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Mark Cuban started selling garbage bags door to door, at the ripe age of 12 years old. From there the seed was planted early on for what would eventually become long-term success. When Mark moved to Dallas in the early 1990’s he got a job selling computers. After a dispute with an employer who wanted him to clean instead of closing an important sale, Mark created MicroSolutions, a computer consulting service. After convincing a customer to loan him $500, he launched Micro Solutions, a reseller of local-area network and connectivity products. Soon after MicroSolutions was grossing $30 million per year and had an estimated 85 to 100 employees. Mark Cuban would eventually sell MicroSolutions to an Ohio based company called CompuServ and grossed about $2.2 million. Mark felt that was enough to retire, so after the sale the first thing he purchased was a lifetime flyer pass on American Airlines to…

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Case Study #4 – Social Media Usage is one of the most trafficked employment websites in the United States. Monster’s online employment solution provide a platform for people seeking jobs and the employers who are seeking employment.  Monster has over a million job postings at any time and over 1 million resumes, in the database and over 63 million job seekers per month. was recently acquired by the largest global staffing agency.


631,537 Facebook like

The first thing that pops out is the company mascot. It’s a bug purple monster. It looks like the blue monster from Monster Inc. the movie. The profile picture is of the company logo. A big M with the words monster in small letter directly under the big m. The about me page has lots of information. The year the company was founded. It also has all of the companies contact information. It is almost impossible to find out what the most popular timeline post is as this company has thousands of Facebook posts. I like their Facebook page. It allows other companies to post job postings directly on the Facebook page and it allows any Facebook user to interact directly with the job poster. Creating a trifecta, all three users get want they want out of this social media platform.




Following 7733

Joined February, 14, 2007

The twitter page has massive banner that displays the purple Monster mascot. They have links to view prerecorded live broadcast of company events. They also have a link to Vine a social media platform I thought was sunset a couple years ago. It is hard to tell which tweet is the company’s most popular tweet as they have over 54 thousand tweets. There tweets contain variety of things and contain videos and pictures and memes. Every tweet is positive. The company has several retweets and they retweet their follower’s tweets. I think the company understands the social media market and how to capitalize and appeal to their target audience. The way the page is set-up is easy to find information. Almost all of the tweets are something job related.




Following 289

370 Posts

Of all the social media platforms, I would have to say that this that Instagram is the least suited for what this company does. The company has the standard company logo. A big purple M with the words “monster” in small letters that fit directly under the big m. There is not much under the bio. It lets you know that this company falls under “Business & Economy Website” category. The company posts lots of funny memes. The memes that have celebrity photos seem to get the most likes. Their audience does interact when they post. On average and based on the last 5 post they get about 110 likes and 7 comments. Instagram is more for video posting and personal interaction. The company does what it can to  stay social and active on this page. However, It’s clear that Instagram is the least used of all the three.


Facebook is the clear winner of getting the most social activity for this company. They have over half a million followers. That is three times the amount of what they have for twitter, which has just over 205,000 followers. I think Facebook has been around longer and has been one of the social media pioneers so it’s easier to gravitate to. Almost every has a Facebook. Facebook is a networking site and is a networking site. Although both are different networking sites they share many similarities. Today, most jobs are found via word of mouth. What better social networking site to use than the biggest one on the planet. For this company Facebook has everything it needs via one single pane of glass. They post jobs, events, photos, videos, etc. The most important part is, the company can reach millions globally and for free. Even though this company only has half a million follower’s it’s still a huge success. Over five hundred thousand FREE consumers to advertise and market to will always be appealing to any company. As social media evolves, so will the companies that want to market to its coveted following fan base.

