chad Johnson

Who is Ocho Cinco?

Maybe one of the most intriguing and outspoken athletes of our generation. Some claim him to be the most “woke” athlete there is as he is known for being himself and never selling out to fit a certain norm. Chad Johnson has created a brand that makes it seem like celebrities and “normal” people are really not that different. His antics on the field may over shadow the fact that deep down he really is a genuine guy he enjoys just being a dude in this world. Amongst the mistakes he has made in his life he has managed to continue to build a brand that is becoming unmatched.

Social Media Life

Born in Liberty City, Florida Chad Johnson has never been short of words and makes sure he tells his followers everyday on social media or even in person he loves us. 3.8 million followers on twitter and racking up 119.6k tweets he is very active  on this app as he tweets about a multitude of topics from how many kids he has, type of cigars he smokes, and who he can and can not beat in a Fifa matchup. In April of 2011 he was named the most influential athlete on social media. His twitter use is something of envy in my opinion because the way he interacts it seems like we the followers actually know Chad and are true friends with the guy. That is a tough thing to do in todays world and goes to sho his efforts he puts in to make people feel apart of something. Although twitter is his calling card he is also very active on Instagram as he puts up videos and pictures of the many activities he participates in daily.  One thing I think we can all see when looking at is Instagram account is this… This man loves his kids and would do anything in his power to make their lives easier. Nothing but respect for that.


When you type Chad Johnson in to google of course you get the wikipedia page of his football career and pictures of him playing with the famous grill in his mouth. The guy had a big personality and was not afraid of being himself at anytime.

Something that gets lost in all of this is how successful he was on the field as a football player. Playing for the Bengals, Patriots, and Miami Dolphins he was a six time pro bowler and is considered one the greatest route runners of all time. His quickness and attention to detail in his routes is something that will forever separate him from his peers. During the 2005 season, Johnson announced that he would keep a checklist, titled who Covered 85 in ’05, that would evaluate the defensive backs that successfully managed to cover him. On November 2, 2005, his head coach, replaced Johnson’s list with another one titled, Did 85 do everything he could to lead his team to victory 11-6-05. The list, an obvious parody of the original, asked several questions regarding Johnson’s performance both on and off the field. Chad famously changed his last name to OchoCinco to represent the number 85 he wore as a player.

His Fall

While playing for the Miami Dolphins Chad Johnson got into a domestic dispute with his then wife Evelyn Lozado who starred in basketball wives.

On August 11, 2012, Johnson was arrested on a charge of domestic battery according to the Davie, Florida police.Johnson allegedly headbutted Lozada following an argument. Johnson was released the following afternoon on $2,500 bond. Later that day, he was released by the Miami Dolphins On August 14, 2012, Lozada filed for divorce claiming that her marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The divorce was finalized on September 19, 2012.On September 21, 2012, Johnson entered a plea of no contest to misdemeanor domestic battery, avoiding jail time in an agreement with prosecutors and Lozada. Johnson received a year of probation. On May 7, 2013, a warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson failed to meet with probation specialists on February 15 and March 15, and failed to show proof of enrollment and completion of a batterers intervention program. On May 20, Johnson turned himself in and was released later in the day after posting a $1,000 bond. On June 10, 2013, Johnson was sentenced to thirty days in jail for violating his probation. Although a plea deal that called for no jail time was reached, Judge Kathleen McHugh rejected it after Johnson playfully slapped his male attorney on the buttocks in court. The judge said that Johnson was not taking things seriously enough, even after he apologized. In addition to the jail sentence, his probation was extended for three months through December, and he was required to perform twenty-five hours of community service and to undergo two counseling sessions per week. On June 17, Johnson was released from jail after apologizing to the court.


This man has had bigger impact on our generation that any one wants to really realize. He made it cool to be ok doing what you love to do an “acting your wage”. He is a advocate of never buying real jewelry and claims to only shop at Claire’s because it all shines the same when the light hits it. He made us realize that we should not be focused on keeping up with the joneses and instead keep up with a standard we have built for ourselves. He is big on telling people we should constantly tell others we love them even if we do not know them and this is something I see all the time and the first thing that comes to my mind is they must follow Chad Johnson on social media. Phrases I hear on a daily bases that I know for a fact started from him is something I envy because I hope to effect as many people without actually knowing them like he does. Seeing people talk about building character is the most important thing for kids which is why you shouldn’t let them win in anything is something we all laugh it when he tells his kids but in all seriousness showing them the must fight for what they want is a great way to set a standard. Throughout much of his social media rise he has taken advantage of this and has raised money for charities for kids in inner cities in south Florida.


case Study #4

The person I have decided to do my case study of is the former professional baseball player JImmy Rollins.

As a lot of celebrities are he not very active on facebook. He will post something on there every couple of months and just give updates on may things from sports, food, entertainment, and fashion. His profile picture is kind of funny as he is using a snapchat filter and only showing us the top of his bald head. His bio on the about page includes his profession which was playing baseball for the Philadelphia Philles. There are a few links about his biography one can click on and dive deeper into what he is truly about. His most liked facebook post in the last two years is 618 likes. You can tell he uses this seldomly. His post vary from videos to pictures and just words. He has a few links to articles or videos on his page in which he is a part of. You can tell that he is the one running this account and not some agent of PR rep. Aside for he seldom post he does indeed like other celebrity facebook pages. Honestly there is not much wrong with his page or anything that could be done better he just seems like he would rather use other forms of social media. The audience tries to participate on his face book post but he is not responging to many of them or if any.

