golfer he has been on the tour for 8 years and has 7 PGA tour wins.  I picked Rickie Fowler because he has the biggest digital presence of any golfer on tour.

fowler brand

Rickie Fowler has a lot of social media presence and I believe it has helped his brand immensely.  The three main platforms he uses are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Fowler’s Twitter account is his most active where he uses it to promote the brands that he supports and the PGA.   Take a look at his Twitter here: Fowler Twitter.  He has over 1.52 million followers but only follows 968 ppl.

His Instagram doesn’t lag too far behind in usage but isn’t quite as active.   It seems to me that he uses his Instagram more so for personal use which I think can be good sometimes to show the human side of the star. He has 1.1 million followers and he follows about 850 people.

His Facebook page hasn’t been updated in over month but when he does use it he uses it for branding of products he endorses like Mercedes.  he only has 116,000 followers on Facebook.

When you google Rickie’s name you get links to stories about his golf Early lead at the PGA championship  and about all of his social media sites come up within the first 10 lines of a google search.

Rickie has had his own brand of clothing for a long time and I think he has used social media well to promote that brand.  With his over one million followers on Twitter and Instagram he can create a lot of buzz with a click of a button and that is a great thing to have from an advertising point of view.  I am sure this is one of the reasons companies such as Mercedes have hired him to promote their brands.

I Think the Rickie should increase his Facebook presence and attempt to get more followers on Facebook. I know plenty of people without Twitter or Instagram but very few without Facebook.  I think Facebook is a great tool  to put the word out on his brand.


Case Study #2


I will be doing a case study on a New England Patriots draft blog.  The website URL www.NEpatriotsdraft.comThe managing editor for this website is James Christensen and this blog is affiliated with USA Today.  This blog has created databases of college athletes who could possibly be drafted.  They then go ahead and do their own scouting and grading of these players.  Each year they try to determine the best picks for the Patriots and when they are drafted they follow them to see how they are performing.  They rank all of the potential draft picks for that year and follow the draft board of the Patriots.  Their blog posts consist of numbers and a paragraph or two on what the player’s positives and negatives are.


The visual layout of the blog is just ok; it is a little boring in my opinion.  The blog itself gets round down to business with not much flare.  The header is the only thing I really like as far as the visual appeal goes.   The header is really the only thing that catches your eye when you first go to the website.  While the header is important I think I’d rather see something closer to the content or the content itself catch the reader’s eye.  The title is pretty self-explanatory “NE Patriots Draft” is about as informative as it gets with this blog as that is all of the content it has. I found the subheads and taglines to be informative and direct the reader to exactly the information they are looking for.  The footer works fine and has good links to other parts of the site.  However, the webpage is pretty long so you don’t see the footer unless you are looking for it.

There are a few people who work on this blog in general but the main editor is James Christensen; James is also the founder of the NE Patriots Draft blog.  James is a member of the Football Writers of America and has covered the Patriots for more than 10 years.  He also works for USA Today in one capacity or another.   The Blogs “about me” page is small and starts with a list of places they have worked with in the Boston area.  They have work with places such as Deadspin, Weei, Espn and Sports Illustrated.  In the “About me” page they introduce the other few authors as well and list their accomplishments in the football genre.

I think that the Menu works fairly well, it utilized a few drop downs to get to some sub category items like a specific resource year etc.  They also utilize the menu area to allow the reader to see their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  I think this is a good use of this area as with blogging you are only as good as the amount of followers you have.  However, they do use several social media links throughout the blog as well as a few social media widgets.  They also have cleverly placed ads on this blog that one can only assume they utilize in a pay for clicks strategy.

The NE Patriots Draft blog allows people to comment on some but not all of their posts.  At the bottom of their page they have a “greatest hits” area where they have their top 4 blog entries of all time.  They have around 400 or so comments each and are pretty informative.  When it comes to videos and other media they don’t have any.  I don’t think this is a bad thing as I don’t see where it would fit in the blog.


I think that the overall blog could be improved in color and in setup.  The blog reads kind of boring.  I understand that it is a draft blog but I think in order to develop more interest you need to see a little bit more color commenting and not just straight numbers and data.

The NE Patriots Draft blog is a great blog if you are looking for in-depth information on players you may never hear of again.  This is important for me as I sometimes delve a little into the draft board when it comes to finding the perfect cheap player during fantasy football season.  Sometimes you need to take a few chances and the best way keep the risk down is to head to the NE Patriots Draft Blog and see if they are talking about the player I have in mind and to see how they feel about that person.  Overall I find this blog to be very helpful for me and strife with useful information on the NFL draft and more specifically the New England Patriots.