Bar Stool Sports


Barstool Sports is a sports blog founded by Dave Portnoy in Milton, Massachusetts. Barstool first launched as a print publication in 2004, which was distributed on the public transportation. It launched on the internet in 2007. Barstool Sports averages over 8 million unique visitors a month. The site has recently consolidated and relocated its headquartered to New York City. Prior to the location the bloggers lived all over the country.  The content the site blogs about ranges from borderline offensive to downright offensive. The show scored its first taste of the national spot light. ESPN the World Wide leader in sports canceled a Bar Stool Sports partnership after 1 show.  They have about 10-15 bloggers that are all centrally located in New York City. The site also uses their platform to raise money for worthy causes. “”How people are consuming sports content is changing in a lot of ways,” said Adam Mendelsohn, media and communications adviser to NBA star LeBron James. “You have new platforms delivering sports-specific content to fans.”BSS1


The layout of Bar Stool Sports , is a simple blog with a header and a footer. It uses navy blue, white & red colors, with a dark gray background for the page, and for the blog post they use a simple white background. Every blogger provides social media links to his or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The main menu gives the viewers the option to several pages, including an “Featured” page. There several options to choose from. You can filter by date, blogger or key word.BSS2BSS3

The blogg post pictures and videos. Most of the content is taken from other media outlets. Every blog title is very catchy. They are known for making jokes about the awful things that happen around the world. They bloggers have been accused of being misogynist and sexist because of how they portray women. The site has a weekly segment of “The Smoke Show mash up” The blogger will post a picture of two random girls from different colleges and ask the viewers to decide who is hotter for that week.  The site also host various weekly podcast about several different subjects. For example the owner of the company post daily about the local pizza parlors. Every day he tries a different pizza place and only takes 1-2 bites and provides a quick critique of that pizza. Another segment is called “chicks in the office”. About two girls discussing girl topics.

I have been a fan of this of this blog site since 2007. They were recently purchased last year around this time. I think the offensive content has been toned down, because of the purchase. I do think as a direct result of the purchase they have gain a lot more notoriety and mainstream acceptance.  BSS6

Every blog has a title and its own image. So have well have several images included throughout the entire blogg. At the end of every article there are social media links to share the story or blogg and at the very end of there is an unfiltered comment section. The founder David Portnoy has described the site’s topics as “sports/smut.”



I have always found Bar Stool Sports very interesting. It offers viewers a different side of journalism that provides off the wall color commentary. Similar to how Howard Stern is considered a “shock jock”. You never know what will come out of any of the bloggers mouths. Bar stool sports is certainly not for everyone, just like the Wall St Journal isn’t for everyone. Bar Stool Sports says things most people want to say at the water cooler or when you have a cigarette break but will not or can’t say. The site has been known to break a lot of “Breaking Stories” when it comes to sports related trades and firings. Within the last year the site added lots of advertisers, which in my opinion has somewhat diminished the Bar Stool Sports brand. The site is very simple in nature. If there is a news worthy story the blogger repost it and makes sure to the proper credit and provides their own unique off brand color commentary.



The U a Basketball Story

Basketball has returned!pexels-photo-264258.jpeg

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I have watched Bruce Brown Jr play basketball for several years. We are not blood related but we are family. His mother and my sister are best friends and our family’s have had many family functions together. He comes from humble beginnings. He actually has 2 older brother that are both a couple inches taller than him.  They both are athletic as well. Obviously  Bruce is a special talent.

In high school Bruce was duel threat. He played football & basketball. He was exceptional at both sports. As he got older, taller and stronger it was clear that basketball was his dominate sport.

He is currently in his second year at the University of Miami and is projected to enter the 2018 NBA. He has played against top elite talent all throughout his young career and has thrived every time. As I am writing this blog I am watching play against  Florida State University and it s a nail bitter. Just like the game is over Miami wins and Bruce Brown Jr is the games high scorer.

He never ceases to amaze me with his pose and game play at such a young age. Prior to his freshman year at the University of Miami Bruce was one of a select few elite basketball players that was invited to play and showcase his talents in the prestigious Jordan Brand Classic. This event is held once per year and is very similar to the Mc Donald All American high school game. Almost all of the today’s NBA household names played in both tournaments.  At the time of Bruce’s invite he was ranked #33 in the country. He missed MVP honors by 2 points. He had fantastic showcase.

Bruce Brown Jr plays hard on every play. When he does progress to the next level I truly believe he will be an asset to any team that takes a chance on him.

Bruce Bown highlights (0.50)




Hawks draft prospect watch: Bruce Brown Jr., U. Miami