Now we shift to his twitter account where hs user name is JimmyRollins11 he is only following 230 people but has 410.6k followers. He has 12.7k tweets which is already telling me he has either had the app for a long time of he tweets quiet often. When you dig deeper you will find out the he has  just had the app for awhile. His twitter bio doesnt have much in it other than his facebook URL and a muhammed ali quote in all caps. Which is kind of funny because he does not use facebook very often. He engages a little more with his audience on this here app as opposed to facebook. Most of his post are with instagram links so people can see his pictures on that app. He does occasionally interact with the audience on twitter  and he is not retweeting a lot of tweets. This social media app is closer to his facebook page. Yes it is used, maybe more used but not a whole lot. He does not post many videos on twitter or even picutres just for twitter in general. He joined twitter in 2010.

Lastly we look at his instagram page. He uses this app and communicates on this app more than anything else.he posts picture and vidoes pretty often on there and loves jumping in the comment section. He has 282 post, 97.8k follwers and is only following 226 people. Nothing in his bio for this app and his profile picture is him holding a fish he has caught.He is frequently posting pictures of his wife and kids. You can tell from his post that he is really a big time family guy and loves where he lives. We see aside from family pictures views from his house looking upon the ocean and we see pictures of him playing baseball. He has made a transition from on the field to the broadcast table.  Something I think he does well on this app is puts pictures and videos up with no captions. I love that as he is giving the audience the room to make their own captions for it. Or I. am just thinking about it too deep and he really has nothing to say outside of posting the picture.

After viewing all of the social medai platforms we can see the he is the most active on Instagram which i feel most celebrities are. They can express their lives through pictures and one minute videos and give us a better inside to what is going on behind the scenes. He also leaves open his message tab so anyone has to ability to personally direct message him. I think this is more appealing because. I feel like I am a part of whatever he is a part of. I can relate to all the pictures he post and get it a simple double tap.

Blog analysis

Two Blondes and a blog

Maria Davis and Madelyn Davis

Social anxiety and how to deal with it

This blog is very well put together by two college students at the University of Missouri. The post that are the mos popular are the ones when the ladies are discussing how to deal with social anxiety and depression. There are ads at the top and on the sides of screen we see a bio of the girls and how they came about the blog. A preview of all the blogs are in the middle of the sreen and you gave to click on “read more” to go into further detail. There is script writing at the top of the screen and the heading for each blog is in bold black letters. The color scheme is black,pink, and white. Each blog post has a picture on top of it giving you sort of a preview of what it is going to be about. For example the first post is called “Boys will be boys” and Theres is a picture of a guy wearing jeans hugging a female. Just from this alone I can draw that the post will be about how relationships will work or not work and how boy swill always find a way to be “boys”. This post I thought would receive many views and comments but just simply didnt get that kind of play. The is another article called “I am the Ocean” and that had 408 shares on twitter and facebook. This goes into depth about how someone connects with themselves and truly does not understand how complex and “deep” they actually are. They are comparing the complexity and the unknowns of the ocean to the unknowns someone goes through actually knowing themselves. The mention the fears of not understanding what they are actually capable of and how the deeper you go the more scared you become.

Now these two ladies are in college as I have stated and they are speaking solely from their own experiences and thats what makes this blog so appealing to me. The two girls running this account suffer from the issues the like to post about such as being afraid to speak in front of big crowds, talking to boys, and just having trouble with everyday activities.

Most of the audience interaction comes from their twitter followers. After every post they share the blog on twitter and they get feedback from many followers. People are agreeing and giving generous feedback or they are being very critical and just bashing what they have just read. On eahc blog they give the reads the option to share the content on twitter, facebook, google+, and pinterest.

On this page the authors encourage the readers to donate money to help with many charities and even helping to put out more content. Many people donate because the ladies come off as genuine people who are actually invested in there cause and are truly willing to help others.

Finally after figuring out how to become apart of this blog was something I was really excited for and I am happy to finally be in. My name is Darren Love and I am big time sports fan, preferably theNew York Yankees. 

I can sit here and go down a long list of reasons I became a fan of the “Evil empire”. Sometimes growing up we are draw on people or places and we just really do not understand why? The older I have become the more I realized I see myself in the Yankees and everything they are about. The class, the clean cut, business like approach to everything and no games are to be played. Organizations across the world wish to operate at the top the way the Yankees do things and that is what got me hooked!

Now we can not win a championship every year but I sure wish we could. The last time the Yankees hoisted the trophy was 2009 and with one of the biggest budgets in sports that just is not acceptable. Especially when the red Sox have found themselves to a few in this years. Now here we are and the Yankees are back to being considered “THOSE” guys and spending momey left and right to win a championship. Do whatever we can to win.  Signing one of the most powerful sluggers in all of baseball Giancarlo Stanton. Now now we here rumors that since Derek Jeter former yankee legend bought the Marlins trading  Stanton to the Yankees was an inside deal and that is just way off. First he has a no trade clause so HE chooses what team he can go to a he chose the Yankees nothing we can control. Adding him to an already powerful lineup is going to be something everyone needs to keep and eye on. The evil empire is back and we are just getting started. #Hotstove #BabyBombers #ElKraken