Dusting off the Sticks

Well its almost time to dust of the sticks.  Up here in New England it is very difficult to golf during the cold months and pretty much impossible after it snows.  I find it very difficult to find my swing once March and April come around and I haven’t even seen my clubs in 4 months.  I have always looked for different ways to keep the swing the same from the previous year.  I always get a little frustrated in the beginning of the season because it takes me a while to get back in to form for the season.  I have tried everything from working out doing golf specific exercises to swinging my clubs in the house.  None of these seem to work the way I expect them too.

I have a few suggestions that I am going to try at the start of this season that I am hoping will help me get on track a little quicker.  First although it may not help you keep your swing it never hurts to stay in shape over the off season.  I always find myself getting unnecessarily sore after the first few range sessions.  You can eliminate this by doing some golf specific working out and maybe you can stay at the range longer!  Next I have been using a much smaller weighted club that I can swing in the house.  The two most important parts of a swing it to keep it on plane and on time.  This weighted club helps with timing and you can use it to do plane specific work outs in the comfort of your own home.

I have included in this post a YouTube video that I found very helpful for once you can get out to the range.  Preparing for the new golf season.

I have also included a link to some a website that will help keep you in shape during the off season.  Off season golf training.

With a little help from these videos you can start you new season off just like this guy:



TaylorMade social media case study


TaylorMade Facebook page

Facebook likes:     503,000

I think that TaylorMade’s Facebook page is well done and works well to show why their equipment is better than the competitor’s.  The profile picture is their TaylorMade symbol which I think is appropriate.  I think that most people who know about TaylorMade know their logo by now.  I think the big selling point on their Facebook page is the cover photo.  The cover photo is of the current top two golfers in the world, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.  They are on the cover photo because they use TaylorMade equipment exclusively.  This is a great selling point for TaylorMade and they are right to use this as much as possible.

I found the information under the “about” tab to be interesting.  TaylorMade tells the story about how the company was founded and it was an interesting read.  They use several videos that include Dustin Johnson and Jason Day to help sell their products.  They have even more photos that do the same but I like the videos more as they are the most interactive with the user.

I think that overall TaylorMade’s Facebook page is pretty well done; I will say that I was surprised not to see more posts about selling their equipment.  It seems that on their Facebook page they have decided to try to sell Taylormade’s brand as a whole rather than specific pieces of equipment.


TaylorMade Twitter page

Twitter Followers: 390,000

Following:  330

Number of Tweets: 56,700

TaylorMade’s Twitter is set up somewhat the same as its Facebook page.  The Twitter profile picture is the TaylorMade logo and their cover photo is again Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.  Their twitter feed is filled with many of the same articles and videos that are on their Facebook feed.

TaylorMade has a healthy mix of their tweets and re-tweets of people using their equipment.  I would say if I would have them change anything it would be to add a little more of a personal touch.  I like to see companies responding to the common folk a little.  I think it gives off the impression that they are not just there to sell you equipment.  I actually tweeted at them to see if I could get a response and to date I haven’t heard anything.


TaylorMade Instagram page

Instagram followers:  414,000

Following:     39

Instagram posts:    2314

On TaylorMade’s Instagram site they have a ton of photos of Augusta where the Masters is held.  They use the same logo as they do on Facebook and Twitter but I don’t see as much of Dustin Johnson as the other two sites. It seems to me that their Instagram site is a little more forward with the equipment selling. They are using photos with stats on them from different golfers etc.  TaylorMade’s most liked photo is a photo of Augusta National’s iconic bridge over water.   When looking at the comments they are almost all very positive, I think that TaylorMade is a very well-liked company.

TaylorMade’s Instagram site creates a lot of buzz with their photos and videos and overall works well to get the user excited for TaylorMade.  I can tell you that look at the pictures of Augusta National certainly got me hyped for the golf season this year.


Overall there wasn’t much interaction with the common person on any of Taylormade’s social media sites. I couldn’t find one response from Taylormade on any of the photos I clicked on.  On Facebook I only found one or two comments from TaylorMade to other people.   While on Twitter I found several re-tweets of people using Taylormade equipment most where celebrities or empty racks of TaylorMade equipment to show how quickly their stock runs out.  I would say my overall assessment is that Taylormade had a long way to go with interacting with their fans on social media websites.  I think it would behoove them to seriously consider getting in on the action and responding to their faithful customers.